Kington, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2005

Ball Mrs. Sarah, Church cottage
Banks Richard William, Esq., J.P. (for counties of Hereford and Radnor; late high sheriff of Radnorshire), Ridgebourne house
Barclay Rev. William, M.A. (curate)
Bebb Miss, Barton farm
Blakely Mr. Frederick S., Sunset
Bodenham Benjamin, Esq., The Firs
Bowen Thomas, Esq., Portway villa
Bryan Mr. Richard, Hergest villa
Cadman Rev. Jonathan (Wesleyan), 35 Church street
Chambers Charles, Esq., Gravel hill
Cook Mr. Henry, 30 Church street
Davey Mr. D., Ivy cottage, Kingswood
Davies Mrs. Margt., East cot., 28 Duke st.
Davies Mr. William, 7 Church cottages
Delfosse Edward, Esq., Portway lodge
Deykes Mrs. Mary, 9 The Terrace
Down Mr. Jonas, Church house
Ebsworth Mrs. Winifred, 35 Bridge st.
Edwards Mr. John, 12 Bridge street
Elcock Mr. John, Midland bank, Duke st.
Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 The Terrace
Foote Gustavus, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Common close
Gardner Joseph, Esq., Holliday house, 20 Church street
Garrard George Samuel, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., 21 Church street
Goodwin Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Duke street
Hall Joseph, Esq., Montfort house
Hall Mr. Thomas, Castle Hill house
Humphreys Mrs. Margaret, 9 Duke st.
Hutchinson Miss, Tramroad cottage
Lewis Miss Elizabeth, 6 Church cottages
Miles Mrs. and Miss, Downfield house
Mitchell Mrs. W.A., 35 Bridge street
Morgans John, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., 29 High street
Oliver Mrs. Alice; Common close
Owens Mr. Richard, Woodville
Parry Mr. Thomas, Terrace cottage
Perrin Mr. John, 57 Bridge street
Philpin Bernard, Esq., Duke street
Price Thomas, Esq., 2 High street
Pritchard Miss Ann, Church cottages
Purchase Mr. Aaron Edwd., The Laurels
Rogers Miss, Prospect house
Rogers Messrs. & the Misses, 8 The Terrace
Shindler Rev. R. (Baptist), High street
Short Mr. Robert, 55 Bridge street
Skarratt Mr. Thos. Carleton, 11 High st.
Sprague Mr. T.G., Westfield
Stanway Mrs. Mary, Castle Hill cottage
Symms Mrs., Rose cottage
Temple Anthony, Esq., 18 Bridge street
Tew Mr. John, The Pear-tree, Woodbrook
Tidd-Pratt Frederick Rogers, Esq., Holliday hall, 18 Church street
Twynam Mr. George, Church road
Walsh Rev. Joseph Neate, M.A. (surrogate for the diocese of Hereford; late head master of Grammar school), Grammar school house
Ward Mrs. William, Westbourne cottage
Whately Rev. Henry Thomas, M.A., J.P. (vicar of Kington and rector of Huntington), The Vicarage
Wishlade Mrs. Ann, 34 Church street
Abberley John, farmer, Bradnor
Abel George, letter carrier, 40 Duke st.
Abel James, shopkeeper, 25 Church st.
Adams Chas. G., drpr.'s assist., 27 Duke st.
Allen William, tailor, 20 Headbrook
Angel James, haulier, Lower Hergest
Angel Wm., egg & poultry dlr., licensed dlr. in game, & carrier ho Builhb, Floodgates
Ashley Thomas, timber dealer, Mill st.
