Bromyard, Herefordshire

Extract from Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2005

Barneby William, Esq., J.P., D.L., Saltmarshe castle
Bentley Rev. Robert, B.A. (vicar of Grendon Bishop and chaplain of Brockhampton), Broad street
Blatchley Charles Graham, Esq., C.E., Sherford house
Booth Rev. John, B.A. (vicar of Stanford Bishop and of Wacton; chaplain to the Bromyard union), The Firs, Winslow
Bray Mrs., Church street
Derry Mr. Philip B. and the Misses, Croft villas, New road
Devereux Miss Sarah, Church house
Drew Edwd., Esq., Wallcroft ho., Winslow
Eckley James, Esq., High street
Eckley James P., Esq., High street
Eckley Miss Sophia, Broad street
Etheredge G. Ernest F., Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., L.M., Cruxwell street
Finney William, Esq., The Downs
Gardiner Mr. Thomas, Highwell house
Gilmour Mr. Patrick, Firs cot., Winslow
Green Mr. Thos., sen., Quist's pl., Winslow
Griffiths Mrs. Susannah, High street
Halford E.J., Esq., Bank ho., High st.
Howells Mrs. Margaret, Church street
Jefferies Rev. T.B. (Wesleyan), High st.
Jenks Miss Mary, Tower hill
Jenks The Misses, The Elms
Jones Rev. John Peter (Congregational minister), Chapel house, Sherford st.
Knott Henry Nicholls, Esq., High street
Lipscombe The Misses, Prospect villa, Winslow
Lutley John Habington Barneby, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L., Brockhampton
Marshall Mr. Francis, Broad street
Middleton Rev. Robert (Primitive Methodist), Church street
Oakley Mr. John, Market square
Owen John, Esq., M.D., Nunwell house
Palmer Mr. Joseph, Church street
Pike Capt. Francis, The Green, Winslow
Powell William, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Broad street
Purser Thos. Hy., Esq. (lieut. of 4th Herefordshire rifle corps), Bird's Eye cottage
St. John Hon. Beauchamp Mowbray, J.P., Munderfield Harold, Winslow
Shakerley The Dowager Lady, Buckenhill house
Shelton John Brown, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., High street
Smith Mr. G.H.L., Little bridge, Norton
Stephenson Rev. Thos. Nash, M.A., J.P. (vicar of Bromyard, and surrogate for the diocese of Hereford), The Vicarage
Tolley Mrs. Mary Ann, The Downs
Trigg Mr. Edmund, Down cottage
Watkins Mrs. Hannah, Broad street
Weltch Rev. Henry W., B.A. (master of gram. school), Rock cot., Sherford st.
West William, Esq., Froome bank
West William Eckley, Esq., Froome bank
Wyndham Mr. Hugh, The Warren, Brockhampton
Allkins Wm., butcher and dealer, High st.
Altree John, farmer, Lipton Brook farm
AMISS JOHN, plumber, glazier, painter, & paperhanger, Worcester road
AMISS JOHN, jun., plumber, glazier, house, sign, and decorative painter, paperhanger, and monumental mason, Sherford st. (see advertisement p.8)
Badham John Richd., tailor, Cruxwell st.
BAKER FREDERICK, Falcon Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting House, Broad street
Barrs Thomas, inspector of nuisances, Sherford street
Barton Henry, farmer and hop grower, Yearsett court, Linton
Bayliss Thomas, wheelwright and pump-maker, Market place
Bedford Thomas, head gardener for the Dowager Lady Shakerley, Buckenhill ho.
Bennett Mrs. Margaret, postmistress, Post and Telegraph office, Market sq.
BENNETT M. & Son, book and music-sellers, stationers, newsagents, circulating library, and patent medicine vendors; agents for the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation and the Plate Glass Insurance Company, Post office, Market sq. (see advt. page 7)
BENNETT THE MISSES PATIENCE AND MARIA, linen-drapers and seed dealers, Market sq.
Berriman John, farmer and hop grower, The Scar, Linton
Biddle Henry, shopkeeper, Linton
BIGG AUSTEN, master of the National school, organist of the parish church, teacher of the piano, organ, &c., and bandmaster of the 4th Herefordshire rifle corps, School house (see advertisement page 9).
