Notes from a Peakland Parish

An Account of the Church and Parish of Hope in the County of Derby,
by William Smith Porter (1923)

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1999-2000

Chapter VIII.



Giving the names of the principal inhabitants of Hope, with the amount levied on their property. (Reliquary, Vol. XI., 1870-71. Communicated by the late R. Daniel Tyssen, F.S.A.) The names have been transcribed in English from the Latin of the Subsidy Rolls.

9. Hen: 6 (1431) Hugo Eyre of Hognaston, Co. Derby, genr. 20s.
William Eyre of Hathersage 13s. 4d. Robert Eyre of Padley, armig: 100s. Nicholas Eyre of Hope, genr. 40s. William Abney of Hope, yeoman 13s. 4d. Robert Eyre of Padley, armig: 40s.

26. Hen: 8 (1535) Hope: John Marshall 10s. William Marshall 10s. 6d.
Thurstan Middleton junr. 10s. Hugo Eyre 10s. 6d. Robert Hague, 11s. 3d. Thomas Eyre 10s. 9d.

37. Hen: 8 (1546) Hope: George Woodroofe 40s. Nicholas Eyre 18s., - 5s. 8d.
- 5s. 4d. - 4d. - 3s. 4d. Edward Hague 16s. 4d. Hugo Eyre 15s. Anthony Eyre 3s. 4d. John Savage 26s. 8d. Robert Eyre 12s. Agnes Bradbury 10s. William Hall 10s. Thomas Barber of Heyall 10s. wife of John Armitage 3s. 4d. Thurstan Middleton 5s. 4d. Robert King, 4d. Agnes Smith 3s. 4d. wife of Robert Thomason 3s. 4d. Richard Birley 3s. 4d. Thomas Barber of Ronksley 3s. 4d. Thomas Barber of Westerden 10s. Thomas

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Savage 10s. Robert Hall, son of Henry, 3s. 4d. Nicholas Needham 4s. 8d. Robert Ward 6s. Robert Skinner 4s. 8d. Thurstan Townend 2s. 8d. William Kock 4s. Edward Barber 32s. Thomas Balguy 26s. 8d. Elizea Staly 33s. 8d. Thomas Eyre, fuller, 3s. 4d.

4. Edw: 6 (1551) Hope: Thomas Balguy 15s. Robert Eyre 10s.
Edward Barber 14s. Roger Barber 16s. Edward Hague 15s. Elizia Staly 13s. Thomas Barber 10s. John Savage 12s. Hugo Eyre 10s.

5. Edw: 6 (1552) Hope: Thomas Balguy 11s. Edward Hague 13s.
Ellis Staley 12s. Roger Barber 12s. John Savage 10s. Edward Barber 10s.

13. Elizab. (1571) Hope: Thomas Balguy 6s. 8d. John Staley 4s. Nicholas Woodroofe 4s.
Thomas Eyre 2s. 8d. John Savage 2s. 8d. Robert Ward 16d. Robert Glossop 16d. John Marshall 16d. Dionis Staley 16d. Roger Barber 6s. Thomas Barber 5s. Edward Barber 3s. Robert Eyre 3s. Robert King 3s. Nicholas Eyre 3s.


(Reliquary, Vol. VIII, page 189.)

Christopher Eyre of Highlow, armig: Thomas Eyre of Hope, genr. Edmund Woodroofe of Hucklow, genr. William Poynton of Hucklow, yeoman. Robert Glossop of Offerton, genr. George Eyre of Abney, genr. John Downes of Lane Head, yeoman. John Marshall of Bradwell, yeoman. William Cocke of Bradwell, yeoman. Nicholas Thornhill of Thornhill, yeoman. John Trickett of Hope, yeoman. Nicholas Woodrofe of Hope, genr. William Smythe of Aston, yeoman.

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(From the Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, 1889-90.)

In a manuscript Commonplace Book of Roger Columbell of Darley Hall, Derbyshire, who died in 1665, is the following account of Easter Church Dues:

“A Dewtye belonging of oulde tyme to the Churches. Every house payd at Easter for small tythinge iid.iiob, one garden pennye, one glebe penny, 1 farthenge called a wax farthinge, and an other called a chadd farthinge. The wax farthinge for lyght of the alter; the chadd farthinge to hallow the fonte for christening of children and for oyle and cream to anoyle sycke folkes wyth.