Ashton James, drill sergeant of rifle corps, 12 Mill street
Bach Richard, farmer, Rushock farm
Bach Thomas, butcher, 61 Bridge street
Ball Miss, ladies' school, Bath cottage
Ball W. & Blakely F., jun., auctioneers, &c., 13 Bridge street
Ball William, auctioneer, &c., 13 Bridge street; res., Oaklands, Kingswood
BANNISTER MRS. C.W., milliner, dressmaker, and Berlin wool repository, 3 Bridge street
BANNISTER FREDERICK, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 47 Duke street (adjoining the Kington and Radnorshire bank)
Bannister Thomas, general outfitter, 42 High st.; and at corner of Church st., Leominster (see Leominster advertisements page 13)
Barnett James, farmer, Bredward
BAYNHAM HENRY, fishmonger, dealer in game, baker, and confectioner, 4 Bridge street (see advt. page 9)
Baynham Mrs. S.J., plumber, glazier, painter, grocer, & china dlr., 6 Bridge st.
Beard Thomas, earthenware dealer, fruiterer, and game dealer, High street
BEAVAN MATTHIAS, spade-tree maker and timber dealer, Woodbrook
Beavan William Griffiths (the executors of the late), tanners, Bridge street
Bebb John, farmer, School farm, Upper Hergest
Bebb Robert, farmer, Barton farm
Bellion Chas., watchmkr., &c., Bridge st.
Bennett & Son, general dlrs., 4 Church st.
BERRY THOMAS (late Ward), builder & contractor, Westbourne ho.
Blakely Fred., jun. (firm of Ball & Blakely, auctioneers, &c.), 13 Bridge street
Bodenham & Temple, solicitors, Duke st.
Bodenham Benjamin (firm of Bodenham & Temple), solicitor; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpet. corn.; manager of the Midland bank; agent for the Law fire insurance co.; office, Duke street; res., The Firs
Bodenham Miss, dressmaker, 64 Bridge st.
BORE THOMAS, fancy bread and biscuit baker, confectioner, corn and provision factor, salt merchant, &c., 3 Church street (see advt. page 7)
Boulter Henry, bootmaker, 5 Church st.
Boulton Richard, carpenter, Market place
Bound Samuel, haulier, 5 Headbrook
Boundford Wm.,shoemaker, 20 Bridge at,
Bowen James, cottage farmer, Chickward
Bowen Thomas, brick, tile, and drainpipe manufacturer, Kingswood brick and tile works; and farmer, The Woodlands; res., Portway villa
BOZWARD JOHN, family grocer, tea dealer, hop factor; and tallow chandler, 29 Church street (see advt. page 12)
BRIDGES GEORGE, general dealer, 49 High street (see advt. page 12)
CALDICOTT CHARLES, corn factor and manure agent, 27 Church street
Campbell Thomas, veterinary surgeon (Fellow Edinburgh Veterinary College), Bridge street
Cheese Arthur, solicitor, offices, 14 Bridge street; and at Hay, Breconshire
Cheese Edmund Hall, solicitor; sec. to the Kington and Eardisley railway co.; clerk to Kington highway board; clerk to Weobley union; deputy coroner for Herefordshire; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Reliance Mutual life assurance society; offices, 14 Bridge street; and at Weobley
COLEMAN THOMAS HALL (late Skarratt), gold and silver smith, watch and clock maker, jeweller, and optician, 45 High street (see advt. page 11)
COOK BENJAMIN, coach builder, 50 Bridge street (see advt. page 6)
Cook Henry, secretary to the charity commissioners for Kington, and registrar of marriages for Kington district, 30 Church street
Cooper Thomas, hairdresser, 21 High st.
Corbett Edwin, Queen's Head, 51 Bridge st.
Crutchley John, beer retailer (Waggon and Horses), and timber haulier, 24 Sunset
Davies Mrs. Ann, laundress, 33 Church st.
DAVIES, BANKS, & DAVIES, bankers, Kington and Radnorshire Bank, 1 High street; draw on Robarts, Lubbock, & Co., 15 Lombard st., London, E.C.; Thos. Price, Esq., Manager
Davies David, tailor & draper, 43 High st.
Davies Miss Elizabeth, preparatory school, 48 Bridge street
Davies George, basket maker, Bridge st.
