Hereford, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7

Transcribed by Marion B. Wilkinson, © Copyright 2001 & Rosemary Lockie © 2005

Abley Edward, Esq., 7 Shaftesbury terrace, 105 White Cross street
Abley Miss M.A., Caxton villa, 8 Bedford street
Alban Miss Mary, Walney cot., Lugg vale
Alderson Mrs. Susan, Tan Brook house, 94 Widemarsh street
Allen Mr. Thomas, 9 St. Nicholas street
Allen Mr. T.W., South Bank house, Aylestone hill
Allison Mr. Benjamin, 62 Cotterell street
Andrews Mr. John, Portfield street
Anthony Charles, Esq. (alderman and J.P. for the city), The Elms, Aylestone hill
Anthony Charles, jun., Esq., The Elms, Aylestone hill
Apperley Miss Ann, 22 St. Martin street
Apperley Henry Gwillim, Esq., The Hawthorns, Aylestone hill
Armitage William Sugden, Esq., The Field, Tupsley
Armstrong John Ward, Esq., Hatterell house, Aylestone hill
Arthy Robert William, Esq., 14 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Atlay The Right Rev. James, D.D. (Lord Bishop of Hereford), The Palace
Badham Miss Mary Ann, 5 Edgar street
Baker Mrs. Ann, Clifton villas, 3 Bedford street
Ballard Philip, Esq., The Knoll, Tupsley
Bamford Robert Lingen, Esq., Westfields
Barber Miss, Aylestone hill
Barker E.H. Lingen, Esq., Shrub hill, Tupsley
Barker Rev. Joseph Henry, M.A. (surrogate for the diocese of Hereford), South Bank house, Aylestone hill
Barnett Mr. James, 21 St. Martin street
Barrett Rev. E.P., 4 Greenfield villas, Bath street
Barrett Miss, Haywood ho., White Cross road
Baskerville Mrs. Susannah, Clevedon villa, 28 Harold street, Bartonsham
Bate Mrs. John, 2 Shaftesbury terrace, 100 White Cross street
Bayley Mr. George, 2 White Cross villas
Baynham Mrs. Catherine Ann, 7 Castle st.
Bean Mrs., The White Cross
Beavan Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Portland st.
Beavan Mr. George, 1 Guildford street
Beavan Mr. P., Acton villa, 25 White Cross street
Beddoe Henry Child, Esq., 28 Castle st.
Bennett Mr. Charles P., 2 Highfield villas, White Cross road
Bennett Rev. George Bright, M.A. (vicar of St. Peter's and rector of St. Owen's), St. Peter's vicarage, Ledbury road
Bennett Miss, 2 Camden vils., Broomy hl.
Bennett Mrs. S., Camperdown, Broomy hl.
Bentley Mr. Richard, 101 Widemarsh st.
Bidlake Mrs. J., 2 Wye bank, Broomy hl.
Bigglestone Mrs. Sarah, 47 Portland st.
Blythman Mrs., 11 St. Ethelbert street
Bodenham Francis Lewis, Esq. (county treasurer and alderman of the city), 1 Castle steet
Bodenham Miss E.M., 1 Castle street
Bodenham Frederick, Esq., Aylestone hill
Bolden Hen., Esq., The Cedars, Tupsley
Bonnor Mr. Layton Griffiths, Derlton villa, Aylestone hill
Bonnor Miss, Llanwye, Hampton park
Bosley Edwin Edward, Esq., J.P. (for the city of Hereford), 32 Castle street
Bosley Miss Elizth., 134 Widemarsh st.
Boulton Mr Joseph, Essington house, Aylestone hill
Bourne Mr. William B., Holland house, Blackmarstone
Bowell Rev. William, F.R.G.S., F.E.I.S., &c. (curate of St. Peter's and St. Owen's), Chandos house, St. Owen st.
Bowen Mrs., Lorraine house, Tupsley
Bowler Miss Mary Ann, 6 Guildford st.
Bowyer Miss, 1 Blackfriars street
Boycott Wm., Esq., Ivy lo., Aylestone hl.
Braithwaite The Misses, 3 Greenfield villas, Bath street
Bridges Miss, 37 Cotterell street
Briscoe Mr. A.J., 94 Park st., Bartonsham
Bristow Mrs. E., Hampton grn., Tupsley
Britten William, Esq., Grafton park, St. Martin's
Brookes Mr. Joseph, 53 Cotterell street
Broomhead The Misses, Aylestone cottage
Brown Rev. James, B.A. (master of the Lower school-Hereford Cathedral school), 9 St Owen's street
Brown Mrs., 2 Huntington villas, White Cross road
Browne Mr. Charles John, Haywood villa, White Cross road
Browne George, Esq., Monkton cottage, Broomy hill
Brunsdon Charles, Esq., Moorfield place, 21 Edgar street
Buckham Mrs. Ann, 34 New town
Built Mrs. Mary, 31 Union street
Bull Henry Graves, Esq., M.D., J.P. (for the city), 2 St. John street
Bullar Mrs., 31 White Horse street
Bullock Mrs. Caroline, 140 St. Owen st.
Bulmer Miss Fanny Maria, Broadlands, Aylestone hill
Bulmer John W., Esq., Uplands, Aylestone hill
Burlton Mrs. Ellen, 2 Barton villas
Butt Mr. Hy., Blenheim ho., Bedford st.
Byrne Mr. James, St. John's villa, 2 Oxford street
Cam Thomas, Esq., (alderman for the city, J.P. for county and city of Hereford), D.L., F.R.C.S., 13 St. Owen street
Canning Rev. Thomas, M.A. (vicar of Tupsley), Tupsley vicarage
Capel Rev. Alfred John, B.A. (minor canon of Hereford cathedral and curate of Tupsley), Eign lodge, 28 Eign road
Capner Mr. Jno. William, Dynedor View villas, 102 Park street, Bartonsham
Carless Joseph, Esq. (alderman and J.P. for the city), Backbury house, Aylestone hill
Carless Joseph, jun., Esq., 12 St. Owen street
Carless Mr. Henry, 2 Castle street
Carpenter Mr. James, 5 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Clark Mrs. Ann, 34 Portland street
Clarkson Mr. Henry, Crescent house, South Bank road, Aylestone hill
Cleave John, Esq., 16 Bridge street
Cock Mr. Benjamin, 49 Eign street
Coke Rev. John Henry, Hampton park, Tupsley
Cole Mr. George, 23 Commercial road
Cole Mrs. Lizzie, 29 Harold street, Bartonsham
Coles William, Esq., The Hawthorns, Aylestone hill
Collier Mrs. S., 2 Malvern villas, Ledbury road
Collins Mrs. Ann, 12 Maylord street
Collins Mrs. James, Drybridge house
Collins Mr. M., Claremont place, Clifford street
Collins Mr. William, Moorfield house
Considine Rev. Robert Augustus Wellesley, M.A., 5 Ethelbert street
Cooke John, Esq., Westfield house, White Cross road
Corbett Mr. James, 32 Commercial road
Corner James, Esq., 2 Vaga villas, Castle hill
Court Thos, Ambrey, Esq., J.P. (for the city), Melbourne house, Aylestone hill
Cowmeadow Mrs., 1 Dynedor View villas, 103 Park street Bartonsham
Cowtan Captain Edwin, Commercial rd.
Critchley Mr. John Hodges, Malvina cottage, Portfield street
Crompton Mrs. M.E., Glo'ster villa, 30 Eign road
Cross Mrs., 3 St. Ethelbert street
Crowe The Misses, 13 St. Ethelbert st.
Crowe Mr. Richard C., 116 St. Owen st.
Crowe Mr. William, 10 St. Nicholas st.
Cullis Mr. Walter, 7 Wye ter., Bridge st.
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, 3 North villas, Barr's Court road
Curley Timothy, Esq., C.E., F.G.S., Broomy hill
Dallow Mr. Robt., 25 Park st., Bartonsham
Dalton Mr. Oliver, 15 Commercial street
Davies Miss, Priory lodge, Broomy hill
Davies Mr. George, Tupsley
Davies James, Esq., 1 Wood view, Broomy hill
Davies Mr. John, Boughton villa, Ledbury road
Davies Mr. Mark Saml., Hunderton lodge
Davies Mr. Thomas, Shaftesbury villa, 106 White Cross street
Davies Thomas Theophilus Esq., J.P. (for the city), 1 North vils., Barr's Court rd.
Davies Thos. T., jun., 127 St. Owen st.
Davis Mr. John, 2 Brampton villa, White Cross road
Davison Mr. George, White Cross house
Dawes Mrs., The Poole, Blackmarstone
Day Mr. Edwin, 119 St. Owen street
Deen Mrs., 2 Bridge street
Dew Capt. F. Napleton (adjutant of Herefordshire volunteers), 14 St. Owen st.
Digby Mr. C.W. Loftus, 9 St. Ethelbert street
Dolman Very Rev. Canon Charles V., O.S.B. (Roman Catholic priest), Broad street
Doughty Captain Chester (adjutant of Herefordshire regiment of militia), Hampton park, Tupsley
Drew Mr. Richard, Brandon house, St. Martin's
Duncombe Rev. William Duncombe Vander Horst, M.A. (minor canon of Hereford cathedral and chaplain to the Hereford general infirmary), The College; and 47 Royal York crest., Clifton
Dutton Mr. William, Ailesbrook house, Widemarsh
Earle Mr. William, 27 Castle street
Edwards Miss Anne Sophia, Claremont villa, White Cross road
Edwards Mrs. G., 3 Shaftesbury terrace, White Cross street
Edwards Mr. John, 46 Portland street
Elleman Mr. Samuel, Cornwall street
Evans Rev. Jn., Penngrove, Aylestone hl.
Evans Miss, Graftonbury lo., St. Martin's
Evans Mr. Thos., Bellevue, 4 Scudamore st.
Evans Wm., Esq., The Barton, Broomy hl.
Evans Mr. William, jun., Sorrento, Hampton park
Eyston Mr. Charles, 8 Wye ter., Bridge street
Fegen Mrs., 118 St. Owen street
Ford Mr. William, Weston villa, White Cross road
Forster Mrs., 2 Anthony pl., Holmer rd.
Fowler Miss, 12 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Fowler J.T. Owen, Esq., 1 St. John st.
Francis Miss, 13 Castle street
Francis Miss, 8 St. Ethelbert street
Francklyn Major-General John Henry, C.B., R.A., Portfield house
Gallaway Mr. Francis, Ivy cottage, 82 Green street
Galliers Mrs., Montrose villa, White Cross road
Garratt Mr. R., 2 Greenfield vils., Baths st.
Garrold Mrs., 1 West bank, Broomy hill
Garrold Thomas Wm., Esq., 17 Widemarsh street
Garstone Misses Susan and Mary, 1 Barton villas
Garton Rev. George John, B.A. (curate of St. Peter's), 2 Burghill villas, St. Owen street
George Mrs. Edward, 1 Coningsby street
Gethen Mr. George, Richmond place, 28 Edgar street
Gethen Philip, Esq., The Prospect, Tupsley
Gibson Miss Mary Ann, 21 King street
Gillow Mrs. M., Holbrook house, Tupsley
Goldsworthy Major-Gen. Joshua Webb, J.P. (for the city), Grafton park, St. Martin's
Goldsworthy Lieut. Charles, Grafton pk.
Goode Miss Elizth., 27 St. Owen street
Goode Miss S., Hagley vil., White Cross rd.
Goode Mrs. Sarah, 27 St. Owen street
Goolden Mr. Aaron E., 42 Berrington st.
Gordon Mrs J., 1 Wye bank, Broomy hill
Goss Rev. John, M.A. (custos of the college of vicars choral, and minor canon of Hereford cathedral; vicar of St. John-the-Baptist; and surrogate for the diocese), The College
Greenland Mr. Geo., 35 White Cross st.
Griffith Mr. Leighton Delamore, 1 Camden villas, Broomy hill
Griffiths William, Esq., 12 Castle street
Grout Mr. John, 6 St. John street
Grove Mr. Edmund, 1 Burghill villa, St. Owen street
Grove Mr. Wm., Woodbine vil., Tupsley
Grover George Charles, Esq., 7 Castle st.
Gumery Miss Elizabeth, 10 Moorfield st.
Guthrie Miss A.L., The Poole, Blackmarstone
Gwillim Mrs. Elizth., East view, Ross rd.
Gwillim John, Esq., Llanelly house, Aylestone hill
Haddon George Cowley, Esq., 36 Bridge st; and at Rockliffe, Great Malvern
Hadley Mrs. Mary Ann, 128 St. Owen st.
Hall The Misses Harriett and Mary Ann, 98 Widemarsh street
Hanbury George Robart, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., 34 Castle street
Hancon Mrs. Sarah, Rosemary place, 24 New Town
Hankins Mrs. M., Ivy house, Ledbury road, Tupsley
Harding Mr. George Bishop, North villa, 22 Scudamore street, White Cross rd.
Harding Mr. Richard Morris, Dorset ho., 21 Scudamore street, White Cross rd.
Harris Mrs. Eliza A., 5 Park street, Bartonsham
Harris Miss E., 45 Eastman terrace, Portland street
Harris Mrs., 34 White horse street
Harris Rev. W.L. (Primitive Methodist), 100 Park street, Bartonsham
Harrison Rev. John Thomas (Wesleyan), Hinton road
Harrison Major, Bryntirion, Aylestone hl.
Hart Mrs Emily, 1 Woodbine villas, White Cross road
Haslett Mrs., St Peter's close, Coml. st.
Hatton Mrs., The Friars
Hawkins Francis, Esq., Lugg vale, Aylestone hill
Hayling Mr. Richard, 149 St. Owen st.
Hayman Rev. Hen. (Wesleyan), 19 King st.
Haywood Mr. Chas. J., 13 St. Nicholas st.
Helmore Rev. Frederick John Ottley, B.A. (assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral and curate of St. James's)
Heap Mr. Hargreaves, Barr's court
Herbert The Hon. and Very Rev. George, M.A. (dean of Hereford), The Deanery
Hereford The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, The Palace
Hewlett Miss Mary Sophia, 3 Coningsby st.
Hiles Mrs. E., Park street, Bartonsham
Hill Mrs. Emma G., Broomy hill
Hill Rev. James Ormerod (minister of the Congregational church), Eignbrook, 51 Eign street
Hill Rev. Matthew, B.A. (chaplain of Hereford city gaol)
Hill W.A., Esq., Bromfield vil., 53 Eign rd.
Hodges Mrs., 91 Widemarsh street
Holder Mrs., 38 Cotterell street
Holland Mr. George, Alma cottage, 26 White Cross street
Holmes Rev. Samuel, B.A. (rector of St. Nicholas), West bank, Broomy hill
Honiatt Robert C.C., Esq., Rose villa, 100 Eign road
Horne George, Esq., Drayton house, Hampton park
Howe Mrs., Gloucester villa, Tupsley
Howells Mrs., Portfield place, Clive st.
Hughes Rev. Godfrey Stuart, 1 Huntington villas, White Cross road
Hughes Mrs., Cotterell street, White Cross road
Humfrys Wm. John, Esq., 34 Bridge st.
Ing Mr., Moorfield pl., 18 & 19 Edgar st.
Isbell Edwin James, Esq., M.R.C.S., Richmond place, 25 Edgar street
Izod Rev. Francis Lorenzo, B.A. (assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral; chaplain to the Hereford county gaol; and chaplain to the high sheriff for the county), The College
Jacob John, Esq., River bank, Tupsley
Jacob Mrs., The College, 136 Widemarsh street
Jakeman Edward Knight, The Old Friars
James Mrs. Jesse, 24A Commercial street
James John Gwynne, Esq., Aylestone hl.
James The Misses, 19 Widemarsh street
James Mrs. Philip, 13 Commercial street
James Mrs. Wm., Lexden ho., Friars st.
Jancey Mrs. George, Aylestone hill
Jancey Mrs., The Poplars, Aylestone hl.
Jay James, Esq. (J.P. and alderman for the city), Litley court, Tupsley
Jebb Rev. John, D.D. (canon residentiary of Hereford cathedral; prebendary of Preston; and rector of Peterstow), Cathedral close; and Peterstow rectory, Ross
Jenkins Rev. William Richard, M.A. (curate of All Saints')
Jennings Mr. Reginald, Aylestone hill
Jeynes Mrs. and Miss, 99 Park street
Johus Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, 27 Bridge st.
Johnson Mr. Hy. Croom, Linden house, New Town
Johnson Mrs. S., The Steps, Tupsley
Jones Miss Elizabeth, 28 White Cross st.
Jones Mrs. Charles, 42 Portland street
Jones Eustace Hinton, Esq., 2 Woodbine villas, White Cross road
Jones John Parry, Esq., Overbury lodge, Aylestone hill
Jones Miss Mary Ann, 12 Victoria street
Jones Miss M.C., 14 St. Ethelbert street
Jones Miss, St. Cuthbert's, Hampton park
Jones Mrs. S.A., Hampton park villa, Tupsley
Jukes Rev. Joseph Hordern, M.A., Castle Green house, Castle street
Keay Mrs., Guildford pl., White Cross st.
Keay Mr. Robert, Wye villa, Wyebridge
Kelly Mr. E.H. (assistant master of the Lower school-Herford cathedral schl.)
Kempson Frederick Robertson, Esq., F.R.I.B.A., Singleton, Tupsley
Kerr Mr. Frederic, Gothic villa, White Cross road
Kidley Robert Allen, Esq., Richmond place, 23 Edgar street
King Mr. Jas., Rose cot., White Cross rd.
King Miss Mary, 4 St. John street
Kirwood Rev. George Henry, M.A. (vicar of St. Martin's), The Vicarage, Ross road
Knee Mr. Walter, Canterbury place, 34 Harold street, Bartonsham
Knight Mr. James, 59 Park st., Bartonsham
Knight James Henry, Esq., N.P., Vaga ho.
Knight Mr. Robt. Farthing, 33 Castle st.
Knox Colonel, Athelstan house
Kyte Mrs. Emma, Caxton villa, 7 Bedford street
Lakin Rev. T. (Primitive Methodist)
Lambe John, Esq., 35 Bridge street
Lambe Miss, 32 Bridge street
Landon Thos., Esq., Wyebridge house, Bridge street
Lane Mrs. Ann, 23 Blue School street
Lane Mr. Hy., 1 Malvern vils., Ledbury rd.
Lane Mr. James, 2 Coningsby street
Lane James Cleife, Esq., M.R.C.S., 37 Bridge street
Lane Theophilus, Esq., 1 Camden villas, Broomy hill
Lawford Mr. Henry, Argyle place, 68 Green street, Bartonsham
Lawrence Mrs. M.A., Gaslyn, Broomy hl.
Lea William, Esq., The Barton
Lee Miss, Aylestone hill
Leibrandt Mrs. E., 12 St. Ethelbert st.
Levason Mr. Arthur G., 12 Bridge street
Lewis Mrs. A., 3 Rylands, Broomy hill
Lewis Mr. William, St. Nicholas square
Lingen Charles, Esq., J.P. (for the city), F.R.C.S., 141 St. Owen street
Llanwarne Miss Elizabeth, Norfolk place, 23 St. Martin street
Llanwarne Thomas, Esq., Norfolk place, 24 St. Martin street
Llewellyn Mr. Henry, 1 Model cottages, Baths street
Lucy Mr. C.H., 21 Broad street
Mackenzie Mrs., Hampton place, Tupsley
Maclean Mrs. Esther, Thornbury house, White Cross road
Maddison Edward, Esq., Broad street
Maddox Mr. John Beavan, 1 Scudamore st.
