Ledbury, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2005

Abell Mr. James Powell, Audley cottage
Abell Mrs. Sarah, Audley cottage
Aynsley Mrs. Murray, Underdown house
Barber Vaughan, Esq., The Southend ho.
Barnes Mr. William, New street
Baylis Mrs. Mary Ann, Homend street
Bibbs Mrs. Ann, Southend street
Biddulph Miss Constance, The Holt
Biddulph Miss Katherine, Park cottage
Biddulph Michael, Esq., M.P. (for Herefordshire), J.P., and D.L., New house; Gild 31 Eaton place, Pimlico, and Brooks's and Reform clubs, London, S.W.
Biddulph Mrs., New house
Bill Mrs. Jane, Homend street
Bird Mr. James, Homend terrace, near Railway station
Bruton Mr. William, New street
Bryan Miss Charlotte, Southend street
Bunn Mr. William, Homend street
Burden Mr. Jas. and Miss, Worcester rd.
Cale Mr. John Hooper, New town
Carr Miss, New town
Chambers Mrs., Worcester road
Cooke Mr. John, Upper Wall hills
Daken Mr. George, New town
Duxbury Mr. Christopher, Southend st.
Field Rev. T. (Baptist), Homend street
Ford Mrs. Margaret, Bradlow
Freeman Mr. Thomas Weston, Albert villa, New town
Garrood Jesse, Esq., High street
Gregg James Crispin, Esq., Homend street
Gregg The Misses Mary and Elizabeth, Southend street
Griffin Wm., Esq., M.R.C.S., South parade
Henry William Charles, Esq., M.D., J.P., Haffield; & 77 Eaton pl., London
Hewitt Charles Archibald, Esq., J.P., D.L., Hope End
Hill Mr. James, Laurel cot., Ross road
Homes William, jun., Esq., Court-a-park, Parkhold
Jackson Rev. John, M.A. (rector of Ledbury, chaplain of St. Catherine's hospital, and surrogate for the diocese of Hereford), The Rectory
Jay Miss Eliza, New street
Jones Mrs. Mary, East bank
Landon Mrs. G., Heathfield
Lane Mr. John, New street
Lewis Richard, Esq., Homend street
Llewellyn Rev. Gordon J.H. (minister of the Free church), Southend street
Martin John, Esq., J.P., Upper hall; and 14 Berkeley square, London, W.
Martin Waldyve A.H., Esq., Upper hall
Masefield George, Esq., The Priory
Masefield Geo. Edward, Esq., The Knapp
Masefield William, Esq., The Priory
Matthews William, Esq., Hall End villa, South parade
Meacham Mr. Edwin, South parade
Morrish Rev. Wm. John, M.A. (rector of Aylton, and chaplain to Ledbury union), Southend street
Mutlow John Vaughan, Esq., Wall hills
Mutlow Joseph Wickes, Esq., Plaistow
Mutlow William, Esq., The Southend
Piper George Harry, Esq., Court house, Southend street
Pitt Mrs. William, Woodbine villa, Homend terrace
Playsted Mr. Joseph, Eden cottage, New town
Potts Rev. Cuthbert Young (Congregational minister), High street
Rapson Mr. Edward, Oakland house
Rundle Rev. Robert Terrill (Wesleyan), Homend street
Russell Mrs. Hannah, Southend street
Shaw Mrs., New town
Shelton Mrs., Glo'ster villa, South parade
Smith Joseph Lamburne, Esq., Hawthorne lodge
Smith The Misses, Southend street
Smythe James, Esq., South parade house
Stooke-Vaughan Rev. F. Salter, M.A. (vicar of Wellington Heath), Wellington Heath vicarage
Symonds Mr. Frederick, New street
Tanner Robert, Esq., M.D., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Gloucester ho., Southend street
Valender Miss Kate, Laurel cottage, New town
Waring The Venerable William, M.A. (archdeacon of Ludlow in the diocese of Hereford, canon residentiary of Hereford cathedral, and master of St. Catherine's hospital), St. Catherine's, Ledbury, & Cathedral close, Hereford
Webb Edward John, Esq., Homend street
Wheatley Thos. Edwd., Esq., West bank
Whiting Mrs., Woodbine villa, Homend terrace
Winnall Mrs. Sarah, South parade
Wood Miles Astman, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Orchard Leigh, New street
Wood Miles Astman, jun., Esq., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Orchard Leigh, New street
Woodward Miss Laura, Southend street
Allden James, blacksmith, Park way
Allen Mrs. Mary, farmer, Lower Mitchell
Allen Mrs., greengrocer, Church street
Allgood Alfred, watch and clock maker and jeweller, Southend street
Allgood Edwin, dispenser at the union; res., New street
Apperley William, shopkeeper, Parkway
Badcock Mrs. Ann, milliner, &c., High st.
