The Plague-Stricken Derbyshire Village

or What To See In and Around Eyam

By Rev J.M.J. Fletcher (1916)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013


The author of this text, the Rev J.M.J. (James Michael John) Fletcher (1852-1940), was a Canon of Salisbury, a historian and author; and between 1900 and 1906, he was Vicar of Tideswell, where this book about the nearby village of Eyam was published. He also wrote a similar booklet about Tideswell, entitled A Guide to Tideswell and its Church.

The following portions were transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in March 2013 from a personal copy of the second edition of Fletcher's book on Eyam, published in 1916.


The Plague7
What to see in the Church23
Other Objects of Interest33
What to see in the Churchyard36
What to see in and around the Village41
The District around47
Rectors of Eyam52
Some other Clergy of Eyam in olden times54
Notes on some of the Rectors55
Some Eyam Worthies63
Local Books75

Rev. W. Mompesson (Portrait of)Frontispiece
Plague Cottages10
Cucklet Church13
Eyam Church Exterior22
Eyam Church Interior24
Font, An Ancient33
Saxon Cross34
Saxon Cross (Reverse)35
Catherine Mompesson's Tomb36
Sundial and Chancel Door38
Eyam Hall and Village Stocks40
Riley Graves42
Mompesson's Well46
Commemorative Service62
Plague Register (Portion of)69

OCR/transcript by Rosemary Lockie in March 2013.

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