Davies & Howells, auctioneers and valuers, Kington and Boresford
Davies John, grocer, 7 Duke street
DAVIES JOHN, Burton House Hotel, wine and spirit merchant, and agent for Burton ales and Watkins's Dublin stout (see advertisement page 14)
DAVIES JOHN, shoeing and jobbing smith, 22 Bridge street
Davies John F., draper, &c., 2 Church st.
DAVIES MRS. MARY ANN, grocer, tea and provision dealer, 1 Church st. (opposite the King's Head Hotel) (see advertisement page 7)
Davies Morgan James, currier and leather seller, 49 Bridge street
DAVIES SAMUEL WHITEHALL, general outfitter, 20 High st.
Davies Wm., builder, &c., Crooked well
Davies Wm., shopkeeper, 53 Bridge street
Davis Mrs. Ann, farmer, Hill gate
Davis Joseph, salesman for South Wales coal company, Railway station
Delfosse Edward, architect and surveyor of roads, Portway lodge
Deykes Richard, baulier, 37 Duke street
Drew Mrs. Charlotte, cooper, &c., 7 Bridge street
Duggan James, farmer, Newburn farm
Edwards George, miller, Floodgates mill
Edwards John, frmr. and landowner, The
Birches, Kingswood; res., 12 Bridge st.
EDWARDS WILLIAM VALENTINE, corn merchant, maltster, hop and seed factor, and farmer, 9 Bridge street (see advertisement page 5)
Elcock John, cashier at the Midland bank, Duke street
ELCOX JAMES, rope and twine manufacturer, Townsend
ESP EDWARD, linen and woollen draper, milliner, &c., 10 High street (see advertisement page 4)
Evans George, manager at the Kington foundry, 15 Church street
Evans John, drapers' assistant, 8 Duke st.
Evans John, shopkeeper, 44 Duke street
Evans Richard and Robert, farmers, Rushock
Evans Thomas, tobacconist and cork dealer, 58 Bridge street
EVERARD HENRY C., boarding and day school for young gentlemen; agent to the Standard life and the Liverpool and London and Globe fire insurance offices, Broughton House school (see advertisement page 6)
Fewings Wm. Thos., visiting officer for Kington school board, 9 Mill street
Field's Mercantile Company, Limited, coal merchants, &c., depot at Railway station (Mr. William Holder, District Agent); head offices, Shrewsbury
Foote Gustavus, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon; medical officer to Kington district and union house; medical officer of health for the whole union, Common close
Freeman Mrs. Ann, lndrss.; 38 Duke st.
FROYSELL JOSEPH BANGHAM, family grocer and cheese factor; agent for the European and Colonial wine company, and for the Alton Court brewery company, limited, of Ross; agent for the Royal fire and life insurance office, 35 High st. (see advt. p.10)
Garrard George Samuel, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon, 21 Church street
Geaussent Stephen, butcher, 16 High st.
Gittins Jsph., milr. and frmr., Hergest mill
Griffiths Thomas, Railway Tavern, and timber haulier, 20 Sunset
Griffiths Thomas, shopkeeper, 38 Bridge street; and cottage farmer, Pool house, Kingswood
Gummer Thomas, farm bailiff for Anthony Temple, Esq., Kingswood
Hackett Thos., nail maker, 21 Bridge st.
Hall Joseph, solicitor, Montfort house
HALL THOMAS, wholesale and family grocer, hop and provision merchant, agent for Allsopp & Son's Burton-on-Trent ale, and Guinness's and Watkins's Dublin stout, 40 High st.; res., Castle Hill house
Hamar George, farmer, Lower Harpton
HAMER B.A. & H., builders, contractors, and surveyors, 36 Bridge street; office and works, Sunset
Hamer Ben Alfred (firm of B.A. & H. Hamer), 36 Bridge street
Hamer Henry (firm of B.A. &. H. Hamer), surveyor for the Presteigne turnpike trust, 36 Bridge street
Hamer John, boot and shoemaker, Lower Hergest
Hankin William, baker, &c., 22 High st.
