A Guide to Tideswell and Its Church

By Rev J.M.J. Fletcher

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013


1560Robert Syward.
1575John Cooke.
16..John Sleigh, (whilst W. Greaves was Vicar).
...1636John North, (buried Nov. 7, 1636).
1636John Wilson.
...1644... Bour, (buried Feb. 24, 1644).
(1658)... Bell
1662Isaac Sympson, (also Vicar) M.A.
1675Isaac Greatorex, B.A.
1678John Raworth obtained special license to absent himself in order that he might take a degree at the University of Cambridge, S. Peter's Coll., (B.A. 1678, M.A. 1685) when
1678John Stanley, of Eyam, (who had been educated at Tideswell Grammar School, and afterwards at St. John's' College, Cambridge), was allowed to act as his deputy. He was the son of the Thomas Stanley, who, together with the Rector, ministered so fearlessly to the sick during the time of the plague at Eyam.
1680Nicholas Bagshawe, (buried July 10th, 1688).
(1683)-1688Thomas Browne.
1688... Walker.
1691-2William Dickens, (Trinity College, Cambridge).
1692... Gould.
1692Daniel Tottey, (or Totty, also Vicar) B.A., (Trinity College, Cambridge).
1692-4Philip Turner.
1695-1712Richard Fern.
1713-(1717)John Allen, (also Vicar) B.A.
(1729)-1770John Goddard (Fellow of Queen's Coll., Cambridge) M.A., (buried Sep. 3rd, 1779).
1770-1790Joseph Goddard, M.A., (buried Feb. 9th, 1790).
1790-1832Thomas Brown, (also Vicar).
1832-1858Henry Barrow Chinn, B.A., (also Vicar of Carsington and Incumbent of Peak Forest.) Buried at Wormhill.
1859-1863Thomas James Jones, B.A. (afterwards Vicar of Tickenhall, died 1909).
1863-1871John Carilon, F.R.G.S., F.S.S.
 (School Closed)
1879-1882William Edward Winter, M.A.
1882-1888Alfred Cecil Fox, M.A., (All Souls' Coll, Oxford).
1889-1894Walter Coombe, M.A., G. and Caius Coll., Camb).
1894-1917William G. Boni, M.A., LL.D, D.C.L., F.C.S.
1917-1920John Frederick Judson, M.A.
1920-1930Richard Biddulph, M.A., B.Sc.

OCR/transcript by Rosemary Lockie in March 2013.

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