The parson had the garden penny for tythinge and the bishop the glebe 1d., then the parson's charge was to fynde Bread and wyne to serve with at Easter of hys pasteroule, And the parishe by householde to fynde every Sondaye in the year 1 penny white lofe for holye bread and a halfpenny for wyne to reseyve with, and this to be provided.”

The Roll was obtained from papers in the custody of the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield, and communicated to the Derbyshire Archaeological Journal by J. Charles Cox, L.L.D., F.S.A. The year 1658 being a complete roll may be regarded as a full census of the householders in the parish of Hope, in that year. In some explanatory remarks by way of preface Dr. Cox says:

“These offerings throughout England assumed the form of personal tithes, and usually amounted to 2d. for an adult (that is over 16), and ½d. for children and servants, which were sometimes compounded for by a general payment of 4d. per household.”

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“In addition to the personal tithe, in some parishes special Easter dues were paid (quite distinct from the tithing of animals) upon live stock. At Hope it was the custom to pay 2d. upon each cow (vac), and 1d. on each calf (vit), and apparently an acknowledgment of 1d. from every keeper of sheep (ov. 1d.) The beekeeper also paid 2d. (ap. 2d.); in one place there is an entry of 4d. under this head, when probably the bees were kept in two distinct parts of the holding. This beekeeper's acknowledgment was altogether distinct from tithes for honey and for wax, which formed a part of the small tithes pertaining to the Vicar of Hope.”

“In addition to the tithes of honey and of wax, and in addition to the Easter fee for keeping bees, in the Peak district every tenth swarm was claimed by the vicar.”

“The letters 'pl,' following a good many of the names in this Roll, evidently refer to 'Plough Alms,' a custom of limited extent which we have not previously noted in Derbyshire, whereby a penny was paid to the Church at Easter for every plough land.”

“The The contractions 'mat' and 'pat', which each occur once, are not to be assigned to any possible agricultural or pastoral term, but stand for 'matre' and 'patre', referring to payments for aged father and mother living with the son, who was himself the householder.”

“The letters 'mls', after various names in each township, offer the most difficulty in the way of explanation, but we believe that it means that the man was serving as a soldier, 'miles'.”

“The columns of the accounts are ruled for shillings, pence, and farthings ('ob').”

“The alphabetical arrangement by the clerk, according to Christian and not Family names, was a custom with the

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Church in its lists in the Peak jurisdiction for at least three centuries earlier.”

“The entry with regard to the young people, that is those under the age of 16, making offerings at the Chancel gates, is of interest in proving that even then the old rood screen, with its gates, was still standing in the parish Church of Hope.”[1]

“As a rule, Easter dues would be paid to the Vicar, but throughout the Peak jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter it was the custom, from the time of King John, when they became possessed of this property, for them to be collected by an official for the common fund of the Cathedral.”

“The present Roll is a proof that all these ecclesiastical dues were rigidly enforced during the Commonwealth, though used for other purposes.”

The sum total of this Roll amounts to £35 3s.

[Ed: I have no idea whether the figures I've transcribed add up to this amount; however if anyone wishes to ‘do the math’, be my guest... There were 4 farthings (‘ob’) to 1 old penny (‘d’), 12 pennies (pence) to one shilling (s) and 20 shillings to one pound sterling]

