Old Halls, Manors and Families of Derbyshire

by Joseph Tilley

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1999-2008
Your attention is drawn to the Transcriber's Notes, further down this page

Volume I, The High Peak Hundred



BAKEWELL, Parish ofPage
 Haddon Hall5
 Bakewell Hall9
 Hartle Hall17
 Holme Hall23
 The Greaves, Beeley29
 Ashford Rookery and Little Longstone Manor House35
 Fynney Cottage and Flagg Hall41
 Bubnell Hall47
 Hassop Hall54
 Longstone, Beeley, and Darley Halls
Transcriber's Note: this chapter appears to relate to Longstone Hall alone
 Buxton Hall63
CASTLETON, Parish of 
 Peveril Castle69
 Ford Hall77
 Whitehough and Bradshaw Halls85
 The Ridge, Marsh, and Slack Halls93
DARLEY, Parish of 
 Cowley Hall101
 Snitterton Manor House109
 Snitterton Hall115
EDENSOR, Parish of 
 Chatsworth House123
EYAM, Parish of 
 Bradshaw Hall135
 Leam, Foolow, and Eyam Halls143
GLOSSOP, Parish of 
 Mellor Hall151
 Ollerset Hall157
 Long Lee, Beard, and Simmondley163
HATHERSAGE, Parish of 
 North Lees Hall171
 Stony Middleton Hall177
 Padley Hall183
 Derwent Hall190
HOPE, Parish of 
 Highlow Hall197
 Stoke Hall203
 Aston, Shallcross, and Offerton209
 Hazelbadge Hall215
TIDESWELL, Parish of 
 Wormhill Hall225
 Wheston Hall231
YOULGREAVE, Parish of 
 Stanton Old Hall, The Bowers, and Stanton Woodhouse241
 Winster Hall and Middleton Castle247
 Principal Families255
 Lords of the Manor256
 Manors and Their Tenure258
 Castellans of Peak Castle260
 High Peak Dignities265
 Heraldic Quarterings272
 Heralds' Visitations274
 Knights of the Shire275

Transcriber's Notes:
21st Century readers may be interested to know that this book - The Old Halls, Manors and Families of Derbyshire - was on sale originally (in 1899) as a rather splendidly gilt-edged edition priced one guinea (£1.05 sterling). In comparison the book Three Weeks in the Devonshire Hospital (Buxton) written by an ex-patient cost one old penny (of which there were 240 to the pound!) and had reached its 77,000th copy of publication; and Manchester Grammar School's fees for pupils were 4 guineas a term. [Source: Local News - April 1899. Article published in The Peak Advertiser 19th April 1999, p1]

In today's terms, according to Measuring Worth, a website providing information about the Purchasing Power of British Pounds (1270-1970) one guinea would be worth around £68.21 in 1999, and it would have bought just the first of 5 Volumes. Compare this with the price of £120.00 for all four volumes of Gladwyn Turbutt's History of Derbyshire, published by Merton Priory Press Ltd. the same year (1999).

Nicholas Pevsner in his Buildings of England series for Derbyshire (1978) refers to Old Halls Manors and Families as "an irritating book singularly devoid of architectural information", with which I tend to agree. The style is certainly irksome but it does nevertheless contain much information of interest to the family historian, if not to the architect, which I have yet to discover in other sources, so we do nevertheless have cause to be grateful (I think) for the copies which were then purchased for such a princely sum.

But even so, a Word of Caution:
It is my opinion that Tilley was writing for a particular audience - those who were wealthy enough to buy his books, and in particular, those who may still have owned the Halls under scrutiny. So he would have wanted to present their lineage in an agreeable way - Mills & Boon might even have learned a few lessons from him in his presentation of Dorothy Vernon's supposed elopement with John Manners! As such his accounts may well contain information on the various pedigrees which owes a lot to Tilley's imagination, which with the benefit of 21st century hindsight we can disprove, or dismiss.

But I still think it's a useful source of reference!

Contents of Old Halls, Manors and Families of Derbyshire, 1892.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in April 1999.

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