Ross, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2005

Allford William, Esq., Morecambe lodge
Baker Miss, Over Ross house
Beeston Miss, Lincoln Hill house
Bernard Miss, Over Ross house
Bernard Right Hon. Mountague, D.C.L., Over Ross
Biggs Mr. William, Rose cot., The Crofts
Blake Thomas, Esq., M.P. (for the borough of Leominster), Lebanon, Ross; and Victoria Palace hotel, Westminster; and Reform club, London, S.W.
Bonnor Mr. William, Hildersley cottage, Gloucester road
Bond Mr Robert, Ashburton cottage
Boughton Miss Margaret, Brookend
Bowyer Mrs. M.A., 5 Kempion terrace, The Crofts
Brown General Wm. Augustus, Duxmere
Brunsdon Mr. Benjamin, Albany cottage, Ashfield
Bruton Mrs. Rachel, 1 Myrtle villas, Ashfield
Byrne Mrs. Mary Eliza, Gloucester road
Cobbold Rev. Robert Henry, M.A. (rector and vicar of Ross), The Rectory, Church street
Cocks Cambridge Cary, Esq., M.D., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Palace pound
Collins William Hutcheson, Esq., Cubberley house
Cooper Mr. Frederick, The Crofts
Coulthard Mr. George, C.E., Serampore villa, Ashfield
Cromwell Mrs. Harriet, Edde Cross st.
Davis Mrs. Mary, Edde Cross street
Davis Mr. Thomas, Ashfield house
Dayer Mrs. Grace, Queen street
De Chaville Mons. P.B.J.G., Sandringham villas, Ashfield
Dolby Mr. Charles, Westfield house
Dowle Mr. Henry, Newton villa, Ashfield
Edwards Rev. W.H. (minister of Congregational chapel), Gloucester road
Evans Mrs. Hannah, Broad street
Evans Thomas, Palmerston ho., Ashfield
Fernandez Thomas F., Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., Mervyn lodge, Ashfield
Fisher Miss Jane, Holland house, Dock st.
Garrold Mrs.; 2 Merryvale villas
Hale Miss, Church street
Hale Mrs., Ashfield
Hall Miss Mary Sarah, Alton street
Hamelin Rev. Armand (Roman Catholic priest), The Crofts
Harris James, Esq., C.E., Telford house, New street
Hart Mr. Henry, Ashfield villa
Head Miss, 3 Vaga terrace
Hebb William, Esq., Church street
Hewett John Ed. Stower, Esq., High st.
Hiatt Miss Catherine, Hollywell villa, Ashfield
Hirst John, Esq., Florentine villa
Hooley Rev. Saml. (Wesleyan), Queen st.
Hopkinson Rev. C.G. (curate)
Hugo William Temple, Esq., New street
Innell Mr. John, High street
Jackson Colonel, Hillsborough, Ashfield
Jackson Miss, Lyndhurst lodge, Ashfield
Jenkins Cornelius, The Folly, Over Ross
Jones Thomas, Esq., M.D., Church street
Kell Mrs. Henry, Queen street
Kell Mr. Samuel, Brook house
La-Touche Madame, The Poplars
Lewin Captain M.B., The Old Hill
Llewellyn Mr. James, Ashfield
Locke Mr. George, Brookend street
Maclaverty Alexander, Esq., M.D., Wye Terrace house, Edde Cross street
Marfell Mrs. M.M., West View lodge, Ashfield
M'Adam Mr. London J., National Provincial bank, Market place
Merrick Mrs. Eleanor, High street
Moore E., Esq., Merryvale villas
Morgan Miss Ann, Chevin hall, Ashfield
Morris Mrs., New street
Morris Mr. Walter, Corps Cross street
Mortimer Miss Julia F., Rudhall
Nash Mrs. Barbara, Sandringham villas, Ashfield
Osborne Alfred, Esq., Ross villa, Gloucester road
Osborne Mrs., Ashfield
Parry Mr. John, sen., Ashfield lodge
Perkins Mr. W.J., Alton street
Powell Mrs. M.A., Fern hank
Powell Wm. Hy., Esq., M.D., Chasedale
Power Kingsmill Manley, Esq., J.P., D.L. (lord of the manor of Ross), Hill court
Preece Mr. John, New street
Preece Mr. Jn., Walworth vil., Station rd.
Price Mrs., Ivy house, Corps Cross street
Pritchard Mrs. Elizabeth, Tudorville
Purchas Mr. Alfred John, Broad street
Purchas The Misses, Cantilupe cottage
Railton Mr. Hugh, Portland villas, Gloucester road
Rea Mrs. Frances, Stratford house, Ashfield
Roberts Mr. John Merrick, Croft terrace
Robinson Mrs. Fanny, Arthur's lane
Rootes Mr. William Rudge, Woodside, Gloucester road
Roper Mrs. E., Wye villa, Dock pitch
Royce Mr. Thomas, Broad street
Rudge Miss Ellen, Holland house, Dock st.
Rudge Mr. William Merrick, 2 Myrtle villas, Ashfield
Shorting Mrs. E., Chase wood lodge
Showell Rev. James, Broad street
Skipp Mrs. Ann, Alton house, Alton st.