HOPE s : d : ob  
Anthony Ashton, pauper0100  
Adam Kirke, pl. vac 3, vit 2, ov 1d.130  
Andrew Eyre100  
Anne Briddocke, vid (widow)070  
Adam Grout100  
Edw: Longden, sen.090  
Edw: Longden, jun.090  
Edw: Jackson, mls0110  
Edw: Morton090  
Edw: Grout, mls120  
Edm: How, vac, vit, ap 2d, ov. 1d.120  
Ellis Longden090  
Edm: Balguy, gent: pl. vac 2d., vit 1d., fil 2d.130  
Edw: Newbon0110  
Francis Briddoke, 2 vac, vit, ov 1d.100  
Godfrey Grout090  
Godfrey Hallome0100  
Henry Rose080  
Henry Holt, vac 2, vit 2100  
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John Slacke, mls. vac 2 vit 2. eg 1d,140  
John Stafford, mls. 2 vac 2 vit. ov 1d.130  
John Hadfield, fil. vac 3 vit. 2. ap 2d. mat160  
Jo: Hadfield070  
Jo: Paramore, pl. vac 3 vit 3. ov. 1d132  
Jo: Berley100  
Jo: Hyde000  
Jo: Clyffe090  
Jo: Bockeing, 3 vac. 3 vit. ap 4d.160  
Jo: Burdekin, pl.100  
Jo: Hall0110  
Jo: Bennet, vac 2. vit 2.0110  
Jo: Speyar, vac 2 vit 2.100  
Jo: Heathcote090  
Jo: Plattes090  
Luke Holt090  
Mary Tricket cum sorore060  
Phil: Bagshaw090  
Ralph Bocking, pl.600  
Robert Bocking, pl. vac 3 vit 3. ov 1d.120  
Robert Bray, pl. vac 3. vit 3. ap 2d140  
Robert Ashton, 3 vac. 3 vit. ov 1d120  
Robert Jackson, mls.100  
Robert Ashton, mls.100  
Rich: Grout0110  
Rich: Bradwall090  
Roger Heathcote oves 3d060  
Steven Buccoke0100  
Tho: Hall. Dr. pl160  
Tho: Heathcote060  
Tho: Stevenson, sen.130  
Tho: Stephenson, jun.090  
Tho: Lowe, mls100  
Tho: Paramore, vac 2 vit 1. ov100  
Tho: Woodrife, vac. vit0100  
Tho: Sanderson, sen.090  
Tho: Sanderson, jun.0100  
Tho: Dore090  
Tho: Yellott060  
Tho: Morten cum matre120  
Tho: Morton, sen.060  
Tho: Eyre, 2 vac 1 vit100  
Tho: Slacke, jun.0100  
Tho: Howe, 2 vac. 1 vit. ov 1d100  
Tho: Longden090  
Tho: Bockinge, pl100  
Tho: Burdekin, pl. vac. 2 vit. 2. ap 2d. ov 1d.140  
Tho: Tricket alias Thornhill0110  
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Tho: Heywood, 2 vac 1 vit100  
Tho: Harrison0100  
Uxor Martin Sanderson070  
Uxor Yellot060  
Uxor Longden060  
Uxor Michaell Grout, vac 2. vit 2. ov 1d.0110  
Uxor Wm Morten, goose060  
Uxor Frost060  
Wm. Morten090  
Wm. Willes090  
Widdow Meg070  
PINDALE END s : d : ob  
Adam Ashmore060  
Ellis How, vac 3. vit 2. ov 1d.100  
Ellis Marshall090  
Geo: Daniel070  
Jo: Hall090  
Marke Furnesse, sen.090  
Mark Furnesse, jun.0100  
Ralph Paramore090  
Tho: Paramore090  
Will Heathcote080  
ASTON s : d : ob  
Grace Bullocke060  
Jane Yellot0100  
John Ashton, pl. vac 3. vit 3. ap 4d. ov 1d.130  
John Haigh, pl. vac 3 vit 3. ap 4d. ov 1d.130  
John Breilsford140  
Laurence Triket100  
Nicholas Staley0100  
Ralph Hargreave0100  
Robt Morten120  
Robt Derwent, 4 vac 4 vit130  
Tho: Balgay, gen:400  
Tho: Taylor, mls. vac 2. vit 1.140  
Tho: Yellott100  
Tho: Clyffe, vac 2. vit 1.100  
Wm. Derwent, sen.090  
Wm. Derwent, junn. mls120  