Harris William, carpenter, Duke street
HARVEY WILLIAM, Oxford Arms Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting House, Duke street (see advt. p.5)
Harwood Daniel, superintendent of police, Court house
HATTON JOHN, timber merchant, steam saw mills, wood turnery and spade-tree works, Duke street
Hill Thomas, fruit dealer, 21 Mill street
Holder Wm., district agent for Field's mercantile company, limited, Duke street
Holl Mrs. Edwd., milliner, &c. 6 Churchst.
Howard John, blacksmith, Lower Hergest
HOWELLS JOHN, coal and timber merchant, dealer in building materials, lime, &c., and agent for Lawes' manure company, Sunset wharf, near Railway station; res., 47 Bridge street
Howells John (firm of Davies & Howells)
Howells Miss S., farmer, Ashmore farm
Howells Richd., shopkpr., 38 Church st.
Hughes H. Gwynne, shoe warehouse, Church street
HUGHES JOHN, saddler and harness maker, 39 High street; and at New Radnor (see advertisement page 10)
Hughes William, grocer, 26 Church st.
Hughes Wm., beer retailer, Floodgates
Humphreys Arthur, cabinet maker, 1 Bridge street
HUMPHREYS CHARLES, printer, bookseller, stationer, and publisher and proprietor of the Kington Gazette, 51 High street (see advertisement page 3)
Humphreys Gwynne, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 37 Bridge street
Humphreys Mrs. H.A., Berlin wool repository, &c., 53 High street
Hunt Mr., inland revenue officer, 54 Bridge street
Hurry James, book and music seller, printer, stationer, &c.. 33 High street
HUXLEY RICHARD, Mitre Inn, 4 and 5 Duke street
Ingram Miss Mary Ann, day and infant school; depot of the Bible society, 30 High street
Ingram Rd., milr. & frmr., Lower Harpton
James Miss Ann, dressmaker and milliner; depot of the Christian Knowledge society, 36 Church street
James Edmund, tailor, &c., 9 Church st.
James Miss M.A., grocer, &c., 41 High st.
James Sml. Hancorn, coal merchant, &c., depot, Railway sta.; res., 29 High st.
Jenkins Henry, secretary to Oddfellows' club, Prospect place
Jones Edward, farmer and miller, Penrhos farm and Bullock's mill
JONES EVAN MEREDITH, Talbot Commercial Inn, and manure agent, 52 Bridge street (see advertisement page 12)
Jones Geo., farmer, Quarry ho., Rushock
JONES HENRY, monumental mason, Headbrook (see advertisement page 9)
Jones Jas., baker & confectr., 9 High st.
Jones James D., basket ma., 5 Bridge st.
Jones John, farmer, Bank House farm
Jones Jn., spring cart ma., 14 Headbrook
Jones John, blacksmith, Market place
Jones ___, farmer, Mosely
JONES THOMAS, Old Bridge Inn, 23 Bridge street, and brick manufacturer, Elsdon brick yard, Lyonshall
Jones William, haulier, Crooked well
Jones William, relieving officer, Duke st.
Kedward William, farmer, Pember's Oak farm, Kingswood
KINGTON & RADNORSHIRE BANK (Davies, Banks, & Davies), 1 High street; draw on Robarts, Lubbock, & Co., 15 Lombard street, London, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3; on Tuesdays and fair days 10 till 4; on Saturdays 10 till 1; Thomas Price, Esq., Manager (branch bank at Rhayader, Radnorshire; T.P. Humphreys, Esq., Manager)
KINGTON GAZETTE AND RADNORSHIRE CHRONICLE, printed and published by Mr. Charles Humphreys every Tuesday; price one penny; Independent politics; office, 51 High street (sec advt. page 3)
Knowles Henry, shoemaker, 34 Duke st.
Knowles James, boot and shoe maker,
and parish clerk, Church street
Knowles John, shoe wareho., 34 High st.
