Weobley, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7
with Private and Commercial Residents

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2003

WEOBLEY, or WEOBLY, is a place of considerable antiquity, distant 8½ miles S.W. of Leominster, 12 N.W. of Hereford, 9 S.E. of Kington, 15 N.E. of Hay, and 3½ N. of Moorhampton station on the Hereford, Hay, and Brecon branch of the Midland railway. The town is situated about ¾ of a mile S. of the main road between Leominster and Hay, and 2 miles E. of the road leading from Hereford to Kington. It is in Grimsworth hundred and Leominster county court district; and is the head of a poor-law union, highway district, polling district, and petty sessional division. The population in 1861 was 849; in 1871, 932; inhabited houses, 171; families or separate occupiers, 216; area of parish, 3,309 acres; annual rateable value, £5,187. The Marquess of Bath, who is lord of the manor, and Major Daniel Peploe Peploe, M.P., are the principal landed proprietors. This is an exceedingly fertile and productive district; the scenes around are most picturesque and romantic, and the neighbourhood is embellished by numerous seats and genteel residences.

The town is mainly supported by agriculture. A fair is held on May 8th yearly for cattle, pleasure, and hiring of servants. Weobley formerly returned two members to Parliament. It was represented in the seven parliaments of Edward I., and no more until the reign of Charles I., when, in the year 1640, it resumed its privilege by an order from the House of Commons. It was disfranchised by the Reform Bill of 1832. On the south side of the town stood an old castle, which was taken from the Empress Maud by King Stephen. Leland mentions it as a goodly and fine building, but somewhat in decay. The embankments and moat which surrounded it are still to be seen. Weobley anciently formed part of the barony of the Lacies, from whom, by a female, it was conveyed in marriage to the Vernons, who, by that alliance, were for some time hereditary constables of Ireland. It afterwards passed through the various families of the Furnivals, the Ferrers, and the Craphuls, to the Devereuxs, Earls of Essex, and formed their principal lordship.

Weobley is in the diocese and archdeaconry of Hereford and rural deanery of its own name; living, a vicarage; value, £250, with residence and 11 acres of glebe; patron, the Lord Bishop of Worcester; vicar, Rev. Henry B. Purton, B.A., of Christ's College, Cambridge, who was instituted in 1869, and is also a surrogate for the diocese of Hereford. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is a fine old structure in the Norman, Perpendicular, and Decorated styles of architecture. It consists of nave, chancel, two side aisles, and square tower terminating with four pinnacles and surmounted with a lofty stone spire. The tower contains a peal of six musical bells, and a new clock by Bezant, of Hereford, the gift of the late vicar. The church was restored in 1865, under the superintendence of Clifton West, Esq., architect, and was reopened for divine service April 12th, 1866. The cost of restoration was about £3,200, of which £600 was raised on the rates, and the remainder by voluntary contributions.

Among the principal subscribers were the late Daniel Peploe Peploe, Esq., the late vicar (Rev. John Birch Peploe), the Marquess of Bath, &c. In the chancel is a magnificent and full-length marble statue to the memory of Colonel John Birch, surrounded with the insignia of war. A memorial window by Messrs. Heaton, Butler, & Bayne, of. London, was erected in 1867 by the tenantry of the Garnstorre estate, to the memory of the late Daniel Peploe Peploe, Esq. The subject is very striking, representing our Saviour bearing His cross; on the one side the soldiers are mocking Him, and on the other the good women of Jerusalem consoling Him. There are also two memorial windows to the late vicar (the Rev. John Birch Peploe). The earliest register is dated 1546. There is a Roman Catholic chapel, with residence for the priest, situated in Union road, about a quarter of a mile from the town. It was erected in 1834, and is dedicated to St. Thomas of Hereford.

The Primitive Methodist chapel was erected in 1861. The national schools for boys, girls, and infants are neat and commodious stone buildings, situate in Broad street. A new class-room has been recently added, at a cost of nearly £200. The schools are under government inspection, and have certificated teachers; average attendance, about 80. A free school once existed here, called "Crother's Free Grammar School", but it having been found impossible to obtain a regular master for it, on account of the smallness of the endowment available for salary, and the building being old and much out of repair, was taken down, and, by consent of the trustees, merged into the national schools.