Mann Mrs. Louisa, Claremont villa, White Cross road
Martin Charles Gill, Esq., 9 High street
Martin Mr. William, Rodrick villas, White Cross road
Martin William E., Esq., 134 St. Owen st.
Mason Mrs. Harriet, 4 Barton villas
Mason John Stuart, Esq. (lieutenant of 3rd Herefordshire rifle corps), 1 St. Nicholas street
Matthews Mr. Henry, 1 Palace yard
Maunsell Thomas, Esq., 56 Harold street, Bartonsham
Mayo Miss Mary Ann, Widemarsh com.
Mayos Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Guildford st.
Mayos Mr. Thomas Lea, 1 Highfield villas, White Cross road
M'adam Mr. George, King street
M'adam Mr. George Christopher, L.D.S., M.O.S., 4 Castle street
M'alister Mrs. M., 1 York villas, Ledbury road
M'cormick Mrs. Mary, Roselle place, 5 Holmer street, White Cross road
M'mullen Mr. Samuel, 10 Edgar street
Mellis Mrs. Janet, 14 Castle street
Meredith Mrs. Ann, Rose cottage, Aylestone hill
Meredith Mrs. Maria, 6 Clifford street
Meredith Mrs. Mary, 1 Shaftesburty terrace, 99 White Cross stree
Meredith Mr. Oliver, Gwydwr house, Ledbury road
Merewether Mr. Francis Jno., 66 Green st.
Merewether Mr. Wltr., 36 White Cross st.
Merrett Mr. John, 22 Harold street, Bartonsham
Merrick Mr. Francis Hy., 143 St. Owen st.
Merrick Mrs. Mary Ann, 143 St. Owen st.
Mills Mr. Benjn., 4 Wye ter., Bridge st.
Moore Henry C., Esq., The Infirmary
Morris John, Esq., J.P., D.L., F.R.C.S.E., Rokeby house, Hampton park Tupsley
Morris John Griffith, Esq., 135 St. Owen street
Morris Mrs., Bank house, Widemarsh
Morris Mr. Richard Prichard, Rockfield, White Cross road
Morris Mr. William, Cathcart place, White Cross street
Moythan Mr. William, 51 St. Martin st.
Musgrave Rev. William Peete, M.A. (canon residentiary and prebendary episcopi of Hereford cathedral), 28 Broad street; and Etton rectory, Beverley, Yorkshire
Myer Mr. Sydney, Moorfield place, 22 Edgar street
Nash Mrs. Mary Ann, 46 Berrington st.
New Arthur Trelawny Wickham, Esq., West of England bank, 52 Commercial street
Nicholas Mrs., 1 Byford place, Foley st.
Nicholson Thomas, Esq., F.R.I.B.A., 6 St. Peter street
Noakes Mr. Richard Morris, Alexandra villa, White Cross, road
Norris Mr. Frederick D., 6 Portland pl.
Norris James Edward, Esq., J.P., D.L., 31 Castle street
Nott Mr. Thomas, 19 Guildford street
Owen William Haddon, Esq., Shaftesbury terrace
Palmer Mrs. S., Rodrick villas, White Cross road
Paris Thomas Clifton, Esq., M.A., Hampton lodge, Tupsley
Parland Mrs. Annette, 1 Rylands, Broomy hill
Parry John Burdett, Esq., The Vineyard, Hampton park
Parry Mrs. S.E.R., 2 West bank, Broomy hill
Pember Charles, Esq., 20 St. Owen street
Pember George, Esq., 6 St. Ethelbert st.
Pembridge Mr. James, 103 East street
Pembridge Mr. Philip, Hunderton villa
Philipps Mrs. Jas., Poplars, Aylestone hl.
Phillips Mr. William J., Malvern villa, Bartonsham
Pitchford Mr. Thomas, 31 Eign street
Pitt Miss M., Hagley vil., White Cross rd.
Poole S., Esq., B.A. (assistant master of Hereford cathedral school)
Powell Mr. Abraham, White Cross lodge
Powell Mrs. E., 65 Green st., Bartonsham
Powell Rev. Richard, M.A. (vicar of St. James's and chaplain to St. Giles's hospital), St. James' vicarage, Bartonsham
Powell Mrs Timothy, 41 Cotterell street
Powell Rev. Wm. Frederick, M.A. (hon. canon of Gloucester cathedral), Hinton court
Preece Mr. John, White Cross villas
Preece The Misses, 28 Widemarsh street
Price Miss Elizabeth, 5 Shaftesbury terrace, 103 White Cross street
Price Mrs. Elizth., 2 Little Berrington st.
Price Mr. James, 1 Drybridge villas
Price Mr. Jas. Elliott, 7 Norfolk terrace
Price Mrs., 12 Victoria street
Price Mrs., 1 Charlton villa, White Cross road
Price Mrs. Philip, Melrose villa, White Cross street
Price Richard, Esq., Harley place
Price Mr. Thomas, Lansdown villa, 104 Park street
Price W. Holroyd, Esq., Westmoor villa, Broomy hill
Prince Mrs. Elizabeth, Newton house
Pritchard Mr. William, Hampton lodge, Tupsley
Prosser Mrs. Ann, 112 St. Owen street
Prout Mr. James, 34 St. Martin street
Pugh Mr. Jas., 15 Park st. Bartonsham
Pulling Miss, 129 St. Owen street
Pye Miss Elizabeth, Friars house
Rawlins Rev. Charles, Castle cliff
Raymond Mr. Cuthbert, Lexden house, Friars street
Read Mrs., Mount Pleasant, Aylestone hill
Reade The Misses, 2 Wood view, Broomy hill
Reeve Capt. John Milward, R.N., The Priory
Reynolds John James, Esq., Offa street
Rhys Mrs. and Miss, Canon lodge, White Cross road
Roberts Alfred William, Esq., Thornton house, South Bank road, Aylestone hill
Roberts Mr. James, Laburnum villa, White Cross road
Robertson Mr. Andrew, 25 Castle street
Robinson Rev. Alfred, M.A. (vicar choral of Hereford cathedral, and chaplain to the Hereford union), The College
Rogers Mrs., Rosamond cottage, 10 Guildford street, White Cross street
Rose Mrs. 1 Vaga villas, Castle hill
Rudge Mrs., St. Martin's house, Wye st.
Russell Miss Emily, Linden house, 111 Park street, Bartonsham
Russell Mrs. and the Misses, Hampton dene, Tupsley
Sandford H.V., Esq., M.D., L.R.C.P., &c., The Vinery, Aylestone hill
Saunders Mrs., Montrose villa, White Cross road
Savaker Misses J. & A., White Cross street
Saye and Sele The Ven. and Right Hon. Lord Frederick Twisleton-Wykcham-Fiennes, D.C.L., and J.P. (archdeacon of Hereford; canon residentiary, prebendary of Eigne, and treasurer of Hereford cathedral; master of St. Ethelbert's hospital; high steward of the borough of Banbury), 3 St. John street, Hereford; & Broughton castle, near Banbury in Oxfordshire
Scobie Mackay, J.G., Esq., Holmer park
Sergeant Lewis, Esq., 4 St. Ethelbert st.
Shackleton Rev. Thomas, M.A. (vicar choral of Hereford cathedral, and chaplain of St. Martin's home), Belvedere house, Broomy hill
Shaw Mr. Rich., Pentwyn, White Cross rd.
Shellard Orlando, Esq., (mayor), Barton Manor house
Shepherd Commander John, R.N., 2 Rylands, Broomy hill
Sirrell Miss Sarah, 29 White Cross street
Skey Mr. Robert, Ledbury road
Smith Alfred Rickards, Esq., M.D., 58 Commercial street
Smith Mr. Charles, 10 St. Ethelbert st.
Smith Mrs. C., Fenton lodge, Ledbury rd.
Smith Geo. Townshend, Esq., Cathedral close
Smith Mr. John, 50 Eign road
Smith Josiah William, Esq., Q.C., B.C.L. (judge of county courts-circuit 27), Athelstan hall
Smith Mrs., 2 Camden villas, Broomy hill
Smith Miss Sarah, 42 Eign street
Smith Mr. Thomas, 4 Victoria terrace, White Cross road
Speechley Mrs. Ann, 13 Park street, Bartonsham
Stallard William, Esq., Aylestone hill
Stallard Wm. Thos., Esq., Aylestone hill
Stanton Mr. William, Portfield street
Steele Mr. William, 37 White Cross st.
Stephens Miss Ann, Shaftesbury house, 102 White Cross street
Stokes Mrs. M.H., 5 St. John street
Stone Mr. Thomas, 104 White Cross st.
Stooke Edwin, The Cedars, Aylestone hill
Sunderland Edwin H., 136 St. Owen st.
Sunderland Mr. Joseph H., sen., 2 Offa st.
Suter John Alexander Forbes, Esq., Holmer park
Symonds James Frederick, Esq. (alderman), Okeleigh, Broomy hill
Symonds John Reginald, Esq., Okeleigh
Symonds Mr. Thomas, Tupsley house
Tapling Mrs. C.R., Canon villa, White Cross road
Tatham Rev. Francis Henry, M.A. (head master of Hereford Cathedral school), Cathedral close
Taylor Rev. John Robert Gleig, M.A. (minor canon and sub-chanter of Hereford cathedral; curate of St. John-the-Baptist), The College
Taylor Mrs. Margaret, 6 Edgar street
Temperley A., Esq., B.A. (assistant master at Hereford cathedral school)
Thomas Mr. Edward, 1 Oxford street
Thomas Mrs., Clifford pl., White Cross rd.
Thomas Mrs. Martha, 40 Portland street
Thomas Miss M.A., 1 Park street, Bartonsham
Thomason The Misses, 6 Wye terrace, Bridge street
Thomason Richard, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Drybridge house, 37 St. Martin street
Thompson Mr. Arthur, 12 St. Nicholas street
Tomblings Mr. George Griffith, 22 Commercial street
Tomkins Miss, 14 St. Nicholas street
Toms Mr. William, Panson cot., Putson
Trokes Charles, Esq., Putson house
Trollope Captain, R.N., 10 Castle street
Trusted Joseph, Esq., Barton cottage, Broomy hill
Turner Mrs. Clayton, The Fosse, Castle grn.
Turner Misses, Poplars, Aylestone hill
Turner Thomas, Esq., M.R.C.S., 141 St. Owen street
Twyning Mrs. S., The Mount, Tupsley
Underwood Captain Thomas Nourse, R.N., J.P. (for the city), Newstead house, Aylestone hill
Underwood Edward Morgan, Esq., 29 Castle street
Underwood Mrs. Henry, 44 Bridge street
Underwood Mrs. John Hanmer, 11 Castle street
Underwood Rev. Richard, M.A. (vicar of All Saints, prebendary of Colwall in Hereford cathedral, and deputy chaplain of Coningsby's hospital), All Saints' vicarage, 37 Widemarsh street
Veare Mr. William, 2 Glo'ster villas, 31 Eign road
Venn Rev. John, M.A., Aylestone hill
Vevers Hy., Esq., M.R.C.S., 6 St. Owen st.
Vevers John B., Esq., The Firs, Hampton park
Vevers William Maddy, Esq., Glen View villa, Park street, Bartonsham
Wager Rev. James (minister of the Countess of Huntington's free church), 51 Berrington street
Wainwright Mr. Joseph, 9 Castle street
Wainwright Mr. Thomas, Vine villa, Ledbury road
Waite Mrs. Eliza, Moorfield place, 20 Edgar street
Walker Miss Loveday, Richmond place, Edgar street
Walker Mr. William Adams, Eva cottage, 25 New town
Walmsley Mr. George, 4 North villas
Walmsley Mr. James, Richmond place, 26 Edgar street
Walters Mrs., 10 Model cottages, Bath st.
Warburton Peter, Esq., 23 St. Owen st.
Waring Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Victoria street
Waring The Venerable William, M.A. (archdeacon of Ludlow in the diocese of Hereford, canon residentiary of Hereford cathedral, and master of St.Catherine's hospital, Ledbury), Cathedral close, Hereford; and St. Catherine's, Ledbury
Wathen Thomas, Esq., Broomy hill
Watkins Charles, Esq., Bewell house; and at Wisteston court, Marden, Hereford
Watkins Mrs. Eliza, 92 Park street, Bartonsham
Watts Mrs. Mary Ann and Miss, 2 North villas, Barr's Court road
Weaver Mrs. F., 12 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Weaver Miss Harriett, 22 King street
Weaver Miss Sarah, 14 St. Nicholas street
Webb The Misses C. & J., 17 St. Owen st.
Webb Miss Susanna, 31 White Cross st.
Webb Mr. Wm., Moorfield pl., 15 Edgar st.
Webster Mr. Richard, 151 St. Owen st.
Welsh Mr. Richard, 12 Edgar street
Weymss Mr. Edward, Derwent villa, 27 Eign road
Weymss Mr. James, 66 St. Owen street
Whalley Mr. James, 2 Gothic villas, White Cross road
Whatoff Mr. J., Brampton villa, White Cross road
Wheeler Mrs. Mary, 33 White Cross st.
Wheeler Mr. Richard, 14 Edgar street
White Joseph, Esq., Wye Vale villas, 97 Park street, Bartonsham
Whitfeld William Clarke, Esq., 118 St. Owen street
Whittem Mr. Christopher, 61 Cotterell street, White Cross road
Wilding Frederick, Esq., 7 King street
Wilkes Mr. Henry, R.A.M., Holland place, Blackmarstone
Wilkes Mr. Thomas, Lansdowne cottages, 30 Commercial road
Wilkins Mrs., Linden villa, Bath street
Williams Mrs. A., Laburnum villa, White Cross road
Williams Edward W. Colt, Esq. (Her Majesty's inspector of schools), Gate house, 131 Widemarsh street
Williams Mrs. Eliz., 27 White Cross st.
Williams Mr. James, 40 Widemarsh st.
Williams Miss Mary, Castle hill
Williams Miss Elizabeth, St. Ethelbert's house, Castle hill
Williams Miss, 107 East street
Williams Mr. Wltr., The Gare, Broomy hl.
Wilson Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Castle hill
Winstone Mrs., Hinton cot., St. Martin's
Woakes Mr. Fred. Chas., Model cottages, Baths street
Wood Miss F., Lawn's croft, Aylestone hl.
Wood Mrs., Vaga lawn, Broomy hill
Woolley Mrs., 4 Ferrers street
Woolley Mrs., Leyland vil, Aylestone hl.
Woolley Mr. William, 125 St. Owen st.
Wootton Mrs. A, Springfield pl., Green st.
Wybrow Miss Louisa, East view, Ross rd.
Wynn Nicholas Sirrell, Esq., 35 Broad st.
Yapp Mrs. Ellen, Widemarsh cottage

Transcription by Marion Wilkinson in May 2001.

COMMERCIAL. Added 9 Jan 2005
Abell Mrs. Eliza A., lodging house, 20 King street
Adams John, gardener, 47 Commercial rd.
ADAMS MATTHEW, wood hoop and hurdle merchant, Canal wharf; res., 30 Monkmoor st. (see advertisement page 45)
Adams Richard, New Town Inn, 71 New town
ADAMS MRS. SARAH, printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, newsagent, archery, croquet, toy, and fancy repository; parcels receiving office for the Midland railway company, 29 High town; res., 22 St. Owen street
Adams William, dairyman, 2 Edgar st.
Addis Edward, farmer, Newton farm
Alcott William, baker, confectioner, &c., 46 Commercial street
ALEXANDER WILLIAM THOMAS, plumber, gas and hot water engineer, &c., 39 Eign street, and show room, Victoria st. (see advt. p.49)
Alexanders & Loveridge, agricultural implement manufacturers, &c., depot at Nos. 1 to 4 Cattle market; and at Lion works, Leominster (see advertisement opposite Leominster trades directory)
ALLEN & CO., coal, coke, and lime merchants, offices, 24 Church street; depots at Barr's Court station and at Railway station, Moreton-on-Lugg; Mr. Thomas Allen, Manager (see advertisement page 18)
Allen Edwin, agent for the Prudential assurance company, 24 Church street
Allen Goo., lodgings, 24 Commercial rd.
Allen Thomas, manager for Allen & Co., coal merchants, &c., office, 24 Church street; res., 9 St. Nicholas street (see advertisement page 18)
Allen T.W., cashier at the Midland bank, 35 Broad street; res., South Bank ho., Aylestone hill
Allsop E., shoe warehouse, 29 Church st.
ANDERSON JOHN, tobacconist, 7 High street
Andrew Adam, travelling draper, Thornbury house, White Cross road
Andrews James Alexander, linendraper, 81 Eign street
Andrews R., assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral
ANTHONY CHAS., publisher and proprietor of the "Hereford Times" newspaper, general printer by steam power, electrotyper, and stereotyper, "Hereford Times" steam printing offices, Maylord street (see advertisement at commencement of index)
Anthony James, Pack Horse Inn, Blackmarstone
Apperley Wm. Havard & Henry Gwillim, land agents and surveyors; agents to the Royal Farmers' fire and life insurance company, office, 21 East street; res., The Hawthorns, Aylestone hill
Appleyard John Stephen, accountant and law clerk, 17 St. Nicholas street
Armitage William Sugden, farmer, The Field, Tupsley
Armstrong John Ward, divisional engineer (West Midland section of Great Western railway), office, Barr's Court sta.; res., Hatterell ho., Aylestone hill
Arnold Charles, third clerk in Her Majesty's court of probate, 110 Park st., Bartonsham
Arnold John, mail-cart contractor, 28 Bridge street
Arthy Robert William, solicitor, 14 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Ashcroft Edward, hoot and shoe maker, 88 Eign street
Aston Thomas, butcher, 70 Eign street
Austin William, shopkeeper, &c., Widemarsh common
AVIS & CO., The Palace hotel, commercial and private boarding house, 3 King street (see advertisement)
AVIS R.W., English and foreign fruit merchant, and importer of foreign cigars, 3A King St. (see advt. page 52)
Badham George, bricklayer, 67 Bath st.
Bagnall George, 11 Park st., Bartonsham
Bailey Chas., jobbing gardener, Tupsley
Bailey Joseph, Swan Inn, Aylestone hill
Bailey Thomas, coachbuilder, 30 Union st.
BAKER EDWARD JOSEPH, tailor, hatter, hosier, glover, & gentlemen's outfitter, 2 High street (see advertisement page 14)
Baker Henry, commercial traveller, 1 Greenfield villas, Bath street
Baker William Augustus, clerk in post office, 66 Cotterell st., White Cross rd.
Baldwin Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 4 King street
Ballard Philip, manager of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire canal, office, Canal wharf; res., The Knoll, Tupsley
BAMFORD ROBERT LINGEN, estate agent and surveyor; agent for the Scottish Provident institution, and the London and Lancashire fire insurance company , office, 138 Widemarsh street; res., Westfields
Bannister: E., coffee ho., 31 Newmarket st.
Barber William, plumber, glazier, and painter, 41 Bridge street
Barker E.H. Lingen, architect - offices, 7 St. Owen street, and at 11 Buckingham street, Charing Cross, London, W.C., & 8 High street, Haverfordwest
BARKER GREENWOOD, baker, grocer, and provision dealer, 17 Eign rd.
BARLING JAMES LIONEL, M.R.C.V.S. (Lon.), veterinary establishment, 8 King street (see advt.)