Blatchley Charles G., C.E., engineer to the Worcester and Bromyard railway, Sherford house
Booton Mrs. Ann, br. rtlr., Downs, Norton
Bowen William, wheelwright and blacksmith, Linley green, Linton
BOX HENRY, plumber, glazier, painter, and paperhanger; also, baker and confectioner, High street
BRACE JOHN, ironmonger, High street; and blacksmith and implement maker, Cruxwell street
Bray Thomas, farmer, Burley, Linton
Brooks H., general dealer, Sheep street
Brown James, drill instructor of rifle corps, Bishell terrace
Brown Richard J., miller and farmer, Hardwick mill, Winslow
Brown Samuel George, Cruxwell street
Cambridge Benjamin, station master, Yearsett railway station
Charlwood Israel, tinman, &c., High st.
Clarke Josiah, tailor, Sherford street
Clements John, farmer & tax col., Winslow
Coldrick William, greengrocer, High st.
Colebatch Thos., farmer, New ho., Norton
COOK JOHN GARDINER, family grocer, wine & spirit mercht., provision dealer, & tallow chandler, Broad street
Corbett Jas., shopkpr., Cruxwell street
Corbett Joseph, frmr. & dealer, Bishell cot.
COTTRELL DANIEL WM., Hop Pole Family and Commercial Hotel, Posting House, and Inland Revenue Office, Market square; and farmer, Brick barns, Linton
COX WILLIAM, grocer and provision dealer, Market square
Cropp Mrs. E., beer rtlr. (Bell), Church st.
Cross William, blacksmith, Crowl's Ash, Winslow
Cullun Misses, ladies' school, Tower hill
DADSWELL THE MISSES, establishment for young ladies (boarding and day), Mount pleasant, New road
Davies Chas., beer retailer & frmr., Downs
Davies Jas., grocer and wine agt., Broad st.
Davies James, millwright, Sherford street
Derry John P., cot. frmr., Oak cot., Norton
Devereux George, Bay Horse Commercial Inn, and proprietor of thoroughbred stallions, High street
DEVEREUX JNO. GODFREY, agent for Allsopp's ales, Cruxwell st.
Drew Edward, farmer and landowner, Wallcroft house, Winslow
Eckley James, solicitor; clerk to the commissioners of taxes (land and income); treasurer of the union; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; High street
Elcocks Mrs., farmer, Linton old mill
Etheredge G. Ernest Frederick, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., L.M., physician and surgeon; med. off. to the union house and to No. 2 district of Bromyard union; surgeon to the Bromyard cottage hospital; surgeon to the Broxash lodge of Oddfellows; Cruxwell street
EVANS GEORGE, general draper, silk mercer, milliner, hosier, glover, and funeral furnisher; also outfitter, hatter, brass and iron bedstead and bedding warehouseman, Broad street (see advertisement page 6)
Evans John, spade-tree manufacturer and timber dealer, Winslow
FINNEY WILLIAM, proprietor of the Stream Hall quarry, The Downs
Fox Rd., saddler & hat-maker, High st.
Francis Geo., locksmith, &c., Market sq.
Francis Mrs., straw-bont. ma., Market sq.
Freeman Jonathan, farm bailiff for Wm. Barneby, Esq., J.P., D.L., Norton
French John, farmer, Hodgebatch, Linton
Furlong Elisha, farmer, Downs, Norton
Garness Mrs. S., farmer, Brook hall farm
George Charles, blacksmith, Linley green
Gittins Edwin, watchmaker, Church st.
Godwin Thomas, Queen's Arms, High st.
Gower The Misses, dressmakers, Dumbleton cottage, Church street
Green George, farmer and hop grower, Hardwick, Winslow
Green Thomas, jun., farmer and hop grower, Quist's place, Winslow
Griffiths Henry, tailor, Rose cot., New rd.
Griffiths Thomas C.B., chemist, High at.
Grubb Edward Tolley, agricultural implement dealer, Broad street
Grubb Mrs., ironmonger, &c., Broad at.
