Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Stoney Middleton, Eyam, Calver and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

STONEY MIDDLETON is a chapelry, in the parish of Hathersage and hundred of High Peak, five miles E. from Tideswell, and four and a half N. from Bakewell. The houses forming the village are singular in their appearance, being scarcely distinguishable from the grey rocks which impend over them, and from which they appear to have been hewn. The church here is a small edifice, of octagonal form, remarkable for its neatness, erected principally at the expense of the Duke of Devonshire. It is dedicated to St. Mark: [Ed: No! St. Martin] the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Vicar of Hathersage; the present incumbent is the Rev. Edward Parker. The lime works in this neighbourhood employ many of the inhabitants. The chapelry contained, in 1821, 635 inhabitants, but at the last census (1831) the number returned was only 479.

EYAM is a township, in the parish of its name, in the same hundred as Stoney Middleton, about one mile N.N.W. from that town, fire E. by N. from Tideswell, and twelve W. by N. from Chesterfield. The neighbourhood of this village derived, at one period, a considerable degree of prosperity from the lead mines at Foolow, a small village one mile west of this place; but for some years past these works have declined, and with them the population of the neighbourhood.

Nothing of early note is attached to the village, except its having been visited by that dreadful pestilence, the plague, in 1666; and by which it was nearly depopulated. The infection was communicated by some cast off clothes being sent from London to a person residing at this place. The church is a very ancient building, dedicated to St. Helen: the living is a rectory, in the gift of the Duke of Devonshire and two others, alternately; the present incumbent is the Rev. E. B. Bagshawe. In the church-yard is a very ancient stone cross, supposed to be of Roman origin. Ann Seward, poetess and novelist, was a native of this place, of which her father was rector. The parish contained, in 1821, 1,516 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,372, of which last number 911 were returned for the township, being fewer by 89 than it contained in the year 1811.

CALVER is a hamlet, in the parish of Bakewell; one mile E. S.E. from Stoney Middleton, situate upon the river Derwent. It contains a considerable cotton mill, and the neighbourhood abounds with lime-stone. The population, by the parliamentary returns for 1831, amounted to 616.

POST OFFICE:- STONEY MIDDLETON, Barbara Brightmore, Post Mistress:- Letters from BAKEWELL arrive every evening at five, and are despatched the same evening at six.

Arkwright Robert, esq. Stoke
Bagshawe Rev. Edwd. Benj. Eyam
Bagshawe Mr. John, Eyam
Denman Sir Thomas (Lord Chief Justice) Stoney Middleton
Fentem Mr. Thos. (surgeon) Eyam
Gregory Mr. Thos. (attorney) Eyam
Hargreave Miss Harriet, Eyam
Middleton Marmaduke Middleton, esq. Leam hall
Mower Mr. James, Eyam
Parker Rev. Edward, Stoney Middleton
Wright John William, esq. the Firs
Wright Misses D. and M. Eyam
Wright Peter, esq. Eyam hall

Birks William, Stoney Middleton
Blomeley Samuel, Eyam

Barnes William, Eyam
Barton George, Eyam
Froggatt John, Stoney Middleton
Frost Matthew, Calver
Marsden Thomas, Stoney Middleton
Moseley John, Calver
Moseley Matthew, Eyam
Widdowson Benj. Stoney Middleton

Bailey William, Eyam
Blackwell James, Eyam
Cocker Ezra, Stoney Middleton
Cocker Robert, Calver
Cooper John, Stoney Middleton
Marsden Samuel, Stoney Middleton
Rippon Edward, Eyam
Swindells Charles, Stoney Middleton
Sikes Joseph, Calver
Townend Henry, Eyam

Cocker Edmund, Stoney Middleton
Cocker John, Eyam
Hancock John, Stoney Middleton
Moseley Joseph, Eyam
Newton John, Eyam
Purseglove Joseph, Eyam
White Joseph, Stoney Middleton

Unwin Samuel (and Carytis powder) Eyam

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Froggatt William and Son (and druggists) Eyam
Green William, Stoney Middleton
Marsden William, Calver
Slinn John (and cotton manufacturer) Eyam
Wild William, Stoney Middleton

Ball, George Bradshaw, Eyam Dale
Barrel, Philemon Swift Marshall, Stoney Middleton
Boot & Shoe, William Wild, Stoney Middleton
Bull's Head, John Booth, Eyam
Bull's Head, Richard Frost, Calver
Eyre Arms, Matthew Frost, Calver
Lover's Leap, William Clayton, Stoney Middleton
Miners' Arms, Jonathan Cocker, Stoney Middleton
Miners' Arms, Thos. Frith, Eyam
Moon Inn, William Moseley, Stoney Middleton
Pack Horse, Samuel Glossop, Calver
Rodney, Samuel Furness, Eyam
Rose and Crown, Vernon Siddall, Eyam
Royal Oak, Jeremiah Searls, Stoney Middleton
Stag's Head, John Hallam, Stoney Middleton
Star, William Marsden, Calver

Buxton George, Stoney Middleton
Cocker Francis, Eyam
Cocker Francis, jun. Eyam
Dane Samuel, Eyam
Fox Richard, Eyam
Willis Daniel, Eyam

Furness James (and tallow chandler) Stoney Middleton
Wyatt Benjamin, Foolow
Wyatt William, Eyam

Booth John, Stoney Middleton
Furness Peter and Thomas, Eyam
Kitchen -, Calver

Unwin Edward, Eyam
Unwin John, Eyam

Frost Richard, Calver
Jamieson Gilbert, Stoney Middleton
Lancake John, Stoney Middleton
Swift John, Stoney Middleton
White Milicent (and draper) Calver
Willis Daniel, Eyam
Wilson Amy, Eyam

Frost Matthew, jun. (of turnpikes) Calver
Frost William (of roads) Calver

Calvert Robert, Stoney Middleton
Hatfield Joseph, Eyam
Hibbert George, Eyam
Hibbert John, Eyam
Moseley John, Calver
Rowbottom William, Eyam
Wilson Mark, Stoney Middleton

Buxton George, Stoney Middleton
Somerset and Froggatt, Calver
Somerset John, Calver

Benson Thomas, lead miner, Eyam
Benson Thomas, retailer of beer, Eyam
Cooper Benjamin, cooper, Stoney Middleton
Cundy John, lime burner, Stoney Middleton
Frith Francis, stone mason, Eyam
Hall George, plasterer & painter, Eyam
Hancock William, retailer of beer, Eyam
Heygate Mason and Co. cotton spinners, Calver
Jackson James, broom maker, Stoney Middleton
Lancake John, ret. of beer, Stoney Middleton
Marples Anthony, millstone maker, Calver
Marples John, saddler, Stoney Middleton
Slinn John, retailer of beer, Eyam
Smith William, carrier, Stoney Middleton
Thorpe George, retailer of beer, Eyam
Timperley Edward, cutler, Eyam
Wood Elizabeth, calico manufactr, Eyam

To MANCHESTER, the Champion (from Nottingham) calls at the Moon
Inn, Stoney Middleton, every day at twelve; goes through Chapel-en-
le-Frith, Disley and Stockport.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Champion (from Manchester) calls at the Moon
Inn, every afternoon at one; goes through Baslow, Chesterfield,
Mansfield, &c.

Eyam, every Monday & Wednesday.
To SHEFFIELD, John White and Wm. Bradshaw, from Stoney Middleton,
every Tuesday and Saturday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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