The Plague-Stricken Derbyshire Village

or What To See In and Around Eyam

By Rev J.M.J. Fletcher (1916)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013


The following list of Books which bear directly or indirectly upon Eyam will doubtless be of interest to many.

Victoria County Histories. Derbyshire.

Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire, by Dr. Cox, 4 vols. (Vol. II treats of Eyam, with the other Churches in the neighbourhood).

The Reliquary, (especially the original series).

The Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society (annual volumes).

Feudal Derbyshire, by Pym Yeatman.

Rhodes' Peak Scenery.

Firth's s Highways and Byways in Derbyshire.

Jeayes' Descriptive Catalogue of Derbyshire Charters.

The Parish Registers of England, by Dr. J. C. Cox pp. 142-176.

Vignettes of Derbyshire.

Wood's History and Antiquities of Eyam.

Wood's Tales and Traditions of the Peak.

The Dagger and the Cross, by Joseph Hatton.

The Brave Men of Eyam, by Rev. E.N. Hoare. (S.P.C.K.)

The Herons, by Helen Shipton.

The Desolation of Eyam, by Wm. and Mary Howitt.

Nichols' Literary Illustrations, vol. vi.

Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, by W. Seward, (vol. 2), London, Cadell, 1804.

Letters of Anne Seward, 6 vols.

The Poetical Works of Anna Seward, edited by Walter Scott, (3 vols).

A Swan and her Friends, by E. V. Lucas, London, Methuen, 1907.

Mrs. Oliphant's Literature of the Eighteenth Century.

The Lamp of St. Helen and other Poems by S.L. O'Ferrall.

The following works on the Plague will be of interest to those who desire to make a further general study of the subject:-

Meade' Discourse on Pestilential Contagious Diseases. London, 1720. (9th Edition 1744 pages 149-151).

Hecker's Epidemics of the Middle Ages. 1843. (Sydenham Society).

Archaeologia vol. vi. 79-86, vol. xxxvii. 1-22.

Pepys' Diary.

Harrison Ainsworth, Old St. Paul's.

Walter Besant, London.

Defoe, Journal of the Plague Year.

Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Ch. xliii, (end) Articles sub voce, in Encycl: Britt:, Harmsworth's Enclyc: Chambers' Encycl : &c., &c.

Boccaccio's Decameron. Introduction.

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Adams, Shorland55
Ardron, Nicholas, pamphlet by56
Bibliography5, 6, 75
Bradshaw Hall45
Chair, Mompesson's27
Church, What to see in23
Churchyard, What to see in30
Commemoration Services43, 63
Cressbrook Dale50
Cross, Ancient Saxon14,24,36
Cross, St. Helen's34
“Cross, The”12,41
Cucklet Church13,43
Cunningham, Peter41,64
Customs, Old6,70
Delph13, 42
De Morteyns3, 23
De Staffords23
Domesday Survey1,2
Druids' Circle2, 51
Eyam, Meaning of Name1
Eyam Dale48, 49
Finch, Honble. E.60
Fonts24, 25, 27, 33
Funeral Garlands6
Furniss, Richard65
Green, Rev. J.29, 53, 63, 74
Gregory, Windows, &c30
Hall, Eyam42
Hall, The Old, (Bradshaw)45
Hamilton, Rev. A.30, 60, 68, 70
Hancock graves43
Hargrave, Rev. C.30, 73, 74
Hawkins, Thomas59
Helen, St.23
Hunt, Joseph32,68
Lamp, St. Helens23
Lawrence, St.23
Manor, The3
Middleton Dale4, 5, 47
Millers Dale49
Mompesson, Rev. W.11, 14-22, 58
" Catherine12, 14-17, 67
" (tomb)14, 37
" Chair27
" Well12,45
Monsal Dale50
Morteyns, De3,23
Mower, Mausoleum40
Nonconformity71, 72
Plague at Eyam7-22, 28, 67, 74, 75
Plague in London8,75
Rectors, List of52, 53
Rectors, Notes on55-63
Rectory Room47
Registers, Parish11, 31, 65
Rigby, Rev. R.31, 72
Riley Graves14, 43
Roman Remains, &c.2
St. Helen23
St. Helen s Cross34
Sellars, Anne (curious inscription)39
Sepulchral Slabs39
Seward, Rev. T.60, 72, 73, 75
Seward, Anna, (poetess)4, 5, 63, 72, 75
Shaw, Rev. F.L.43, 44, 53, 63
Staffords, De23
Stanley, Rev T.14, 37, 57, 67
Stocks, Village41
Talbot44,66, 67
Tideswell1, 48
Vicars, George10, 67
Waterfall, The49
Wesley, John (in the neighbour-hood)71, 72
Windows, stained28
Wood, William6, 39, 65
Wright, family31, 42, 73, 74

OCR/transcript by Rosemary Lockie in March 2013.

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