Badham Charles, Southend street
Baggott Robt., cabinet ma., Homend st.
Ballard Mrs. Ann, tanner, Homend street
Ballard John Edy, agent to the Sun fire and life office, and to the British Equitable life assurance company, Market place
Barnett James, coal and timber dealer and boat owner, Homend street; depot at Railway station
Barrett James, farmer and landowner, Staplow house
BEBBINGTON SAMUEL (late Williams), grocer, baker, hardware and general dealer, Homend street
Benger Mrs. Jane, ladies' boarding and day school, Parkhold
BENNETT GEORGE (late Meacham), proprietor of the castor-oil pills, also of Meacham's fly powder for sheep; agent for the Scottish Commercial fire and life insurance office, High street
Bennett Thomas, head gardener and farm bailiff for Jn. Martin, Esq., Churchyard
BERKLEY LUCAS, watch and clock maker, jeweller, silversmith, optician, &c., Homend street (see advt. page 6)
Betty Wm., shopkeeper, Homend street
Bibbs Miss Harriett May, milliner and dressmaker, Worcester road
BILL EDWARD, cider and perry merchant, boat owner, and dealer in coal, salt, timber, building materials, &c.; agent for the Briton life and the Britannia fire insurance offices; depot at Canal wharf; and farmer, Woolpits farm (see advertisement page 8)
Bishop Mrs. Eliza, farmerand hop grower, Pegs farm, Wellington heath
Bishop John, farmer, Withers farm, Wellington heath
Bishop Jn., watch and clock ma., New st.
Blunsdon William Stafford, superintendent of police for Ledbury division, inspector of weights and measures and common lodging houses, Police office, Church street
Bosley Benjamin, draper's assistant, Southend street
BOSWORTH HENRY, coal, coke, salt, and manure merchant, depot at Railway station; res., Homend street (see advertisement page 8)
Bourne Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker and milliner, Church street
Bowkett Mrs. Catherine, ironmonger and registry office, Homend street
Bowkett Thomas G., boot ma., Church st.
Bowler Samuel, beer retailer, Church st.
Boyd James, veterinary surgeon, New st.
Bray Hubert, outfitter, &c., Homend st.
Broderick Mary, tailoress, Homend street
Brooks Henry, fossil collector and shoe maker, Homend street
Brown Harriet, dressmaker, Happy land
BROWN MRS. MARY ANN, family grocer, and sole agent for W. & A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, Upper Cross, High street
Bryan Mark, linen weaver and house painter, Wellington heath
BURDEN FREDERICK, linen and woollen draper, &c., High street
Burden John, tailor and draper, High st.
Butt Edwd., collector of poor rates, New st.
Butt Mrs. Hannah, New Inn, Homend st.
BUZAGLO JOHN, ironmonger, seedsman, and agent for agricultural implements, High street
Caldwell William Henry, master of boys' National school, Homend street
Cale Mrs. C., greengrocer, Homend street
Cale Misses, dressmakers, Homend street
Cale William, bricklayer, Bye street
Carless James, turner, &c., Homend st.
Carroll Mr., schoolmaster, Church street
Carter J.C., inland revenue officer, Belle orchards, Homend street
CHADD CHARLES, basket and sieve maker and cane worker, New st.
Chadd James, shoemaker, &c., Back lane
Chichester Mrs., farmer, Highbridge ho.
Chidley Mrs. Mary, shopkpr., New town
Clarke John, draper, &c., High street
CODDINGTON CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, grocers, tea dealers, provision, flour and meal factors, haberdashers, and stationers, stores, Wellington heath
Coleridge & Co., cider and perry merchants, stores, Old wharf; and at Taylor's court, Bristol
Cotton Mrs. Maria, farmer and hop grower, Wood house
COWMEADOW MRS. HESTER, shoeing and general smith, Homend st.
