Leintwardine, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7
with Private and Commercial Residents

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2004


LEINTWARDINE, a very extensive parish on the borders of Shropshire, consists of the places above named. The village is situated on the main road leading from Ludlow to Knighton, and on the river Teme, near its confluence with the Clun. These streams are famed for trout and grayling fishing, and the village has become a favourite resort for anglers. The scenery in this neighbourhood is very fine, the Teme running most fantastically between the finely-wooded heights, which lend so great an attraction to this spot. There is ample accommodation at the "Lion Hotel" for piscatorial and pleasure parties. Leintwardine is distant 9 miles W. of Ludlow, 13 N.W. of Leominster, 23 N.N.W. of Hereford, 5 S.W. of Onibury station on the Shrewsbury and Hereford railway, 4 E. of Bucknell and 3 S.E. of Hopton Heath stations on the Knighton and Central Wales railway. It is in Wigmore hundred, petty sessional division, and polling district, partly in Ludlow union and county court district, and partly in Knighton union and county court district. The total population of Leintwardine parish in 1861 was 1,812; in 1871, 1,668; inhabited houses, 340; families or separate occupiers, 395. The following gives the population, &c., of the townships:-

 Township.Pop. 1861.Pop. 1871.Inhabited Houses.
side in
{ Kinton28427551
Whitton and Trippleton10910419
Heath and Jay (Salop)62568
S. side in
{ Walford, Letton, and Newton20621143
Adforton, Stanway, Paytoe, and

The area of the entire parish is 7,855 acres, viz., Leintwardine, north side, 4,252 acres, and Leintwardine, south side, 3,603 acres. The total rateable value is £11,800. Robert William Dacre Harley, Esq., of Brampton Brian, and Andrew Johnes Rouse Boughton Knight, Esq., of Downton castle, are the lords of the manors and principal landed proprietors. The soil is loamy; subsoil, limestone; chief produce, wheat, barley, roots, and pasture. Fairs are held on Thursday after March 3rd, Wednesday week before Easter, and September 26th yearly, for cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, &c. Leintwardine is situated on the old Roman road (Watllng street) from Wroxeter to Kenchester. About one mile south of the village is Brandon camp, the Bravinum of the Romans. This camp, which is of a square form, with a single ditch and rampart, is thought to have been occupied by Ostorius Scapula previous to his decisive victory over Caractacus.

The following extract relating to Leintwardine parish is taken from Mr. John Corbett Anderson's Domesday Book of Salop, pp. 476-77: "The Saxon King Edward the Confessor's manor of Lentendre probably was the original Caput of the hundred which derived a name from it, Leintwardine. This hundred extended into three counties, viz., Salop, Radnor, and Hereford. This was originally the Saxon mother church of a parish of very great extent, of which Downton and Burrington were chapels. This was the case when Wigmore abbey was founded in this parish, when the said church and chapels were given by Mortimer of Wigmore to the abbey. The whole of Leintwardine was severed from Salop, except the Heath and Jay, by Mortimer of Wigmore." Wigmore abbey was the burial-place of several (three or four) of the Earls of March, and other members of the Mortimer family.

Leintwardine is in the diocese of Hereford and archdeaconry and rural deanery of Ludlow; living, a vicarage; value, £400, with residence; patroness, Mrs. Colvin; vicar, Rev. Edward Jonathan Green, B.A., Worcester College, Oxford, who was instituted in 1853. The Rev. Thomas Crump, B.A., of Wadham College, Oxford, is the curate. Robert W. Dacre Harley, Esq., A.J.R. Boughton Knight, Esq., and the Rev. John Rogers, are the lay impropriators. The church, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, is a large and remarkably fine structure, in the Early English style of architecture. It consists of nave, north and south aisles, north transept, chancel, sub-chancel, vestry, apparatus crypt, and north-western tower, containing six bells. A general restoration of the fabric was effected in 1865-66 at a cost of nearly £3,000. The work was carried out under the superintendence of Thomas Nicholson, Esq., F.I.B.A., of Hereford. A very handsome west window was erected in 1867 by J.C. Prescott, Esq., of Manchester, in memory of his father. The chancel window has been recently filled with stained glass in memory of the late Lieut.- Col. John Colvin, C.B., by members of his family. The parish register is of very ancient date.