Barlow George H., accountant, and clerk at Hereford savings hank, 30 Harold street, Bartonsham
BARNARD THOMAS JAMES, pastrycook, confectioner, and sub-postmaster, Post office, 74 Eign street
Barnes Alfred, law clerk, Cotterell street
Barnes Mrs. A., dressma., 93 St. Owen st.
Barnes John, agent for the Guardian plate glass insurance company, 132 Widemarsh street
Barnfield Mrs. E.. dairykeeper, Wye st.
BARRETT & GREENLAND, linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, milliners, hosiers, glovers, carpet and furnishing warehousemen, and funeral furnishers, 1 High street; and at 10 High street, Ross (see advt. page 10)
BARRETT HENRY, Exchange Hotel, and dealer in wines and spirits, Broad street (see advertisement)
BARTER GEORGE, M.A., estate agent, surveyor, timber and land valuer, &c.; agent for the Conservative Land Society, and for the Land Drainage Improvement Company; offices, 16 Widemarsh street; and at 8A New Inn, Strand, London, W.C.; head offices, T
he Avenue (The Cross), Worcester; res., Link cottage, Malvern
Barton Mrs. Catherine, baker and grocer, 10 Hampton street
BATTEN & SON, carriers and leather merchants, closed upper and grindery warehouse, 14 Eign street
BAYLEY MISS E.J., Berlin wool and fancy repository, 69 Eign street
BAYLEY GEORGE, miller, Victoria steam mill, Victoria street; res., 2 White Cross villas
Bayley Miss S.P., stationer, 21 Broad st.
Baylis Alan, beer retailer (Moss Cottage) and jobbing gardener, Foley street
Baylis Charles, bootmaker, 17 Union st.
BAYLIS & SON, saddlers and harness makers, 11 High street
BAYLISS WILLIAM, brick, tile, & drain-pipe manufacturer, Aylestone hill brick works, Barr's Court road
Baynham Jas., florist, &c., 6 Maylord st.
Baynham Joseph, salesman for Allen & Co., coal merchants, Barr's Court sta.
Baynham & Williams (The Misses), furnished apartments, 26 Broad street
Beatty J., sergeant instructor of musketry to Herefordshire militia, 35 Castle place, Hampton street
Beavan Arthur, St. Clair villa, White Cross road
Beavan Mrs. E., Royal George, 31 Widemarsh street
Beavan William, builder, 17 Victoria st.
Beaven Wm., compositor, 25 Eign road
Beddoe Henry Child, solicitor, proctor, & notary public; secretary to the Lord Bishop of Hereford; deputy registrar of the diocese; registrar of the archdeaconries of Hereford and Ludlow; registrar of the royal peculiar of Bridgnorth; steward and chapter clerk to the custos and vicars of Hereford cathedral; deputy steward to the ecclesiastical commissioners; com. to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; office, Cathedral close; res., 28 Castle street
BEECH TOM, brick, pipe, and the manufacturer, Holmer brick works (see advertisement page 46)
Beesley Chas., shoemaker, 47 St. Owen st.
Beetleston Jno., coml. clerk, 88 Edgar st.
Bellow Edward (firm of Bennett & Bellow), 10 High town
BENNETT & BELLOW (late R.P. Brown), manufacturing, general, and furnishing ironmongers; whitesmiths, bellhangers, gasfitters, braziers, tin-plate workers, fitters of hot-water apparatus, &c., 10 High town (see advertisement page 4)
Bennett Charles P. (firm of Bennett & Bellow), 10 High town; res., 2 Highfield villas, White Cross road
Beresford J., bookbinder, Blue School st.
Berry Mrs. Elizth., baker, &c.,13 West st.
Bethell Richard, stone mason, and parish clerk and sexton of St. Martin's church, Ross road
BEZANT AARON WALTER, chronometer, watch and clock maker, gold and silver smith, jeweller, and optician; agent for Elkington's electroplate and works of art; and sewing machine depot, 5 & 6 Widemarsh street (see advertisement opposite front cover)
BEZANT & PHILLIPS, pianoforte, harmonium, and music warehouse, tuners, and repairers; agents for John Brinsmead & Sons' prize medal pianofortes, 32 High town (see advertisement opposite front cover)
Bezant Frederick Simon, Garrick Hotel, 8 St. Peter street
BIGGLESTONE EDWARD, monumental mason, and chimney - piece manufacturer, marble, stone, enamelled slate, and cemetery works, Cathedral close and 21 Church street (see advertisement page 22)
BIGGLESTONE MISS ELIZA, fancy repository, brush, toy, basket, and perambulator warehouse, 25 Commercial street
Bigglestone Fredk., toy dlr., 23 Eign st.
Bigglestone Miss F.L., milliner and dressmaker, 21 Church street
Bigglestone Thomas, grocer, and agent for Sutton & Co., carriers, 61 Commercial road
Biggs Daniel, jobbing gardener, 57 Cotterell street
Birch Thos., accountant, 34 Comrcl. road
Bird Nathaniel, steward at the Herefordshire club, 42 Broad street
Bishop Mrs. Elizth., laundress, Barton
Bishop James, bootmaker, 5 St. Owen st.
Bishop Miss Mary, lodging and boarding house, 9 Castle street
Blakemore J., umbrella maker, 52 St. Martin street
BLINKHORN THOMAS, linen draper, millinery and underclothing warehouse, Gloucester house, 9 and 10 St. Peter street (see advertisement p. 51)
Blunsum George, law clerk, Bewell street
Bodenham Frederick (firm of James & Bodenham), Solicitor; clerk of the peace for the city; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Atlas insurance company; office, 5 St. Peter street; res., Aylestone hill
Bolden Henry, engineer to the Midland railway company, office, Moorfields; res., The Cedars, Tupsley
Bomford & Lee, corn factors and manure agents, 37 Commercial square
Bond Henry, manager of the locomotive & carriage department (Great Western railway), Barr's Court station
BOSLEY AND MARCHANT, family grocers, tallow chandlers, and provision merchants, 3 High street
Bosley Edwin Edward (firm of Bosley & Marchant), 32 Castle street
Botchett Philip, boot maker, 99 East st.
Bott Richard, pavior, 65 Bath street
Bottrell William, sheriff's officer, and auctioneer, 11 St. Nicholas street
Boulter John, shoemaker, 22 Victoria st.
BOULTON JOSEPH, cider and perry merchant, Barr's Court stores; res., Essington house, Aylestone hill
Bound Mrs. Ann, poulterer, 8 Maylord st.
Bourne Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, 124 St. Owen street
BOWELL REV. WILLIAM, F.R.G.S., F.E.I.S. (Trinity College, Dublin), head master and proprietor of the Collegiate school, Chandos house, 117 St. Owen street and St. Ethelbert street (see advertisement opposite preface)
BOWEN ZACHARIAH (late Baker), gun maker, cutler, fishing tackle, and hardware warehouse, 84 Eign street
BOWERS JAMES, builder, contractor, and surveyor, Portland house, 10 Portland street
Bowers John, builder, &c., 1 Catherine street
Bowers William, builder, contractor, &c., Bath street; res., Foley street
Boycott William, solicitor, 2 Palace yard; res., Ivy lodge, Aylestone hill
Boyles John, master of Nat. sch., Tupsley
Bozzard Thomas, jobbing gardener and seedsman, 37 St. Owen street
Bracher Sergeant-Major, drill and musketry instructor to rifle corps, Orderly room, 23 King street
Braid Timothy William, 19 Eign road
Brain William Edward, miller and corn merchant, Lugg Bridge flour mills
BRAY T. & W., engineers, rnillwrights, machinists, and iron and brass founders, Blackmarstone st. (see advt. p.39)
Bray Mrs. Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, Blackmarstone street
Bridgeman Thomas, superintendent of public baths, Bath street
Bridges S., marine strs., 106 St. Owen st.
Bridgewater Basil Bentley, hydraulic engineer, Berrington street
BRIDGWATER JAMES, provision dealer, 12 Commercial street (see advertisement page 45)
BRIGGS NAOMI MARSHALL, grocer and provision dealer, Cambridge house, 122 St. Owen street
Brisland James, shopkeeper, New town
Broad Abrhm., poulterer, 17 Gwynne st.
Broad The Misses, ladies' school, Norfolk house, 9 St. Martin street
Brodie Mrs. Elizabeth, matron of Hereford county gaol, Commercial road
Brookman William, shopkpr., 83 Green st.
Brooks Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 5 Richmond street
BROOKS JOHN, marine store and general dealer, haberdasher, and Birmingham warehouse, Green street, St. Owen street
BROOME WILLIAM, bait and livery stables, Commercial square and 13 Union street (see advertisement p. 45)
BROWN CHARLES, Black Swan Agricultural and Commercial Hotel, and farmer, 8 Widemarsh street
Brown Charles, baker, &c., Blackmarstone
Brown Charles Henry, railway clerk, 36 Cotterell street
Brown Gopsill & Sons, sack contractors, depot at Barr's Court station (Mr. J.D. Townsend, Manager); head office, Gloucester
Brown John, draper, &c., 16 Eign street
Brown J.P., secretary to Herefordshire chamber of agriculture
Bruton Mrs. E., lodgings, 16 Union st.
Bruton Rich., pmbr. & pntr., 88 East st.
Bryant William Shelton, railway guard, 32 New town
Buckham R., shopkeeper, 5 Little Berrington street
Bufton Charles, agent, 65 Cotterell street
Bull Hy. Graves, physician, 2 St. John st.
BULLAR EDWARD PAXTON, estate and house agent, 31 White Horse street
Bullen Samuel, tailor, 8 St. Owen street
Bullock Albert, clerk, City weighing machine, 66 Newmarket street
Bullock Thomas, coal merchant, Barr's Court station; W. Pritchard, Agent
Bullock William, Wellington Arms, 24 Widemarsh street
BULMER J. & W., importers of wines and spirits, 2 Widemarsh street, corner of Bewell street
Bulmer John Whitfeld (firm of J. & W. Bulmer), Uplands, Aylestone hill
Bulmer William Richard (firm of J. & W. Bulmer), Glenthorne, Holmer
BURGWIN CHARLES, Star and Garter Hotel, 65 and 66 Commercial rd.
Burnett Mrs., preparatory school, Moorfield place, 17 Edgar street
Burville Wm. John, professor of music, and lay clerk of Hereford cathedral, 9 King street
Busby J., colour-sergeant (Herefordshire militia), The Barracks, Bartonsham
Busk John, haulier, 85 Edgar street
BUSTIN MRS. & SONS, photographers, Oxford place, 38 Widemarsh street; and at Gloucester road, Ross (see advertisement page 33)
BUTCHER MISS CATHERINE, London baby linen and ladies' outfitting warehouse, 12 St. Peter street (see advertisement page 33)
BUTLER JOHN, coal, coke, lime, and salt merchant, and brick manufacturer, depots at Barr's Court and Holme Lacy railway stations; brick works, Tupsley; res., 31 Commercial road (see advertisement page 38)
Caldicott Charles, master of the Scudamore Charity school, Friars street
Caldwell George J., head master of the Blue Coat school, and organist of St. Peter's church, Blue School street
Caldwell William Henry, sexton at cathedral, Lucas house, Portfield street
Calver M. and A., dressmakers, 9 White Cross street
CALVERT THOMAS, cider and perry merchant, 8 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street; stores, Wye street
Cam Thomas, F.R.C.S., surgeon extraordinary to the infirmary, 13 St. Owen street
Campbell John, trav. draper, 6 Union ter.
Caple Samuel, shopkpr., 31 Monkmoor st.
Capner John William, cashier at the Gloucestershire bank; agent for the Scottish Provincial fire, the Midland Counties' hailstorm, and the Accident insurance offices, Dynedor View villas, 102 Park street, Bartonsham
Carless George, livery stables, Eign street
Carless Joseph, jun., solicitor; town clerk and clerk to the urban sanitary authority; perpetual commissioner; commissioner for affidavits in the supreme court of judicature; deputy registrar o£ the county court; office, 3 Offa street
CARLESS THOMAS & HENRY, furnishing and general ironmongers, bar iron merchants, tin-plate workers, gasfitters, bellhangers, nail manufacturers, oil and colour merchants, implement dealers, and agricultural seed merchants, 34 High town (see advertis
ement page 11)
Carless Henry (firm of T. & H. Carless), 2 Castle street
Carless Thomas (firm of T. & H. Carless), 34 High town
CARPENTER EDWARD COX, furniture-van proprietor, The Barton, Broomy hill
Carpenter James, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for district of Hereford south and Peterchurch, 5 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Carpenter Robert, shoeing and jobbing smith, 1 New town, Widemarsh
Carter John, Heart of Oak, 27 New town
Cartwright Thos., haulier, 16 Clifford st.
Chamberlain Mrs. A., farmer, Bartonsham farm
Chance Geo., shoemaker, 13 Little Berrington street
Chance M.A., shopkeeper, 38 Church st.
Chance Miss Sarah, grocer, &c., 17 Bridge street
Chandler George, town missionary, 24 Blue School street
Chaplin Henry Thomas, first clerk at inland revenue office, 95 Park street, Bartonsham
Chapman D.R., librarian and curator of Hereford free library and museum, and organist of St. James', Broad st.
CRAVE WILLIAM FRANCIS, pharmaceutical, dispensing, and agricultural chemist, 6 and 7 Broad street
Cherry Jn., Royal Standard, 43 Bewell st.
Chesterton Mrs. H., baker, &c., 33 Eign st.
Chick John, baker, &c., 111 and 113 St. Owen street
Chick William, architect and county surveyor, office, 20 East st.; res., Woodville, Sutton St. Nicholas, near Hereford
Chiles Henry, Barrel Inn, 12 Eign street
Chirnside James, grocer's assistant, 1 Poplar cottages, Portfield, Bath street
Clark Wm., job. gardener, 89 New town
Clarke Miss E., manageress at Green Dragon Hotel, Broad street
Clarke Robert, builder. 21 Guildford st.
Clarke R., assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral
Clarke Saml., coffee house, 38 Bewell st.
Clarke William, farmer, 17 Norfolk ter.
CLARKSON HENRY, grocer, tea dealer, and Italian warehouseman sole agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine importers and distillers; agent for Allsopp & Sons' and Bass & Co.'s Burton ales, Guinness's extra Dublin stout, and the Alton Court brewery company's
family ales, porter, and stout; sole agent and importer of pure Indian teas; also agent for the Liverpool and London and Globe fire and life insurance office, 9 High town (see advertisement page 19)
CLARKSON & CO., manufacturers and sole proprietors of J.G. Devereux's "Old England" sauce, High town (see advertisement page 19)
Cleave John, solicitor; clerk of the peace for the county of Hereford; perpetual commissioner; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; offices, Shirehall, and 15 Bridge street
COCK BENJAMIN, tanner, Eign Gate tannery; res., 49 Eign street
Cole Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, 75 Green st.
Cole George, city surveyor, office, 143A Widemarsh street; res., 23 Commercial road
Cole Saml., carpenter, 21 Commercial rd.
Cole Wm., tailor's assist., 50 Portland st.
Colebatch Jn., frmr., White ho., Tupsley
Coleby John Smith, inland revenue officer, 11 Norfolk ter., St. Martin st.
Coles Thos., clk., 24 Park st., Bartonsham
Coles William, collector of inland revenue and receiving officer of taxes, office, 30 Widemarsh street; res., The Hawthorns, Aylestone hill
Colley James, builder, 64 Green street
Collins George, commercial traveller, 18 Widemarsh street
Collins Patrick; staff sergeant, 8 Edgar st.
COLLINS WILLIAM, hosier, glover, practical shirt maker, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 13 High town (see advertisement page 55)
COLWELL EDWIN, new and second-band bookseller, and waste paper dealer; agent for the Inman line of Royal mail steamers to North America, 151 St. Peter street; warehouse, Bewell street (see advts. page 36 and trade catalogue at end of Hereford advertisements)
Constable Richard, butcher, 145 Widemarsh street; and farmer, Highfield house, Holmer
Cook Henry, chimney sweeper, 29 Gaol st.
COOKE EDWIN, painter, grainer, paperhanger, &c., 102 Widemarsh street (see advertisement page 51)
COOKE GEORGE & SON, family grocers, Italian warehousemen, and wine merchants; agents for Lea, Carpenter, & Co.'s ales, 25 High town
Cooke John, painter, &e., 16 Bewell street
Cooke Richard, grocer, &c., 10 High st.
Cooke Thomas, fishing-rod maker, Blue School street; res., Maylord street
COOPER T. (late Manlove), English and foreign china, glass, and earthenware rooms, 14 High town (see advertisement page 54)
Cope William, superintendent of police for Hereford and Abbey Dore divisions, County police station, Commercial rd.
Corbett James, deputy governor of Hereford county gaol and clerk to the visiting justices; clerk to the finance committee; auditor to Hereford savings bank, 32 Commercial road
Corner James, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; advocate in the police and county courts, office, 37 High town; res., 2 Vaga villas, Castle hill
Corner John, lamp and oil dealer, gas and water fitter, tin-plate worker, &c., 19 Commercial street
Cotton Thomas, Greyhound Hotel, 89 Eign street, and Grapes Inn, 39 West street
Court Mrs. Anne, dressmaker, &c., 57 Eign street
Court Mrs. M.A., dressma., 33 Church st.
COURT & MORRIS, family grocers, tea dealers, Italian warehousemen, wine and spirit merchants, &c.; agents for J., W., & J.V. Stallard's Worcester ales and stout, Ind, Cooke, & Co.'s Burton ales, Guinness's Dublin stout, Raggett's nourishing London stout and pale ale, and for the Civil Service wine association, County tea warehouse, 8 High town
Court Thomas Ambrey (firm of Court & Morris), Melbourne ho., Aylestone hill
Cowley John G., chief clerk in post office, St. James's villa, Ledbury road
Cowtan Captain Edwin, governor of Hereford county gaol, Commercial road
Cox Geo., railway insp., 29 Moorfield st.
Cox John Jukes, outfitter, &c., 26 High town
Cox Thomas, agent for washing machines, &c., 74 Park street, and Market hall
Cox Wm., dairyman, 11 Commercial rd.
CRAGGS MRS. ANNE, cricket depot, toy and fancy goods warehouse, 57 Broad street
Craig J.D., master of the working boys' home, Bath street
CRANSTON & MAYOS, nurserymen, florists, and seed merchants, King's Acre nurseries, near Hereford; seed warehouse, Herefordshire Club buildings, 41 Broad street
Cranston John (firm of Cranston & Mayes), King's Acre, near Hereford
CRATCHLEY ALFRED, salt merchant, and dealer in Bath bricks, whiting, freestone, sand, &c., 5 Monkmoor st.; warehouse, 38 Catherine st.
Croft Hy., painter, &c., 40 Blue School st.
Crompton Mrs., dressma., 22 Blue School st.
Crompton T., bookbinder, Blue School st.
Crompton Wm., ironmonger's assistant, 3 Model cottages, Baths street
Crossthwaite Mrs. Amy, Rummer Tavern, 42 Bewell street
Crump George, basket maker, 59 Eign st.
CULLIS W. AND CO., practical lithographers, die sinkers, engravers, and copper-plate printers; fancy stationers, picture-frame makers, carvers, gilders, printsellers, and fine art repository, The London engraving and lithographic offices, 3 Broad s
treet (see advertisement opposite commencement of "Hereford Alphabetical Directory")
Cummings Catherine, Half Moon, 76 Eign street
Curley Timothy, C.E., F.G.S., civil engineer, Broomy hill
Curtis Cornelius, outfitter, 146 and 147 Widemarsh street; and at High street, Chepstow
Cutter Thomas, baker, grocer, and beer retailer (Crown), 35 and 36 St. Martin st.