Smalley Rev. James (Baptist), Tudorville
Smyth Geo. Gould, Esq., Mount Pleasant
Southall Mr. Henry, The Graig, Ashfield
Stratford Mr. John Arthur, Beaumont villa, Ashfield
Strong George, Esq., M.D., J.P., &c., 1 Merryvale villas
Thompson Mrs. A., Albany cot., Ashfield
Turnock Joseph, Esq., Purland chase
Underwood Hugh F., Esq., Royal Hotel
Watson Mrs. M.S., The Chestnuts, Ashfield
Waudby Misses Sarah, Mary, and Ann, New street
Weaver Mr. Richard, 2 Broadmead villas
Wigmore Mr. Francis, West bank, Ashfield
Willink Rev. Arthur, M.A. (curate), Ashfield
Wintle Mr. Frederick William, Ashley lodge, Ashfield
Woodford L.M., Esq., Hom lodge
Wylie William, Esq., 3 Woodstock place, Gloucester road
Adams Francis Ramp, solicitor; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature, office, Brookend street; res., The Upper Baches, Upton Bishop, near Ross
Akerman Hy., Saracen's Head, High st.
Aldom Geo., cabinet maker, Gloucester rd.
Allen Miss Hannah, lodging and boarding house, Merryvale lodge
ALTON COURT BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED, brewers of the celebrated "Altos Court" family ales and porter, and maltsters, Station street and Henry street; Joseph Turnock, Managing Director; Frederick William Wintle, Secretary; Frederick Cooper, Auditor (see advertisement with list of agents page 2)
BAILEY JAMES, nursery and seedsman, Corps Cross street; nurseries, Archenfield and Walford road
Baldwin Mrs. Eliza, dressmkr., Broad st.
Baldwin George, shoemaker, Broad st.
BALL JOHN, fellmonger, woolstapler, tanner, &c., Over Ross street; res., St. Mary street
Barber William, lodging ho., Churchyard
BARLING FREDERICK WILLIAM, M.R.C.V.S. (London), veterinary surgeon, New house, Alton street; and farmer, Marsh farm
BARNWELL JAMES (late Brunsdon & Royce), wholesale and family grocer, tea dealer,-and provision merchant; sole agent for W. & A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, 1 Market place (see advertisement page 6)
BARRETT & GREENLAND, silk mercers, milliners, linen and woollen drapers, &c., 10 High street; and at 1 High street, Hereford (see Hereford advertisements page 10)
Barter Wm., shopkpr., &c., Brookend st.
Baynham Thomas, wool dlr., Nursery ter.
Beach John, builder, Arthur's lane
Bellamy Thomas Henry (firm of Perkins & Bellamy), Broad street
Bellamy Mrs., upholsteress, Rope walk
BEVAN WILLIAM, builder, joiner, and undertaker, Arthur's lane
Biggs William, hon. sec. to Ross free library and reading-rooms, Broad street; res., Rose cottage, The Crofts
Blake Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, &c., 2 New street
BLAKE WILLIAM, ironmonger, tinplate worker, iron and brass founder, &c., G.W.R. receiving office for parcels, Brookend street, corner of Station st.
BLINKHORN ROBERT, miller and corn merchant, Brookend mill; res., The Rockery, New street
Bliss Thomas, manager for Messrs. Barrett & Greenland, drapers, &c., 10 High st.
Bolton Thomas, shopkeeper and basil glove maker, Over Ross street
Bond Wallace, master of National school, The Churchyard
Bonnor William Viner, farmer and landowner, Hildersley farm
BRENDON RICHARD, family grocer, tea dealer, and provision merchant agent for H.R. Williams & Co.'s wines and spirits and for Bass & Co.'s Burton ales, High street
Bridge Henry, boot and shoe maker, Gloucester road
Broben Jas., sadlr. & harness ma., Broad st.
Broben Thomas, frmr., Alton Court farm
Brown Gopsill & Sons, sack contractors, depot near Railway station; Mr. Henry Hall, Agent
Brown Wm., baker & confctnr., High st.
Brunsdon Benjamin, farmer and landowner, Warryfield farm, and Howle Hill farm,Walford; res., Albany cot., Ashfield
Bubb James, True Heart Inn, & carpenter and wheelwright, Kyrle street
Bundy Thos., blacksmith, Gloucester rd.
Bussell Mrs., day school, Queen street
BUSSELL & PIKE, corn, cake, seed, and flour merchants, millers, &c.; agents for Norrington, Hingston, & Co., manufrs. of bone superphosphate and special manures, Gloucester road; and Coughton mill, Walford, near Ross; stores, Corps Cross st. (see advt. p.12)
Bustin Richard Britton, photographer, studio, Gloucester road (see Hereford advertisements page 33)
CADLE JOHN, farmer and corn and seed merchant; agent for agricultural implements and for H. & T. Proctor's artificial manures; also agent for the North British and Mercantile life and fire, the Royal Farmers' life, fire, and hail, and the Railway Passengers' accidental insurance companies; Over Ross farm; and John Cadle & Co., The Docks, Gloucester
Cale Mrs, Anne, dressmaker, New street
Carwardine John, saddler, &c., High St.
Carwardine Rd., shoema., Corps Cross St.
