Notes from a Peakland Parish

An Account of the Church and Parish of Hope in the County of Derby,
by William Smith Porter (1923)

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1999-2000

Chapter XI.


“A List of all the Persons who are anxious to embody themselves to serve as volunteers within the Township of Hope under the General Defence Act. Divided into four classes as under:”

(Copied from the original list in the possession of the late Mrs. Middleton of Hope.)

1 Class.
Men between 17 & 30 unmarried.
2nd Class.
30 to 50 unmarried etc.
3rd Class.
17 to 30 married etc.
4th Class.
Remainder of men etc.
Joseph Dakin, labourer.Benj: Waterhouse, weaver.John Barker, carpenter.Isaac Bagshaw, weaver.
John Shirt, servant.John Dakin, farmer.William Middleton, hatter.Jonathan Rose, taylor.
Joel Rose, junr. weaver.Dennis Ibbotson, shoemaker.Joseph Hobson, servant.George Rowland, blacksmith.
Jacob Raworth, servant.Robert Ashton, weaver.Thomas Mason, labourer.Richard Hobson, weaver.
George Woodroofe, weaver.Thomas Green, servant.Jacob Darwent, labourer.Benj: Shirt, taylor.
Robert Wilson, servant.John Hobson, weaver.Thomas Barker, farmer.Micah Holme, labourer.
Michael Burdekin, servant.Richard Burgon, weaver.William Marshall, weaver.John Gee, weaver.
James Hall Robinson, grocer.  Robert Ashton, labourer.
John Clayton, weaver.  Robert Hall, labourer.
William Elliot, servant.  Robert Middleton, farmer.
John Longden, servant.  Thomas Wildgoose, labourer.
Thos: Middleton, labourer. Saml son.  Benj: Longden, farmer.
Robert Wright, servant.  William Burgon, weaver.
George Clayton, weaver.  Joseph Wilson, labourer.
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1 Class.
Men between 17 & 30 unmarried.
2nd Class.
30 to 50 unmarried etc.
3rd Class.
17 to 30 married etc.
4th Class.
Remainder of men etc.
John Waterhouse, weaver.  Thomas Middleton, senr. hatter.
George Littlewood, weaver.  Joel Rose, senr. weaver.
William Barker, blacksmith.  Joseph Ashton, taylor.
Thomas Middleton, hatter. junr.  John Hall, farmer.
George Elliot, servant.  James Brown, shoemaker.
Adam Elliot, servant.  Nathan Woodroofe, parish clerk.
John Bolsover, miller.  John Bradwall, labourer.
Thos. Middleton, labourer Saml. son. [Ed: sic]  Elias Ashton, labourer.
Christer. Downs, weaver.  Joseph Hill, labourer.
William Woodroofe, carpenter.  William Howe, butcher.
   Thomas Siddall, weaver.
   Robt. Wilson, butcher.
   John Middleton, constable.
   William Woodhouse, weaver.

Sept. 3rd. 1803
John Middleton. Constable.

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in January 2000.

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