KNOWLES RICHARD, painter, glazier, paperhanger, &dealer in paperhangings, 13 Church street
KNOWLES WILLIAM, tobacconist, 26 High street
Lewis Edward. maltster, Duke street
LLOYD JAMES WILLIAM, postmaster, boot and shoe manufacturer, agent for the Sun fire and life insurance office, and for the Inman and Allan lines of steam ships, Post and Telegraph office, 15 Bridge street (see advertisement page 5)
Lloyd Charles W., manager for the Old
Radnor lime, roadstone, and general
trading co., limited, office, Bridge street
Luntley Thos., tailor & draper, 6 High st.
Mason William, millwright and pump maker, Mount pleasant, Kingswood
Matthews William, farmer, Mere farm
Mayglothling George, painter, glazier, &c., 8 Headbrook
Mayor Samuel, master of Board school, organist & choir master, 34 Church st.
Meredith Bridgewater, farmer, Mahollem
Meredith Mrs. Caroline, farmer, Apostles farm
MEREDITH MRS. ESTHER, Castle Commercial Hotel, Church street (see advertisement page 14)
Meredith Henry Frederick, High street
MEREDITH JAMES & CO., wholesale and furnishing ironmongers, iron and brass founders, agricultural implement makers and agents, and nail manufacturers, 3 and 4 High street, and Kington foundry, Sunset; implement stores, Bridge street; also, furnishing and woollen drapers, 3 and 4 High street
MIDLAND BANKING COMPANY, LIMITED (BRANCH OF), draw on the London County Bank, Lombard street, London, E.C. office hours 10 till 3, on Tuesdays and fair days 10 till 4, on Saturdays 10 till 1; Benjamin Bodenham, Esq., Manager; Mr. John Elcock, Cashier, Duke street
MITCHELL CHARLES, saddler and harness maker and bird stuffer, 46 High street; and at Eardisley
M'Lean Kenneth, wire fence maker and fitter, The Strinde, Walton
Morgan Geo., cottage farmer, Kingswood
Morgan James, cottage farmer, Rushock
MORGAN JOHN, boot and shoe warehouse, agent for Dick's gutta percha goods, 27 High street (see advertisement page 11)
Morgan John, stonemason, 10 Bridge st.
MORGAN RICHARD, builder and contractor, Sunset; res., 28 Church st.(see advertisement page 10)
Morgans John, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon; medical officer to Huntington district of Kington union, 29 High st.
MORRIS EDWARD, baker, confectioner, and grocer. 5 High street
MORRIS JAMES SAMUEL, Swan Agricultural and Commercial Hotel, 17 Church st. (see advertisement page 13)
Morris John, cottage farmer, Bradnor
Morris Mrs. Mary, Sun Inn, 33 Duke st.
Morris Mrs. Sarah, grocer, 17 Duke st.
MORRIS MRS. SUSANNAH, coffee and refreshment rooms, with comfortable apartments, 8 High st.
Morris Shadrach, Rose and Crown, Bridge street
Mytton William, carpenter, Beech grove
Norgrove John, farmer, Tack-barn farm
OLD RADNOR LIME, ROADSTONE, & GENERAL TRADING COMPANY, LIMITED, office, Bridge street; Mr. C.W. Lloyd, Manager; Edmund Hall Cheese, Esq., Secretary
PARKER FRANCIS & SONS, linen and woollen drapers (wholesale and retail), silk mercers, milliners, hosiers, haberdashers, hatters, family mourning warehousemen, hearse and mourning coach proprietors, 38 High street, and Manchester warehouse, 12 Church street (see advt. page 3)
Parker Francis (firm of Parker & Sons), agent for the National Provident life office, 38 High street
Parker Stanley Francis (firm of Parker & Sons), 8 Bridge street
Parmee Geo., station master, Railway sta.
Parry Henry, agent, 18 High street
Parry Mrs. Sophia, millinery, Berlin wool, and toy warehouse, 18 High street
Parry William Henry, draper, High street
Passey Samuel, maltster, seed, corn, and timber merchant, The Square, and 16 Church street
PEENE MRS. ANN, furnishing and general ironmonger, cutler, japanner, tin-plate worker, brazier, coppersmith, and nail manufacturer; agent to the Royal Farmers' fire, life, and hail insurance company, 32 High street (see advertisement page 7)
Peeve J.E., clerk to the burial board, 32 High street
PHILLIPS WILLIAM, toy warehouse, boot and shoe maker, and teacher of music; brass and quadrille bands supplied, 59 Bridge street
Philpin Bernard, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths inthe supreme court of judicature; sec. to the Kington land and building compy., limited, Duke st.