Clark Nelson, mason, The Crofts
Clark Robert, mason, Nursery gardens
Coates Joseph, tailor, &c., High street
Cocks Cambridge Cary, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., physician and surgeon; mem. Herefordshire med. assoc.; surgeon to Ross dispensary and cottage hospital; med. off. of health to Ross rural and urban sanitary authorities; surgeon to St. Weonards' district of Ross union; surgeon to G.W.R. provident society; assistant surgeon to 1st. batt. Herefordshire rifle volunteers; late house surgeon to the Lock hospital (London), Palace pound
COLE MISS ANNE MORRIS, George Commercial and Agricultural Hotel and Posting House, Gloucester road, corner of High street
Cole John, George Hotel, Gloucester rd.
Coleman Mrs. Caroline, stationery, toy, and fancy repository, Gloucester road
Collins W.H. & N.K., solicitors; stewards of the manor of Ross; registrars of the county court; commissioners to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioners; offices, St. Mary street
Collins Nathaniel Kyrle (firm of W, H. & N.K. Collins), office, St. Mary street; res., Wilton dale
Collins William Hutcheson (firm of W.H. & N.K. Collins), office, St. Mary street; res., Cubberley house
Cooper Frederick (firm of Morris & Cooper), registrar of marriages; auditor to the Royal hotel company, limited, and to the Alton Court brewery company, limited; hon. sec. to the Ross poultry, pigeon, and dog show; assistant secretary to the Ross dispensary and cottage hospital; agent for fire and life insurance and for the London guarantee society; County fire office, 4 Broad street; res., The Crofts
COOPER REUBEN, Nag's Head Inn, High street
CORBETT FRANCIS, custodian of the "Free Library and Reading Rooms", and keeper of refreshment rooms; school warden for Ross parish, Broad street (see advt. page 12)
Cormell Saml., railway clerk, Church st.
Coulthard George, civil engineer, Serampore villa, Ashfield
COUNSELL JOHN WEBB FRANCIS, printer, bookseller, stationer; newsagent, and circulating library; publisher and proprietor of the Man of Ross newspaper; fishing-tackle warehouse; agent for the Edinburgh life office and the Birmingham district fire office, Market place (see advertisement page 14)
Counsell Mrs. J.W.F., registry office for servants, Man of Ross office, Market pl.
COUNSELL MISS SOPHIA, dealer in furniture, ironmongery, &c., High street
COUNSELL THOMAS HENRY, Prince of Wales Hotel, builder and contractor, Ashfield
Crump George, licensed to let horses and traps, Corps Cross street and George Hotel yard
Crump Thomas, Green Dragon Inn, and butcher, Brookend street
Cullis Mrs., school, Prospect ho., Dock st.
Curtiss John, painter, 3 Broadmead vils.
DAVIES JOHN FRANCIS, accountant, and glass, china, earthenware, & fancy goods depot, Market pl.
DAVIES RICHARD, The Sun dining and refreshment rooms, High street
Davies Samuel Richard, solicitor; clerk to the Ross improvement commissioners; commissioner for affidavits in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Atlas fire and life insurance company; office, Merton house, Edde Cross street; res., Wye bank, Wilton
DAVIES THOMAS, boot and shoe manufacturer, High street
Davis John, greengrocer, Over Ross st.
Davis Robert Croft, Royal Oak Inn, Corps Cross street
Davis Thomas, agent for the Royal Exchange fire and life, and the Westminster fire insurance offices, Ashfield ho.
Davis Thomas, cooper, New street
Delahay Thomas, tailor, High street
Delahay Uriab, tailor, Dock street
Delahay Mrs. Anne, beer retailer (Queen's Head), Queen street
Digwood Henry, inspector of nuisances (under the rural and urban sanitary authorities), Crofts cottage
DOWLE HENRY & SON, auctioneers, valuers, land and house agents; office, Dock street
Downing Isaac, chimney sweeper and town crier, Market place
DREW HENRY, builder and monumental mason, Queen street
Drew Mrs. Jane, Crown and Sceptre,
Broad street
Drinkwater Thomas, farrier, New street
DUTHERIDGE HENRY, baker & confectioner, Brookend street
Dyer Thos.,boot & shoe mkr., Brookend st.
Edwards W.G., master of the Board school, Green Pitts villa
Evans Alfred, outfitter, Broad street
EVANS ALLAN, general outfitter, hatter, and boot and shoe factor, County clothing mart, High street
Evans Mrs. Catherine, beer retailer (Noah's Ark) and shopkeeper, Tudorville
Evans Thomas, boarding school for young gentlemen, Palmerston house, Ashfield
Fenner Mrs. Mary, Horse & Jockey, New st.
Fernandez Thomas F., M.D., F.R.C.S., physician and surgeon; medical officer to No. 1 district of Ross union, Mervyn lodge, Ashfield
Footitt W., clerk, Olivet cot., Archenfield
Foster Thomas, law clerk, 3 Crofts ter.
GALLOPE HENRY JOHN, wine and spirit merchant, and dealer in Burton ales and Dublin stout, Corn Exchange, High st. (see advt. page 10)
Gardner James, beer retlr., Brampton st.