Grubb James, farmer and tax col., Downs
Grubham John, shopkeeper, beer retlr., and cot. farmer, Bringsty com., Linton
Halford E.J., manager of the National Provincial branch bank, High street
HALL JAMES WILLIAM, importer of, and wholesale and retail dealer in, wines and spirits; agent for Allsopp & Sons' and Ind, Coope, & Co.'s Burton ales; also for Guinness's, Manders', and D'Arcy's Dublin stout, Broad street; and at Tenbury (see advertisement page 6)
Hall Joseph, frmr., Puddle hill, Winslow
HALSEY EDWIN, White Horse Inn and Spirit Vaults, Cruxwell street
Harris Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Bringsty common, Linton
Harris John, butcher, Cruxwell street
Haynes J., clog maker, Sheep street
HAYS EDWARD, tailor and draper, Cruxwell street; and farmer, Rose hill, Stoke Bliss, near Tenbury
Heath Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, Broad st.
Heming Thomas, farmer and hop grower, Middle Yearsett, Linton
Hemus T.C., frmr., Wells farm, Winslow
Henry James, farmer, Burley, Linton
Hill John, farmer, Burley, Linton
Hill Wm., wheelwright, &c., Milvern lane
Holloway W., farmer and hop grower, Steward's hyde, Winslow
Halsey Francis Herbert, relieving officer for 1st district of Bromyard union and registrar of births and deaths for Brockhampton district, Broad street
HUGHES HENRY, photographer, hairdresser, and tobacconist, High st.
IMMS WILLIAM, cabinetmkr., under-taker, and general broker, High street
James Geo., grocer & coal dealr., Sheep st.
JAMES JOHN, butcher, dealer, and farmer, High street; and Townsend farm, Edwin Ralph; and Turkey Hall farm, Winslow
James John, shopkeeper, The Downs
James Thomas, mason, Tower hill
JAMES WILLIAM, mason, Tower hill
Jenkins John, farmer, Woolner hill, Linton
Jenks Jas., tanner and currier, Tan house
Jenks Miss Jane, day school, The Elms
Johnson Christopher, china and glass warehouse and cooper, High street
Johnson John, hairdresser, Cruxwell st.
JONES CHARLES, family and dispensing chemist and dentist, Market square
Jones Edward, tailor, draper, and grocer, Broad street
Jones James, grocer, The Downs, Norton
JONES THOMAS, tailor, woollen draper, batter, clothier, & funeral furnisher, Broad street
Jordan Thomas, thrashing machine proprietor, Ockeridge, Winslow
Knott Henry Nicholls, solicitor; clerk to the guardians of Bromyard union and to the rural sanitary authority; clerk to the assessment committee; clerk and treasurer to the Grendon Bishop, Bredenbury, and Wacton united school board; clerk and treasurer to school boards for Avenbury, Stanford Bishop, and Acton Beauchamp; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; agent for the Law Union fire and life insurance office, High street
Lake James, cottage farmer, Bank house, The Downs, Norton
Lane Charles, farmer and hop grower, Upper Norton
LANE HENRY, wholesale fruit dealer beer retailer (Rose and Lion), and carrier to Worcester, New road
Lewis John, shopkeeper, Market square
Lewis Timothy, cot. farmer and haulier, Harelay farm, Linton
Lindsey Jn., chimney swpr., Milvern lane
Loxley James, Railway Inn, Church st.
Madders Miss, dressmaker, Sheep street
Madders Thomas, carpenter, Sheep street
Maddy John Thomas, farmer, Slipstone farm, Linton
Marshall Alexander, seedsman and gardener, 21 High street
Mason Richard, farmer and hop grower, Rowden farm, Winslow
MASON THOMAS, miller, Three mills, Norton; and corn and meal factor and shopkeeper, High street
Masters James, tailor, Cruxwell street
M'INTOSH DONALD, general outfitting, drapery, and boot and shoe warehouse; agent for Thomas's, Howe's, and Weir's sewing machines, and for the Liverpool and London and Globe insurance company, High street, corner of New road (see advt. page 9)
Mercer Mrs. Mary,farmer and hop grower, Keep hill and Embatches, Winslow
Miles Charles, dairy farmer, Winslow
MILLECHAP JOHN, boot and shoe manufacturer, High street
Milner Jas., frmr., Rowden abbey, Winslow
Mitchell Ben., cot. frmr., Downs, Norton
Mitchell William, farmer and hop grower, Cider house, Linton
Mitchell William, shoemaker, Sheep st.