THORNHILL s : d : ob  
Anthony Thomason090  
Edm: Wilson cum patre. vac 4. vit 3. ov 1d. pat 3d.180  
Edw: Haigh, pl. vac 3. vit. 3. ap 2140  
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Ellis How and Roger Derwent0100  
Francis Briddocke060  
George Wilson, sen. pl. vac 3. vit 3. ap130  
George Wilson, jun.090  
George Longden090  
Humphrey Derwent, mls.110  
Humphrey Smithe, mls.160  
Humphrey Bullock090  
John Bothan100  
Richard Bowring, mls     
Robt Skiner, pl.120  
Robt Harrison cum uxore070  
Robt Longden0100  
Tho: Wood, mls0100  
Tho: Thornhill, jun.0100  
Tho: Grout, mls110  
uxor Marshall140  
uxor Longden070  
Will: Derwent, pl. vac 3 vit120  
Anthony Robinson, pl. vac 2 vit 2110  
Anthony Wood, vac 2. vit 2. ap 2d. ov 1d.130  
Ambrose Gardiner, 2 vac 1 vit0100  
Howard Brooke, gent260  
Henry Crooke, mls140  
John Ides0100  
Nicholas Hawley0100  
Ottiwell Yellot0100  
Ralph Mellor, mls140  
Richard Midleton, vac 2 vit 2100  
Robert Midleton, pl. vac 6. vit 4160  
Rob: Robinson0110  
Roger Botham. vac 2 vit 1140  
Thomas Eyre, gent:500  
Thomas Robinson, vac 2. vit 2100  
uxor Hoyle, vac 1 vit 1 ov190  
uxor Edm: Barton080  
uxor Ottiwell Barton070  
uxor Hardy070  
Will How cum matre, pl.060  
Will: Marshall, vac 2. vit 2 ap 4d130  
His sonne and wife060  
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OFFERTON s : d : ob  
Abraham Robinson, vac 2. vit 2 ov 1d.110  
Edw: Glossop0100  
John Leigh, gen: vac 4. vit 2. ap 2d.150  
Joseph Wilson0100  
Ralph Glossop500  
Will: Taylor, mls.120  
Abraham Cooper, 2 vac. 1 vit. 2 ap130  
Anthony Oliver090  
Adam Barker, pauper     
Dyonis Bodlinson070  
Edw: Slack, mls0100  
Geo: Fayrehurst, vac 2. vit 2. ov 1d. ap 2d.170  
Hen: Brushfield090  
Humphrey Wells, pl.260  
John Didsbury0100  
Nicholas Chapman, 3 vac. 2 vit100  
Richard Maseland090  
Robert Eyre, Esqre.0100  
Robert Ashton, gent:260  
Robert Brightmore220  
Tho: Brushfeild, vac 3 vit 2 ov 1d.130  
Tho. Bingley090  
Tho: Outram, vac 2. vit 1. ap 4.140  
Tho: Froggatt260  
Tho: Warrington, mls110  
uxor Botham070  
uxor Robert Gregory070  
uxor Bodlinson060  
Will: Wells340  
uxor Outram, vac 2. vit 2 ov 1d pro filio et filia130  
Wm Knowles, 2 vac. 1 vit. ov. ap 2d. 6d fil180  
Wm Heald0100  
BRADWALL s : d : ob  
Adam Slacke, vac 1. vit 1. ov 1d.0110  
Adam Wright, not paide090  
Adam Kirke, pl. vac 3 vit 3. ov 1d.140  
Adam Thornehill, mls110  
Adam Padley0100  
Adam Balgay, gent:090  
Adam Hallome cum matre090  
Adam Marshall, mls090  
Allen Bower, mls090  
Andrew Smith090  
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Andrew Hallome, sen.0100  
Baggot Hadfield0100  
Eliz: Wood090  
Edw: Slacke, vac 1. vit 1. ov 1d.060  
Edw: Marshall, vac 2. vit 1.0110  
Edw: Wright100  
Ellis Midleton, vac 2. vit 2. ov 1d.100  
Ellis Ashton, mls110  
Ellis Synderland, vac 2. vit 2. ov 1d.100  