GARDNER STEPHEN, baker and confectioner, Brookend street
GARRAGHAN MARTIN, general dealer in London, Birmingham, and hardware goods, boots and shoes, &c., Broad street
George John Allen, saddler and harness maker, High street; res., Church st.
Gibbins William, cooper and basket dealer, Brookend street
GLOUCESTERSHIRE BANKING COMPANY (BRANCH OF), draw on the Union Bank of London, 2 Princes street, Mansion House, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Thursdays 10 till 5, and on Saturdays 10 till 1; John Edward Stower Hewett, Esq., Manager, High street
GOULDING WILLIAM HENRY, Barrel Inn, Brookend street; and Refreshment Bar, Cattle market
Gretton Mrs. Elztb.,milliner, &c., New st.
GRIFFITHS JOHN, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c., Broad street
Griffiths Joseph, land drainer, Cawdor
Griffiths Robt., beer retlr., Brampton st.
GURNEY WILLIAM, baker, flour, meal, and corn factor, and agent for T. Wintle's mild ales and porter, Broad st.
GUTSELL GEORGE, hairdresser, perfumer, and ornamental hair manufacturer; tobacconists' and fancy goods depot, Broad street
Haines George, surveyor of roads for Ross highway district, Tudorville house
HALFORD MRS. CHARLES, confectioner, biscuit baker, and tea and coffee dealer, High street
Halford Richard, boot and shoe maker, Broad street
Halford R. &. F., linen drapers, Broad st.
HALL EDWARD, builder, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and undertaker, Broad street and Station street; also furniture broker, Over Ross street (see advertisement page 5)
Hall Henry, agent for Gopsill Brown & Sons, sack contractors (of Gloucester), depot at Railway sta.; res., 2 Crofts ter.
Handford Thos., watch and clock maker, High street
HARDS JOHN, monumental sculptor and marble chimney-piece manufacturer, Cantilupe place, Henry street and at Dixton road, Monmouth (see advertisement page 6)
Harris Ira, grocer, &c., Brookend street
Harris James, proprietor of gas works, civil engineer, and architect, Telford house, New street
Hartland Edwin, frmr., Lower Cleeve fm.
Hatton Mrs., dressmaker, Edde Cross st.
Haydon Mrs. Jane, shopkpr., Over Ross st.
Hayes Charles, haulier, 1 Broadmead vil.
Head Miss Matilda, mistress of infant school, Cantilupe road
Hebb William, solicitor; corn. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; conservative agent for Ross district, Church street
Herbert Thomas, beer retailer (Hatters' Arms) and shopkeeper, High street
Hewett John Edward Stower, manager of the Gloucestershire bank; secretary to the Ross and Monmouth railway company; treasurer to the Ross dispensary and cottage hospital, to the district highway board, and to the school board; agent to the Scottish Equitable life, the Alliance fire, and the Railway Passengers' accidental, insurance companies, Gloucestershire bank, High street
HICKS ALFRED, house and furniture painter, glazier, paperhanger, &c., Gloucester road
HICKS GEORGE, hairdresser, umbrella maker, & bird dealer, Market pl.
Higgins Mrs., apartments, Walworth cot.
Hill Mr., inland revenue officer, Dock
Hill Mrs. M., milliner, &c., Broad street
Hill Thomas, foreman, Archenfield cot.
HILL WILLIAM, general printer by steam power, bookseller; stationer, bookbinder, circulating library (in connection with Mudie); publisher and proprietor of the Ross Gazette, High st. (see advertisement page 4)
Hill William, beer retailer, Henry street
HILL WILLIAM ENOCH, grocer and provision merchant, Broad street and New street
Hobbs George, Hope and Anchor Inn, boat proprietor, and basket maker, The Dock
Hodges Thos., horse dlr., Corps Cross st.
HOLDER & CO., furnishing and general ironmongers, agricultural implement agents, &e., High street (see advertisement page 8)
Holloway George, greengrocer, Kyrle st.
Hook John & Mrs. C., master and matron of Ross union, Alton street
Hook William, dairyman, Kyrle street
Hooper Mrs. Grace, laundress, Dock st.
Hughes George, boot and shoe maker, High street
Hugo William Temple, solicitor, New st.
Hunt Chas., Masons' Arms, Over Ross st.
Hunt Stephen, shopkeeper, Brookend st.
Hutton Henry, fishmonger, &c., High st.
Hutton Henry, hairdresser, High street
Hutton James, dyer, Arthur's lane
INNELL JOHN, auctioneer, accountant, house and estate agent, timber and general valuer, assistant overseer and collector of Queen's taxes; agent for the Liverpool and London and Globe fire and life insurance company, for the Ocean, Railway and General accident insurance office, and for the Allan line of Royal mail steamers, High street (see advertisement page 7)
Isaac Henry, beer retailer, &c., High st.
JACKSON CHARLES, baker and confectioner, Broad street
Jackson Richard, solicitor, Kyrle street; res., The Skakes, Bridstow
Jackson Mrs. Sarah, laundress, Dock st.
JAMES HENRY, family and dispensing chemist (by examination); associate of the pharmaceutical society; sole proprietor of James's soothing powders, Broad street (see advt. p.14)
Jarvis Edwin Phipps, pump maker and carpenter, Corps Cross street
Jarvis William, bill poster, Kyrle street
Jervis F., tailor, Sydney cot., Archenfield
Johnson D., chimney swpr., Over Ross st.