The Union workhouse is a red brick building, situated about half a mile from the town on the Kington road. It was erected in 1837, and will accommodate 114 inmates. The guardians meet at the board-room every alternate Monday. The Weobley union comprises 26 parishes, and is divided into two districts, viz., Weobley and Dilwyn. The population of Weobley district in 1861 was 5,317; in 1871, 5,383; area, 28,407 acres. The population of Dilwyn district in 1861 was 3,701; in 1871, 3,648; area, 20,552 acres. The police station is a neat brick building, situated in Mill street. The magistrates for Weobley petty sessional division meet at the Court-room every alternate Monday. The inland revenue office is at the "Red Lion Inn". Weobley hunt steeple chases are, held annually in the month of April on the farm occupied by Mr. W.H. Bull. They are fairly attended.

About 1 mile S. of the town is Garnstone Castle, the seat of Major Daniel Peploe Peploe, M.P., J.P., and D.L. for Herefordshire. It is a modern stone-built mansion in the castellated style of architecture, having an extensive park well stocked with deer. The garden and ornamental grounds attached to this mansion are extensive and beautiful, and are kept in exceedingly neat order. The Garnstone district floral and horticultural society hold their annual show in the grounds of Garnstone castle, when the gardens are thrown open to the public by permission of Major Peploe, M.P. There are many ancient timber-framed houses in Weobley parish. The Ley farm-house bears date 1589, and is an interesting structure.

MAGISTRATES ACTING FOR WEOBLEY DIVISION OF THE COUNTY.- (The justices meet at the Police court every alternate Monday.) Sir Henry Geers Cotterell, Bart., Garnons, Hereford; Major Daniel Peploe Peploe, M.P., Garnstone Castle, Weobley; Rev. Henry Blisset, M.A., Letton Court, Hereford; Major Richard Snead Cox, Broxwood Court, Pembridge; Benjamin Lawrence Sanders, Esq., LL.B., Street Court, Kings land; John Clowes, Esq., Burton Court, Eardisland; Rev. George Horatio Davenport, M.A., Foxley, Hereford; Rev. Berkeley Lionel Scudamore-Stanhope, M.A., Byford Rectory, Hereford; Thomas Reavely, Esq., Kinnersley Castle, Hereford; John Freeman Blisset, Esq., Letton Court; and Colonel Bridgford, Newton, Kinnersley. Cleric to the Justices, Edmund Hall Cheese, Esq., solicitor, Weobley. The following is a List of Parishes and Places in the Petty Sessional Division:-Almeley, Birley, Bishopstone, Bridge Solers, Brinsop, Brobury, Byford, Canon Pyon, Dilwyn, Eardisland, King's Pyon, Kinnersley, Letton, Mansell Gamage, Mansell Lacy, Monnington; Norton Canon, Sarnesfield, Staunton-upon-Wye, Stretford, Weobley, Wormsley, and Yazor.

POSTAL REGULATIONS.- Post and Telegraph office, Miss Mary Baskerville, Sub-Postmistress. Letters arrive at 8 a.m.; despatched at 5.30 p.m. Money orders are granted and paid, and post office savings bank business transacted from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Postal telegraph business from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Weobley being what is termed a Railway Sub-office, letters, &c., should be addressed-Weobley, R.S.O. (Herefordshire.).
Parish Church (St. Mary's).- Rev. Henry Bloxham Purton, B.A., Vicar; Messrs. Richard Baskerville and William Lloyd, Churchwardens; Richard Baskerville, Parish Clerk.
Roman Catholic Chapel (St. Thomas of Hereford), Union road.- Rev. R. Green, Priest.
Primitive Methodist Chapel.- Ministers various.
National and Free School (boys, girls, and infants).- Mr. Archibald Simmons, Master.
County Police Station, Mill street.- Mr. William Shead, Superintendent for Weobley and Bredwardine Divisions.
Inland Revenue Office, at "Red Lion Inn".- Mr. J. McGoldrick, Officer. Reading-Room (open during the winter months) at National school.