Moore Wm., cot. farmer, Downs, Norton
Morley Mrs Hannah, shopkeeper and tripe-dresser; Cruxwell street
Morris Edw. farmer, Ockeridge, Winslow
Morris William, general dealer, Broad st.
Moss Edward, blacksmith, Church street
NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (branch of), High street; draw on the head office of the National Provincial Bank of England, corner of Threadneedle st., London, E.C.; bank hours 10 till 3, on Mondays and fair days 10 till 4, on Saturdays 10 till 12.30 p.m.; E.J. Halford, Esq., manager
Newbold John, harness maker, High st.
Norfolk John Fletcher, veterinary surgeon, Croft villas, New road
Nott Mrs. Jane, farmer, Brockhampton
OAKLEY FREDERICK WARBURTON, auctioneer, timber and general valuer, house and estate agent, Sherford cottage, Sherford street
OAKLEY HENRY EVANS, Printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, & circulating library; sub-distributor of stamps; registrar of births and deaths for Bromyard district; agent for the Hereford Times and for the Art Union of Kent; Stamp office, Market square
Orgee Samuel, farmer, Linton; res., Northfields, Avenbury
Oseland John, farmer, Steples, Norton
Ovens Thomas, superintendent of police,
Police station, Church street
Owen John, M.D., surgn., Nunwell house
Page Harriett, Berlin wool depot, High st.
Page Richard, farmer, Old House farm, Linton; res., The Oaks, Stanford Bishop
Page Thomas, farmer and hop grower, Upper Winslow
PALMER BENJAMIN, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c., Broad street (see advertisement page 7)
Palmer Thos., cabinet mkr., Hereford st.
Partridge Joseph, King's Arms Inn, and baker, &c., High street
Pasco Walter, shopkeeper and general dealer, High street
PERCY HENRY, fancy bread and biscuit baker, pastrycook, and confectioner; agent for the Alliance assurance company Market square (see advt. p.7)
Perkins John, haulier, Pump street
Perkins John, cottage farmer, The Downs
Perkins Saml., farmer, New ho., Winslow
Perry Thos.,farmer, Gonderland, Winslow
Phillpott John, greengrocer, High street
Philpott Mrs. Maria, linen and woollen draper, Broxash house, 1 Broad street
Pitt Thos., miller, farmer,and hop grower, Rowden mill, Winslow
Poiner Jas., farmer, The Tack, Winslow
Powell Francis, tailor, Broad street
Powell George, clothier, &c., Market sq.
Powell Thomas, farmer, Landynob
Powell William, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon; medical officer to No. 1 district of Bromyard union; public vaccinator; Broad street
Preston William, master of British school, High street
Price William, Green Dragon, Cruxwell st.
Price William, tailor, High street
PROSSER JAMES, grocer and provision dealer, High street (see advertisement page 9)
PUMPHREY HENRY, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, &c.; registrar of marriages for Bromyard union district, High street
Redding Thomas, wheelwright, carpenter, &c., Church street
Redfern John, farmer, Fir bush, Winslow
Reynolds John, coal agent, Yearsett
Richards Lewis, watch and clock maker, High street
Ricketts John, poor rate collector, Ballhurst cottage, Winslow
ROGERS RICHARD, Crown and Sceptre Inn, Sherford street
ROUSE GEORGE, builder, contractor, English and foreign timber merchant, dealer in all kinds of building materials, &c.; also, coal, coke, and lime merchant, brick manufacturer, ironmonger, corn, flour, and meal factor; wheelwright, waggon, cart. and market-trap maker, and smith's work in general, New road; depot for coal, coke, lime, building materials, &c., st. Yearsett railway station (see advt. page 8)
Rowbery John, cider retailer and cottage farmer, The Grundys, Linley green
Sanders Thomas, carpenter, Church street
Shelton John Brown, M.R.C.S., L.S.A.; consulting surgeon, High street
Shuard John, farmer, Orchards farm, Linton; res., Elmore's end, Whitbourne
Sirrell James George, shoeing and general smith, Nunwell street
Skerrett Henry, farmer, Lower Winslow
Smith Chas., butcher & dealer, Market sq.