Jones George, fly proprietor and lodging house, Dock pitch
JONES THOMAS, maltster and hop merchant; agent for T. Robinson & Co., manure manufacturers and corn merchants (of Gloucester), Portland villas, Gloucester road; malthouse, Corps Cross street (see advertisement page 13)
Jones Thomas, M.D., physician and surgeon; medical officer to the Ross union, and to the dispensary and cottage hospital, Church street
Jordan Joseph Lee, wood turner and cabinet maker, New street
Keen Edward, farmer, Hom farm
KELL S., A., & H., agricultural implement manufacturers and iron and brass founders, Ross; and at Gloucester
Kell Samuel (firm of S., A., & H. Kell), Brook house
Kemp John Boswell, builder, contractor, and dlr. in building materials, Henry st.
Kerwood Charles, mason, New street
Keyse James, greengrocer, Broad street
KING SAMUEL, pianoforte and music warehouse, organist, and teacher of music; agent for the London and Lancashire fire and life office, and the United Kingdom temperance and general provident institution; musical instrument depot, Gloucester road (see advertisement page 3)
Kings Mrs., Man of Ross Inn, Dock street
Kite John, marine store dlr., Over Ross st.
Leach John, baker, New street
LEVI COLEMAN, watch and clock maker, jeweller, silversmith, and pawnbroker, High st. (see advt. page 12)
LEWIS CHARLES HENRY, family grocer, tea dealer, and provision merchant, 3 High street
Lewis Edgar, accountant at Messrs. W.H. & N.K. Collins', solicitors, St. Mary street; res., The Hill, Walford
LEWIS GEORGE, slater and ornamental plasterer, dealer in cement, &c., Kyrle street
Lewis Henry, plasterer, Tudorville
LEWIS JAMES, inventor and only maker of the reversible "Vaga" school desk, and manufacturer of school furniture of every description; also builder, cabinet maker, &c., Ross school furniture manufactory, Over Ross street (see advertisement page 6)
LEWIS JOHN, wine and spirit vaults, timber dealer, and surveyor, The Wine Vaults, St. Mary street
Lewis John, builder, 1 Gloucester place
Llewellyn Mrs. C., shopkpr., Edde Cross st.
Llewellyn Edward, sub-bailiff to the county court, Brookend street
Llewellyn Henry, carpenter; &c., Brookend street
Llewellyn Mrs. H., dressma., Brookend st.
LLEWELLYN SAMUEL, fishmonger, poulterer, fruiterer, dealer in game, ice and coal merchant, town surveyor and collector of rates and market tolls, High street; coal wharf near Railway station (see advertisement page 10)
London Mrs. E., haberdshr., Brookend st.
LONDON FRANCIS, bellbanger, locksmith, gasfitter, &c., Brookend st.
Lugg Charles, cooper, &c., Broad street
MacDougall Peter Sheridan, manager of the West of England and South Wales district bank (branch of), High street; res., Benhall
Maclaverty Alexander, M.D., physician, Wye Terrace house, Edde Cross street
MAN OF ROSS (weekly newspaper), printed and published by the proprietor, Mr. John Webb Francis Counsell, every Wednesday night for Thursday; price one penny; neutral politics; estab. lished 1855; office, Market place (see advertisement page 14)
Mapp Mrs., baker & grocer, Brookend st.
Marfell Geo., butcher & dealer, Broad st.
Marfell Mrs., farmer, Pigeon house
Marfell Mary Abiah, lodgings, Henry st.
Marfell William, farmer, Fox hill (and at Upton Bishop)
Marshall Wm., shopkeeper, Over Ross st.
MATTHEWS THOMAS A. (late Roper), operative, dispensing, and family chemist (by examination); associate of the pharmaceutical society, "Man of Ross" house, High st. (see advt. p.9)
MILLER ARCHIBALD, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c., High street (see advertisement page 13);
Miller Gordon Hannay, travelling draper, Edde Cross street
Millett John, farmer, Arbour Hill farm
Minett, Son, & Piddocke, solicitors, offices, St. Mary street
Minett Henry (firm of Minett, Son, & Piddocke), solicitor; clerk to the magistrates for Ross and Harewood End divisions; clerk to the commissioners of taxes; clerk to the Ross union, and to the Ross rural sanitary authority; clerk to the highway board for Ross district; superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; clerk to the assessment committee auditor to the Ross savings bank; honorary secretary to Ross dispensary and cottage hospital; hon. secretary and treasurer to Webbe's hospital; joint secretary to Hoarwithy bridge co.; solicitor to the Ross and Monmouth railway company; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpet. corn.; offices, St. Mary street; res., Lower Weston house, Weston-under-Penyard, near Ross
MORGAN CHARLES, veterinary surgeon (M.R.C.V.S.), and chemist and druggist; sole proprietor of the "universal cough linctus", 46 Broad street
MORGAN & EVANS, linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, tailors, and general outfitters, 5 and 6 High st.
Morgan George, registrar of births and deaths and relieving officer for Ross district, 2 Gloucester pl., Gloucester rd.