There is a national school for boys and girls, endowed with £60 per annum. It is under government inspection, and has a certificated master; average attendance, about 100. An infant school-room for 60 children was erected in 1872. The parochial charities are distributed to the deserving poor in bread, clothes, and coal. There is a Congregational chapel in the village, with a school in connection. The Primitive Methodists have also a chapel here. There are some handsome residences in this parish: Heath House, a modern mansion, the property of Salwey Beale, Esq., and now occupied by Charles Clarke, Esq.; Stormer Hall, the seat of Herbert Crawshay, Esq.; Seedley House, the residence of George Mason, Esq.; Marlow Lodge, that of Joseph Beddard Green, Esq., and George Smythies, Esq., J.P.; and the residence of Mrs. Colvin in the village of Leintwardine.

Kinton is a township in Ludlow union, Leintwardine north side, distant about half a mile N. of the church. Whitton and Trippleton form a township in Ludlow union, Leintwardine north side. Whitton is about half a mile E., and Trippleton about 1 mile S.E. of the village. Brakes is a township in Ludlow union, Leintwardine north side, distant 4 miles E.N.E. of the church. It joins Downton parish, and is close to Shropshire. Marlow is a township about a mile and a half N. of Leintwardine village, and the same distance S.E. of Hopton Heath railway station. It is in Ludlow union, Leintwardine north side, and borders on Shropshire. Heath and Jay form a town ship of Leintwardine, but belong to the county of Salop. The Heath is distant about 2½ miles N.W. of the village, and is near the Central Wales railway. It is in Purslow hundred, Ludlow union, Leintwardine north side. Jay is distant about half a mile from the village. Walford,

Letton, and Newton form a township in Knighton union, Leintwardine south side. Walford is a little over a mile S.S.W. of the village, near where the road from Leintwardine branches off to Knighton, Presteigne, and Wigmore. Letton and Newton are on the Presteigne road, between 3 and 4 miles S.W. of Leintwardine village. Adforton, Stanway, Paytoe, and Grange form a township in Knighton union, Leintwardine south side, and are distant about 2 miles S. of the church. A chapel of ease, dedicated to St. Andrew, has been erected at Adforton, on a site given by R.W. Dacre Harley, Esq., at a cost of £965 15s., and was opened under the bishop's licence for divine service on the 16th September, 1875. This work was originated by £400 being given by the late Colonel Colvin, of Leintwardine, for church extension in the parish. A school board has been formed for the united district of Adforton, Stanway, Paytoe, Grange, Letton, and Newton. The Primitive Methodist chapel at Adforton was erected in 1863.

POSTAL REGULATIONS.- Post and Telegraph office, Sarah Overton, Sub-Postmistress. Letters arrive by rail (via Bucknell) at 7 a.m.; despatched at 7.10 p.m. Money order, postal telegraph, and post office savings bank business transacted from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Leintwardine being what is termed a Railway Sub-office, letters, &c., should be addressed - Leintwardine, R.S.O. (Herefordshire.)
Parish Church (St. Mary Magdalene).- Rev. Edward Jonathan Green, B.A., Vicar; Rev. Thomas Crump, B.A., Curate; Messrs. Joseph Beddard Green and John Herbert, Churchwardens; John Evans, Parish Clerk.
Chapel of Ease, Adforton.
Congregational Chapel, Leintwardine.- Rev. W.D. Ingham, Minister.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Leintwardine.- Rev. Samuel Peake, Minister.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Adforton.- Ministers various.
National School (boys and girls).- Mr. William Brannam, Master; Mrs. Brannam, Sewing Mistress.
Infant School.- Miss Elizabeth Thomas, Mistress.
Congregational School, Leintwardine.- Rev. W.D. Ingham, Master.
North and South Wales Bank (sub-agency of) open every Friday from 11 till 3 o'clock, under the management of Mr. J.P. Medlicott, of Knighton. Established at Leintwardine June 23rd, 1876.
Police Station.- William Edwards, Resident Constable.
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for Leintwardine District of Ludlow Union.- Mr. Richard Jones.
School Board for the United District of Adforton, Stanway, Paytoe, Grange, Letton, and Newton.- Mr. Thomas Marston, Chairman; Mr. Thomas Nott, Vice-Chairman.
Carrier to Ludlow.- Joseph Davies, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.