Daish Mrs. C., laundress, Tupsley
Dallow Francis W., chief clerk (Herefordshire constabulary), 25 Park street, Bartonsham
Dallow James, job. gardener, 61 Park st.
DAUNCEY THOMAS, linen draper, milliner, &c., 8 Commercial street
Davies Benj., insurance agent, 73 Eign rd.
Davies Chas., joiner, &c., 72 Commrcl. rd.
Davies & Co., soda-water manufacturers, 14 Eign street and 39 West street
Davies Mrs. E., lodging ho., 131 St. Owen street
Davies Mrs. E., upholsteress, Widemarsh st.
Davies Harriet, cane worker, 33 West st.
Davies Hyla, road contrctr., New Market street
Davies James, solicitor; clerk to the city magistrates; clerk to the Aubrey charity; solicitor to the Hereford city and county benefit building society; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature, 132 Widemarsh street; res., 1 Wood view, Broomy hill
DAVIES JAMES, family grocer and provision dealer, 4 Widemarsh street
Davies James, builder, 22 Cotterell st.
Davies Jas.; coffee ho., 22 Commercial rd.
Davies John, chief superintendent of city police, Gaol street
DAVIES JOHN, brewer of the celebrated family ales, St. Owen street brewery, and Ship Inn, 105 St. Owen street; res., Boughton villa, Ledbury road (see advertisement page 30)
Davies John, tailor, and agent for Foster & Co.'s parcels express, 1 Bridge street
Davies Jn., baker, &c., 57 Commercial rd.
Davies John, timber haulier, New town
Davies John, White Lion, 13 Maylord st.
Davies John, jobng. smith, 14 Maylord st.
Davies John, shoemaker, 33 West street
Davies & Powell, smiths, &c., 176 Edgar street
DAVIES THOMAS THEOPHILUS, jun., book and music seller, stationer, printer, bookbinder, newsagent, and patent medicine vendor; agent to the London Union fire and life insurance company, and to the Original guarantee society, 1 High town; res., 127 St. Owen street (see advertisement page 43)
Davies William, chemist, 54 Broad street
Davies William, painter, 62 Green street
Davies William, timber haulier, 125 Widemarsh street
Davis Arthur Daniel, grocer, baker, and confectioner, 56 and 57 Widemarsh st.
Davis Mrs. Emma, dressma., 5 Ferrers st.
Davis J.B., tobacconist, 74 Commrcl. rd.
Davis William, manager of gas works, Commercial road
Davison & Whittem, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, White Cross and Barr's Court nurseries; seed warehouse, Free Library buildings, Broad street
Davison George (firm of Davison & Whittem), White Cross house
Davison William, Ship Inn, Ross road
Deacon Samuel, coach and general smith, 120 White Cross street
Deen George, basket maker, Hinton road
Depper Thos., shoe mender, 30 Bewell st.
DERRY JOHN, whitesmith, locksm., bellhanger, shoeing and general smith, gas and water fitter, &c., 33 Union street (see advertisement page 44)
Diamond William Rufus, paymaster sergeant (Herefordshire militia), 87 Park street, Bartonsham
Digby C.W. Loftus, cashier at West of England and South Wales bank, 9 St. Ethelbert street
Dillon Francis Richd., chemist, 7 Eign st.
Dobbs Elisha, greenkpr., Castle green
Docker Ed., frmr., Home farm, Newton
Dodwell C., chimney sweeper, 14 Friars st.
Donnelly William, supervisor of inland revenue, 26 Widemarsh street
Dowding William, plasterer, 104 Widemarsh street
Downey Thomas, quartermaster-sergeant of Herefordshire militia, Barracks, Bartonsham
Drew Vincent, cooper, &c., 23 Maylord st.
Dufty Joseph, dairyman, Widemarsh com.
Duggan James, greengr., 3 Bridge street
Dunn The Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, Richmond pl., 24 Edgar st.
Durham Jas., jobg. gardener, 13 King st.
DUTSON MISS ANN (late Dillon), coppersmith and tin-plate worker, 59 Commercial street
Dutton Mrs. J., laundress, 17 Guildford st.
Dutton Walter, cheese factor, Maylord st.
Dyer Thos., carpenter, &c., 16 Oxford st.
Earle William, accountant; secretary to the Hereford city and county benefit building society; second clerk in Her Majesty's court of probate; agent to the Briton life assurance office, 27 Castle street
Earp Charles, shopkpr., 59 White Cross st.
Eckley John, grocer, 25 Broad street
Edmonds Henry, seedsman, 32 Broad st.
Educational Society's Depot at Jakeman & Carver's, 4 High town (see advertisement page 27)
EDWARDS AUGUSTUS C. (late White & Edwards), silk mercer, milliner,dressand mantle maker, costumier, linen and woollen draper, carpet warehouseman, and funeral furnisher, Alban house, 18 High town (see advt. p.3)
Edwards Edw.,coml. clerk, 23 Portland st.
EDWARDS EDWIN E., estate agent, surveyor, valuer, &c., 26 Broad street; res., Stretton Sugwas
Edwards Miss, dressmaker, 23 Portland st.
Edwards & Weaver, auctioneers, &c., 67 New Market street, and at Leominster and Kington; postal address, Corn Exchange offices, Leominster (see Leominster advertisements page 9)
Edwards Wm., bootmaker, 45 Maylord st.
Elliott Ebenezer, printer, bookbinder, &c., 28 Church street; res., 33 Harold street, Bartonsham
Elliott George, reporter for the Hereford Times, St. Clair villas, White Cross rd.
Elliott Richard, printer, statnr., and sub-distributor of stamps, 4A St. Peter st.
Elliott Miss Sophia, milliner and dressmaker, 28 Church street
Ensoll William, Butchers' Arms, Berrington street
EVANS BROTHERS & CO., engineers, millwrights, agricultural machinists, iron and brass founders, &c., New Market street (see advt. p.41)
EVANS FRANCIS & SON, ironmongers, nail and chain manufacturers, &c., 4 and 5 Bridge street
Evans Francis, jun. (firm of F. Evans & Son), 9 Prospect terrace, St. Martin st.
EVANS GEORGE, silk mercer, linen draper, haberdasher, hosier, glover, & funeral furnisher, 20 High town
Evans George, jobg. gardener, 76 Edgar st.
EVANS HENRY, coal, coke, and lime merchant, 6 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street; depot at Barr's Court station (see advertisement page 52)
Evans John, bootmaker, 45 St. Martin st.
Evans Mrs. John, milliner and fancy repository, 42 Bridge street
Evans John B., Saracen's Head, St. Martin street
Evans Joseph, hairdresser, 2 Bath street
Evans Peter, hairdresser, 53 Commercial street
Evami Robt. (Evans Bros.), 39 Portland st.
Evans Thomas; railway guard, 48 Portland street
EVANS WILLIAM, jun., cider, perry, and hop merchant, stores, Blue School street; res., Sorrento, Hampton park, Tupsley
Eversham George, shopkpr., 29 Union st.
Eves Albert, hospital sergeant (Herefordshire militia), 93 Eign road
Evins Joseph Hancock, architect and surveyor, 132 St. Owen street
Farmer's Temperance, Family, and Commercial Hotel, 1 and 2 Commercial road
Farmer Samuel, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Law Union fire and life insurance company, office, Widemarsh street; res., Rock house, Fownhope, near Hereford
FARR CHARLES, Merton Commercial Hotel and Posting Establishment, 28 Commercial road (bait and livery stables opposite) (see advertisement)
Farr Richd., cattle salesman, Ledbury rd.
Faulkner Mrs. E., milliner, Commercial rd.
Faulkner Fred. George, overseer at Hereford Times office, 62 Commercial road
Faulkner John, Royal Oak, The Barton
FEAR ABRAHAM, cider and perry merchant, and cooper, &c., 121 St. Owen street
Fenton Ed. W., com. traveller, 1 Wye ter.
Field Charles, fishmonger, &c., 27 St. Martin street
FIELD'S MERCANTILE COMPANY, LIMITED, coal, lime, and building material merchants, and manure agents, depot at Barton station (John Higgins, District Agent); head offices, Shrewsbury
Flanegan Mrs. Esther, carver and gilder, 144 St. Owen street
Fletcher R.W., fishmonger, 36 Portland street
FLETCHER WILLIAM, fish salesman, herring curer, fruit, potato, and ice merchant, general commission agent, poulterer, and dealer in game (wholesale and retail), 9 Eign street and Market hall; Wenham Lake and rough ice and potato stores, Berrington
street; herring curing warehouse, St. Owen street (see advt. page 25)
Fletcher William, farmer, The Leys, St. Martin's and Grafton; res., Clifton cottage, 6 Oxford street
Flint S. Houston, assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral
Floyd Hen., Golden Lion, Grandstand rd.
FLUCK JOHN, Spread Eagle Agricultural and Commercial Hotel, 2 King street
Ford Geo., baker and grocer, 8 Bridge st.
Ford Jn., builder, &c., Eign hill, Tupsley
Ford William, Frederick, chemist, 27 and 28 Eign street
Fowler James Thomas Owen, secretary and actuary to the Hereford savings bank and government annuity institution; secretary to the Hereford general infirmary; agent to the Sun fire and life assurance offices, East street, corner of St. John street
Fowles Edward, relieving officer, registrar of births and deaths, and vaccination officer for Dewchurch district of Hereford union, Hinton road
Fowles Edward William, sen., refreshment rooms, 44A Commercial road
Fowles Frederick, inspector of nuisances
Fox Mrs., dairykeeper, 3 Gomond street
Francis E., Railway Bell, Blue School st.
FRANCIS GEORGE WILLIAM, general drapery, millinery, mantle, hosiery, and haberdashery warehouse, 27 High town and High street
FRANCIS MISS, preparatory classical school for young gentlemen (boarding and day), 13 Castle street (see advertisement page 21)
Francis Wm., tailor, 12 Commercial road
FRASER ARCHIBALD, tailor and travelling draper, 14 Commercial road
FREDERIC MONS. F. (first diploma of Neuch&acircum;tel University, Switzerland), professor and teacher of French and German languages, 6 King street (see advertisement page 53)
Fredericks C., assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral
Fresle Thomas, clock maker and clothes dealer, 6 Bewell street
Froome William James, Queen's Arms, 4 Broad street
Gammage Henry Samuel, jun., plumber and painter, 116 Widemarsh street
Gardiner Henry, compositor and emigration agent, 64 Cotterell street, White Cross road
Garrold Thomas William, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature, 17 Widemarsh street
Garstone Edmund Thomas, baker, &c., 5 King street
Garstone Emma, shopkeeper, 58 St. Martin street
Garstone George, brazier and tin-plate worker, 40A West street; res., 20 Little Berrington street
Garstone Mrs. M., fruiterer, &c., 12 King street
GARSTONE WILLIAM, general outfitter, and boot and shoe dealer, 19 and 78 Eign street
GARTON (CHARLES), RUSSELL, & CO., brewers of prize medal ale, Bristol; branch office, 142 St. Owen street; Mr. John Hook, Agent
Gascoyne Ed., sbopkr., 37 Berrington st.
Geary Charles, clerk of All Saints' church, 119 White Cross street
Geary Francis, law clerk, 91 Park street
GEORGE EDWARD (the Executor of), foreign and English timber merchant, dealer in slates, tiles, and general building materials, and steam sawing mill, Canal wharf; and at Etnam street, Leominster; William A. Hill, Executor (see advt. page 34)
George Isaac, carpenter, Widemarsh com.
George Thomas, grocer and baker, 28 New town
GETHEN WILLIAM, family and dispensing chemist, dealer in photographic chemicals, and sole proprietor of the "European Sauce"; agent for the London Assurance life office, 30 High town
Gibbs Richd., plasterer, 46 Park street
Giles James, Vaga Tavern, Hunderton
Gillham Edward, outfitter, 1 Widemarsh street
GINHAM WILLIAM HENRY, brazier, zinc, copper, and tin-plate Worker; cleaner and repairer of moderator lamps, bottle jacks, &c., 14 Church street
Glasgow John, travelling draper, 27 Widemarsh street
Glasgow Robert & Co., brush manufacturers, 35 Union street
Glass Herbert, umbrella ma., 4 Church st.
Glegg Mrs. Leah, dressmaker, 10 Park st.
GLOUCESTERSHIRE BANK ING COMPANY (BRANCH OF), draw on the Union Bank of London, 2 Princes street, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Wednesdays 10 till 5, and on Thursdays 10 till 1; Charles Gill Martin, Esq., Manager, 1 Broad street, corner of High street
GODSALL GEORGE, boot and shoe manufacturer, 17 Commercial rd. (see advertisement page 44)
GODSALL JOHN, tailor and draper, 70 Commercial road
Godsall W.H., baker, &c., 76 New town
GODWIN WILLIAM, manufacturer of encaustic tiles for pavements of churches, entrance halls, &c. (patronized by Her Majesty the Queen), Lugwardine encaustic tile works, near Hereford (see advertisement at end of Hereford descriptive matter)
Godwin William, dairyman, &c., 15 Union street
Goldie Archibald, tailor, Commercial st.
Gollins Mrs. A., lodging house, 16 St. Nicholas street
Goode Joseph, shopkpr., &c., Hunderton
Goode Thomas, White Horse Inn, 32 Union street
GOODING GEORGE H., confectioner and general provision dealer, Temperance stores, 55 Eign street
Goodman James Charles, Angler Inn, 24 and 25 Union street
GORE HENRY, rope, twine, and rick cover manufacturer; sole inventor of the endless machine bands (without splicing); tents and marquees for hire; Cattle market ropery, and Liverpool house, 45 Bridge street, and the Poultry market (see advertisement page 15)
Gore Mrs. M., teacher of music, 18 Victoria street
GOUGH MISS ELIZABETH, hosier, glover, haberdasher, shirt ma., baby linen and ladies' outfitting warehouse, 16 and 17 High town
Gouldrick George, governor of the city gaol, Gaol street
Gradie John, clerk, 5 Commercial road
GRATY MRS., Prince of Wales Inn, and family brewer, 53 and 54 Eign st. (see advertisement page 36)
GREEN DRAGON HOTEL COMPANY, LIMITED, proprietors of the Green Dragon Family and Commercial Hotel, Broad street; Miss E. Clarke, Manageress
GREEN DRAGON POSTING CO. AND RAILWAY PARCELS OFFICE (E.K. Jakeman & Co., Proprietors), postmasters, cab, omnibus, and mourning coach proprietors; agents for the Great Western Railway Company; Green Dragon railway, coach, and parcel delivery office, 43 Broad street (see advertisement pp. 8 and 9)
GREEN FRANCIS, civil engineer and surveyor, 26 Church street
Green William, jobbing gardener, 106 Park street
Greenland George (firm of Barrett & Greenland), 1 Victoria terrace, 35 White Cross street
Gregg Thomas, net maker, 24 Aubrey st.
GRIFFITH DAVID, British Oak Inn, and printers' club house, 6 Monkmoor street, Commercial road
Griffiths Edwin, shopkpr., 16 St. Owen st.
Griffiths Henry, registrar of births and deaths for the city district, and clerk to the county treasurer, office, St. Peter street; res., Lechmere villa, 101 Park street, Bartonsham
Griffiths James, inspector of city police, Gaol street
GRIFFITHS JOHN, locksmith, bell-hanger, shoeing and general smith, 179 Edgar street
Griffiths ___, carpenter, Prospect place, 32 White Cross street
GRIFFITHS THOS., haberdasher, general hardware and marine store dealer, London, Birmingham, and Sheffield warehouse, 28 and 29 St. Owen street
Griffiths Thos,, Buckinghamshire House, White Cross road
Griffiths William, proctor and apparitor general for the diocese of Hereford, 12 Castle street
Grizzelle Charles, boot and shoe maker, and sexton of cemetery, Bromny hill
Groom & Sons, timber merchants and saw mill proprietors, Widemarsh; and at Wellington, Salop
Groom W., Westbourne terrace, Edgar street
Grout John, furnishing ironmonger, 28 High town, and 1 & 2 Lower Church st.
Grove William, nurseryman and florist, Tupsley and St. Owen's nurseries; res., Woodbine villa, Tupsley
Grover George Charles, district superintendent of West Midland section of Great Western railway, office, Barr's Court station; res., 7 Castle street
GRUNDY THOMAS, butcher, 15 High town; and farmer, Crossway farm, Holmer
Gunn Wm., compositor, 8 Guildford st.
GURNEY ALFRED, foreign and colonial produce merchant, French and Italian warehouseman; dealer in foreign wines and spirits, importer of Martell's brandies, and agent for Guinness's Dublin stout and Bass's Burton ales, 12 High town (see advt. page 5)
Gurney James, eating ho., 3 Maylord st.
Gurney Mrs., dressma., &c., 21 Bridge st.
GUY EDWIN, chemist and druggist, and chiropodist, 15 Broad street (see advertisement)
Gwillim John, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; office, 146 St. Owen street; res., Lianelly house, Aylestone hill
Gwyune John M., Bakers' Arms, 73 Bath street
Hackton Mrs. E., dressmaker, 44 Moorfield street
Haddon Brothers, architects and surveyors, 36 Bridge street; and at Rockliffe, Great Malvern; and 6 John street, Adelphi, Strand, London, W.C.
Hain James, salesman at the King's Acre nurseries, Charlton villa, White Cross rd.
Hall Edwin MT., eating house, 29 Commercial street
Hall George, shoemaker, 28 Bewell street
HALL W. & A.E., wholesale and family grocers, tea dealers, and provision merchants; agents for H.R. Williams & Co.'s wines and Flower & Son's ales, 14 and 15 Widemarsh street
Halstead Edward, horse dealer, Aubrey street; res., The Elms, Burghill
Hanbury Geo. Bobart, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon; medical officer to the dispensary; surgeon to the city district of Hereford union, to the union house, and public vaccinator, 34 Castle street
Handley S., dressmaker, 81 Catherine st.
HANFORD CECIL, private tutor and principal of training school, 26 St. Owen street (see advertisement p. 40)
HARDING RICHARD MORRIS, furnishing ironmonger, 48 Commercial street, and Union street; iron and brass founder, and general smith, Bath street foundry; res., Dorset house, White Cross road
Harley Richard, jun., butcher, 11 Commercial street
HARLEY RICHARD, sen., fellmonger and wool dealer, Millbrook st., New town; and butcher and farmer, 25 Eign street
Harman Charles S. (firm of Powell & Harman), Eign street
HARRIS HENRY, King's Head Inn, 52 Broad street
HARRIS JOSEPH, plain and ornamental painter, glazier, and general house decorator, 24 Victoria street
HARRIS THOMAS, corn, flour, and meal factor, agricultural and garden seedsman; agent to the Colonial assurance corporation, limited, 40 Bridge street (see advt. page 32)
Harris Thomas, Seven Stars, East street
Harris T., baker and shopkeeper, 43 St. Owen street
Harris T., coal dealer and shopkeeper, 83 Eign road
Harris William, Woolpack Inn, 4 St. Nicholas street
Harrison Hy., bricklayer, 44 St. Owen st.
Harrison Mrs. Jane, farmer, 63 St. Owen street
Harrison John, hairdresser, &c., Ross rd.