Powell Henry, mason, Mill street
Powell Roger, farmer, Hill farm
Powell Thomas, Royal Oak, 24 Church st.
Powell William, dealer, &c., Floodgates
PRICE CHARLES, White Horse Inn, 19 High street
Price Edmund, farmer, Lilwall farm
PRICE EDWIN WHEAL, monumental mason, Sunset; res., Castle hill (see advertisement page 12)
Price Mrs. E., laundress, 33 Bridge st.
Price James, farmer, Hergest court
Price Thomas, manager of the Kington and Radnorshire bank; clerk to the turnpike trust; clerk to Kington tramroad company; clerk to the commissioners of land and income taxes for Weobley division; treasurer to the Kington union and to the savings bank, 2 High street
Prichard Erasmus B.P., auctioneer, &c., 63 Bridge street; res., Summer court, Lyonsball
Prichard Mrs. J., milliner, High street
Prichard Mr., farmer, Upper Hergest
Prichard Thomas, White Lion Inn, and castrator, 32 Church street
Prichard William, Nag's Head Inn, 3 Duke street
Pritchard John, farmer, Vestry farm
Probert John, carpenter and wheelwright, Lower Hergest
Probert Thomas, frmr., Ivy Chimney fm.
Pugh Philip, plasterer, hardware dealer, and millinery wareho., 7 & 8 Church st.
PURCHASE AARON EDWARD, wholesale and family grocer, hop and provision merchant, agent for W. & A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, 44 High st.; res., The Laurels (see advt. page 8)
Restall Mrs. Diana, shopkpr., 10 Bridge st.
Rice Charles, assistant overseer for Kington parish; secretary to the Foresters' benefit society, 14 Church street
Ricketts James, shoemaker, Townsend
Ricketts Leonard, Lamb Inn, 12 High st.
ROBERTS RICHARD, builder, contractor, and dealer in all kinds of building materials, Perseverance works, Headbrook (see advertisement page 6)
Robinson Mrs. E., shopkpr., 11 Bridge st.
Robinson John, farmer, The Pound, Chickward
Rogers John, manager of Gas works
Rowlands John, tailor, 62 Bridge street
Rusbatch John, turner and chair manufacturer, 60 Bridge street
Sandwell John J., master of the Union workhouse
Sankey Thomas, frmr., Lower Downfield, and the Rhodds farm
Sargeant Thomas, farmer, and thrashing machine proprietor, Sunset
Savings Bank, Church street (open on Tuesdays and Whit-Monday); Rev. Joseph Neate Walsh, M.A., Actuary; Thomas Price, Esq., Treasurer
Schofield Mrs., schoolmistress, Mahollem
SHINDLER MISS, school for young ladies (also boys under ten), and teacher of the pianoforte, 13 High street
Smith Claudius, tea dealer, Duke street
SMITH HORATIO, family grocer and provision merchant, 37 Church st.