WEOBLEY UNION.- (The guardians meet at the Board-room, Union workhouse, every alternate Monday.) Rev. Berkeley Lionel Scudamore-Stanhope, M.A., Byford Rectory, Chairman; John Alexander Forbes Suter, Esq., Hereford, Treasurer; Rev. Hanmer William Webb Peploe, B.A., Chaplain; Edmund Hall Cheese, Esq., Clerk to the Guardians and to the Rural Sanitary Authority; E.A. Applebe, Esq., L.M., L.R.C.P., &c., House Surgeon; Mr. Henry Heath, Master; Mrs. H. Heath, Matron; E.A. Applebe, Esq., L.R.C.P., Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for Weobley District (11 parishes); William James Tivy, Esq., L.R.C.P., Great House, Dilwyn, Medical Officer for Dilwyn District (8 parishes); Peter B. Giles, Esq., M.R.C.S., Staunton-on-Wye, Medical Officer for Wye Side District (7 parishes); Mr. William Lloyd, Vaccination Officer and Relieving Officer for No. 1 (Weobley) District; Mr. Thomas Vaughan, Relieving Officer for No. 2 (Dilwyn) District. The Union comprises the following Parishes:-Almeley, Birley, Bishopstone, Blakemere, Bridge Solers, Brinsop, Brobury, Byford, Canon Pyon, Dilwyn, Eardisland, King's Pyon, Kinnersley, Letton, Mansell Gamage; Mansell Lacy, Moccas, Monnington-upon-Wye, Norton Canon, Preston-upon-Wye, Sarnesfield, Staunton-upon-Wye, Stretford, Weobley, Wormsley, and Yazor.