Ashwood Mrs. Mary, Church street
Cartwright John A.T., Esq., M.R.C.S.
Chambers J.T., Esq., Walford lodge
Clarke Charles, Esq., Heath house
Colvin Mrs.
Crawshay Herbert, Esq., Stormer hall
Crump Rev. Thomas, B.A. (curate)
Ellis Mr. Richard, Bridge house
Evans Mr. Hugh Thomas
Galliers Mrs. Ann
Grasett Edward, Esq., Wetmore
Green Rev. Edward Jonathan, B.A., and J.P. (vicar), The Vicarage
Green Joseph Beddard, Esq., Marlow lodge
Griffiths Mr. Richard, Whitton villa
Gwilliam Mr. John, Poplar cottage
Halsey Edward, Esq., Hightree bank
Ingham Rev. W.D. (Congregational)
Mason George, Esq., Seedley house
Page Mrs.
Passey Miss Ann
Peake Rev. Samuel (Primitive Methodist), Chapel cottage
Prince Miss Mary, Warder cottage
Quick J.R., Esq., M.R.C.S., Brockleyvilla
Sheriff The Misses Jane and Mary Ann, Brandon villa
SmythiesGeorge, Esq., J.P., Marlow lodge
Thatcher Mr. J.F., Walton cottage
Thomas Mrs. Mary, Old Vicarage
Wall Mr. Thomas, Walford cottage
Allen James, gardener and seedsman
Amphlett John, brick and the manufacturer, Brakes
Beavan Charles, blacksmith, farmer, assist. overseer, and relieving officer, Whitton
Beavan R., butcher and farmer
Beddoes William, farmer
Bowen John, horse jockey and farmer, Adforton
Brannam William, schoolmaster
Bridgwater Jr., far. & haulier, Adforton
Cartwright John A.T., M.R.C.S., surgeon
Co-Operative Stores; Caleb Anthony, Manager
Crawshay Herbert, farmer, Stormer hall
Davies Joseph, carrier and farmer
Edwards Wm., police officer, Police sta.
ELLIS ROBERT, shoeing and general smith, brass founder, machinist, &c., Watling street
Evans Mrs. Jane, farmer
Evans John, tailor and parish clerk
Fenn Thomas, farmer, Brakes; res., Stonebrook house, Downton, Ludlow
Gittins Samuel, woodkeeper, Adforton
Gittins William, farmer
Gough Thomas, mason and stone cutter
Griffiths John, boot and. shoe maker
Griffiths Joseph, saddler and harness maker
Griffiths Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Grove Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Harding William, farmer and landowner
Harley Francis, boot and shoe maker, Walford
Herbert Jim., miller & frmr., Grange mill
Howells Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Walford
INGHAM WM. FREDERICK, builder and contractor, Watling street
Jackson Edward, farmer, and bailiff to A.R. Boughton Knight, Esq., J.P., Gravel farm
Johnson Halley, lodging-house keeper
Jones Charles, blacksmith, Walford
Jones John, veterinary srgn., Burton cot.
Jones Mr., farmer, Kinton; and the Lodge farm, Downton Castle
Jones Richard, farmer and butcher; also registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for Leintwardine district of Ludlow union
Jones William, builder and pump maker
Jones William, Sun Inn, Watling street
Jones William, tailor and beer retailer
Kendrick Edward, hairdresser
Langford Edward, farmer, Walford
Langslow Edward, grocer, draper, &c.
Lawrence Wm., shoemkr. &letter carrier
Lucas James, farmer and beer retailer
Lucas John, cooper
Luscott William, wheelwright, Adforton
Mansell John, farmer, Jay farm
Marston Thomas, farmer, Letton
Maskew W., plumber, painter, &c.
Mason George, farmer, Kinton; res., Seedley house
Mellings Tbos., crpntr. and wheelwright
Meredith Edwd., farmer and lime burner
Meredith Edward, river keeper
Meredith Mrs. Martha, cottage farmer and shopkeeper
Meredith Samuel, miller, Leintwardine mill
Meredith Samuel, farmer, Adforton
Meyrick Thomas, shopkeeper, Brakes
Monnington Fredk., shopkeeper, Brakes
Monnington William, farmer, Walford
Morris John, shopkeeper
Nott Thomas, farmer, Newton
Overton John, mason
Overton Sarah, sub-postmistress
Parr William, farmer, Paytoe
Pass C.P., clock and watch maker
Phillips Benjamin, wheelwright
Plant William, boot and shoe maker
Price Richard, grocer, draper, and provision dealer
Pritchard James, builder
Pritchard John, farmer, Adforton
Quick J.R., M.R.C.S., surgeon, Brockley villa
Roberts George, farmer, Trippleton
Rock William, farmer, Pool house
Rudd Mrs., farmer, Brakes.
Taylor Edward, farmer, Whitton
Tipton John, tailor and beer retailer
Tudge William, farmer, Adforton
Wall Wm., plumber, glazier, and painter
Wellings Wm., farmer, Hull pike, Brakes
Winter Charles John, farmer, Cop hall
Wollaston Elizabeth, Swan Inn, and frmr.
Woodhouse Richard, mason

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in May 2004.

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