Ellis Mellor cum matre110  
Ellis Morten090  
Francis Gillott060  
George Morten, mls110  
George Eyre, pl. 6 vac. vit 4. ap 2. fil 1d.220  
Geo: Doodin090  
Geo: Slacke, vac 2. vit 2100  
Geo: Wilson0100  
Geo: Bridocke, 2 fil 4d.110  
Geo: Worseley, mls110  
Geo: Hunter090  
Geo: Bradwall, pl340  
Geo: Andrewes, mls110  
Geo: Burrowes100  
Gilbert Charlesworth alias Marshall090  
Godfrey Halome, vac 2. ov 1d.100  
Godfrey Marshall0110  
Godfrey Morten cum matre100  
Godfrey Chapman090  
Henry Slacke, mls070  
Hen: Tricket, vac 1. vit 1. ov 1d.0100  
Hen: Bromehead090  
Hen: How cum matre090  
Hugh Taylor alias Hall090  
Hugh Hill, sen.     
Hugh Bradwall, vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.120  
Humphrey Midleton0100  
Humphrey Marshall090  
John Downing, vac 1. vit 1. ov 1d.100  
John Wyld     
John Hurlowe, vac 1. vit 1090  
Jo: Case, sen.0100  
Jo: Case, jun.090  
James Bagshaw090  
John Wood090  
Jo: Yellott, mls0100  
Jo: Bradwell, sen. vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.100  
Jo: Hambleton, fil 2d.0110  
Jo: Hallome, 2 vac. ov. 1d.100  
Jo: Wright, vac 1. ov 1d.0110  
Jo: Ogden090  
[Page 133]
Jo: Swinscow, mls110  
John Bullock090  
James Midleton, 1d.090  
Jo: Lingard and his mother in law090  
Jo: How090  
Jo: Morten0100  
Jo: Wilson090  
Jo: Midleton090  
Joseph Barrowes090  
Lawrence Balgay, gent:0100  
Lawrence Marshall090  
Matthew Thornhill, pl. vac 3. vit 2. ov 1d.140  
Marke Woodriffe090  
Martin Marshall, Bayliffe090  
Martin Midleton, pl. vac 4. vit 4. pull 2d. ov 1d. mat 3d.1100  
Martin How060  
Martin Marshall090  
Martin Furnesse090  
Mathew Bromhead090  
Michael Hill090  
Nicolas Sykes, vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.110  
Richard Millward, vac 1080  
Rob: Offerton, vac 1. vit 1. ov. 1d. ap 6.150  
Rob. Midleton, sen. pl. 4 vac. 4 vit. ov 1d. ap 2d.170  
Richard Midleton090  
Robt: Clowes140  
Rbt: Marshall, pl.110  
Rbt: Burrowes0100  
Ro: Bradwall090  
Rob: Hallom, fil Ellis090  
Rob: Heyward090  
Roger How090  
Richard Ragg0100  
Rob: Leech080  
Rob: Hall, jun.090  
Ralph Cowper     
Robt. Eyre090  
Rich: Frost090  
Rob: Palfreyman090  
Rob: Hallom, vac 1. vit 1. mat 3d.110  
Rob: Hall0110  
Rob: Midleton, jun.090  
Roger Smyth, 4 vac. vit 3. ov 1d. fil 2d.160  
Steven Jackson090  
Thomas Slacke, vac 1. ov 1d.0110  
Tho: Jackson0110  
Tho: Armefeild070  
Tho: How, ye sonne of Mich:, vac 1. fil 2d.100  
[Page 134]
Tho: Ashton alias Quimby, 1 vac. vit 10100  
Tho: Dower, vac 1. vit 1.0100  
Tho: Morten, vac 1.0100  
Tho: Brownell090  
Tho: Padley090  
Tho: Hall, vac 2. vit 1 ov 1d.100  
Tho: Bromhead, jun.090  
Tho: Marshall, mls110  
Tho: Dolphin090  
Tho: Bradwall, vac 3. vit 2. fil 4. pul 41100  
Tho: Eyre0110  
Tho: Bromhead, sen.060  
Tho: Hallom, sonne of Humph:0110  
Tho: Bray, pl. vac 3. vit 2. ov 1d. patr. 3d.160  