REGISTRATION of BIRTHS, DEATHS, AND MARRIAGES.- Edmund Hall Cheese, Esq., Superintendent Registrar; Mr. William Lloyd, Registrar of Marriages, and of Births and Deaths for No: 1 (Weobley) District; Mr. Thomas Vaughan, Registrar of Births and Deaths for No. 2 (Dilwyn) District. No. 1 District comprises the following Places:- Almeley, Bishopstone, Blakemere, Bridge Solers, Brinsop, Brobury, Byford, Kinnersley, Letton, Mansell Gamage, Mansell Lacy, Moccas, Monnington-on-Wye, Norton Canon, Preston-on-Wye, Staunton-on-Wye, Weobley, and Yazor. No. 2 District comprises the following Places:- Birley, Canon Pyon, Dilwyn, Eardisland, King's Pyon, Sarnesfield, Stretford, and Wormsley.
Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes.- Thomas Price, Esq., Kington; Surveyor of Taxes, W. Holroyd Price, Esq., Inland Revenue office, Hereford.
Garnstone District Floral and Horticultural Society.- Major D. Peploe Peploe, M.P., Patron and President; Mr. Wm. Lloyd, Hon. Secretary.
Weobley Agricultural Society.- Mr. W.H. Bull, Secretary.
Weobley Highway Board (meetings held monthly).- Edmund Hall Cheese, Esq., Clerk; Mr. Wm. Blissett, Newton court, Dilwyn, Surveyor.
Weobley Rural Sanitary Authority.- H. Vavasour Sandford, Esq., M.D. (of Hereford), Medical Officer of Health; Edmund Hall Cheese, Esq., Clerk; Mr. William Lloyd and Mr. Thomas Vaughan, Inspectors.
Rate Collector.- William Watkins, Union street.
Town Crier.- Thomas Pugh, High street.
Carrier to Hereford.- William Watkins, every Wednesday and Saturday; returning from the Maidenhead Inn, Eign street, about 5 p.m.; passes through King's Acre, Stretton-Sugwas, Credenhill, Brinsop, Mansell Lacy, and Yazor.
Applebe E.A., Esq., L.R.C.P., L.M., &c.
Cheese Edmund Hall, Esq.
Green Rev. R. (Roman Catholic priest)
Gwillim Mrs. Mary, Broad street
Kerbey Mrs., Church house
Kerbey William Holman, Esq., M.R.C.S.
Lloyd Mrs. Hannah
Lloyd Miss Mary Ann, Broad street
Maskell Mrs. Sarah, Broad street
Matthews Mr. James, Hereford street
Merrick Mr. T.
Moythan Mrs. Martha, Broad street
Peploe Major Daniel Peploe, M.P., J.P., and D.L. (for the county of Hereford), Garnstone castle; and Carlton and Army and Navy clubs, London, S.W.
Purton Rev. Henry Bloxham, B.A. (vicar of Weobley and surrogate for the diocese of Hereford), The Vicarage
Symonds Mr. John, Union road
Symonds Mrs., Broad street
ANDERSON GEORGE SIDNEY, baker, confectioner, & provision dealer
Applebe E.A., L.R.C.P., L.M., &c., physician and surgeon; medical officer and public vaccinator for Weobley district of union and to the workhouse
Barker James, blacksmith
Baskerville Mrs. Mary, cottage farmer
Baskerville Miss Mary, sub-postmistress, Post and Telegraph office
Baskerville Richard, farmer & parish clk.
Berry Mrs. Sarah, hosier, draper, &c.
Bigglestone Edward, builder & contractor; agent for the Sun fire insurance office
Brown Mrs. Jane, Salutation Inn
Bull Wm. Hy., frmr. & hop gr., Bear farm
Charles Samuel, grocer, provision, and timber dealer, Mill street
Cheese Edmund Hall, solicitor; clerk to the guardians of Weobley union and to the assessment committee; superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; clerk to the magistrates for Weobley division; clerk to the Weobley highway board and to the
Kington highway board; deputy coroner for Herefordshire; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; offices, Weobley and Kington
Clarke Mrs., day school
Colcombe James, butcher and grazier, High street
Crump J., plumber & painter, Broad st.
Davies Henry, mason
Ford F., farmer, Field's end
Garrett Edwin, Unicorn Inn, and timber hewer
Griffiths Henry, frmr., Devereux Wootton
GRIFFITHS JOHN, miller, Steam flour mills, Mill street
Griffiths Mrs. M., frmr., Little Sarnesfield
Griffiths William Prichard, farmer and hop grower, Fenhampton;; res., Hyatt Sarnesfield, Norton Canon
Heath Hy., master of the Weobley union
Hope James, farmer, The Field
Hughes Charles, blacksmith and cottage farmer
Hughes John, boot and shoe maker
Jackman Joseph, head gamekeeper for
Major D. Peploe Peploe, M.P., of Garnstone castle; res., King's Pyon
Jones James, stonemason
JONES JOHN, wholesale and retail grocer, corn, flour, and provision dealer, ironmonger, &c.
Jones John, shoemaker and letter carrier
Lloyd William, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, and relieving officer for No. 1 district; vaccination officer, inspector of nuisances, hon. secretary to the Garnstone district floral and horticultural society, and agent for the Phoenix fire office, Church house
MASKELL GEORGE, draper; tailor, and general outfitter
Matthews John, farmer, The Marsh
Matthews Thomas, farmer, Pepperplock
McGoldrick John, inland revenue officer
Monnington John, farmer, Dairy house
Morgan Thomas, Red Lion Inn
Moythan John, cottage farmer
Palfrey Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Pennington William, law clerk
Phillips Mrs. C., dressmaker, &c.
Powell Emmanuel, cabinet maker, &c.
Powell William, nail manufacturer
Preece Thomas, land steward for Major D. Peploe Peploe, M.P., Garnstone
Price Miss M.A., dressmaker, High street
Pugh John, wheelwright, carpenter, and pump maker
Pugh Miss, dressmaker, High street
Pugh Thomas, boot and shoe maker, and town crier
Rogers Benjamin, farmer, The Ley
Seal Robert, boot and shoe maker, White hill
Shead William, superintendent of police for Weobley and Bredwardine divisions, inspector of weights and measures and common lodging houses, Police station, Mill street
Simmons Archibald, schoolmaster
Smith Jane, clothes dlr. & marine stores
Stephens James, grocer and provision
dealer, agent for Gilbey's wines and Allsopp's ale
Tarbath James, farmer, Mill street
WADAMS WILLIAM, baker, confectioner, corn, flour, & meal factor (wholesale and retail), Broad street
Watkins William, rate collector, carrier to Hereford, and agent for Ind, Coope, & Co.'s Burton ale, Union street
Webb Richard, head gardener for Major D. Peploe Peploe, M.P., Garnstone gdns.
Whitney John, shopkeeper, Broad street
Yapp Mrs. & Son, grocers & provision dlrs.

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in December 2003.

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