Cox Charles, station master, Railway sta.
Cox John, wine and spirit dlr., High st.
Cox Tom, shoeing and jobbing smith, New street
Crewe Mrs. F., draper, &c., 9 High street
Crewe Hy., watch and clock ma., High st.
Crockett William, shopkeeper, New st.
Curnock Thomas, manager of the Coddington co-operative stores, Wellington heath
Dalby Thomas, fishmonger and fruiterer, Homend street
Dallow James, blacksmith and parish clerk, Wellington heath
Davies & Co., colliery agents (Worcester); depot, at Railway station; office, Homend st.; Henry Weston, Salesman
DAVIES JOHN, ironmonger, bell hanger, locksmith, tin, zinc, & copperplate worker, lamp and oil dealer, &c., New street
Davies Daniel, shoeing and general smith, New street
Davies Evan, New street
Davies Walter, stationer, Southend st.
DAVIS JAMES, baker, grocer, flour and meal factor, bacon curer, &c., Bye st.
DAVIS THOMAS FREDERICK, professor and teacher of music, organist of parish church, pianoforte tuner, and dealer in musical instruments, New street (see advertisement page 8)
Dew Richard, secretary to the reading room and library, Chapel ho., Union la.
Dew Thomas, carpenter, &c., Union la.
Dillon John, assistant to Mr. A. Stringer, chemist; res., Wellington heath
Dingley William, inspector of nuisances, Worcester road
Dixon David, M.R.C.S., assistant to Dr. Tanner, Gloucester house, Southend st.
Dobbs John, chimney sweeper, Bye st.
DRAYTON WILLIAM, Fox Inn, Homend street
Drew Mrs. Ray, mistress of Hope End infant school, Wellington heath
DRINKWATER EDWIN, farrier, Homend street
Duxbury Christopher, author, Southend street
EDWARDS CHARLES, family grocer, hop and seed merchant; agent for the Atlas fire and life office, High st.
Edwards & Son, malt vinegar makers and cider and perry merchants, Bye street
Edwards Stephen, working manager at gas works, New street
Edwards Thomas T., Southend street
EDY ROBERT, family grocer, maltster, sub-distributor of stamps, and distributor of excise licences, Market pl.
Edy Thomas, farmer and hop gr., Frith
Elsmore John, superintendent at cemetery, New street
Ely Mrs. Jane, general dlr., Homend st.
Eman Alexander, gardener, New town
Evans Charles, farmer and fruit dealer, Bullens; and at Dunbridge
Fawke Joseph Calder, agent to the Severn and Canal carrying co., Homend street
Fawke Miss, fancy depot, Homend street
Fincher Mr., farmer, Jug's green
Ford Charles P., saddler, &c., High st.
FREEMAN ERNEST, pharmaceutical chemist (by examination); sole proprietor of the celebrated pectoral or breath pills, and Herefordshire condition powders for horses, 6 Market place (see advertisement page 9)
FREEMAN MRS. HARRIET, milliner, dress and mantle maker, 4 Worcester road
FREEMAN JAMES, baker, &c., Worcester road
Freeman Joseph, gardener, Worcester rd.
Gardiner Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer (outdoors only), Rose cottage, Wellington heath
Gardner Thomas Stafford Standish, grocer and provision dealer, 7 Southend st.
Garrood Jesse, solicitor, Southend street; res., High street
George John, haulier, New street
GIBBS MRS. REBECCA, printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, circulating library, and patent medicine vendor; agent for the "City" tea, Homend street
Goatman Charles, farmer, Orlham
Grant Mr., steward for C.A. Hewitt, Esq., J.P., D.L., Hope End farm
Green Miss A.V., frmr., Dunbridge fm.
Green John, shoemaker, Homend street
Greenway James, salesman for Mr. John Meats, coal merchant, &c., Hereford rd.
Gregg James Crispin, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Phoenix fire insurance office, Homend street
Griffin William, M.R.C.S., surgeon; medical officer to Bosbury district of Ledbury union, South parade
Gurney Charles, bricklayer, New town
GURNEY THOMAS, practical tailor and woollen draper, High street (see advertisement page 3)
Haines John, marine store dealer and chimney sweeper, Homend street
Hall Mrs. Harriet, laundress, Southend st.