Harrison Thos., shoema., 108 St. Owen st.
Hart Geo. Inman S., chemist, Church st.
Hart Wm., lodging ho., 3 & 4 Castle st.
Harvey Mrs. C., corn and flour dealer, 19 Union street
HATHAWAY FREDERICK, outfitter, 13 St. Peter street; and boot and shoe warehouse, 11 St. Peter st.
HATTON BROS. & CO., makers of boots, shoes, and leggings (wholesale and retail), The Hereford boot manufactory, 15 St. Peter street, entrance to workshops, East st. (see advt. p.27)
Hatton Charles, tanner, currier, and bark merchant, Barton tannery
Hatton Mrs. S., baker, confectioner, and grocer, 31 Church street
HATTON MARK, manufacturing confectioner, fruiterer, maltster, and hop dealer, 94 East street, and 1 and 2 New market (see advt. page 53)
Havard Edward, railway guard, 25 White Horse street
Hawke Fredk., compositor, 14 Oxford st.
Hawkins Edward, inspector (G.W.R.), 9 Model cottages, Baths street
Hawkins Frederick Thomas, printer and stationer, Hereford Weekly Marvel office, 13 High street
Hawnt Francis Frederick, Barton Tavern, St. Nicholas st. and 1 Whitefriars st.
Hayward J., French polisher, New Market street
Hayward T.F., French polisher, Maylord street
Heap Hargreaves, head master of Hereford proprietary school, Barr's court
Hedger George, tailor, 2 East street
Heinemeier F., musician, 92 Edgar st.
HEINS NICHOLAS, The London pianoforte and music warehouse; professor of music, organist of St. Nicholas church, concert agent, pianoforte tuner, &c., 53 Broad street (see advertisement opposite "Musical Instrument Warehouses" in Hereford Trades Directory)
Herbert Austin, assistant overseer for parishes of St. Nicholas, St. Martin, St. John, and Breinton, 8 St. Nicholas street
HEREFORD CATHEDRAL SCHOOL, Rev. Francis Henry Tatham, M.A. (late Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Assistant Master of Westminster school), Head Master; R.M. Fowler, Esq., M.A. (late Scholar of Pembroke College, Oxford), A. Temperley, Esq., B.A. (late Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge), and S. Poole, Esq., B.A. (late Exhibitioner of Exeter College, Oxford), Assistant Masters; Rev. Jas. Brown, B.A. (late Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge), Master of the Lower School; Mr. E.H. Kelly, Assistant Master; Mons. Menard, Master of Modern Languages; Mr. Burville, Music Master; Mr. Winters, Drawing Master (see advt. facing description of the city of Hereford)
Hereford Dry-Earth Manure Model Garden and Farm, Baths street; Mr. Geo. Henry With, F.R.A.S., Scientific Secretary; Thomas Tranter, Manager.
HEREFORD JOURNAL, and General Advertiser for the counties of Hereford, Gloucester, Salop, Worcester, Monmouth, Brecon, Radnor, Glamorgan, and the rest of the Principality of Wales; printed and published by Eustace Hinton Jones & Co., every Friday evening for Saturday; price 2d.; Conservative politics; established 1713; office, 34 Broad street (see advertisement opposite "Hereford Trades Directory")
HEREFORD LADIES' COLLEGE COMPANY, LIMITED, boarding establishment for young ladies, 135 and 136 Widemarsh street; Mrs. Jacob, Lady Principal; Mr. Edward Maddison, National Provincial Bank, Secretary (see advertisement page 20)
HEREFORD MERCURY AND INDEPENDENT (with which is incorporated the Hereford Express), printed and published by the proprietor, Mr. William Prosser, every Tuesday evening for Wednesday; price one penny; Independent politics; office, 16 Church street (see advt. page 50)
HEREFORD PROPRIETARY SCHOOL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE (established 1855), Barr's court; The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, Visitor; F.L. Bodenham, Esq., Hon. Secretary and Treasurer; Mr. Hargreaves Heap (B.Sc. of the University of London, and late tutor in St. Mark's College, Chelsea), Head Master; C.W. Owen, English Master; Mr. W. Watkins Old, Music Master; ___, French and German Master (see advt. opposite "Schools" in Hereford Trades Directory)
Hereford Savings Bank and Government Annuity Institution (established A.D. 1816, and certified under the Act of 1868), East street; bank hours 10 till 3, on Wednesdays 10 till 5, and on Thursdays 10 till 1; The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Hereford, Chairman; J.A.F. Suter, Esq., National Provincial Bank, Treasurer; J.T. Owen Fowler, Esq., Secretary and Actuary; Mr. James Corbett, Auditor; Messrs. G.H. Barlow & Egerton Harry Smith, Clerks
Hereford Steam Corn Mills, Bath street; office, 50 Commercial street; Mr. William Lewis, Manager
HEREFORD TIMES, and General Advertiser for the counties of Hereford, Monmouth, Brecon, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Radnor, Montgomery, Salop, Stafford, Worcester, and Gloucester; printed and published by the proprietor, Charles Anthony, Esq., every Friday evening for Saturday; Lewis Sergeant, Esq., Editor; price 32d.; Liberal polities; two full sheets, 16 pages, 112 columns, with monthly supplement; established June 30th, 1832; Steam printing offices, Maylord street (see advertisement at commencement of index)
Hereford Weekly Marvel, published by Frederick Thomas Hawkins; price one penny; office, 13 High street
Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal, office, Canal wharf; The Great Western Railway Company, Proprietors; Philip Ballard, Esq., Manager; Mr. Thomas Maddox, Book-keeper
HEREFORDSHIRE & SOUTH WALES AGRICULTURAL MANURE COMPANY, LIMITED, manufacturers of special manures for all crops, superphosphate of lime, sulphuric acid, &c., offices and works, Holmer; Mr. T.F. Salmon, Manager and Secretary (see advertisement page 16)
Herefordshire Club (for ladies and gentlemen), 42 Broad street; Edward Maddison, Esq., Hon. Secretary; The Midland Banking Company, Limited, Treasurers; Nathaniel Bird, Steward
HERRON G.R. & SON, fellmongers, leather dressers, and wool merchants, Monkmoor mills and Eign mills (Robert Johnson, Manager); London warehouse, 133 Bermondsey street, S.E. (see advertisement page 23)
Hewer George, fellmonger and wool dealer, Ford house, 68 Edgar street; and farmer, Palmer's court, Holmer
Hewertson Nelson, timber and bark mer., Widemarsh; and at Newport (Mon.)
Hewitt Edward, eating ho., 17 Church st.
HEWITT HENRY WILLIAM, licensed victualler, The city and county dining and refreshment rooms, 62 and 63 Commercial street, opposite the Old house (see advertisement page 30)
Hewitt Hy. Wm., farmer, Litley cot. fm.
HIGGINS JOHN, district agent for Field's mercantile company, limited, 44 Eign street
Hiles John, baker, &c., 60 St. Martin st.
Hill Mrs. A., dressma., 95 Widemarsh st.
Hill Charles, tailor, 44 Widemarsh street
HILL EDWARD, Britannia Inn, market gardener, and hay and straw dealer, 9 Cotterell st., White Cross rd.
Hill John, baker, &c.,107 White Cross st.
Hill Mrs. M.A., shopkeeper, 128 Widemarsh street
HILL THOMAS, Coach and Horses Agricultural and Commercial Inn, 47 Commercial street (see advt. page 41)
Hill Thomas, tailor, 9 Church street
Hill Thomas, shopkpr., Widemarsh com.
Hill William A., executor of the late Edward George, timber merchant, &c., office, Canal wharf; res., Bromfield villa, 53 Eign road (see advt. page 34)
Hill William Henry, slater and plasterer, 95 Widemarsh street
Hillier Mrs. and Miss, dressmakers, 10 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Hills George Fredk., Horse and Groom, 50 Eign street
HODGES MRS. ANN, hairdresser, perfumer, ornamental hair manufacturer, and dealer in fancy goods, 140 Widemarsh street, and 1 and 2 Maylord street (see advertisement page 38)
Hodges Ralph, lodgings, 50 Comrcl. rd.
Hodges Stephen, shoemaker, St. Martin st.
Holder Alfd., railway guard, 14 Union st.
Holder Mrs. H., straw bonnet maker, 14 Union street
Holliday J. & S., milliners, 138 St. Owen street
Hollings Francis W., clerk, 4 Edgar st.
Hook Charles Wesley, grocer & provision dealer, 16 and 17 Broad street; res., 2 Wye terrace
Hook Edwd., clk., 41 Park st., Bartonsham
Hook John, agent for Charles Garton, Russell, & Co. (brewers of prize medal ale, Bristol), 142 and 15 St. Owen st.
Hooper Mrs. E., corn dealer, 120 Widemarsh street
HOOPER THOMAS, baker and confectioner, 137 St. Owen street
Hooper William, baker, &c., 35 Eign rd.
HOPKINS JOHN, general draper, hosier, haberdasher, &c., Grove house, 6 Eign street (see advt. page 42)
Hopson Thomas, sand dlr., &c., Ross rd.
Horley Alfd., Hop Pole, 54 Commercial rd.
HORNE GEORGE, East India pale and mild ale brewer, The Star brewery, Maylord street; res., Drayton house, Hampton park
Horton Albert William, salesman for Mr. John Butler, coal merchant, Barr's Court wharf; res., 28 Monkmoor st.
Hoskins Ephraim, boot and shoe maker, 61 Commercial street
Howard James, cab proprietor, Union st.
Howell Mrs E., dressmaker, 21 Harold st.
Howells, Henry, tailor and draper, 50 and 51 Broad street
Howells James, beer retailer and tailor, Waterman's Arms, 53 St. Martin street
HOWELLS THOMAS, clerical tailor, habit and livery maker, 19 and 20 Broad street
HOWLETT'S BOARDING HOUSE, LUNCHEON AND DINING ROOMS, 6 Commercial street; Frederick Howlett, Proprietor (see advertisement page 6)
HOWLETT FREDERICK, confectioner and refreshment rooms, 56 Broad street
Hudson Geo., builder, &c., 30 Bridge st.
Hudson William Henry, watchmaker, 123 Widemarsh street
HUGHES MISS MARY, Berlin wool & fancy repository, Free Library buildings, Broad street
Hughes Thomas, corn & flour dlr., 47 & 48 Eign street; stores, 52 Eign street
Hughes Wm., shoemaker, 74 New town
Hull Alfred, cabinet maker & upholsterer, St. Nicholas street
Hull Brothers, advertising agents, Widemarsh street
Hull Mrs. H.J., milliner, 5 Broad street
HULL & SONS, booksellers, stationers, printers, bookbinders, newsagents, machine rulers, account-book makers, circulating library in connection with Mudie, and fancy bazaar; agents for the Norwich Union fire and life insurance office; 35 High town,
& City steam printing offices, Widemarsh street
Hull W.J., musical entertainment and general agency, Widemarsh street
Humfrys William John, solicitor; commissioner to administer baths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, office, 33 Bridge st.; res., 34 Bridge st.
Humphreys Mrs. S., laundress, 35 Eign st.
Hunt & Co., No. 5 Wine and Spirit Vaults, 148 Widemarsh street
Hunt Charles Thomas, butcher, 18 Eign street; and farmer, Widemarsh
Hunt Mrs. E., frmr., Moor fm., Widemarsh
Hunt John, timber haulier, Widemarsh common
Hunt John Osbald D. (firm of Hunt & Co.), Pool cottage, White Cross street
Hunt Mrs., farmer, Widemarsh moor
Hutton Thomas, keeper of the judges' lodgings, 5 Commercial street
Hyatt Wm., staff-sergeant, Portfield st.
Industrial Aid Society's Offices, 50 Commercial st.; Mr. Wm. Lewis, Manager
ING E. (THE EXORS. OF), linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, milliners, dress and mantle makers, hosiers, haberdashers, &c., Bee-hive drapery establishment, 87 Eign street (see advertisement page 24)
INGRAM THOMAS BACH, Elephant and Castle Inn, and working cutler, 102 St. Peter street
INNS JAMES GRIFFITHS, photographer; agent for the Globe parcels express, for the Cunard line of royal mail steamers, and for the Prudential life insurance office, 44 Commercial rd.
Isbell Edwin James, M.R.C.S., surgeon, Richmond place, 25 Edgar street
Jackson Arnold Henry, paperhanger and shopkeeper, 20 Berrington street
Jackson John, paperhanger, 60 Bath st.
Jackson Joseph, carpenter and paperhanger, 118 Widemarsh street
Jackson K., upholsteress, 118 Widemarsh street
Jacob Mrs., principal of Hereford ladies' college, 135 and 136 Widemarsh street
JAKEMAN & CARVER, printers, stationers, book and music sellers, newsagents, circulating library, bookbinding and account-book manufactory; depository for the Hereford diocesan board of education, for the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, and for the National society; publishers of the Hereford diocesan church calendar and clergy list; advertising agents for the London and provincial papers; agents for the Phœnix fire, the Gresham life, and the Accident insurance companies; The Bible and Crown printing office, 4 High town (see advertisement page 57)
JAKEMAN E.K. & CO., proprietors of the Green Dragon posting and railway parcels office; agents to the Great Western railway company; 43 Broad street (see advertisement pages 8 and 9)
James Mrs. Ann, fruiterer, 42 Church st.
James & Bodenham, solicitors, 5 St. Peter street
James Emmanuel, boot maker, and sexton of St. James's church, 76 Green street, Bartonsham
James George, bricklayer, 65 Park street
James John, artificial arm and leg manufacturer, 8 Catherine street
James John Gwynne (firm of James & Bodenham), solicitor; clerk to the justices for Hereford division; clerk to the commissioners of taxes for district of Hereford north; stamp distributor for counties of Hereford and Raduor; commissioner to administer oat
hs in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Law fire and the Law life insurance companies; office, 5 St. Peter street; res., Aylestone hill
James The Misses, ladies' boarding school, 19 Widemarsh street
James Thomas William, agent for the South Wales coal company, West street
James W.H., drum-major (Herefordshire militia), Clive street, Bartonsham
Jarvis Mrs. F., laundress, St. Martin st.
Jarvis William, hatter, 57 St. Martin st.
Jay James, solicitor; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature, 150 St. Owen st., res., Litley court, Tupsley
Jelley Mrs., ldgns., Park st., Bartonsham
Jenner M.A., laundress, Portfield, Bath st.
JENNINGS M.A. & SON, saddlers and harness manufacturers, 12 Eign street; manufactory, West street (see advertisement page 25)
JENNINGS REGINALD, pharmaceutical chemist; secretary to the dispensary, 36 High town; res., Aylestone hill
Jennings William, monumental sculptor, marble and stone mason, 25 Victoria st.
Jennings William, verger at the Cathedral, 22 Church street
Jeynes Frances, apartments, Church st.
Jeynes George, working engineer at water works, Broomy hill
Jeynes Miss, ladies' school, 99 Park st.
Johnson Henry Crown, draughtsman, New town
JOHNSON RICHARD, tailor and woollen draper, 22 Union street (see advertisement page 42)
Johnson Robert, manager for G.R. Herron & Son, Monkmoor mills and Eign mills; res., 40 Commercial road
Johnson William, sec. to the agricultural labourers' union, Cotterell street, White Cross street
Jones Albert, New Harp Inn, bandmaster, and pianoforte tuner, 34 Union street
JONES MISS ANNE, dealer in portmanteaus, trunks, bags, croquet and archery goods, workboxes, dressing cases, toys, &c., 10½ Broad street
Jones Mrs. A.,lodgings, 49 Commercial rd.
Jones Catherine, lodgings, 4 Harley place
Jones Charles, master of St. Martin's National school, Ross road
Jones Charles, fruit and potato stores, Bewell street; res., 32 New Market st.
Jones Mrs. C., coffee house, 25 Bewell st.
JONES EDWARD, Five Ways refreshment house, timber dealer, and land drainer, 30 Commercial street, corner of Maylord street
Jones Edwin, saddler and harness maker, 47 Broad street
Jones Elijah, wool and cattle dealer, Moor house, Widemarsh common
Jones Miss Elizabeth, superintendent of St. Martin's Home, Blackmarstone
Jones Miss Elizabeth, mistress of Blue Coat school, Blue School street
JONES MISS ESTHER, baker, confectioner, and provision dealer, 15 St. Nicholas street
JONES EUSTACE HINTON & CO., publishers of the Hereford Journal, and general printers, 34 Broad street (see advertisement opposite "Hereford Trades Directory")
Jones Eustace Hinton, editor of the Hereford Journal, 34 Broad street; res., 2 Woodbine villas, White Cross road
Jones Mrs. G., dressmaker, Portfield st.
Jones G.H., surgeon dentist, attends every alternate Wednesday at 142 St. Owen street; London address, 57 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, W.C.
Jones H., wheelwright, 55 Catherine st.
Jones Henry, tailor, 21 Maylord street
Jones Hy. Wm., tailor, 54 White Cross st.
Jones Isaac, Race Horse Inn, Widemarsh
Jones Isaac, police sergt., 7 Richmond st.
Jones James, carpenter, Tupsley
Jones Job, grocer and baker, Gomond st.
JONES JOHN, outfitter and boot and shoe dealer, 9 Commercial street Jones John Julius, clerk and sexton of St. Peter's and St. Owen's, 13 Commercial road
Jones John Parry, commission agent, Overbury lodge, Aylestone hill
JONES JOSEPH, bookseller, stationer, relief stamper, printer, and binder; art material, photograph, and frame dealer, 10 Broad street
Jones Miss, dressma., 13 Commercial rd.
Jones Miss Mary, lodgings, 7 Ferrers st.
Jones & Son, hop, corn, seed, and cider merchants, Canal wharf; and at Birmingham
JONES & SYMONDS, tailors, hatters, and hosiers, 37 High town
Jones Thomas, blacksmith, Tupsley
Jones Thomas,;shopkeeper, coal dealer, and haulier, Bridge house, Ledbury road
Jones Walter, dining rooms, 7 Times terrace, Maylord street
Jones William (firm of Jones & Symonds), Poplar house, Holmer road
Jones William, basket maker, 45 Church street
Jones Wm. L., commercial traveller, 51 Commercial road
JORDAN RICHARD, boat builder and pleasure boat proprietor, Wye bridge; res., 16 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Kay John, engineer and machinist, New Market street
KEAY EDWARD, family grocer, provision dealer, and wine merchant; agent for the Eagle life office, 33 Commercial square
KEAY QUINTIN, clothier, hatter, hosier, &c., 60 Commercial street; res., Alsa cottage, White Cross road
KEAY ROBERT, tailor, hatter, gentlemen's outfitter, hunting breeches and riding habit maker, Herefordshire club buildings, 42 Broad street (see advertisement at commencement of "Hereford Alphabetical Directory")
Keens George, French polisher & upholsterer, 84 Park street, Bartonsham
Kempson Frederick Robertson, architect (Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects), office, 25 Victoria st.; res., Singleton, Tupsley
Kennett Ths., Brewers' Arms, 55 Eign rd.
Kerr Frederic, manager of the goods department (Midland rly. ), Moorfields; res., Gothic villa, White Cross road
Kidley Robert Allen, surgeon, Richmond place, 23 Edgar street
King Edward, foreman, 27 Cornwall St.
King Mrs. E., mistress of St. Peter's girls' school, Union street
King Geo. & Son, linendrapers, milliners, &c., London ho., 3 & 4 Commercial st.
