Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Whitwell and Clown”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

WHITWELL is a parish, in the hundred of Scarsdale; the village is situate at the N.E. extremity of the county, and is twelve miles N.E. from Chesterfield. The Duke of Portland is lord of the manor. The church is dedicated to St. Lawrence; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Duke, and in the incumbency of the Rev. George Mason, of Cuckney, Nottinghamshire; the Rev. J. Harnage is the present curate.

Here is a school, founded by the Duchess of Portland, in which seventy girls are taught sewing, reading, writing, and arithmetic. At Steetly, said to have been at one period a distinct parish, is a desecrated church, exhibiting a curious and good specimen of the enriched style of Norman architecture; it is an interesting ruin, and is preserved with great care. A statute fair for hiring servants, formerly held in November, has fallen into disuse.

The parish contained, by the returns for 1821, 873 inhabitants, and by those for 1831, 1,007.

CLOWN, a village and parish, in the same hundred as Whitwell, is about three miles N.W. from that village, two S.S.E. from Barlhorough, and three and a half N. from Bolsover. In the neighbourhood of the village coal and lime-stone are obtained, and there is a small manufactory for sail-cloth; but the inhabitants are chiefly employed in agricultural labours. There is a chalybeate spring, called Shuttlewood Spa, in this parish; and a piece of water, called Harlesthorpe Dam, covering about four acres.

The places of worship are, the parish church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, of various styles of architecture, and chapels for Calvinists and Wesleyan methodists: the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the crown. The free school here, originally founded in 1730, has been the subject of litigation; about twenty-four children are at present educated in it. The parish (which has no dependent township), contained, in 1821, 616 inhabitants, and in 1831, 637.

POST:- Letters arrive from and are despatched to CHESTERFIELD every day (Sunday excepted.)

Hancock Peter, esq. Whitwell
Harnage Rev. J. Whitwell

Anchor, Abel Littlewood, Clown
Angel, Samuel Jepson, Clown
Boot and Shoe, Mary Webster, Whitwell
Bottle and Glass, Robert Leggatt, Whitwell
Buck, James Brunt, Clown
George, Thomas West, Whitwell
Nag's Head, Joseph Tompkin, Clown
Odd Fellows' Arms, James Taylor, Clown

The names without Address are in WHITWELL.
Baker William, saddler
Bark George, retailer of beer, Clown
Brightmore Geo. butcher, Clown
Brunt Samuel, linen manufacturer
Brunt William, linen manufacturer
Cadlin Joseph, tailor
Drabble Mary, mistress of free school
Ellis Thomas, wheelwright
Gill William, wheelwright, Clown
Glossop William, maltster
Godly William, tailor
Hibbard Chas. wheelwright, Clown
Hides Ignatius, shopkeeper, Clown
Hind Jos. boot, &c. maker, Clown
Leggatt Peter, blacksmith
Linley -, retailer of beer
Littlewood Abel, blacksmith, Clown
Newton Richard, butcher, Clown
Oldham James, blacksmith
Oldham John, retailer of beer
Parkin John, hosier
Revell Richard, tailor, Clown
Revell Thos. boot, &c. makr, Clown
Revington William, butcher
Shepherd John, wheelwright
Smith Samuel, maltster, Clown
Turner & Glossop, butchers
Unwin George, land surveyor
Webster Joseph, maltster
Woodhead John, retailer of beer, Clown
Woodhead Wm. corn miller & shopkeeper, Clown
Yates Robert, boot, &c. maker

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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