SMITH JOSEPH, King's Head Commercial Hotel and Posting House, 40 Church street (see advt. page 11)
Southerton Thomas, beer retailer (Waterloo House), Radnor road
SOUTH WALES COAL COMPANY, coal and mineral merchants, depot at Railway station (Joseph Davis, Salesman); head offices, West street, Hereford
Sprague T.G., clerk to the Kington local board, and to the Kington school board; hon. secretary and treasurer to the parochial library and reading-room; treasurer to the turnpike trust; agent to the Phoenix fire and the Scottish National insurance offices; Westfield
STANWAY WILLIAM HENRY, family, dispensing, and agricultural chemist, and seedsman, 7 High street (see advertisement page 8)
Stephens Richard, grocer and umbrella maker, 39 Church street
STEPHENS THOMAS, bookseller, stationer, photographer, seedsman, &c., 17 High street (see advt. page 8)
Stevens James, farmer, Piers grove and Hollywall farms
STREDDER MRS. LEVIAH, millinery warehouse, 10 Church street
STUBBS MRS. ESTHER, shoeing and jobbing smith, 30 Bridge street
Swain John Lacy, woollen manufacturer, Crabtree mill
Taylor John, sub-contractor for railroads, Floodgates
Temple Anthony (firm of Bodenham & Temple), solicitor; clk. to magistrates for Kington division; registrar of the county court; clerk to guardians of Kington union and superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; clerk to the rural sanitary authority clk. to com. of income and land taxes; steward of the manor of Eardisley; deputy steward of the manor of Lyonshall; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; office, Duke street; res., 18 Bridge street
Thomas Mrs. C., laundress, 7 Headbrook Thomas John, farmer, Poor's ground, Woodbrook
THOMPSON JOSEPH WILLIAM, plumber, glazier, and painter, 10 and 11 Duke street
Tidd-Pratt Frederick Rogers, solicitor; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpet. com. for cos. of Hereford and Radnor; steward of the crown manors in Radnorshire; sub-distributor of stamps; office, 2 Bridge street; res., Holliday hall, 18 Church street
Turner John Jones, Arrow lodge
TURNER J. & P., millers, maltsters, corn and seed factors, guano merchants, and agents for Morris & Griffin's artificial manures, Earles & King's linseed cake, and American cotton cake, Arrow Lodge steam corn mills; and farmers, Townsend farm (see advt. page 6)
Turner Philip James, Island house
VAUGHAN EDWARD, currier and leather merchant, 46 Duke street
VAUGHAN MRS. ANN, boot and shoe mkr., 25 High st. (see advt. p.14)
VAUGHAN JAMES, music and musical instrument warehouse, and pianoforte and harmonium tuner, 25 High street (see advertisement page 13)
Vaughan John, farmer, and agent for T. Robinson's manures, Downfield farm
Vaughan Wm., shoemaker, 41 Bridge st.
Verney James, farmer; Wallstych farm
WALKER JOSEPH, fellmonger, leather dresser, glover, woolstapler, &c., Bridge ho., Bridge st. (see advt. p.9)
WALKER RICHARD E., butcher and grazier, 47 High street
Wall John, farmer, Chickward
Walters Hugh, shopkeeper, 40 Bridge st.
Walters Thos., locksmith, &c., Market pl.
WATTS WALTER, dispensing and family chemist (by examination), seedsman, and agent for the Norwich Union fire and life insurance offices, 15 High street (see advertisement page 4)
Weale David D., hairdresser, 45 Duke st.
Welson Evan Powell, farmer, Upper Hergest; res., Llanyfellyn
Welson James Evan Powell, farmer, Upper house, Lower Hergest
WELSON WILLIAM, wholesale and family wine and spirit merchant; agent for Mander & Co.'s Dublin stout and Bass & Co.'s Burton ales, 37 High street; and farmer, Bank farm, Upper Hergest, Grove farm, and Raber farm, Gladestry, Radnorshire (see advt. p.4)
Williams Thomas M., grocer and draper, High street
Williams Wm., farm bailiff for Mr. John Edwards, The Birches, Kingswood
Wishlade Benjamin Edward, butcher and grazier, 52 High street
WISHLADE HENRY, building surveyor, appraiser, house and estate agent; inspector of nuisances under the urban and rural sanitary authorities; registrar of births and deaths and vaccination officer for Kington district, 23 Duke street
Wood Mrs. Susan, laundress, 3 Headbrook
Woolf James, town constable and crier, and sub-bailiff of the county court, Headbrook
Woolley Miss Emma, mistress of National school
Worthington Mrs. E.,dressma., Townsend
Yapp Edwd., bankers' clerk, 6 Duke st.
Yates William, farmer, Chickward
Yeates Geo., Refreshment Rooms, Sunset

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