Kinnersley George, butcher, 14 West st.
Kinnersley John, baker, &c., 21 Bewell st.
Kinnersley John, frmr., Widemarsh com.
Kinnersley Thomas, butcher, 79 Widemarsh street, and the Market
Kinsey Stephen, clog maker and eating house, Bewell street
Kite Alice, clothes dealer, 31 Bewell st.
KLEISER FELIX, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c., 41 Commercial st.
Knight James Henry (firm of Underwood, Knight, & Underwood), solicitor, notary public, and chapter clerk of Hereford cathedral; registrar to the dean of Hereford; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; office, 30 Castle street; res., Vaga house, Castle hill
Knight Robert, currier, 67 St. Owen st.
KNIGHT ROBERT FARTHING, currier and leather merchant, 35 Church street; res., 33 Castle street
Knight Wm., cattle dlr., 92 Widemarsh st.
KNIGHTON MRS. ANN, registry office for families and servants, 71 Eign street
Knighton John, confectioner, 71 Eign st.
Knowles Joseph, tobacconist, 18 Broad st.
LADMORE EDWIN, gun manufacturer, 4 High street
LADMORE THOMAS & SON, photogrphrs., 17 King st. (see advt. p.39)
Ladmore William, gunsmith, 10 West st.
Lambe John, solicitor; coroner for the city; secretary to Hereford municipal charity trustees; steward of the manor of Orleton; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; agent to the Law Union insurance company, 35 Bridge street
Lamburn J., bootma., 37 White Horse st.
Lanceley William, boot and shoe maker, 4 and 5 Maylord street
LANDON GEO. A.B., importer and dealer in foreign wines and spirits; solo agent in Hereford for Max Greger's genuine Hungarian wines; dealer in Burton and other ales, Dublin and London stout, and Herefordshire cider and perry, White Hart Wine Vaults, 48 and 49 Broad street (see advt. p.26)
LANE CHARLES, basket and sieve manufacturer, 37 Bewell street (see advertisement page 46)
Lane Edwin George, chemist and herbalist, 9 Commercial road
Lane Evan, cooper, 4 Union street
Lane Henry Alfred, boot and shoemaker, 15 Eign street
Lane James, farmer & dairyman, Tupsley
Lane James Cleife, M.R.C.S., surgeon; medical officer and public vaccinator to Burghill district of Hereford union, 37 Bridge street
Lane John, painter, &c., 18 Eign road
Lane Theophilus, first clerk in Her Majesty's court of probate, 27 Castle street; res., 1 Camden villas, Broomy hill
Lane Thomas, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for Burghill district, Burghill villa, White Cross rd.
Lane Thomas, butcher, 110 st. Owen st.
LANE WILLIAM, maltster, corn, seed, and hop factor, and hay merchant; agent for the Avon manure company (Bristol); stores, Maylord street and Offa street (see advt. p.35)
Lawford E., shopkpr., 109 st. Owen st.
Lawrence Charles, cooper, Blackmarstone
Lawrence Charles, shoemaker; 4 Bath st.
Lawrence Rd., shoema., 46 Blue School st.
Lawrence T., eating ho., 56 Comrcl. road
Lawrence T., shoema., Lit. Berrington st.
Lawrence Thomas, clerk and sexton of St. Nicholas' church
Lawrence W.T., master of St. Peter's National school, Union street
Lea Mrs. M., brush manufacturer, &c., 11 Eign street
Leach Edwin, Victoria Vaults, 62 Eign st.
Leake John, painter, 68 st. Owen street
Leary James, staff sergeant, 64 Park st.
Lee John, hairdresser, 119 Widemarsh st.
Lee Mrs., dressmaker, 2 Richmond street
Lee Wm., carpenter, 19 Blue School st.
Lorry Charles, sub-bailiff of the county court, assistant overseer for St. Owen's, and house agent, 86 Park st., Bartonsham
Lorry George, staff-sergeant, Foley street
Levason Arthur Grenville, surgeon dentist, 12 Bridge street
Lewin William, railway inspector, 33 Richmond street
Lewis Goo., chimney sweeper, 44 Bath st.
Lewis Henry, Sun Inn, 33 St. Owen st.
Lewis John, farmer, Lower Hill farm
LEWIS JOHN, shoeing and jobbing smith, &c., Blue School street
LEWIS MISS R.J., furnished apartments, Blenheim house, 24 Broad street (see advertisement page 37)
Lewis Thomas, carpenter and shopkeeper, 13 Blue School street; workshop, Catherine street
Lewis William, manager and secretary to the Hereford society for aiding the industrious, office, 50 Commercial street; steam corn mills, Bath street
Lewis William, farmer and maltster, Putson
Lewis Wm., butcher, 52 Commercial rd.
Lewis William, umbrella maker and fishing tackle dealer; lessee of the subscription billiard rooms, 7 West street
Lewis William, bootmaker, 18 Bridge st.
Lewis W., marine stores, 44 Comrcl. st.
LILLEY'S HAIRDRESSING AND SHAMPOOING ROOMS, 17 Eign street; D. Lilley, Proprietor (see advertisement page 36)
Lingen & Turner, surgeons, 141 St. Owen street
Lingen Charles, F.R.C.S. (firm of Lingen & Turner), surgeon extraordinary to the Hereford general infirmary, 141 St. Owen street
Llanwarne Thomas, solicitor; coroner for the county (Hereford division); clerk to the Hereford union and to the Dore union; clerk to the Hereford and to the Dore rural sanitary authorities; superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for Hereford and Dore district; clerk to the magistrates for Dore division; clerk to the Hereford and Dore highway boards; clerk to the Worm Brook commissioners; clerk to the Longtown united district school board; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; office, St. John street; res., Norfolk place, 24 st. Martin street
Lloyd Benjn.., carpenter, Aylestone hill
Lloyd James, carpenter, 44 Portland st.
Lloyd Mrs. S., dressma., 13 Richmond st.
London and North-Western Railway Company, general carriers, office at Barr's Court station; inquiry and receiving office for goods and parcels, 7 Widemarsh st.; Mr. T.J. More, Agent
Long Wm., shoeing smith, Victoria st.
Long William, superintendent of public swimming bath, Bath street
Longstaff Thos., chemist, 56 Comrcl. st.
Lowe Miss S., mistress of St. Peter's infant school, Union street
Lucy C.H., artist, 21 Broad street
Maddison Edward, accountant at National Provincial Bank of England; secretary to the Hereford ladies' college company, limited; agent for fire, life, and accident insurance offices, National Provincial bank, Broad Street
Maddox Mrs. Elizth., sbopkpr., 43 Eign st.
MADDOX MRS. MARY HANNAH, ladies' outfitting, Berlin wool, and fancy repository, 55 Broad street
Maddox Thomas, book-keeper at canal office, Canal wharf
MADDOX WILLIAM, cabinet manufacturer, upholsterer, carpet warehouseman, and complete house furnisher, l, 2, and 3 St. Peter street (see advertisement opposite "Cabinet Makers" in Hereford Trades Directory)
Mann Robert W., Black Lion Inn, 31 Bridge street
Mansfield Wm., foreman, 43 Portland st.
Marchant John (firm of Bosley & Marchant), 3 High street
Marks Sidney, foreman, 31 Moorfield st.
Marston Hy., shopkpr., 81 Widemarsh st.
Martin Charles Gill, manager for the Gloucestershire banking company; treasurer to the Hereford county and city lunatic asylum, and to the Hereford infirmary; agent for the Scottish Equitable and the Scottish Provincial life assurance offices, 1 Broad street, corner of High street
Martin George, boot maker, 58 Eign st.
Martin Jph., clothes dealer, 26 Bewell st.
Martin Thos., Sun Tavern, 7 St. Peter st.
Martin William E., architect and building surveyor, 134 St. Owen street
Mason Mrs. F., coffee house, 178 Edgar st.
Mason Geo., lodgings, 41 Widemarsh st.
Mason John Stuart, architect, surveyor, land agent, and agent for the Hon. Percy S. Wyndham, M.P., 1 St. Nicholas street
Mason W., assistant vicar choral of Hereford cathedral
Mason William, coal, coke, and lime merchant, office, Barton station; res., 25 Bridge street.
Matthews Edwin, dairyman, 13 East st.
Matthews Hy., coml. travlr., 1 Palace yd.
Matthews H., dressma., 77 Catherine st.
Matthews William, collector of gas and water accounts under the Corporation, 11 Victoria street
MATTHEWS WILLIAM, lock, shoeing, and general smith; manufacturer of plain and ornamental iron gates, palisadings, tomb and other railings, field gates, hurdles, &c.; contractor for all kinds of light and heavy ironwork; agent for Brown & Green's "gem" portable cooking stoves, 7 St. Nicholas street; also, wheelwright, waggon, cart, trolly, van, and truck builder, Victoria street (see advt. page 17)
Matthews Wm., blksmith., 50 Cotterell st.
Matthews Wm., dairyman, Foley street
Matthews William, cowl. clerk, Clive st.
MAUND THOMAS, family grocer, tea dealer, and provision merchant; agent for Joseph Travers & Sons, wine merchants, London; 22 Eign street
Maynard Thos., grocer, 71 Commercial rd.
Mayos Thomas Lea (firm of Cranston & Mayos), 1 Highfield vils., White Cross rd.
M'Adam Goo., surgeon dentist, King st.
M'ADAM GEORGE CHRISTOPHER, L.D.S.R.C.S.E. and M.O.S., surgeon dentist, King street; res., 4 Castle street
M'Clure James, commercial traveller, 7 Oxford street
M'Cormick James and Mrs. Jane, governor and matron of Hereford union, Commercial road
M'Dowell Arthur, saddler, 34 Eign st.
M'Intire Mrs., clothes dlr., 7 Bewell st.
M'Kee William, railway guard, 47 Cotterell street
Mears Mrs. Jemima, shopkpr., 45 Eign st.
Meats John, frmr. and hop gr., Hunderton
Mellis Mrs. J., ladies' school, 14 Castle st.
Meredith James & Co., agricultural implement manufacturers and agents, stores, Cattle market and Blue School street; works, Kington
Meredith Charles Gwillim, Volunteer Inn, 18 Harold street, Bartonsham
Meredith T., mason and stationer, 66 Eign street
MERRICK FRANCIS & ARNOLD, printers, booksellers, binders, stationers, patent medicine vendors, dealers in paperhangings, and agents for the Norwich Equitable fire insurance office, 14 High street
MERRICK FRANCIS HENRY, auctioneer and valuer; agent for the Royal insurance company, Exchange chambers, Broad street; res., 143 St. Owen street (see advertisement)
Merrick J., dispenser, Portfield, Bath st.
Merrick Thos., wood carver, 41 Church st.
Michael Lewis O., agent, 15 Comrcl. rd.
MIDLAND BANKING COMPANY, LIMITED, draw on the London and County bank, Lombard street, London, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Wednesdays 10 till 5, and on Thursdays 10 till 1; Nicholas Sirrell Wynn, Esq., Manager, 35 Broad street
Midland Railway Company's Goods and Parcels Receiving Office, 138 Widemarsh street; Charles Preece & Co., Agents (see advertisement page 9)
Miles Mrs. M.A., Belle Vue Inn, Eign rd.
Millar John, travelling draper, 36 Commercial square
MILLER WILLIAM, tailor and draper, 86 Eign street
Mills Benjamin, auctioneer, &c., Corn Exchange chambers; res., 4 Wye ter.
Mills Henry, toy dealer, 15 Church st. and The Market
Mills Miss M.A., ladies' school, 42 White Cross street
Mitchell James, trav. draper, 13 Edgar st.
Moody Edward, coml. clerk, 89 Edgar st.
Moore A., sexton at cathedral
Moore Henry C., M.R.C.S., house surgeon, Hereford infirmary, Bartonsham
Moore Richd., clerk, 23 White Cross st.
More Thomas James, agent for the London and North-Western railway company, office, 7 Widemarsh street; res., 91 Edgar street
MORGAN ALFRED, general wheelwright, and builder of carriers, light spring vans, waggons, market carts, sewer carts, and all kinds of agricultural vehicles, 48 st. Owen street (see advertisement page 31)
Morgan E., Gardeners' Arms, Church st.
Morgan George, shoemaker, 42 West st.
Morgan Hy., boot ma., 67 Commercial rd.
MORGAN JAMES, furniture van proprietor, general haulier,and coal dlr., 54 St. Owen street (see advt. page 31)
Morgan James, hatter, 77 Eign street
Morgan James, butcher, 14 Church street, and The Market
Morgan James, farmer, Pool farm, Blackmarstone
Morgan Mrs. M.A., lodging house, 33 Commercial road
Morgan Philip, boot maker, 10 Maylord st.
Morgan Thomas, butcher, 20 Union st.
Morley Mrs. E., lodging house, 1 St. Ethelbert street
MORLEY JOHN HOWELL, general and furnishing ironmonger, locksmith, bellhanger, gasfitter, dealer in burning oils, and agent for Badger's patent kitchener, 83 Eign street; res., 9 Walmer street, Moorfields (see advertisement page 24)
Morley John, ironmonger's assistant, 101 Edgar street
Morris Miss Elizabeth, glass and earthenware dealer, 18 Commercial street
MORRIS MRS. ELIZABETH, tea dealer, family grocer, and provision merchant; agent for the Imperial wine company, limited, 19 High town (see advertisement page 43)
Morris Mrs. Fanny, lodging ho,, 7 King st.
MORRIS FRANCIS, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and undertaker, 18 and 19 St. Owen street
Morris John, frmr., Ledbury rd., Tupsley
Morris John, F.R.C.S.E., surgeon-major (Hereford regiment of militia only), Rokeby house, Hampton pk., Tupsley
Morris John Griffith, M.R.C.S., medical officer and public vaccinator to Fown-hope district of Hereford union; visiting surgeon to the dispensary, 135 St. Owen street
MORRIS PHILIP, furnishing and general ironmonger, agricultural implement dealer, seed merchant, cutler, brazier, tinplate worker, nail manufacturer, oil and colour merchant, bar iron and steel warehouse, 9 Widemarsh st.; depot for agricultural impl
ements at Cattle market (see advt. page 37)
Morris Richard Pritchard, boot and shoe manufacturer, 6 High street; res., Rockfield, White Cross road
MORRIS WILLIAM & CO. (late Alderson), wool brokers, 93 and 94 Widemarsh street
Morris Mr. (firm of Court & Morris), 8 High town
Morrison Mrs. Annie, mistress of the Scudamore charity school, Friars street
Morrison James Watson, agent for the London plate glass insurance company, and secretary to the Virtute Securus lodge of Oddfellows, Scudamore schools, Friars street
Morton Wm., Wheatsheaf, New Market st.
Mosely Lewin & Son, surgeon dentists, attend every Wednesday at 151 St. Owen street; London establishments, 30 Berners street, Oxford street, and 448 Strand, W.C.
Motley F.J., cabinet maker, 7 and 100 East street
Moxley Evan, boot and shoe maker, 36 Church street
Munsey Mrs., chimney sweeper and shopkeeper, 98 and 99 St. Owen street
Murray Thos., furniture broker, 17 Eign street, and clothier, 20 Eign street
Musgrave Evers, M.R.C.V.S. (London), veterinary surgeon, 147 St. Owen st.
Myer & Son, jewellers and pawnbrokers, 55 Commercial street
Myer Sydney, hop, seed, corn, wine, and Spirit merchant, 38 & 39 Broad Street; and at Worcester
NASH HENRY, boot and shoe manufacturer, 80 Eign street
NASH SAMUEL CHAS., family draper, mercer, hosier, glover, millinery, mantle, and dress warehouse, 1 Eign st.
Nash Thomas, butcher, 17 St. Peter st.
NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (branch of), draw on the head offices of the National Provincial Bank of England, Bishopsgate street, corner of Threadneedle street, London, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Wednesdays 10 till 5, and on Thursdays 10 till 1; John Alexander Forbes Suter, Esq., Manager, i Broad street
Naylor George, brewer for Chas. Watkins, Esq., Imperial brewery, 20 Bewell st.
Neal Samuel, White Swan Inn, 19 Commercial road
Neste George, lodging ho., 8 Castle st.
Neighbour Jas., railway clerk, Clive st.
Nelmes James, stall maker and turner, Widemarsh
New Arthur Trelawny Wickham, manager of the West of England & South Wales district bank; agent for the Imperial fire and life insurance office, 52 Commercial street
Newman Geo., sub-bailiff, 37 Moorfield st.
Newman John, bird stuffer, 37 Church st.
Newman Mrs., dairy keeper, Tupsley
Newman Thos., shopkpr., Widemarsh
Nicholas William, painter, paperhanger, and earthenware dealer, 75 Eign street
Nicholas Mrs. H., shopkpr., 13 Bewell st.
Nicholson Thomas, F.R.I.B.A., diocesan architect and surveyor, 6 St. Peter st.
Nolan Edmund, staff sergt., 93 Eign rd.
Norris Frederick D., postmaster, Post and Telegraph office, Broad street; res., 6 Portland place
NORTON RICHARD, practical hatter; agent for Lincoln, Bennett, & Co.'s and Christy & Co.'s London hats; also agent for the Norwich and London accidental insurance association, 8 Broad street
Nourse Philip, Golden Cross, 9 Maylord street
NURSE HENRY, fishmonger, fruiterer, and licensed dealer in game, The Central city fish warehouse, 151 and 152 Widemarsh street, and at Market hall (see advertisement page 32)
Nurse Timothy, job. grdnr., Ledbury rd.
OATFIELD MATTHEW CURNOW, china, glass, and earthenware wareho., and dealer in hardware goods, The Old house, High tn.; res., Putson
O'Hare Ann, clothes dealer, 24 Bewell st.
O'Hare John, marine stores, 22 Bewell st.
Oliver Peter, cottage farmer and dairyman, 43 White Cross street
OLIVER RICHARD, funeral carriage proprietor and undertaker, 103 Widemarsh street and Catherine street
Oliver Mrs., shopkpr., 103 Widemarsh st.
Oliver Walter Henry, sub-editor of Hereford Journal, 113 Park st., Bartonsham
Osborne Thos. Hy., clerk, 9 High town
Ovens Mrs. C., dressma., 42 New town
Owen Charles, boot and shoe maker, 20 Commercial Street
Owen William Haddon, solicitor, Shaftesbury terrace, White Cross street
Owens Miss Jane, mistress of St. James' infant school, st. Owen street
Owens Mrs. Sarah, Duke's Head Inn, 2 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Packwood Mrs., lodging ho,, 2 Castle hl.
Packwood Sampson, cheese and bacon factor, 31 Commercial square, and The Market; stores, Blue School street
Page Fredk., Moorfield Inn, Moorfield st.
Page Walter, writer and grainer, 39 Maylord street
Palfrey Mrs. Elizabeth, private apartments, 130 st. Owen street
Palfrey Thomas, builder, 87 East street
Palmer Mrs. Eliza, eating bo., Bewell st.
PALMER GEORGE PICKERING, silk mercer, general draper, milliner, mantle and dress warehouseman, and funeral furnisher, 58 Broad street
PALMER JOHN,tobacconist, 6 Commercial road
Pantall William, accountant and law stationer, 6 Bridge street
Pardington George, farmer and cattle dealer, The Moor; res., Holmer hall
Paris Thomas Clifton, M.A., barrister-at-law, and registrar of Her Majesty's court of probate, 27 Castle street; res., Hampton lodge, Tupsley
PARKER EDWARD, fruiterer, &c., 32 Commercial square
Parker Fredk., haberdasher, 63 Bath st.
