Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Spondon, Ockbrook, Burrowash, Chaddesden and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

SPONDON, in the hundred of Appletree, is a parish which was formerly more extensive than now, the chapelries of Chaddesden, Lockhay, and Stanley having been some years since separated from it, and erected into distinct parishes. The village of Spondon, which is about three miles E.S.E. from Derby. is situate on a commanding eminence, overlooking the beautiful vale of Derwent, and is the residence of several highly respectable families.

Many of the inhabitants are employed in the manufacture of lace and net, chiefly for the Nottingham market. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is in the decorated style of English architecture; in the chancel are three stone stalls; it has lately undergone a thorough repair, and received an addition of nearly two hundred sittings: the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the executors of the late H. D. Lowe, Esq. Here is a place of worship for Wesleyan methodists. The parish (including the chapelry of Stanley), contained, in 1821, 1,543 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,867.

OCKBROOK is a parish, in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch; the village is about two miles E. from Spondon, and about five E. by S. from Derby. This place partakes with Spondon in the manufacture of bobbin-net and lace. At a short distance from the village is an establishment of the Moravians, founded in 1750; the females, who are employed in fine muslin work, occupy a building, called the ‘sisters' house’, separated from that inhabited by the single men by a commodious chapel and a boarding-school. The parish church, dedicated to All saints, is chiefly in the Norman style of architecture. A place of worship for Wesleyan methodists, and a national school, the latter erected in 1816, are in the village. The parish (which has no dependent township), contained, in 1821, 1,203 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,634.

BURROWASH is a hamlet, partly in the parish of Spondon, and partly in that of Ockbrook, situate on both sides of the road between Derby and Nottingham, about four miles and a half from the former, and eleven and a half from the latter town. Upwards of four hundred and fifty of the inhabitants are employed in the extensive lace-thread mills of Messrs. Towle, and many others in the manufacture of twist thread lace, which is also carried on here. From its thoroughfare situation, and the prosperity of its manufactures, this little place is fast emerging into consequence. The population is estimated at about 600 persons.

CHADDESDEN is a parish (having no dependent township), in the hundred of Appletree but locally situate in that of Morleston and Litchurch, two miles and a half east from Derby. The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, is of considerable antiquity, having a stone stall in its chancel; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of Sir Robert Wilmot. The Derby canal passes through the parish,- which contained, at the last census (1831), 469 inhabitants, for being fewer, by thirty-three, than were returned for it in 1801.

POST:- Receiving-house at the Noah's Ark, BURROWASH:- Letters arrive from and are despatched to DERBY and NOTTINGHAM daily.

Antill Mr. William, Spondon
Beaumont Miss, Ockbrook
Berresford Mrs. -, Ockbrook
Bradley Mr. Thomas, Spondon
Cade Mr. James (surgeon) Spondon
Chawner Mrs. -, Ockbrook
Chester Mr. John, Burrowash
Church Rev. Samuel, Ockbrook
Connor Rev. Samuel, Ockbrook
Cox Roger, esq. Spondon
Fosbrooke Capt. Robert, Spondon
Foster Rev. William, Ockbrook
Freer Mrs. Mary, Ockbrook
Hey Samuel, Ockbrook
Holden Rev. A. A. Spondon
Lowe Mrs. Ann, Locko park
Morley William, esq. Spondon
Oliver Mrs. -, Ockbrook
Osborne Joseph, esq. Spondon hall
Osborne William, esq. Spondon
Pears Thomas, esq. Hopewell hall
Porter Mr. Mark, Burrowash
Reichel Rev. -, Ockbrook
Sherwin Mr. Wm. Thos. Ockbrook
Smith Rev. Jonathan, Ockbrook
Stead John, esq. Ockbrook
Towle Mr. Benjamin, Burrowash
Towle Mr. John, Burrowash
Towle Mrs. S. Burrowash
Welford the Misses, Ockbrook
Wilmot Henry Sacheverel, esq. Chaddesden hall
Wilmot Rev. Richard, Chaddesden
Wilmot Sir Robt. Chaddesden hall

Agard Ann and Elizabeth (ladies' boarding) Ockbrook
Biden Mrs. - (boarding) Spondon
Cholerton Edward, Chaddesden
Church Sarah (boarding) Ockbrook
Connor Rev. Sml. (brdg.) Ockbrook
Coxton Thomas, Spondon
Denby Maryanne, Burrowash
Edwards Elizbth. (boardg.) Spondon
Finney Ann (boarding) Spondon
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Ockbrook:- John Creswell, master

Allcock William, Borrowash
Carrington William, Spondon
Cholerton Thomas, Chaddesden
Cox Thomas, Spondon
Sneap William, Ockbrook

Bucknall William, Spondon
Holbrook Robert, Spondon

Brunt Zachariah, Burrowash
Coxton Peter, Spondon
Coxton Peter, jun. Spondon
Dowman Thomas, Ockbrook
Jerrom John, Spondon

Anthony James, Ockbrook
Bratby John, Spondon
Bratby William, Chaddesden
Dyche Wm. & George, Burrowash
Elson Thomas, Spondon
Green James, Chaddesden
Green Joseph, Chaddesden
Holbrook John, Spondon
Jerrom Thomas, Ockbrook
Porter Joseph, Spondon
Richardson Samuel, Ockbrook
Rowbotham Richard, Ockbrook
Walker William, Spondon
Wall John, Chaddesden
White James, Ockbrook

