The Plague-Stricken Derbyshire Village

or What To See In and Around Eyam

By Rev J.M.J. Fletcher (1916)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013


(1250)Ralph de Cubley.
1300Roger de Wyne.
1317, (1320),William Daventry.
... 1325William de Baudrey (resigned).
1325Philip de Blancfront.
13..-1353Walter de Dalby, King's clerk
(exchanged with Nicholas de Thornhull, Vicar of North-berkhampstead, Lincs).
1353Nicholas de Thornhull, King's clerk.
1361Robert de Lambourne.
1362John de Gonnays, or Gunneys (resigned).
1362Thomas de Sutton (resigned).
1363John de Gonnays, or Gunneys (resigned).
1364Roger Moses (died).
1384-5(1400) John Redser.
1410John Pope.
1432John Sudbury (exchanged with John Syward, Rector of Sudbury).
1436John Syward (died).
1439Thomas More (resigned).
1442William Thowre (died).
1474Thomas Thorley.
1481Richard Colyn.
1512William Webbe (died).
1516Thomas Davy (died).
1534Peter Cheevor.
1536Patrick Chenet.
1553John Moreton (resigned).
1555William Barrett (resigned).
1556William Baker.
1558John Moreton (again).
1569William Marchington.

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1593James Starkey
1596John Hayward, M.A.
1608Thomas Middleton.
*1617Robert Talbott (died) (buried at Eyam Aug. 20, 1630).
1630Shorland Adams, M.A., (ejected by the Puritan party for being a Royalist, &c).
*1644Thomas Stanley, M.A., (ejected 1662). (buried at Eyam Aug. 26, 1670).
1660Shorland Adams (re-instated) (died at Treeton, April 11, 1664, and buried there).
1664William Mompesson, M.A. (resigned).
1671Henry Adams (died Nov. 20, 1675, and buried at Laughton).
*1675William Fern, B.A. (buried at Eyam Feb. 24, 1679-80).
1680Charles Carter (Carver), M.A.
*1683Joseph Hunt, B.A., (died and buried at Eyam, Dec., 1709).
1710Thomas Hawkins (exchanged with
*1712Alexander Hamilton (died and buried at Eyam, Oct., 1717).
1717Thomas Hawkins (again) died.
1717Hon. Edmond Finch, D.D.
1738Hon. Thomas Bruce (died in France, Oct. 1739).
1739Thomas Seward (Canon of Lichfield from 1754. Died at Lichfield 1790).
*1790Charles Hargrave (died and buried at Eyam Nov. 1822).
1823Hon. Robert John Eden, M.A. (resigned Nov. 1825)
afterwards 3rd Lord Auckland; Bishop of Sodor and Man, 1847;
Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1854-1869. Died April 25, 1870.
1826Edward Benjamin Bagshawe, B.A. (resigned).
1862John Green, M.A. (resigned) (Died 1899).
1884Egbert Hacking M.A. (resigned)
afterwards Hon. Canon of Southwell, and Archdeacon of Newark.
1888Henry John Longsdon, M.A. (resigned).
1891Harry Joseph Freeman (resigned).
1905Francis Longsdon Shaw, M.A., R.D. of Eyam.
(and from a later edition of the booklet, transcribed by Andrew McCann)
1918Howell Saunders Williams, B.A., (resigned). Now Vicar of Fairfield.
1930Cyril Lucien O'Ferrall.

* (Buried at Eyam)

OCR/transcript by Rosemary Lockie in March 2013.

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