Morgan John, parish clerk and sexton
MORGAN JOHN, Worcester china, glass, and earthenware warehouse; also, waiter, &c., Broad street (see advertisement page 10)
Morgan Mrs. Louisa, registry office for servants, Broad street (see advt. page 10)
MORRIS & COOPER, auctioneers, valuers, estate, advertising, and insurance agents, public accountants, share brokers, timber surveyors, &c.; agents for the County fire, Provident life, Standard life, Guardian plate glass, County hailstorm, London guarantee, and the Accident insurance companies; offices, 4 Broad street (see advertisement page 5)
Morris Daniel, painter, &c., Roslin cottage, Archenfield
Morris Mrs., matron of Ross dispensary and cottage hospital, New street
Morris William Henry, plumber and glazier, Alton street
Morton C., beer rtlr. (Plough), Tudorville
Moss John, baker, &c., Broad street
Moss Llewellyn Samuel Charles, cashier at Gloucestershire bank, Edde Cross st.
Moss William, organist of Ross church
and teacher of music, Edde Cross street
NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (BRANCH OF), draw on the head offices of the National Provincial Bank of England, Bishopsgate street, corner of Threadneedle street, London, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Thursdays 10 till 5, and on Saturdays 10 till 1; Richd. Turner, Esq., Manager, Market place
Nicholls Thomas, wholesale and retail poulterer, The Hems
O'BRIEN JOHN, tailor and general outfitter, High st., opposite the Corn exchange (see advertisement page 11)
O'CONNELL DANIEL, manufacturer of elastic stockings, wristlets, anklets, knee-caps, &c.
O'Connell Daniel, clothier and wardrobe dealer, High street
Organ Charles, Castle Inn, Dock street
Osborne Alfred, solicitor; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpet. com.; solicitor to the Ross and Archenfield benefit building society, office, Church street; res., Ross villa, Gloucester road
Overton Mortimer Oxnard, Vine Tree Inn, Walford road
Parker William, butcher, High street
Parry Frederick William, draper, &c., High street
Parry Thomas, linen draper, High street
Partridge Mrs., beer retailer (Travellers' Rest), Black house
Pearson George, builder and surveyor, Raiman house, Crofts
PERKINS & BELLAMY, agricultural engineers, iron fencing, gate, hurdle, and implement manufacturers, iron merchants, furnishing and general ironmongers, gasfitters, bellhangers, whitesmiths, copper and tin plate workers, and general smiths, Broad street iron works
Perkins Henry (firm of Perkins & Bellamy), Bank house, Broad street
Phelps Mrs. T.F., boarding establishment for young ladies, Merton house ladies' college
PHELPS THOS. FREDERICK, seed merchant, agent for Henry Web & Co.'s artificial manures, and for the Live Stock Insurance Company of Great Britain, Limited, office and stores, Gloucester road; res., Merton house, Edde Cross street
Phipps The Misses, grocers & corn dealers, High street
Phipps Thomas, plumber and glazier, High street
Piddocke John Leonard (firm of Minett, Son; & Piddocke), solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; offices St. Mary st.; res., The Hill, Walford
Pike Thomas (firm of Russell & Pike), Rock cottage, Ashfield
Poole William, carpenter and lodging house keeper, Vaga place, Dock street
POWELL TREVOR, coal factor for Foxe's Bridge colliery, depot at Ross railway station; Arnold Webb, Manager
POWLE RICHARD, bookseller, stationer, printer, circulating library, subdistributor of stamps, and agent for the Sun fire insurance office; depot of the society for promoting christian knowledge, Man of Ross house, High street
Preece George, butcher and dealer, Broad street
PREEN MISS SUSAN, millinery, baby linen, and ladies' outfitting warehouse, Market place
PRICE HENRY, farmer, dairyman, and haulier, Millbrook house, Brookend street
Price James, painter, &c., Broad street
Pritchard Arthur, seedsman, gardener, &c., Broad street
Pritchard James, seedsman, &c., Broad street
Prosser James, carpenter, Brookend street
Pugh Thomas, Lamb Inn, Broad street
PURCHAS T., W. & SONS, importers of wines and spirits; agents for Dublin stout and Burton ales; sole agents for Hungarian wines from Max Greger, wine merchant to Her Majesty,Broad street (see advertisement p.7)
Purchas Alfred John (firm of T.W. Purchas & Sons), Broad street
PURKIS HENRY EDWARD (late Amos Jones), tailor, hatter, and woollen draper, 7 Market place (see advertisement page 8)
Railton Hugh, colliery manager, Portland villas, Gloucester road
Read Geo. Edwd., Plough Inn, Over Ross
REESE MRS. M.E. & PRICE MRS. M., Swan Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting House, Edde Cross street; and King's Head Commercial and Agricultural Hotel and Posting House, High st. (see advt. p.3)
Richards Charles, dispenser to Ross union, Rose cottage, Archenfield
Richardson John, butcher, Broad street
Roberts Miss J. Talbot, manageress of the Ross Royal Hotel (see advt.)
Rook Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Queen st.