Bennett Thomas, Spondon
Grundy Francis, Burrowash
Holbrook William, Spondon
M'Connell John, Ockbrook
Milward Joseph, Ockbrook
Welch Henry, Burrowash

Brown Isaac, Ockbrook
M'Connell John, Ockbrook
M'Connell Thomas, Spondon
Millington John, Chaddesden

Abbott William, Spondon
Ashby Thomas, Spondon
Chevin Robert, Ockbrook
Gill Joseph, Burrowash
Goodman Samuel, Ockbrook
Goodwin Samuel, Chaddesden
Longdon Henry, Ockbrook
Peet Joseph, Spondon
Phipps Francis, Burrowash
Rossell Thomas, Ockbrook

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
(See also Linen Drapers.)

Allcock Andrew, Burrowash
Ault Charles, Chaddesden
Brunt Zachariah, Burrowash
Bullock Ami, Chaddesden
Chambers Benjamin, Spondon
Cholerton Thomas, Chaddesden
Clarke Robert, jun. Spondon
Cooke William, Spondon
Coxon Sarah, Spondon
Earp George, Burrowash
* Glass John, Ockbrook
* Hardy Benjamin, Ockbrook
Lees Joseph, Ockbrook
* Longson William, Spondon
Porter Joseph, Spondon
Sneap William, Ockbrook
Spence James, Ockbrook
Wheatley William, Ockbrook
Winfield Robert, Spondon
* Winterton William, Burrowash

Ross John, Ockbrook
West William, Burrowash

Horse and Jockey, Robert Chevin, Ockbrook
Malt Shovel, William Harrison, Spondon
New Inn, Rchd. Stratford, Ockbrook
Noah's Ark, Wm. Goff, Burrowash
Royal Oak, Wm. Peat, Ockbrook
Saracen's Head, Thomas Holland, Burrowash
Tap House, Thomas Bailey, Chaddesden
Union Inn, Robert Ford, Spondon
White Swan, John Bennett, Spondon
Wilmot Arms, John Millington, Chaddesden

Retailers of Beer.
Beardsley Isaac, Ockbrook
Bennett Thomas, Spondon
Biggins John, Spondon
Brown Benjamin, Burrowash
Creswell Anthony, Ockbrook
Goodwin Francis, Spondon
Martin William, Spondon
Rayner John, Burrowash
Storer Joseph, Spondon

Ashby William, Spondon
Chandler Thomas, Chaddesden
Gill William (and carpenter) Burrowash
Goodwin George, Ockbrook
Goodwin William Ockbrook
Hind John
Hind John, Spondon
Kirkland William, Spondon
Kirkland William, jun. (& cabinet maker) Spondon

Cade Henry, Spondon
Coxton Joseph, Spondon
Gregory Charles, Burrowash
Harrison Joseph, Spondon
Hibbert Saml. & Geo. Burrowash
Holbrook Henry (& tanner) Spondn
Peach Joseph, Spondon
Salisbury William, Burrowash
Spencer Elizabeth, Spondon

Towle John and Benjamin, Burrowash mills, and Draycott

Glass John, Ockbrook
Hardy Benjamin, Ockbrook
Longdon William, Spondon
Winterton William, Burrowash

Harrison William, Spondon
Lancashire George, Burrowash
Salisbury Joseph, Burrowash

Barker William, Chaddesden
Bennett John, Spondon
Foss Robert, Borrowash
Lancashire John, Burrowash

Ashby Mary, Spondon
Cook Mary, Ockbrook
Goodwin Elizabeth, Ockbrook
Kerry Elizabeth, Burrowash
Richardson Sarah, Spondon
Simpson Elizabeth, Spondon
Spence Elizabeth, Ockbrook
Wood Ann, Ockbrook

Ashton William, Spondon
Heaford Vincent, Ockbrook

Nadin William, Burrowash
Stephens John, Ockbrook

Clarke Robert, Spondon
Clarke Robert, jun. Spondon
Pywell Nathaniel, Spondon

Bradbury George, Spondon
Bradbury Joseph, Spondon
Higham Thomas, Ockbrook
Lovegrove John, Chaddesden
Lovegrove William, Chaddesden
Spencer Joseph, Ockbrook
Spencer Thomas, Ockbrook
Stonehouse Richard, Ockbrook
Sutton James, Ockbrook
Winrow Edward, Spondon

Mee John, Spondon
Wall James, Chaddesden

Allen Thomas, cooper, Burrowash
Beardsley Isaac, frame-smith, Ockbrook
Brown John, hosiery manufactr, Spondon
Dowman Robert, vety. surgeon, Ockbrook
Fowke John, chair maker, Burrowash

To & from DERBY & NOTTINGHAM, &c. pass through Burrowash several
times a day.

To DERBY, Bryan Barnes, from Burrowash, every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday:- James Inch and Joseph Cope, from Ockbrook, every Friday:-
& John Wright, from Spondon, every Friday.
To NOTTINGHAM, Bryan Barnes, from Borrowash every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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