Hampton William, boot and shoe maker, Southend street
Hampton William, jun., Southend street
Harbour Mrs. S.A., dressmaker, Southend street
HARDING JOSIAH, bacon curer, cheese and corn factor, Homend street
Harrell Thomas, painter, Homend street
HARRINGTON HENRY, agricultural engineer, machinist, brass founder, implement manufacturer, &c., Homend street (see advertisement page 7)
Harris Mrs. Mary, No. 7 Wine and Spirit Vaults, High street
Hartland Mrs. Fanny, straw bonnet maker, Homend street
Hartland Wm., grocer, &c., Homend st.
Hatton Mrs. Ellen, milliner, &c., New st.
HATTON WILLIAM HENRY, plumber, glazier, painter, paperhanger, &c., New street
Hawkins Mrs., farmer, Woodfields; res., Dick house, Bromsberrow
HAYWOOD JAMES, butcher, Homend street; and grazier and farmer, Stone house, Wellington heath
Haywood Mrs., farmer and hop grower, Hill Top farm
Haywood Thomas, farmer, New Mills ho.
Henderson John, head gardener for Dr. Henry, J.P., Haffield
HILL CHARLES, monumental mason and sculptor, New st. (see advt. p.6)
Hill James, Biddulph Arms Inn, New st.
Hodges Benjamin, sub-bailiff of the county court, Bye street
Hodges Joseph, baker, confectioner, and brick and tile manufacturer, New st.
Hodges Joseph, jun., farmer, miller, &c., Hazle mill and farm
Hodges Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, Happy land
HODGES THOMAS, auctioneer, appraiser, surveyor, timber and general valuer, estate, house, and land agent; agent for the Royal fire and life insurance company, offices, Eastnor house, Ledbury, and 1 Oxford place, Great Malvern; also, farmer and hop grower,
Dingwood park; and brick, tile, and drain-pipe manufacturer, Ludstock works (see advertisement page 10)
Hodges William, baker, &c., Homend st.
Hodgetts John, coal dealer and boat owner, Staplow
Homes Richard, solicitor; clerk to the guardians of Ledbury union and to the Ledbury rural sanitary authority; superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, offices at the Workhouse; res., The Castle, Munsley, near Ledbury
Homes William, jun., farmer and hop grower, Court-a-park and Tipsgrove farms, Parkhold; and at Cold Green farm, Bosbury
Hopkins John, builder, contractor, and coach builder, New street
Inns Thomas, beer retailer, wood dealer, & shopkeeper, The Trumpet, Parkhold
Ireland William, farmer, manure and implement agent, Argus farm
Jackson Wm., beer retailer, Homend st.
Jackson Wm., wheelwright, Homend st.
Jenkins Mrs. Ann, farmer, Baregains
JONES CHARLES THOMAS (established 1851), celebrated barland and champagne perry and cider merchant, Belle orchards (see advt. at commencement of descriptive matter)
Jones Easthope, farmer and hop gr., Pridewood fm. and Linewood fm., Parkhold
Jones Edwin, baker & currier, Homend st.
Jones James, farmer, Hambrook
Tones Thomas, sub-postmaster, The Trumpet, Parkhold
JUCKES FRANCIS WILLIAM, builder, contractor, paperhanging warehouse, and timber, cider, and terry merchant, Southend street
Juckes Nathaniel, cabinet maker, &c., Homend street
Kendrick Mrs. J., frmr., Wellington heath
KINGS CHARLES, wheelwright, Southend street
Kirk Henry William, boot ma., Church st.
Kirk Richard Henry, boot and shoe maker, New street
Lambert Benjamin, shopkpr., Homend st.
Lambert William, shoemaker, Bye street
LANE JOHN, ale and porter brewer, maltster, hop, cider, and perry merchant, Vine brewery, New st. (see advt. opposite "Ledbury Trades Directory ")
Lane Thomas, farmer and hop grower, Baynham farm
Lawrence Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, Bye st.