Tho: How, fil: John, ov 1d.1100  
Tho: Doodin090  
Tho: Marshall, sen.090  
Tho: Hallom, outlawe, vac 2. vit 1100  
uxor Jo: Barbor, vac 2.090  
uxor Jo: Nowell090  
uxor Jo: Doodin050  
uxor Tho: Midleton090  
uxor Robt: Midleton, vac 4. vit 3. ov 1d.120  
uxor Wm: Bramhall, cum fil nuptis070  
uxor Naden070  
uxor Math: Anderson070  
uxor Rich: Hallom0100  
uxor John Chapman060  
uxor Tho: Padley060  
uxor Wm. Eyre060  
uxor Wm: Wilson cum matre060  
uxor Bradwall cum filio Dennis, vac 2. vit 1.100  
uxor Low070  
uxor Francis Heyward070  
uxor Tho. Jackson, sen.070  
uxor Miles Marshall100  
uxor Dernelly090  
Wm Midleton, alias Wilson090  
Wm Hunter0100  
Will Jackson, 3 vac. 3 vit. fil et filia160  
Wm Nelson090  
Wm How, fil Jo:090  
Wm How, fil Mich: vac 2. ov 1 fil, sor130  
Wm Burgesse090  
Wm Hartle100  
Wm Hill, vac 3. vit 2.120  
Wm Hall, vac 2.0100  
Wm Smith090  
[Page 135]
Wm Case090  
Wm Hugill, mls090  
Will Downing cum matre, vac 2. vit 1.090  
Wm Hall, sen., vac 2. ov 1d.100  
Wm Charlesworth, vac 2. vit 1.0100  
ABNEY AND GRANGE s : d : ob  
Edw. Padley, vac 2. fil et uxor150  
Ellis Marshall, 1 vac. 1 vit0100  
Edw: Ashmore090  
Francis Eyre0100  
Francis Robinson090  
Francis Marshall090  
Geo: Trout, vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.100  
Gervis Hallome100  
Jo: Bamford0100  
Jo: How100  
Jo: White090  
Ralph Towning090  
Rbt: Hall140  
Rbt: Dolphin090  
Rob: Deakin, vac 2. vit 2100  
Rob: Barber090  
Rob: Barker0110  
Roger Bagshaw, pl. 4 vac. 4 vit. ov 1d.130  
Rich: Robinson, mls0100  
Tho: Bagshall090  
Tho: Morten090  
Tho: Drabble and Wm Drabble150  
uxor Barber080  
uxor Furnesse, vac 2. vit 1. ov 10110  
uxor Morten090  
Wm Redfearne100  
Wm Fox, vac 1.0100  
Wm Bagshawe090  
Wm Bradwall, pl120  
Wm Furnesse cum uxore060  
Wm Furnesse0100  
Wm Worrall. Anthony Worrall090  
GREENLOW s : d : ob  
Abraham Bagshaw, vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.100  
Adam Bagshaw0100  
Francis Bennet110  
Hen: Frost070  
Hen: Furnesse100  
Hugh Waddy100  
Jo: Bagshaw090  
[Page 136]
Jo: Pedley, vac 1. vit 1. ov. 1d.100  
James Soresby090  
Ralph James, vac 1. ov 1d.100  
Richard Bennet100  
Robt: Bagshaw. fil cum fil120  
uxor Rob: Hall140  
Wm Christopher100  
Wm Hall100  
Wm Sharshall170  
WARDLOW s : d : ob  
Abraham White100  
Arthur Scudmore100  
Christopher Ludlam0100  
Christopher James, jun. pl.0100  
Edward Robinson, 6 ch160  
Edw: Carnall. mls090  
Edm: Grundy090  
Ellis Low, vac 1. vit 1.0100  
Francis Cheshire100  
George Tomlinson0100  
Henry Hodkinson0100  
Henry Jefferyes, jun.170  
Hercules Fouljambe090  
John Stone100  
Jo: Henshall090  
James Fouljambe090  
James Royden, mls. vac 2. vit 2. ov 1d.150  
John Frost140  
Jo: Fouljambe0100  
Jo: White090  
Mathew Frost090  
Peter Hulme100  
Nicholas Robinson100  
Rob: Morten090  
Rbt: Langley090  
