A Guide to Ledbury, Herefordshire

by E. Freeman (1892)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2003


Obverse.- William Berrow = The Grocer's Arms Value
Reverse.-  of Ledbvry = W.E.B.} ¼d.
O.-  William Browne = The Glaziers Arms}
R.-  of Ledbvry = W.I.B.} ¼d.
O.-  Richard Cox = His half peny
R.-  In Ledbvry = 1667 R.A.C.
O.-  William Matthews = An earthen jar}
R.-  In Ledbury = 1653 W.M.M.} ¼d.
O.-  William Hooper 1657 = The Weavers Arms
R.-  Thomas Page Their ½ peny = In Ledbury
O.-  Reighnald Randolph = The Blacksmiths Arms
R.-  In Ledbvry 1668 = His halfe penny
O.-  Io. Stone of Ledbvry = a sugar loaf
R.-  His Halfe penny = I.H.S.
O.-  Samvell Wilson = In Ledbvry
R.-  Iohn White 1663 = Ther half peny

[NOTE.-Tokens began to appear about 1648, and in a few years increased to a great extent until 1672, when they were put down by the proclamation of King Charles II., who then established the regal copper currency, which has continued to our own day by the issue of farthings and halfpennies.]

OCR/transcript by Rosemary Lockie in September 2003.

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