Parker Mrs., agent for Messrs. Pullar, dyers, of Perth, 32 Commercial square
Parker Richard, 142 St. Owen street
Parkes Jno., Vine Inn, 6 Blue School st.
Parry Mrs. Jane, tobacconist and grocer, 69 St. Martin street
Parry John, Essex.Arms, 85 Widemarsh st.
Parry Thomas, haulier, 56 Catherine st.
Parsons George, sanitary inspector and collector of city rates, 24 St. Owen st.
Parsons Geo., refreshment rooms, Barton
Parsons Wm., letter carrier, 109 Park st.
Payne George, accountant and insurance agent, 15 Commercial road; res., Shrewsbury
PEAKE E. & SON, saddlers and harness ma., 42 Comrcl. st. (see advt. p.56)
Peake E., eating ho., 42 Commercial st.
Pearce Edward, carpenter, 26 White Horse street
Pearce Edward, baker, 36 White Horse st.
Pearce Miss. Harriet, mistress of st.
Nicholas' infant school, Friars street
Pearce John, mourning drpr., 22 High tn.
Pearman George, Old Harp Inn, and cattle dealer, 126 Widemarsh street
PEMBER CHARLES, A.S.A.E., public accountant, auctioneer, land and estate agent, valuer, &c., offices, 1 King street; res., 20 St. Owen street
PEMBRIDGE JAMES, M.C.P. (University of Glasgow), boarding and day school for young gentlemen, The Academy, 103 East st. (see advt. page 39)
PENSOM WILLIAM, builder and contractor, 34 and 35 Monkmoor st.
Perkins Mrs., baker, 28 Commercial st.
Perrott John C., manager for R.T. Smith & Co., general carriers, office, Barr's Court station; res., Westbourne terrace, Edgar street
Peters Daniel, shopkeeper, 54 Friars st.
Phillips Charles, Bridge Inn, Holmer
Phillips Miss E., dressma., New Market st.
Phillips Mrs. Issillah, preparatory school, 21 St. Owen street
Phillips Mrs., upholsteress, 50 St. Owen st.
Phillips Nicholas (firm of Bezant & Phillips), 32 High town
Phillips Richard, farmer, Lower house, Tupsley
Phillips Richard, keeper of cathedral close
Phillips Thos., law clerk, 21 St. Owen st.
Phillips W m., letter carrier, Widemarsh
PHILLIPS WILLIAM J., printer, Albion printing offices, 4 East street; res., Malvern villa, Harold street, Bartonsham
Philpott Mrs. Jane, lndrs., Ledbury road
Pickard Ann, laundress, 16 Guildford st.
Pilley J.B. & E., drapers, &c., 2 High tn.
Pilley Walter, confectioner, 67 Eign st.
Piper Mrs. Mary, grcr., 27 & 28 Union st.
Pitt Mrs. Catherine, lodging ho., 1 Offa st.
Pitt John C., Belle Vue ter., Hunderton
Pittinger Mrs., tailoress, 9 East street
Pittman Wm., staff-sergeant, 43 Park st.
POOLE WILLIAM, coal, coke, and lime merchant, dealer in agricultural manures and building materials, maker of oak field gates, hurdles, &c.; agent for the Scottish Union fire and life insurance company; offices, 22 Widemarsh street; depot st. the Barton railway station (Thomas Roberts, Agent); timber yard, New town; depots also at Leominster and Pembridge (see advertisement page 53)
Powell Abraham (firm of Powell & Harman), White Cross lodge
Powell Allen, confectioner, 38 Bridge st.
Powell Edward, butcher, 60 Eign street
Powell Ed. (Powell & Lloyd), 46 Eign st.
Powell Edwin, painter, &c., White Cross rd.
Powell Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, Barton
Powell Fred., cab proprietor, Maylord st.
POWELL GEORGE, "No. 10" Commercial Hotel, Billiard Rooms, and Spirit Vaults, 142 Widemarsh street (see advertisement page 38)
Powell George, bow and arrow manufacturer, 11 Commercial road
Powell & Harman, grocers and tallow chandlers, 10 Eign street
POWELL HENRY, plumber, glazier, painter, and paperhanger, 14 Victoria street
Powell Henry, builder, 26 Mill street
Powell Henry, hairdresser, 44 West street
POWELL JAMES, corn, flour, and meal factor; dealer in Beach's condiment and Thorley's food for cattle, 61 Eign street
Powell James, dairyman and coal dealer, Nicholas street
Powell John, gardener, 111 Widemarsh st.
POWELL JOHN, baker and confectioner, 23 Widemarsh street
Powell John, carpenter, 13 Friars street
Powell Lewis, architect, Lansdowne cottages, 29 Commercial road
Powell & Lloyd, builders, &c., 46 Eign st.
Powell M., lodgings, 18 New Market st.
Powell T., chimney sweeper, l Monkmoor street
Powles John, receiving clerk for Messrs. R.T. Smith & Co., general carriers, &c., 33 Broad street
Powys John V., commercial clerk, 30 White Cross street
Preece Alfred, marine stores, St. Owen st.
Preece Mrs. Ann, lodging ho., 6 King st.
PREECE CHARLES & CO., agents for the Midland Railway company, and furniture removers to all parts of the kingdom, Goods and parcels receiving office, 138 Widemarsh st. (see advt. p.9)
Preece Charles (firm of Charles Preece & Co., and firm of Ralph, Preece, & Co.), agent for the Provincial fire and life insurance company, 137 Widemarsh st.
Preece Mrs. E., shoe warehouse, 45 Commercial street
Preece James, bricklayer, 23 Bath street
Preece James, shopkeeper, Putson
Preece John, furniture broker, and clerk of Holmer church, 109 Widemarsh st.
Preece Wm., Plough, 75 White Cross st.
Preece William, colour-sergeant (Herefordshire militia), The Barracks
Prevo Henry, staff sergeant, 57 Park st.
Price Benj., job. gardnr., 49 Cotterell st.
Price Charles, schoolmaster st. the union, Commercial road
PRICE MRS. E.R., lodging and boarding house, Castle Green house, Castle street
Price Geo., watchmaker, &c., 24 High tn.
Price James Elliott, brewers' agent, Aubrey street; res., 7 Norfolk terrace, St. Martin street
Price Mrs. M.A., upholsterers, 8 East st.
Price Richard, solicitor, Harley place
Price Robert, saddler, 20 Commercial rd.
Price Miss Rosina, staymaker, 6 Bath st.
Price T., hairdresser, &c., Blackmarstone
Price William, butcher, 129 and 130 Widemarsh street
Price Wm., carpenter, &c., Portfield st.
Price W. Holroyd, surveyor of taxes, Inland Revenue office, 30 Widemarsh st.
Pritchard Edwin, coal dlr., Richmond st.
PRITCHARD JAMES, corn, flour, and meal factor, dealer in hay and straw, baker, grocer, and provision dealer, 14 Bridge st. (see advt. p.34)
Pritchard Mrs. J., dressmaker, 19 Park st.
Pritchard J., furniture broker, Bewell st.
Pritchard John, butcher, 120 St. Owen st.
PRITCHARD THOMAS, City Arms Family and Commercial Hotel, 2 Broad street
Pritchard Thos., currier, &c., 9 Broad st.
Pritchard Thos., wooletapler, 4 King st.
Pritchard William, tailor and draper, 1 Commercial street
Pritchard William, builder and contractor, Bath street; res., 4 Model cottages
Pritchard W., coal agent and shopkeeper, 16 Park street
Prosser Charles, Punch Bowl, 8 West st.
Prosser John, butcher, 41 White Cross st.
Prosser John, plasterer, 9 Guildford st.
Prosser Philip, Railway Inn, The Barton
Prosser Thomas, Cambrian Arms, and builder, White Cross street
PROSSER WILLIAM,publisher and proprietor of the Hereford Mercury and Independent, and general printer, 16 Church street (see advt. page 50)
Pugh Francis, plumber, painter, &c., 89 Park street, Bartonsham
Pugh Henry, bootmkr., 123 St. Owen st.
Pugh Wm., shopkeeper and coal dealer, 77 St. Owen street
Pugh Wm., coal dealer, Moorfield place
PULLING WILLIAM & CO., distillers, importers and wholesale dealers in wines and spirits, and proprietors of warehouses for bonding foreign wines and foreign and British spirits, The Distillery, East street
Pye Miss Elizabeth, ladies' boarding and day school, Friars house
PYE & SUNDERLAND, auctioneers, accountants, estate agents, timber surveyors, and general valuers; agents for Lawes' chemical manure company, and for the Scottish Provincial fire and life insurance office, 68 New Market street (see advt. page 37)
QUICK W. & CO. (late Rudge & Co.), coal, coke, and lime merchants, office, Corn Exchange chambers, Broad street; depot st. Barton railway station; res., St. Martin's house, Wye street (see advertisement page 52)
Quintin Charles F., 41 Berrington street
Raggatt J., clerk, 3 Clive street
RALPH PHILIP, family and dispensing chemist; sole proprietor of Dr. Bleeck Lye's bilious and liver pills, 3 High town (see advertisement page 46)
RALPH, PREECE, & CO.; coal, coke, and lime merchants, offices, 138 Widemarsh street; wharf, Barr's Court station (see advertisement page 12)
Randall Wm., billiard mrkr., 63 Bath st.
Ravenhill Rd., lodgings; 25 Harold street
Raymond Cuthbert, cashier at National Provincial bank, Broad street; res., Lexden house, Friars street
Rea Wm., 3 Holmer vils., Widemarsh com.
Read Jas., baker and grocer, 19 Bridge st.
Reade Edwd., Pine Apple, and coal dealer, Widemarsh street
Reading Mrs. E.,upholsteress, 36 Eign st.
Redding T., carpenter, 59 Commercial rd.
Redding Mrs., tailoress, 50 Cotterell st.
Reed William, police sergeant, 66 Park st.
Reems Susannah, matron, Servants' home and free registry, 75 Commercial road
REEVES CHARLES, jeweller, silversmith, and watchmaker, 12 High st.
Reeves William, watch and clock maker, 32 Church street
Reynolds E., dressma., 15 Whitefriars st.
Reynolds John James, solicitor; district registrar of the high court of justice registrar and high bailiff of the county court; commissioner to administer oaths, Offa street, corner of East street
RICHARDS FRANCIS, hairdresser and perfumer, 14 St. Peter street
Richards J., refreshment rooms, Barr's Court railway station
Ringer Edwd., cattle dlr., 40 Maylord st.
Roberts Alfred John, agent for the Severn and canal carrying, shipping, and steam towing company, limited, Canal wharf; res., 27 Monkmoor st.
Roberts Alfred William, government district auditor of poor law unions, Thornton ho., South Bank rd., Aylestone hill
Roberts Fredk., saddler, &c., 41 West st.
Roberts Jas., baker, &c., 16 St. Peter st.
Roberts John Henry, Orange Tree Inn, 15 King street
Roberts Moses, hatter, 150 Widemarsh st.
Roberts Mrs., shopkpr., White Cross st.
Roberts Mrs. T., shopkpr., 9 Bridge st.
ROBERTS THOMAS, agent for Mr. William Poole, coal merchant, &c., Barton railway station; res., Dorset place, 34 Richmond street
Robertson Andrew, surgeon dentist, 25 Castle street
Rodan James, wool and corn dealer, and manure agent, 17 East street; res., 37 Berrington street
Rogers Alf., compositor, 48 Berrington st.
ROGERS HENRY, wholesale and retail seed, corn, and flour factor, and dealer in artificial manures, hay, straw, &c., also grocery and provision warehouse, 13 Bridge street; branch shop for seed, corn, flour, &c., 4 Commercial road (see advertisement page 29)
Rogers Wm. Charles, carpenter, 54 East st.
Rosewell & Garstone (The Misses), preparatory school, 42 Eign street
Ross John, coral. clerk, 67 Cotterell st.
Ross John, lodgings, 30 Maylord street
Ross Walter, rlwy. guard, 25 Cornwall st.
Rouse Joseph, shopkeeper, 9 Union st.
ROWBERRY WILLIAM, plumber, glazier, painter, paperhanger, and general house decorator, 145 St. Owen st.
Rowberry John, 145 St. Owen street
Rowberry Miss P., dressma., 9 Edgar st.
Rowe William, commercial traveller, 20 Widemarsh street
Rowlands C.W., carpntr., 58 Comrcl. rd.
RUDDLE FRANCIS WILLIAM, hatter, &c., 23 High town
Ruddle Mrs., agent for Messrs, Campbell, Scotch dyers and cleaners, 23 High tn.
Rudge Thomas, Nelson Inn, 43 West st.
Rumsey M., laundress, 14 Whitefriars st.
Russell Edward & Son, haberdashers, &c., 73 Commercial road and The Market
Ruston Alice, dressma., 65 St. Martin st.
Ruston Mrs. S., lndrss., 65 St. Martin st.
ST. GEORGE'S HALL AND SKATING RINK, Eign square; Charles Watkins, Esq., Proprietor
Salmon T.F., manager and secretary to the Herefordshire and South Wales agricultural manure company, limited, works, Holmer; res., Crossway (see advertisement page 16)
Sampson Samuel, auctioneer, &c., 69 Newmarket street; and st. 4 Corn square, Leominster (see Leominster advertisements page 13)
SAMS & SHARP, butchers and purveyors, 8 Eign street
Sandford H. Vavasour, M.D., L.R.C.P., &c., medical officer of health for the city and county of Hereford, The Vinery, Aylestone hill
Saunders John Wright, cabinet maker and furniture van proprietor, 21 Widemarsh street and New Market street
Savory William, plumber, &c., 34 Commercial square
Saycell Richard, shoemaker, Ross road
Scobie M.J.G., solicitor, Helmer park
Scott James, waiter, 83 Cotterell street
Scriven Job, Raven Inn, 139 Widemarsh street
SEED THOMAS, portrait and miniature painter and art photographer, 96 Widemarsh street, next to Coningsby hospital (see advertisement opposite "Photographers" in Trades Directory)
Sergeant Lewis, editor of the Hereford Times, office, Maylord street; res., 4 St. Ethelbert street
Servants' Home and Free Registry, 75 Commercial road; S. Reems, Matron
Sessarego Louis, clths. dlr., 182 Edgar st.
Severn and Canal Carrying, Shipping, and Steam Towing Company, Limited, general water carriers, office, 29 Monkmoor street, Canal wharf; Mr. Alfred John Roberts, Agent
SEWARD WILLIAM (member of the Pharmaceutical society), chemist and druggist, 33 High town
Sexty Ed. Wm., cattle dlr., 92 Widemarsh st.
Sharp Mrs. Charlotte, grocer, 30 Eign st.
Shaw Richard, timber merchant, Pentwyn, White Cross road
SHELLARD ORLANDO, surveyor, valuer, auctioneer, accountant, land and house agent,. receiver of tithes, rents, &c.; agent for the North British and Mercantile fire and life insurance company, office, 13 King street; res., Barton Manor house
Sibbald Thos., trav. draper, 39 Cotterell st.
Simmonds J., watchma., Comrcl. street
Simpson William, Cattle Market Agricultural Inn, New Market street
Sinden Charles, Golden Lion Inn, 1 Little Berrington street
SITCH THOMAS, Lamb Inn, 32 St. Owen street, corner of Bath street (see advertisement page 44)
Skidmore Thomas, manager at the Star brewery, 32 Maylord street
Skyrme Arthur, tailor, 27 St. Martin st.
SKYRME RICHARD, Oxford Arms Inn, butcher and dealer, 42 Widemarsh street
Slann Alfred, second clerk at inland revenue office
SLATTER CHARLES WHITTARD, family grocer, tea dealer, provision factor, and agent for the Standard measure wine company, The Golden canister tea warehouse, 17 Commercial street (see advt. page 45)
SMALLWOOD ROBERT, wood hoop and hurdle merchant, Canal wharf; and st. Worcester wharf, Birmingham
Smith Abraham, Fleece Inn, 2 St. Owen st.
Smith Alfred Rickards, M.D., physician and surgeon, 58 Commercial street
Smith Mrs. Ann, laundress, Cotterell st.
Smith Edmund James, plumber and painter, 3 St. Owen street
Smith Edwin, wholesale & family grocer, wine, ale, porter, and provision merchant, 15 and 16 High street
Smith Egerton Harry, clerk in savings bank, East street
SMITH ELIAS, Worcester and Dresden china rooms, 54 Commercial street
Smith Mrs. Eliza, Dog Inn, 11 Church st.
Smith Mrs. Ellen, laundress, 21 New town
Smith Frederick Thomas, dealer in fancy goods, 8 Union terrace, and The Market
Smith George, shoemaker, Blackmarstone
Smith George Townshend, organist of the cathedral, 20 Church st., Cathedral close
Smith Gilbert, compositor, 2 Model cots.
Smith Hy., West Midland Inn, 62 Eign st.
Smith James, Plough Inn, Aubrey street
Smith John, cork cutter, 12 West street
Smith John, gardener, 2 St. Ethelbert st.
Smith Jph., Maidenhead Inn, 26 Eign st.
Smith Mrs. Matilda, beer retailer (Castle Inn), 9 Priory road, Commercial road
SMITH MOSES, Dick's gutta percha boot and shoe warehouse, 82 Eign st.
SMITH R.T. & CO., general carriers and forwarding agents to all parts; carting agents for the Great Western railway company; proprietors of covered vans for the removal of furniture, &c., to or from any part of the United Kingdom or the Continent; head office, Barr's Court railway station (John C. Perrott, Manager); receiving house, 33 Broad street (John Powles, Receiving Clerk) (see advertisement page 7)
Smith Samuel, butcher, 5 Eign street
Smith Mrs. Selina, salt dealer, 1 Bath st.
SMITH THOMAS (associate of the society of accountants in England, and finance clerk to the corporation of Hereford), public and private accountant; agent for the Liverpool and London and Globe fire and life, the Railway Passengers' Accidental, the London and General Plate Glass, and the Provident Clerks' life and guarantee insurance companies; office, 144 Widemarsh street; res., 4 Victoria terrace, White Cross road (see advertisement page 35)
Smith Thomas, goods agent for the Great Western railway company, office, Barr's Court station; res., Westbourne lodge, 26 New town
Smith Thomas, manager st. Dick's gutta percha shoe warehouse, 82 Eign street; res., 28 Park street, Bartonsham
Smith Wm., Booth, Hall Inn, High town
Smith William, Kerry Arms Hotel, Commercial square
Smith Wm., greengrocer, 18 Comrcl. road
Smith W.H. & Sons, booksellers, &c., Railway stn.; George Clarke, Salesman
Snead John, shoemaker and greengrocer, 32 Bewell street
Snead Mrs. Leonora Susanna, farmer, Causeway farm, Blackmarstone
Snead Wm., fruit dealer, 8 Oxford street
Somers Wm., baker, &c., 43 Berrington st.
South Mrs. C., lndrss., 32 Widemarsh st.
SOUTH WALES COAL COMPANY, coal, coke, lime, and mineral merchants, head offices, West street, corner of Broad street; depots at Barr's Court and Barton stations (Thomas William James, Agent, John Ross, Salesman at Barton station); depots also at Tram Inn, Withington, and Kington
Sparkes George, tailor, 49 Portland street
Sparks George, shopkeeper, 29 Bewell st.