Rob: Gill0110  
Raph: Burges, mls120  
Steven Hunt, vac 2. vit 1.0110  
Tho: Robinson090  
Tho: Bennett0100  
uxor Tomlinson090  
uxor Robinson, 6. [Ed: sic]060  
uxor Stone060  
uxor Hiblime and her son in law1100  
uxor Gill090  
Wm Hunt0100  
Wm Burton, pl. vac 2. vit 2. pul 2d ov 1d.120  
Wm Bennet090  
Wm Oldfield090  
Wm Robinson, sen.090  
Wm Robinson, jun.070  
Will Jefferyes090  
[Page 137]
GREAT HUCKLOW s : d : ob  
Adam Wilson     
Christopher Botham     
Charles Bowman0100  
Edw: Furnesse090  
Edw: Heaton, 6     
Edw: Anderton0100  
Francis Bowman070  
Grace Bowman     
George Bradbury     
George Woodriffe, ch.     
Geo: Hartley090  
Geo: Needham0100  
Geo: Chapman, pl. mls. vac 3. vit 2.160  
Hen: Furnesse, vac 2. vit 1.100  
Jo: Wilson, freeholder, pl.170  
John Wilson, sen. John his sonn, vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.140  
John Batty0100  
Nicolas Bagshaw090  
Peter Bagshaw090  
Robt: Wilson, sen. pl140  
Rob: Wilson, jun.970  
Raph Cheetam9100  
Raph Hunt090  
Robt: Lees, 6 ch070  
Robt: Andrewes090  
Robt. Hill090  
Richard Longden090  
Tho: Bagshaw, mls. pl.160  
Tho: Stayley100  
Tho: Holgate090  
Tho: Marshall, vac 2. vit 1.100  
Tho: Kitchen090  
Tho: Plattes090  
Tho: Naden070  
Tho: Leech060  
Tho: Heaton090  
Tho: Micocke090  
Tho: Bradley090  
Tho: Wibbersley090  
Tho: Frost090  
uxor Ellis Woodriffe070  
uxor Robinson060  
uxor Bowman050  
uxor Allen060  
uxor Margret060  
uxor Royle080  
uxor Bramhall070  
Wm Shaw0100  
Wm Ward, mls110  
Wm Andeton090  
SHALCROSSE s : d : ob  
Anthony Hibbert080  
Edw: Turnnocke110  
Edw: Brocklehurst110  
Edw: Nickson060  
[Page 138]
Edw: Wyld060  
James Ford100  
John Shallcrosse, Esq.060  
John Leech060  
John Brocklehurst060  
John Cook060  
John Marchington060  
John Shalcrosse060  
Jasper Pickford060  
Leonard Low110  
Nicolas Hibbert100  
Peter Low110  
Richard Bennett090  
Richard Low140  
Richard Armifeild0110  
Richard Royle080  
Reynold Pott060  
Rbt: Oliver130  
Henry Slater070  
Robt: Redfearne060  
Tho: Lummas060  
Tho: Eardsfield060  
uxor Rowe050  
uxor Hybbert060  
uxor Littlewood070  
Wm Cook060  
Wm Pott060  
WINDEMILL HOUSE s : d : ob  
James Blackwell, vac 1. vit 1.120  
Mathew Hall, mls120  
Robt: Allen, vac 1. vit 1.100  
LITTLE HUCKLOW s : d : ob  
Adam Wilson0100  
Adam Furnesse, pl. vac 4. vit 2.190  
Anthony Hall090  
Edw: Cheetam0100  
Edw: Chapman, vac 2. vit 1.100  
Edw: Brussell090  
Edw: Poynton120  
Edw: Furnesse0100  
Ellis Harison090  
Francis Barber090  
George Wood090  
George Whitehead090  
Hen: Furnesse, vac 2. vit 2.110  
Hen: Hardy090  
Hercules Poynton cum filia, vac 4. vit 2. ov 1d.180  
Hugh Bore, pl130  
John Hodkinson090  
John Poynton090  
John Drable0100  
[Page 139]
John Armitrider090  
Jo: Chapman, mls110  
Nicholas Cowper, sonne and daughter030  
Richard Cheetam090  
Rob: Hallam, vac 2, vit 2.100  