LEDBURY FEATHERS HOTEL COMPANY, LIMITED, proprietors of the Feathers Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting House; George Harry Piper, Esq., Solicitor and Secretary; Mrs. Margaret Mary Shakeshaft, Manageress, High street
LEDBURY FREE PRESS and Herefordshire Advertiser; printed and published by the proprietor, Mr. Luke Tilley, every Tuesday; price one penny; established 1869 (see advt. page 4)
LEDBURY OLD BANK (Webb & Co.) High street; draw on Cocks, Biddulph, & Co., Charing cross, London, W.C.; bank hours 9 till 2, on Tuesdays and fair days 9 till 5
Lewis Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, New street
Lewis Richard, manager of the National
Provincial Bank of England (branch of), agent for the Life Association of Scotland, and for the Pelican life assurance office, The Bank, Homend st.
Lewis William, gardener, Southend st.
Lewis ___, lodgings, Homend street
Lissiman Mrs. Elizabeth, White Lion, Bye street
Lissiman John, haulier, Bye street
Lovell John, bankers' clerk, Southend st.
Loveridge John, farmer and landowner, Upper and Lower Lilly hall
MADDOX RICHARD, plumber, glazier, painter, paperhanger, and house decorator, Homend street
Maddox Wm., maltster, &c., Homend st.
Maddox William, dairyman, Homend st.
Masefield & Sons, solicitors, Worcester rd.
Masefield George (firm of Masefield & Sons), solicitor; clerk to the magistrates for Ledbury division; clerk to the highway board; steward of the manor of Ledbury; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; offices, Worcester rd.; res., The Priory
Masefield George Edward (firm of Masefield & Sons), solicitor; joint clerk to the burial board; office, Worcester road; res., The Knapp
Masefield William (firm of Masefield & Sons), solicitor; joint clerk to the highway board and to the, burial board; office, Worcester road; res., The Priory
Mason Richard, farmer and hop grower, Marley ball and Quatsford farms
Matthews Francis, Horse Shoe Inn, Homend street
MATTHEWS MRS. MARIA, Royal Oak Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting House; Parcels receiving office for the Great Western and Midland railway companies, Southend street
Matthews Reuben, builder, New street
Matthews Richard, clerk to the commissioners of taxes, High street
May Frederick, Old Talbot Inn, New st.
MAYO THOMAS EDWARD, butcher and grazier, High street
M'Alister Patrick, broker, Homend st.
M'Donald Robert Henry, house, coach, and furniture painter, Homend street; workshop, Church street
Meats John, coal, salt, and building material merchant, depot at Railway station (James Greenway, Salesman) res., Colwall court, near Malvern
MINSON MRS. CAROLINE, milliner, dress and mantle maker, and agent for Hill & Co., dyers, of Cheltenham, New street
Morgan Henry, master of the union, Union workhouse
Morgan Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Homend street
MORRIS GEORGE, baker, confectioner, grocer, and provision dealer, Homend street
Morris James, baker & shopkeeper, Homend street
Moss George, haulier, Homend street
Munn Miss Jane, dressmaker, Homend st.
Mutlow John Vaughan, landowner, farmer, hop grower, &c., Wall hills and Plaistow farms
Mutlow William, solicitor; commissioner for affidavits in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Eagle life, Manchester fire, and the Railway Passengers' accidental insurance offices, Southend street
NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (branch of), draw on the head office, Bishopsgate street, corner of Threadneedle street, London, E.C.; bank hours, 10 till 3, on Tuesdays 10 till 5, and on Saturdays 10 till 2; Richard Lewis, Esq., Manager, Homend street
OAKLEY MISS OLIVE ROSA, general furnishing, upholstery, bedding, carpet, and paperhanging warehouse, New street (see advertisement page 7)
Owen James, secretary to the Ledbury gas-light and coke company; registrar of marriages, Worcester road; and brick manufacturer, New street
Padmore Miss Mary Ann, mistress of infant school, Back lane
Painter Thomas, lodgings, Homend street
PALFREY MISS FANNY, Berlin wool, toy, stationery, and fancy repository, Market place
PALMER GEORGE, cider and perry merchant, & Ring of Bells Inn, New st.
PALMER JOHN, photographer, agent for the Prudential assurance society, and for the Ross Gazette, New street (see advertisement page 7)
PALMER MISS MARY ANN, bookseller, stationer, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Homend street
Palmer William, farmer, Burtons farm, Wellington heath
PARLOUR HENRY CHARLES, saddler & harness manufac., South end st.
