A Guide to Tideswell and Its Church

By Rev J.M.J. Fletcher

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013


THE following, though possibly still imperfect, is the most complete list of Vicars, &c., that has yet been published.-

1193Henry, clericus de Tideswelle.
(temp. King John)Robert, “parson of Tideswell”.
[ 1232 ]Presentation to the Church of Tideswell to be made by Thomas Gresley in place of the prior of Lancaster.
(124..)John Strange (“Extraneus” or a stranger).
(1245), (1254)Alan de Harby. (An Alan, possibly the same man, was also Vicar about 1273) Alan, Vicar of Tideswell, presented a “small chalice of the weight, of eight shillings” for use in Lichfield Cathedral.
1273“Minister Ralph, Rector of Tydeswell”. Ralph de Sempringham, Dean of Lichfield, seems to have been resident at, or near, Tideswell, at this time. Tideswell was then one of the most important towns in Derbyshire. King Edward I. stayed here for some days in August, 1275, and the old records appear to show that he had a Hunting Lodge here. Perhaps this would account for the Dean's residence here as Rector. (The Dean and Chapter of Lichfield were, ex-officio, Rectors of Tideswell).
1275Henry de Lucebi.
1281Roger - (probably Roger le Gode, who was Vicar here in 1301)
13..Laurence de Schryvenham.
1336William Andrew.
1359John de - (possibly John Bakster).
...1359(April) Hugh Fordyan, exchanged with
1359William de Hanleye, (Vicar of Colton).
...1364John Bakster, exchanged with
1364Henry de Assheton, or de Aston (Vicar of Kersyngton, i.e.Carsington).
(1406)-1413John Aleyne (alias Yoxhale).
1413-William Holmesfield (formerly Rector of Llanvarghell).
(1441), (1447)William Pursegloves.
(1473)Thomas Taillour.

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(1482), (1498)William Kirke.
(1501)to 1544 Edmund Eyre (died 1544).
1544Arthur Meverell (Last Prior of Tutbury), resigned.
1547George Cocke.
1549Robert Hullens.
1551William Fieldsend.
1576William Pendleton.
(1592) (1628)William Greaves. (Trin. Coll., Camb.) B.A.
...1634Christopher Fulnetby. (S. Peter's, Camb.)
1634Nicholas Cross.
1636 (1653)Ralph Heathcote (Trin. Coll., Camb.) B.A.
*1656Anthony Buxton (Trinity Coll. Camb.) B.A.
*1656John Beebee (Oxford).
1662Isaac Sympson, M.A.
1663Laurence Brierly, M.A. (died 1680).
1680Richard Jepson, (S. John's Coll., Camb.) M.A.
1681Joseph Cresswicke., (Sidney S. Coll. Camb.) M.A.
1691Richard Unitt (S. John's Coll. Camb.)
1691Daniel Totty (Trin. Coll. Camb.) M.A.
1695John Allen, B.A.
1719Adamson Kenyon (S. John's Coll. Camb.) M.A.
1730Edward Markland (buried Dec. 14, 1775, aged 87 years)
1776William Stephenson.
1778Richard Shuttleworth, (died May 1, 1796).
1796Thomas Brown (died Nov. 22, 1836).
1837John Kynaston, M.A.
1855William Moxon Mann (Clare Coll. Camb.) B.A.
1858William Humphrey Vale (Magd. Coll.,Camb.) M.A., R.D.
1864Samuel Andrew, Canon of Southwell, R.D. (died April 14, 1900; buried at Tideswell).
1900James Michael John Fletcher, (Univ. Coll. Oxford) M.A., F.R. Hist. S. (Vicar of Wimborne Minster, R.D., Canon of Salisbury).
1906Thomas Rogerson, (Vicar of Stanford-cum-Swinford, died Dec. 16, 1921; buried at Tideswell).
1919Herbert Alfred Tamplin (Rector of Hanley).
1922Edgar Gwillym Walmsley (S. John's Coll, Oxford) M.A. (Rector of Barlborough).
1929Richard Fletcher Edwards.

* Presbyterian ordination.

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