Rob: Hodkinson090  
Rbt: Durham100  
Rowland Smyth100  
Tho: Bray100  
Tho: Wood090  
Tho: Palfreyman100  
Tho: Timpely pro se et filia090  
Tho: Brookes090  
uxor Wragg060  
uxor Hodkinson060  
uxor Hugh Hadfeild060  
uxor Allen060  
Wm Slater090  
Wm Gybson090  
Wm Hardy     
Arthur Hill cum filia0110  
Edward Furnesse, pl.200  
Ellis Savile090  
Ellis Furnesse, pl. vac 3. vit 3. ov 1d.130  
Ellis Poynton100  
John Armitrider110  
John Overton090  
Jo: Savile090  
Gerundine Savile090  
Jo: Pearson090  
Godfrey Fox060  
Laurence Fox0100  
Robt: Cowper, mls120  
Rob: Hardy090  
Rob: Harison090  
Tho: Collier090  
Tho: Coppocke090  
Tho: Mantby0100  
uxor Marke Furnesse0100  
Wm Furnesse, sen: mls. cum filio180  
Wm Furnesse, jun.0100  
Wm Collier and Ellis Oldfeild cum uxore110  
Wm Armitryder090  
Wm Charlesworth090  
HASLEBADGE s : d : ob  
Edw: Oldfeild160  
Francis Bagshaw, pl140  
John Slater, vac 3. vit 2.140  
John Hallom090  
Raph Cooper090  
Tho: Rogers090  
[Page 140]
WOODLAND s : d : ob  
Adam Eyre, vac 1. ov 1d.100  
Anthony Heyward, 1 vac vit 1. ov 1d.110  
Edw: Barber, Capt:120  
Edw: Yellot100  
Edw: Eyre150  
Geo: Brownell, vac 5. vit 4. ap 2. ov 1d.300  
Geo: Iberson cum matre130  
Geo: Claybon060  
Geo: Barbor090  
Henry Balgay, gent:1000  
John Cumberbadge090  
Jo: Morten260  
Jo: Hall, sen.0100  
John Plattes, 2 vac. vit 2. ov 1d.110  
Lawrence Tricket120  
Reignold Eyre140  
Rich: Hyde120  
Rich: Harison0110  
Rich: Chapman090  
Roger Hall090  
Robt: Hall, vac 2. vit 2. ap 2d.130  
Tho: Eyre de ridge, vac 4. vit 4.140  
Tho: Barbor de Marebothom100  
Tho: Tricket     
Tho: Barbor de Ronksly, vac 6. vit 1. ov 1d.260  
Tho: Eyre de Alport140  
Tho: Hall de Wood, vac 2. vit 1, ov 1d.119  
Mrs. Eyre and Mrs. Wentworth1009  
Edw: Iberson0100  
uxor Peter Grout, vac 1. vit 1. ap 2d. ov 1d.0110  
uxor Wm Hall0110  
Wm Greaves600  
Wm Baslow100  
Anthony Worrall, vac 2. vit 2. ap 2d.120  
Abram Ward, vac 2. vit 1. ov 1d.100  
Christopher Scitwell, vac 2. vit 1.100  
Edw: Longden090  
Joseph Eyre, gen:800  
John Ward, gen: cum matre, vac 5. vit 2. ap 2d. fil 4d.1110  
John Berley140  
Jo: Thornhill, vac 2. vit 1. ap 1. ov 1d.100  
Raph: Morten, vac 4. vit 3. ap 1. ov 1d.160  
Jo: Eyre, vac 2. vit 2. ap 4.140  
  £ : s : d  
Recd. at ye Chancell gate from yong people1176  
Recd. from Fayrefeild200  

Notes on Chapter VIII
[1] The term “Chancel Gates” might have been retained to indicate the position under the Chancel arch (where the gates used to stand) long after the Screen had been removed: but Dr. Cox, in his Derbyshire Churches, mentions that Bassano, in his Church Notes at the College of Arms, describes the Rood Screen as existing at Hope at the time of his visit, about 1710.

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in December 1999.

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