ROOTES & WINTLE, public accountants and auditors, auctioneers, stock and share brokers, house and estate agents, land surveyors, valuers, insurance agents, collectors of tithes, rents, and debts, Hereford Times and general newspaper and advertising agents; agents for the Norwich Union fire and life, the Imperial fire and life, the North British and Mercantile life, and the Norwich and London accident and casualty insurance companies; agents for the city and county of Gloucester equitable building society (with penny bank in connection), Bank offices, Marketplace
Rootes William Rudge (firm of Rootes & Wintle), clerk to the Ross school board; secretary to the Ross Royal hotel company, limited; Bank offices, Market pl.; res., Woodside, Gloucester rd.
ROSS GAZETTE, printed by steam power and published by the proprietor, Mr. William Hill, every Wednesday evening for Thursday; price one penny; neutral politics; established January 1867; offices, High street (see advertisement page 4)
ROSS ROYAL HOTEL COMPANY, LIMITED, proprietors of the Royal Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting Establishment; Miss J. Talbot Roberts, Manageress; Mr. W. Budge Rootes, Secretary (registered offices of the company, Bank offices, Market place); Mr. Frederick Cooper, Auditor (see advt. page 1)
Royce Thomas, tallow chandler, Broad street; candle manufactory, The Hems, near Ross
Rudge Thomas, farmer, Glebe farm
BUDGE THOMAS WILLIAM, family grocer, tea dealer, Italian ware houseman; and provision merchant; agent for the Royal fire and life insurance office, 6 Market place
Russell Richard, builder, The Crofts
Ryall Benjn., coach builder, Brookend st.
Ryall Thos., general dealer, Brookend st.
Ryall William, hairdresser, Broad street
RYALL WILLIAM GEORGE, painter, grainer, glazier, paperhanger, and dealer in oils, colours, &c.; Broad street (see advertisement page 12)
Rycroft James, station master and goods manager (G.W.R.), The Crofts
SADLER WILLIAM JOHN, family grocer and provision mercht., Broad st.
Savings Bank (established May 22nd, 1816), The Churchyard; Peter Sheridan MacDougall, Esq., Treasurer; Henry Minett, Esq., Auditor; Mr. John Squire, Actuary; Mr. Frederick Cooper, Cashier
SEYMOUR EDWARD, coal merchant, and agent for Proctor's manures, depot, Railway wharf; res., Green Pitts house, Station road
Shock John, shoemaker, Brookend street
Showell James, evangelist, Broad street
Sivell Thomas J., farmer, and agent for J., W., & J.V. Stallard's Worcester ales, Upper Cleeve farm
Slater William, haulier; Over Ross st.
Sloane Miss A., mistress of National school
SMALL WILLIAM, carrier and leather merchant, Broad street
SMALL MRS. WILLIAM, Berlin wool, toy, and fancy repository, The Emporium, Broad street
Smart Mrs. Martha, shopkpr., Queen st.
Smith Charles, photographer and day school, Ross academy, Dock street
Smith Mrs., beer retailer (Harp), Alton st.
SMITH GEORGE, baker, confectioner, and corn dealer, Market place
Smith George, superintendent of police for Ross and Harewood End divisions, and inspector of weights and measures, Police station, Brampton street
Smith Mrs., blacksmith and shopkeeper, Nursery cottage
Smith R.T. & Co., general carriers and carting agents for the Great Western railway company, office st. Railway station (see Hereford advts. page 7)
Smith Sidney Alfd., ironmonger, High st.
Smith Thomas Hewlett, carpenter, Over Ross street
SMITH WILLIAM, wheelwright, light-trap builder, &c., Millpond works, Brookend
Smith Wm., coach builder, Brookend st.
Smith William, agent for P. Matthews, manure manufacturer (Stroud), Railway station; res., Tretire
Smyth Geo. & Co., tanners, Ross tannery
Sorel-Cameron Henry Wallace (firm of
Minett, Son, & Piddocke), solicitor; deputy superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, offices, st. Mary street; res., Belvidere, Weston-under-Penyard
SOUTHALL HENRY, silk mercer, linen and woollen draper, and carpet warehouseman, Friends' place, Market place; res., The Graig, Ashfield
Spencer Mrs. Elizth., dressma., New st.
Spencer Peter, farmer, Lawns farm
Squire John, cashier st. West of England bank, and actuary of Ross savings bank, Bank house, High street
STAFFORD JOHN, operative, dispensing, and agricultural chemist; proprietor of the celebrated "Prospect" bouquet, Archenfield sauce, Areca nut tooth paste, &c., High street
STARKEY FALSHAW (late Garnier), coach builder and heraldic artist, Henry street (see advt. page 8)
Stephens Miss, mistress of Board school
Stockham Mrs. Virtue, dressma., Alton st.
Stratford John Arthur, editor of the Ross Gazette, office, High street; res., Beaumont villa, Ashfield
SWANBOROUGH WILLIAM THOMAS, trunk and portmanteau manufacturer, agent for the Singer sewing machines, and tuner of musical instruments, Broad street (see advertisement page 11)
Taynton Nathaniel, assistant overseer for Brampton Abbotts, and manure agent, Edde Cross street
Taynton John, plasterer, Edde Cross st.
Taynton William, town letter carrier, Cawdor
Teague Mrs. M.A., milliner, Queen street
Thomas Charles, pianoforte tuner (for Mr. S. King), Belle Vue house, Dock st.