Smith G.H.L., land steward to William Barneby, Esq., J.P., D.L. (of Saltmarshe castle), Estate offices, Little br.
SMITH JAMES, family grocer, teadealer, and provision merchant, 16 High street (see advertisement page 6)
Smith, John, mason, Milvern lane
Smith R.T. and Co., general carriers and carting agents for Great Western Railway Co., Yearsett railway station (see Hereford advertisements)
Smith Thos., farmer and haulier, Washcroft
Smith Thos., farmer, Ashminton, Linton; and at Sapey mill, Whitbourne
Smith William, haulier, The Downs
South Wales and Cannock Chase coal and lime company, limited, depot at Yearsett railway station; head offices, 54 Foregate street, Worcester; William Underwood, Esq., manager
SPENCER WILLIAM, butcher and dealer, Broad street
Steward William, farmer and hop grower, Middle Norton
Strangward Richard, sergeant of police, Old police station, Sherford street
Summers Chas., shopkpr., Downs, Linton
Tarbath Henry, butcher, Broad street
TARBATH JAMES, carrier to Worcester and mail-cart contractor, Sherford street
Taylor Henry, shopkeeper, Bringsty com.
Taylor J.A. and C.A., bakers, &c., Broad street
Taylor Mrs., frmr., Hardwick hl.,Winslow
Taylor William, general dealer, High st.
Thorn John, wool dealer, Broad street
Trigg Edmund, surveyor for Bromyard highway district, Down cottage
TURBILL JOSEPH, builder, coffin maker, undertaker, &c., Church street
Turbill Wm., blksmth., Sandy crs., Norton
Vale Mrs., farmer, Walk mill, Norton
VAUGHAN FRANCIS, baker, confectioner, and dairyman, High street
Walker Mrs. E., cottage farmer, Deabley
Walker Joseph, farmer and hop grower, Deabley, Linton
Walker Joseph, cottage farmer, Hainscroft
Wall Mrs. Ann, beer and cider retailer (Herefordshire House), Linley green
WALL JOHN, tailor, woollen draper, clothier, hatter, hosier, &c., Market sq. (see advertisement page 7)
Wall Richard, farmer and hop grower, Old Yearsett, Linton
Wall William, timber dealer and lath-render, Market square
Walters Geo., basket maker, Cruxwell st.
Warburton William, sub-bailiff of the county court & parish clerk, Church st.
WARD E.L. (THE EXECUTORS OF), lessees of gasworks st. Bromyard and Bewdley, gasfitters, tobacconists, hosiers, &c., High street
Ward Francis, carpenter, Brockhampton
Ward and Son, saddlers, &c., Broad st.
WEEKS EDWARD, Lion Inn, and maltster, Broad street
WEEKS JOSEPH BURROW, maltster, corn dealer, and seedsman; agent for Lawes' patent manures, Beach's condiment, and the Norwich Union fire and life insurance office, Broad street; stores, Sherford street
West William, solicitor; clerk to the magistrates for Bromyard division; registrar of county court; commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; perpetual commissioner; office, Broad street; res., Froome bank
West William Eckley, solicitor; superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for Bromyard union district; clerk to the highway board; agent for the Phoenix fire insurance office, Broad street; res., Froome bank
Whitney Alfred, master of the union, Linton
Wilcox Sam., tailor and outfitter, Broad st.
Williams Albt., fruit dealer, Bringsty com.
Williams Charles, carrier, Bringsty com.
WILLIAMS CHARLES, painter and glazier, boot and shoe maker, general newsagent and correspondent; agent for the United Kingdom temperance & general provident institution, Broad st.
WILLIAMS JAMES WHITSEY, wholesale and family grocer, cheese-factor, corn and provision merchant; agent for the Sun fire and life insurance office; depot of the British and Foreign Bible society, 22 and 23 High street
Williams Jno., frmr., The Rock, Winslow
Wilson J., beer retailer (Saddlers' Arms), Norton

OCR/Transcription by Rosemary Lockie in January 2005.

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