Parr John, china, and glass warehouse, and seedsman, Market place
Payne Jas., shoemaker, Wellington heath
Pedlingham Charles, baker, grocer, and provision dealer, High street
Pedlingham Henry, shopkeeper, Bye st.
PEDLINGHAM SAMUEL, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Phillips Misses, ladies' school, New street
Piper George Harry, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; registrar of the county court; Conservative registration agent for Ledbury district; agent for the London Assurance and the Royal Farmers' fire and life in
surance offices, Court house, Southend st.
PITT MISS ANN, baby linen, Berlin
wool, and fancy repository, Homend st.
POOLE RICHARD, cooper, New st.
Pope Edward, farmer, Ockridge farm
Powell Francis, draper's assistant, New Street villa
Poytherus Richard, clerk, Hereford and Gloucester canal office, Canal wharf
POYTRESS HENRY, butcher, New street
Preece George, law clerk, Homend street
Preece Philip, parish clerk, Church street
PREECE ROBERT, plumber, glazier; painter, paperhanger, gilder, &c., Southend street
Preece William, painter, New street
Price James, dairy farmer and sub-postmaster, Wellington heath
PRITCHETT EDWARD, farmer, hop grower, and miller, Prior's court
Purnell Edward, butcher, Homend street
PYE MATTHEW MATHIAS, seedsman, &c., Homend street; and carpenter and joiner, Church street
RAPSON EDWARD, C.T. (late of St. Mark's College, Chelsea), boarding and day school for young gentlemen, Oakland house, near Railway station
Reece Mrs. Ann, laundress, Homend st.
Reece William, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; office, New street; res., Welland, near Upton-on-Severn
Roberts Elizth., Seven Stars, Homend st.
Roberts Frederick, chimney sweeper, Homend street
ROBERTS JAMES, confectioner and baker; agent for the United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident institution, Market place
Robinson Wm., fishmonger, Homend st.
Russell Misses, ladies' schl., Homend st.
RUSSELL THOMAS, miller, corn merchant, and farmer, New mills
Sandford Miss, mistress of girls' charity school, Southend street
Sandoe & Son, auctioneers, &c., offices, New street; and at Malvern, &c.
Scattergood Daniel, dealer, Bridge house
Scattergood William, horse dealer, Homend street
Severn and Canal Carrying, Shipping, and Steam Towing Company, Limited, office, Canal wharf; Mr. Joseph Calder Fawke, Agent
Shakeshaft Mrs. Margaret Mary, manageress, Feathers Hotel, High street
Shayle James, farmer, hop grower, and cider merchant, Rea farm; and at Callow hills, Munsley
SHEPHERD GEORGE HENRY, auctioneer, appraiser, surveyor, land and general agent; land agent for B. Bright, Esq., of Colwall, office, Homend street; res., Stone farm, Colwall, near Malvern
Shinn John, grocer and general dealer, Homend street
Skittery William M., farmer and hop grower, Flights
Smith Charles, farmer, The Vineyard (and in Donnington parish)
Smith Edwin, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for Ledbury district, Southend street
Smith Mrs. Hannah, toy dealer, New street
Smith Henry James, farmer, Hall house
Smith Henry, law clerk, Back lane
Smith Mrs., dressmaker, Back lane
Smith Joseph Lamburne, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; Hawthorne lodge
SMITH MOSES & THOMAS, Dick's gutta percha boot and shoe warehouse, New street; and at Hereford and Worcester
Smith R.T. & Co., general carriers and carting agents for the Great Western Railway company, Railway station (see Hereford advertisements page 7)
Smith Thos., hairdresser, Southend street
Smith Wm., shopkeeper, Homend street
South John, stone, lime, and timber merchant, and farmer and hop grower, White house and The Hill, Eastnor
South Richard, farmer, Upper Mitchell
Spencer Mrs. Ann, linen and woollen draper, tailor, &c., Lower Cross, Homend street
Spencer Timothy, tailor, Lower cross
STEPHENS CHARLES WESLEY, furnishing and general ironmonger, iron merchant, agricultural implement agent, cutler, locksmith, bellbanger, and bedstead and bedding warehouse, The Cross
Stephens Mrs., china, glass, and earthenware warehouse, The Cross, High street
Stephens Mrs. Thomas, dressmaker and milliner, Southend street
STRINGER ALFRED, M.P.S., family and dispensing chemist, grocer, and wine merchant; proprietor of the celebrated pectoral balsam for coughs, colds, &c.; agent for the Norwich Union fire and life insurance office, Homend street (see advertisement p. 5)
Summers Thomas, coal dlr., Homend st.