THOMAS JOHN, grocer, tea dealer, tallow chandler, and provision factor, High street; candle manufactory, Arthur's lane
Tooth John, plumber, &c., Dock street
Treasure William and Mrs. Jane, master and mistress of Walter Scott's charity school, Arthur's lane
Trehern John, grdnr., &c., Edde Cross st.
Tristram Mrs. Sarah E., lodgings and registry office for servants, Churchyard
Trotter J.G., overseer at Ross Gazette office; res., Archenfield
Trotter James, tailor, Broad street
Trotter John, tailor, Archenfield
TURNER EDMUND & CO., LIMITED, wholesale and retail boot and shoe manufacturers, Ross shoe factory, Broad street (see advertisement page 9)
Turner Miss Eliza Ann, fruiterer and toy dealer, Market place
Turner James, furnished apartments, Holland house, Dock street
Turner Richard, manager of the National
Provincial Bank of England (branch bank); agent for the Scottish Widows' life and the Scottish Union fire and life insurance offices, Market place; res., Old Gore, near Ross
TURNER THOMAS, farmer, and agent for agricultural implements and machinery of every description; also agent for Odam's patent manures, for the Briton life assurance association, for the Manchester fire office, and for the Railway Passengers' insurance company, office and warehouse, Henry street; res., Merry Vale farm
Turner Mrs., blacksmith; New street
Turnock James, chief brewer at Alton Court brewery, Station street
Turnock Joseph, lessee of water works, and managing director of the Alton Court brewery company, limited, Station street; res., Purland chase
Underwood Hugh F., solicitor, Royal Hotel
Ursell Alfred, 3 Myrtle villas, Ashfield
URWIN JOHN, clothier and wardrobe dealer, Broad street
Wade Wm., beer retailer, Gloucester road
Waites William Jas., painter and grainer, Arthur's lane
Walker William, law clerk, 4 New street
WALL JOHN GOLDING, watch & clock maker, jeweller, and optician, Gloucester road (see advt. page 9)
Waiters Charles, eating house, Broad st.
Walton Geo., agent for the Hand-in-Hand
insurance co., Willow cot., Rope walk
WALWYN THE MISSES E.E. AND M.A., stationery, Berlin wool, and fancy repository depot of the religious tract and bible societies, High street
Walwyn Thos.,house decorator, Church st.
Wanklyn Mrs. E.H., lodging house, 2 Vaga terrace
Watkins James Freame, registrar of births and deaths for St. Weonards' district of Ross union, and boot and shoe maker, Kyrle house, Edde Cross and Kyrle streets
WATKINS MRS. FREAME, sole proprietress of Dr. Hill's celebrated "golden salve" and "white swelling ointment", Kyrle house, corner of Edde Cross street and Kyrle street (see advertisement page 14)
Watkins Joseph, boot maker, Kyrle st.
Watkins Thomas, lodgings, Henry street
Waudby The Misses, apartments, New st.
WEAVER WILLIAM, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, &c., 9 High street
Weaver William D., mason, Over Ross st.
Webb Arnold, manager for Mr. Trevor Powell, coal factor for Foxe's Bridge colliery, depot, Rail. sta.; res., Henry st.
Webb Arthur, agent for Whitworth's manures, stores st. Railway station; res., Moraston, near Ross
WEBB MRS. E.A. AND VICK MISS J.E., boarding and day school for young ladies, and preparatory school for young gentlemen, Over Ross villa (see advertisement page 13)
Webb Robert, butcher, Broad street; and farmer, Over Ross and Crosses farms; res., New street
Webb Thomas, farmer, Alton house
Wellings James, farmer and landowner, Wall House farm
West of England and South Wales District Bank (branch), draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co., Lombard street, London; bank hours 10 till 3, on Thursdays 10 till 4.30, and on Saturdays 10 till 1; Peter Sheridan MacDougall, Esq., Manager, High street
Westlake Wm., Railway Inn, Brookend
WHITE ALFRED GEORGE, butcher and grazier; High street
WILDING RICHARD, outfitter, hatter, and gentlemen's hosier, London house, Broad street (see advt. page 7)
Williams Mrs. Ann, baker and confectioner, Cross house, Brookend
Williams John, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Northern fire and life office, and the Legal and General life assurance company, office, Gloucester road; res, Ryeford villa, Weston-under-Penyard Williams John, boot and shoe maker, Dock street
Williams Thos., shoema., Corps Cross st.
Willis Sergeant, drill instructor of rifles
Willmott Abraham Taylor, surgeon, Alton street
Wilson J.W., M.D., surgeon
Wintle Frederick William (firm of Rootes & Wintle), secretary to Baker's charity; secretary to the Alton Court brewery company, limited, Bank offices; res., Ashley lodge, Ashfield
Wood Henry, family grocer, High street
Wood Robert, law clerk, Queen street
Woodward Mrs. Mary, laundress, Dock st.
WOOLF JAMES, furniture van proprietor, builder, carpenter, cabinet maker, and undertaker, Arthur's lane (see advertisement page 11)
Wright Alfred,postmstr., Post & Telegraph office, Woodstock place, Gloucester rd.
Yearsley Edwin, chemist, Market place
Yemm Thos., Pheasant Inn, Edde Cross st.

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in May 2005.

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