Speake Thomas, shoemaker, 40 New town
Speechley Wm., bricklayer, 48 Park st.
SPENCER PHILIP RUSSELL, pastry cook, confectioner, fancy bread and biscuit baker; agent for the United Kingdom temperance and general provident institution, Dover house, 3 Widemarsh street (see advt. page 29)
Sprod Miss, mistress of St. John Baptist school, Church street
Stafford N., watch & clock ma., 6 West st.
Stalker Miss E., lodgings, 180 Edgar st.
Stallard William Thomas, solicitor, 20 East street; res., Aylestone hill
Stanhope Misses, dressma., 27 Church st.
Stanley William, hairdresser, 65 Eign st.
STEAD WILLIAM, English and foreign timber, bark, and slate merchant, and dealer in building materials, 7 Bridge street; timber and bark yard, St. Martin street
Steele John, agricultural implement maker and dealer, stores at Cattle market; res., Canon Pyon, near Hereford
Steele William, agent for H. Pease & Co., wool merchants, East street; res., 37 White Cross street
Stemson Joseph, tailor, 46 St. Martin st.
Stephens Edwin, cleric, 99 Widemarsh st.
STEPHENS MRS. ELIZABETH, fishmonger, game dealer, fruiterer, poulterer, ice merchant, lemonade and soda water manufacturer, &c., 16 Commercial street (see advt. page 49)
STEPHENS G.W. & SON, operative chemists; sole manufacturers of "Walter's effervescent pyroxenic saline"; also manufacturers of the "Hereford sauce", St. Peter's pharmacy, 21 Commercial street
STEPHENS GEORGE WALTER, M.P.S., agent for the Liverpool and London and Globe insurance company, St. Peter's pharmacy, 21 Commercial street
Stephens J. & F., grocers, &c., 5 High town
Stephens James Lawrence, agent for Josiah Stallard & Sons, distillers and importers of wines and spirits, and for J.W., & J.V. Stallard, brewers, of Worcester, 10 King street
Stephens Richard, assistant overseer for parishes of All Saints, Holmer, and Huntington, Clifton villas, 2 Bedford street, White Cross street
Stephens Thomas, decorator, Union st.
STEPHENS WILLIAM, plumber, glazier, painter, and general house decorator; wholesale dealer in paperhangings, &c.; lessee of the Hampton, Rotherwas, and Holme Lacy fisheries, Gwynne house, Bridge street (see advertisement page 40)
STINTON GEORGE, boot and shoe maker, leather cutter, and dealer in all kinds of grindery, Lower Church street (see advertisement page 51)
Stock Charles, butcher, 46 St. Owen st.
Stoil John, tinman, &c., 32 Friars street
Stone Thomas, commercial traveller, 6 Shaftesbury ter., 104 White Cross st.
Stone William, builder, 20 Maylord st.
Stooke Edwin, auctioneer, estate agent, and surveyor, 2 Palace yard; res., The Cedars, Aylestone hill
STOWE R.A. & F.H., carriage and harness manufacturers, 29 Eign street and Victoria street (see advt. page 23)
Stowe Frederick Henry (firm of R.A. & F.H. Stowe), 4 Elizabeth place, Portland street
Stone Robert Acton (firm of R.A. & F.H. Stowe), 41 Eign street
Stuckey John. staff-sergt., 68 St. Owen st.
SUNDERLAND EDWIN HINCHLIFFE, auctioneer, appraiser, land agent, and timber surveyor; agent forthe Guardian insurance office, 136 St. Owen street; auction room, East street
Sunderland Joseph Henry (firm of Pye & Sunderland), 68 New Market street; res., Lawton's Hope, Canon Pyon, near Hereford
Sunderland Joseph Hinchliffe, sen., auctioneer, valuer, estate agent, &c., 2 Offa street
Suter John Alexander Forbes, manager of the Hereford branch of the National Provincial Bank of England, Broad street; res., Holmer park
Sutton & Co., parcel carriers, 61 Commercial rd.; Thos. Bigglestone, Agent
Swain Thomas, tailor, 17 Oxford street
Swaithes J., baker, 127 Widemarsh st.
Symonds Edward Joseph, draper, silk mercer, &c., 31 High town
Symonds James Frederick, solicitor; under sheriff; clerk to the lieutenancy of the county of Hereford; clerk of indictments at sessions; deputy coroner for the county; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissi
oner; conservator for the Wye fishery district; office, 15 Bridge street; res., Okeleigh, Broomy hill
Symonds John Reginald, solicitor, 15 Bridge st.; res., Okeleigh, Broomy hl.
SYMONDS WILLIAM, general outfitter, hatter, and boot and shoe factor, 143 Widemarsh street (corner of Market entrance); res., Clifford cottage, Holmer road
Symonds William (firm of Jones & Symonds), Clifford cottage, Holmer road
SYMONDS WILLIAM, baker, and corn and meal factor, 7 and 8 Commercial road
Tandy Eliz., straw bonnet ma., 98 Edgar st.
Tandy Thos., Bricklayers' Arms, S.Owen st.
Taylor Edwin, reporter, 23 Richmond st.
Taylor Mrs. H., dressmaker, Widemarsh
Taylor Richard Henry, Rose and Crown Inn, Ledbury road, Tupsley
Taylor S., dressma., 100 Widemarsh st.
Taylor William, agent for W.H. Hale, manure manufacturer, Rotherhithe, London; stores, Canal wharf
Telfer Captain James Drummond, R.A., chief constable of the county, office, Shirehall; res., Rose bank, Lugwardine, near Hereford
Telford Ales., colour-sergt., 7 Clive street
Thackway Miss Ellen, dressma., 1 East st.
Thackway John, tobacconist, 4 Eign st.
THIRLWALL JOHN, artist in photography, 18 King street
Thomas Ann, dining rooms, 68 Eign st.
Thomas Mrs. A., ldgns., 55 St. Martin st.
Thomas J., commercial traveller, Albion villa, 12 White Cross street
Thomas John, Bull's Head, Widemarsh
Thomas Jph., law clerk, 11 Guildford st.
THOMAS MRS. & MISS JANE, ladies' boarding and day school, Clifford place, White Cross rd. (see advt. p.42)
Thomas Rich., rail. guard; 22 New town
Thomason Richard, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon; medical officer to the Hereford infirmary; medical officer and public vaccinator to Dewchurch district of Hereford union; assistant surgeon to Herefordshire militia; Drybridge house, 37 St Martin street
Thompson Arthur, agent for Watts & Co., wine merchants, of Gloucester, and for Arnold & Co., brewers, of Wickwar; secretary to the Herefordshire rifle association; assistant secretary and treasurer to the Woolhope naturalists' field club; agent for the Caledonian fire and life insurance office, 12 St. Nicholas street
Thompson Henry, grocer's assistant, 3 Elizabeth place, Portland street
Thompson Richard, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 62 St. Martin street
Thorne William, station master, Barr's Court joint railway station; res., Shamrock villa, Barr's Court road
Thorne William Bishop, timber dealer, Canal wharf; and rope and twine warehouse, 10 Commercial road
Thornett Thomas, grocer, baker, and post office clerk, 2 Whitefriars street
Tibbey Rowland, wheelwrt., &c., Ross rd.
Tippins E., beer retlr., 38 Berrington st.
Tizard Charles, baker, &c., 83 Edgar st.
Tombs Thos., shopkpr., 114 St. Owen st.
Tompkins M.E., dressma., 2 Ferrers st.
TOVEY JOSEPH, slate, tile, timber, and general building material merchant; steam sawing mills, turnery works, and hoop manufactory, Commercial road; coal and lime depot, Barr's Court station; lime works, Howle hill, near Ross; res., 45 Commercial road
TOWNSEND E. & M., cutlers, opticians, and dealers in fancy goods, 79 Eign street
Townsend Joseph D., manager for Gopsill Brown & Sons, sack contractors, 86 Edgar street
Tranter Thomas, manager of the model garden and farm; Baths street
Tringham Wm. T., tailor, 53 Comrcl. rd.
Tudor Chas. Wm.,accountant, 23 East st.
TUNNICLIFFE MRS.CHARLES, registry office for families and servants, 11 King street
Turner C., clerk, 73 Park st., Bartonsham
Turner David, bootmaker, 47 Park st.
TURNER GEORGE, tailor, clothier, hatter, & general outfitter, 64 Eign st.
Turner George F., secretary to the Herefordshire bow meeting, 29 High town
Turner Thomas, M.R.C.S. (firm of Lingen & Turner), surgeon to the Herefordshire administrative battalion of rifle volunteers; surgeon to the Hereford general infirmary; 141 St. Owen street
Turner Miss, matron of industrial school and orphanage, 133 St. Owen street
Turner Wm., baker, &c., 66 St. Martin st.
Underwood Henry, shoemkr., 2 Bewell st.
Underwood, Knight, & Underwood, solicitors, 30 Castle street
Underwood Edward Morgan (firm of Underwood, Knight, & Underwood), solicitor, 30 Castle street; res., 29 Castle street
Usher Robert, shoema., 98 White Cross st.
Vanston Robt., shopkeeper, 19 Harold st.
Varley W. & S., wool warehouse, West st.
Vaughan Miss Ann, lodging house, 46 Commercial road
VAUGHAN CHARLES WILLIAM, horticultural engineer, plumber, glazier, house, sign, and ornamental painter and decorator; English and French paperhanging, lead, glass, oil and colour warehouse, 27 Commercial street (see advertisement page 26)
VAUGHAN JAMES, general steam dyer, cleaner, bleacher, glazer, and hot-presser, Hereford steam dyeing and cleaning works, 26 Commercial street
VAUGHAN JOHN, auctioneer and valuer, 29 Widemarsh street
Veel Wm.,cab proprietor, 30 Richmond st.
Verdon Geo. Levinous, deputy-governor of the city gaol, 20 Mill street
Verney R., sergeant-major of Herefordshire militia
Vevers Henry, M.R.C.S., surgeon; medical officer to the city prison and to the infirmary, 6 St. Owen street
Vickery Geo., tailor, 117 Widemarsh st.
Vincent Albert, agent, 64 St. Owen st.
Wainscott Chas., watchmaker, 21 Eign st.
Wainscott James & Henry, corn and flour dealers, 21 Eign street
Wainwright Joseph, agent for the Atlas fire and life office, Cathedral close; res., 9 Castle street
Walker James, dairyman, 34 St. Owen st.
WALKER JOHN, chemist and druggist, 149 Widemarsh street
Walker John, station master, Barton sta.
Walker Jno., rlwy. guard, 19 Cornwall st.
WALMSLEY G., J., & H., linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, haberdashers, hosiers, and funeral furnishers, 6 and 7 High town
Walmsley George (firm of G., J., & H. Walmsley), North oils., Barr's Court rd.
Walmsley Henry (firm of G., J., & H. Walmsley), 6 High town
Walmsley James (firm of G., J., & H. Walmsley), Richmond pl., 26 Edgar st.
Walsh Miss Mary, mistress of Roman Catholic school, Broad street
Walters Ambrose, Cotterell Arms, and shopkeeper, Cotterell street
Warburton Peter, solicitor; deputy-coroner for the city, 23 St. Owen street
Ward George, china rivetter, 11 Friars st.
Ward Thos. Maddy, clerk, 69 St. Owen st.
Warder David William, railway clerk, Moor cottage, Widemarsh
Warren Mrs. H., laundress, 28 Cornwall st.
Wathen Mrs. James, preparatory school, 37 Hampton street, Bartonsham
WATKINS CHARLES, ale and porter brewer, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, importer of foreign grain, miller, maltster, corn and hop merchant, Imperial brewery, wholesale wine and spirit stores, and head offices, Bewell street; Imperial steam flour mills and maltings, Friars street and West street; also proprietor of the Mitre Family and Commercial Hotel, Broad street, and the Imperial Wine and Spirit Vaults, 12 and 13 Widemarsh street, and Three Crowns Wine Vaults, 72 Eign street; also hop grower and farmer, Wisteston court (Marden), and at Holmer and Burghill; res., Bewell house and Wisteston court (see advertisement on front cover)
Watkins Geo., shoema., Blackmarstone
Watkins Jas., seedsman, Commercial st.
Watkins John, farmer and landowner, Tupsley court
Watkins John, butcher, 23 Broad street
Watkins John, coach builder, Bridge st.
Watkins Mrs., registry office, 40 Commercial street
Watkins Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, Widemarsh street
WATKINS WILLIAM, pastrycook, confectioner, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 85 Eign street; res., 5 Barton villas, Barton road (see advt. page 42)
Watkins Wm., sergeant-at-mace, Bath st.
Watkins Wm., 14 Park st., Bartonsham
Watts Miss, preparatory school, 2 North villas, Barr's Court road
Weaver Alfred, provision dealer, St. Martin street
Weaver W.; job. gardener, 32 Cotterell st.
Webb Alfred, cabinet maker, carver, &c., Blue School street; res., 14 Catherine street
WEBB MRS. E., linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, haberdasher, hosier, & funeral furnisher, 5 High st.
Webster Richard, surveyor and land agent, 151 St. Owen street
WELSH HENRY (late Welsh & Son), builder and contractor; agent to the Imperial fire and life insurance company, Portland street and Moorfield street (see advertisement page 28)
WELSH JOHN T., sculptor, statuary, marble, stone, and wood carver, Edgar street works (see advertisement p. 40)
WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES DISTRICT BANKING COMPANY (BRANCH OF), draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co., Lombard street, London, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Wednesdays 10 till 5, on Thursdays 10 till 1; Arthur Trelawny Wickham New, Esq., Manager, 52 Commercial street
Weston Jas., carpenter, 88 St. Owen st.
Weymss Edward, private tutor and sub-librarian to the Hereford Permanent library, St. John street; res., Derwent villa, 27 Eign road
Weymss James, registrar of marriages, 66 St. Owen street
Whalley Miss Ann, draper and milliner, 43 Commercial street
Wheeler Richard, corn merchant, 14 Edgar street
Wheeler Rd., shopkpr., 104 St. Owen st.
White Joseph, solicitor, Wye Vale villas, 97 Park street, Bartonsham; and at 18 Corn square, Leominster
Whitney A., tailor's assist., Portland st.
Whittem Christopher (firm of Davison & Whittem), 61 Cotterell street, White Cross road
Wigley Albert, clerk, 34 Eign road
Wigley William, distributor of salmon fishing licences for Hereford district; colour-sergeant to No. 1 company of Hereford rifle volunteers; deputy registrar of births and deaths for the city district; Park villa, 75 Park street, Bartonsham
Wilcox Wm. Rd., rlwy. clk., 6 Bedford st.
Wilding Frederick, solicitor, 7 King st.
Wilkes Henry, R.A.M., professor of music, Holland place, Blackmarstone
Williams Anne, Whalebone Inn, Eign hill
Williams A.W., inland revenue officer
WILLIAMS & BAKER, monumental sculptors and letter cutters, Eign street
Williams Chas., greengrcr., 44 Church st.
Williams Charles, outfitter, &c., 24 Eign street
WILLIAMS EDWARD, boot and shoe manufacturer, 2 Eign street
Williams Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 126 St. Owen street
WILLIAMS GEORGE, Victoria Hotel, and carpenter, &c., 25 Widemarsh street, corner of New Market street (see advertisement page 44)
Williams Henry, Barrack Tavern, Bartonsham
Williams Miss H., toy dealer, 73 Eign st.
Williams Howel Bennett (firm of W. & H.B. Williams), agent for the Westminster fire office, the Westminster and General life assurance society, the Queen fire office, the Queen life assurance office, and the Accident insurance company, limited, 46 Bridge street
Williams James, grocer, paper and marine store dealer, 35 St. Owen street
Williams Job, carpenter, Barton lodge
WILLIAMS JOHN, Red Lion Inn, 15 Victoria street, corner of Eign st.
Williams John, mason, 73 New town
Williams John, jobbing gardener, Barton
Williams Matthew, bootma., St. Martin st.
Williams Michael, jobng. smith, Bath st.
Williams Miss, dressmaker, 124 Widemarsh street
WILLIAMS RICHARD, tobacconist and waiter, 3 Commercial road
Williams Richard, fishing tackle maker, 7 Model cottages, Baths street
WILLIAMS RICHARD THOS., fishing tackle maker and tobacconist, 35 Commercial square
Williams Mrs. Rosa, beer retailer (The Rest), Widemarsh, near the Canal
WILLIAMS SAMUEL, "The City" tea, grocery, and provision warehouse, 3 Eign street (see advt. page 41)
Williams S., laundress, 26 Scudamore st.
Williams Thos., grocer, &c., 70 New town
Williams Thomas, inland revenue officer, Barrack villa, Bartonsham
Williams Thomas, fruiterer, 83 St. Owen street
Williams T., greengrocer, 36 St. Owen st.
WILLIAMS W. & H.B., pharmaceutical chemists, 46 Bridge street
Williams Walter (firm of W. & H.B. Williams), 46 Bridge street; res., The Gare, Broomy hill
Willmott A.D., compositor, Portland st.
Wills Alexander Hinton, clerk, 27 Park st.
WILSON G.I., manufacturer of patent bricks, pan, Bridgewater, border, and crest tiles, flooring squares, draining pipes, wall coping, &c., Hampton Park steam brick and tile works; and at Pontrilas, near Hereford (see advertisement page 13)
Wilson Robert, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 33 Broad street
Winter Abraham, crier of the court of quarter sessions, crier of county courts, and custodian of the Shirehall, 1 St. Owen street
Winter Joseph, butcher, 8 The Crescent, Maylord street
Winter Joseph, butcher, 44 St. Martin st.
Witcomb Robt. F., butcher, 22 Bridge st.
With George Henry, F.R.A.S., scientific secretary to the Hereford dry-earth model farm and garden (Industrial Aid Society's), Baths street; res., 133 Widemarsh street
Wood James, shopkeeper, Foley street
Wood Robert, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for Fownhope district of Hereford union, 69 Green street, Bartonsham
Woodyatt M., shopkeeper, 28 Moorfield street
Woolfeuden R.C., wool sorter, St. Martin street
WOOLLEY MRS. THOMAS, millinery, mantle, and dressmaking establishment, 148 St. Owen street (opposite the Shirehall)
Woolley William & Thomas, linen and woollen drapers, 4 St. Peter street
Woolley William (firm of William & Thomas Woolley), 125 St. Owen street
Woolliams Richard, Weavers' Arms, 40 Bewell street
Working Men's Refreshment Rooms (Industrial Aid Society's), 49 Comrcl. st.
WORKMAN RICHARD, furnishing ironmonger and general hardware factor, Commerce house, 11 High town; and depot for fancy goods, jewellery, boots, shoes, &c., The Arcade, 21 High town
Worthing Thos., grocer, &c., 14 King st.
Wright Edward, china, glass, and earthenware dealer, 7 Commercial street
Wright John, Bowling Green, Bewell st.
Wright John, haulier, 72 Bath street
Wright M.A., lodgings, 25 Comrcl. rd.
Wynn Nicholas Sirrell, manager for the Midland Banking company, limited; agent for the Commercial Union fire and life insurance office, Midland bank, 35 Broad street
YAPP THE MISSES MARY ANN & HARRIET, toy and fancy repository and stationery warehouse, 10 Commercial street
Yapp Thomas, eating house, 5 Church street
Yates Rd., insurance agt., 41 Portland st.
Yeates Thomas, foreman, 55 Park street
YOUNG WALTER (late Rogers), hosier, glover, shirt maker, &c., 46 Broad street

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