Suter George Allison, linen and woollen draper and outfitter, 5 High street
Tanner Robert, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., physician and surgeon; medical officer to Ledbury union; physician to the Ledbury cottage hospital; medical referee to the Royal National hospital for consumption, Ventnor, Isle of Wight; surgeon to the "Good Samaritan" lodge of Foresters; Gloucester house, Southend street
Taylor George, wheelwright and pump maker, Staplow
Taylor Mark, general dealer, New street
Taylor Michael, farm bailiff for M. Biddulph, Esq., M.P., Wild house
Taylor William Giles, postmaster and newsagent; agent for the Imperial fire and life insurance companies, Post and Telegraph office, High street
Teatam Sergeant, drill instructor of 3rd Herefordshire rifle corps, Happy land
Teather Miss, ladies' school, Southend st.
TILLEY LUKE, bookseller, stationer, printer, binder, and publisher of the Ledbury Free Press and Herefordshire Advertiser, toy and fancy repository, newsagent, musicseller, picture frame maker, and patent medicine vendor; circulating library in connection with Mudie; depot of the Christian Knowledge Society; general emigration agent; sewing machine agent; agent for the Sovereign life assurance company, Free Press Office, High street (see advertisement page 4)
Tolley Miss Mary Ann, matron of Cottage hospital, Homend street
Tomkins John, beer retailer (Prince of Wales) and shoemaker, Church street
Townsend Jas., jun., blacksmith, Staplow
TRAVESS JOHN, Bell Inn, New st.
Treherne James Dando, grocer and tallow chandler, Lower cross, Homend street
Turner Samuel, wood and coppice dealer, hurdle maker, &c., Worcester road
Underwood William, shoemaker and coal dealer, Homend street
Walker John, farmer and hop grower, Hill house and Siddington farm; and at Drew's farm, Dymock, Gloucestershire
Walters Sampson, beer retailer, New st.
Ward Francis, farmer and hop grower, Fair tree farm
WARGENT ALFRED WILLIAM, hairdresser, tobacconist, umbrella maker, toy warehouse, &c., Lower cross, Homend street
Wargent George, builder, Bye street
Wargent William, boot and shoe maker, Homend street
Watkins Stephen, pump maker and well sinker, New street
Way John, master of Hope End school, Wellington heath
WEBB & CO., bankers, Ledbury old bank, High street; draw on Cocks, Biddulph, & Co., Charing Cross, London, W.C.; bank hours 9 till 2, on Tuesdays 9 till 5
Webb Edward John (firm of Webb & Co.), banker and solicitor, High street; res., Homend street
WEBB JOHN S., family grocer, tea dealer, and provision merchant, Market place (see advertisement page 10)
Webb Robert, Worcester road
Webb Mrs. Sarah, Swan Inn, Homend st.
Weston Henry, salesman for Davies & Co., colliery agents (of Worcester), Homend street
Wetson George, farmer, Massington farm
Wetson Jas., Crown and Sceptre, New st.
WILLIAMS RICHARD, Plough Inn, Homend street
Williams William, proprietor of the Ledbury and Gloucester mail coach, agent for Sutton & Co., parcel carriers to London, &c., High street
Wintle James Levi, clerk at the Vine brewery; res., Worcester road
Withey Benjamin, farmer, Noad farm
Wood Miles Astman, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon; medical officer to Ledbury dispensary and to the Cottage hospital, Orchard Leigh, New street
Wood Miles Astman, jun., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., physician and surgeon; medical officer to Ledbury dispensary and to the Cottage hospital, Orchard Leigh, New street
Woodward Miss Laura, teacher of music, Willow terrace, Southend street
Woodyatt Mrs., dressmaker, Homend st.
Woodyatt William Patrick, agent for the Hereford Times, Homend street
Young John, grocer and provision dealer, Homend street

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in January 2005.

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