Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Mellor (Derbyshire) with Marple, Romily, and Compstall Bridge (Cheshire)”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

MELLOR, a chapelry in the parish of Glossop, in the High Peak hundred, is two miles from Marple, six and a half from Glossop, eight from Chapel-en-le-Frith, seven from Stockport, and 14 from Manchester. The church, dedicated to St. James [Ed: this is (now) incorrect - it is St. Thomas], which is of stone, is erected on a commanding situation, a short distance from the village: the Rev. Matthew Freeman enjoys the curacy for life: the gift of the living is in the Thornton family.

Here is a small Sunday-school, belonging to the church, and Wesleyan and primitive methodist chapels. In a vault in the church-yard is a coffin, cut out of the solid stone; the lid of which is of the same material, and is covered with masonic characters cut in the stone: the person for whom this substantial and final requisite was made is still living, and personally superintended its construction. The extensive concern of T. R. and S. Waller, Cotton spinners and thread manufacturers, here, gives employment to a great number of hands. The population of the chapelry, in 1821, was 2,099, and at the last census (1831) it had sustained a diminution of 40 persons.

ROWARTH, about a mile from Mellor, is a hamlet in the same parish as that town, in Glossop dale; containing several manufactories in the cotton branch, from which the inhabitants of the hamlet derive their support.

MARPLE and MARPLE BRIDGE, commonly called Upper and Nether Marple, (Nether Marple, or Marple Bridge, being situate in the county of Derby), form a chapelry in the parish of Stockport, about five miles E.S.E. from that town, and 12 from Manchester. The spinning of cotton, bleaching, and calico printing, are carried on to some extent in the chapelry and neighbourbood, and upon the river Goyt are some corn mills.

Not far from the village is a noble aqueduct of three arches, which bestrides the river Mersey. A branch from the Peak Forest canal to Macclesfield, was opened here on the 9th November, 1831; it joins the Mersey canal at Lawton, being twenty-six miles and a quarter in length, and is a most material convenience to this manufacturing neighbourhood.

Wyberslegh hall, now a farm house, is noted as the birth place of the notorious John Bradshaw, who was president of the high court of justice which condemned King Charles I. In the registers of Stockport church his birth is thus entered: ‘1602, John the Sonne of Henry Bradshaw, of Marple, was baptized the 10th of December’. In the margin is the word traitor, with a line under it. It is said the following prophetic lines were written by this staunch adherent to republican principles, on a stone in the church-yard of Macclesfield:

"My brother Henry must heir the land,
My brother Frank must be at his command:
While I, poor Jack, will do that
That all the world shall wonder at."

He died in 1659. The probate copy of his will, which may still be seen at Marple hall, contains a bequest of £700. to purchase an annuity for maintaining a free school, at Marple; the changes brought about with regard to property, at the restoration, prevented this provision from being available. Henry Bradshaw, who survived his brother, however, founded a small school here, and endowed it with the interest of £100, which has since been augmented by other benefactions. Marple hall is a noble old house, finely situate on the rise of a hill above the Goyt, and is the property, as well as Wyberslegh hall, of John Isherwood, Esq. a descendant of the before-named president Bradshaw.

Here is a chapel of ease to Stockport, rebuilt of stone, with a tower, containing the old bells of Stockport church. It is dedicated to All Saints, and the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the rector of Stockport - the Rev. W. W. Johnson is the incumbent: the registers commenced in 1655. Besides the church, here are chapels for Wesleyan and primitive methodists. The chapelry contained, in 1821, a population of 2,646, and in 1831, 2,678 inhabitants.

ROMILY is a township, in the parish of Stockport, from which it is distant about four miles, situate on the hills bordering on the neighbouring county of Derby. Chadkirk chapel is in this township, nearly opposite to Marple-hall; and there are chapels for independents and Wesleyan methodists, the latter is also used as a Sunday-school. The living of Romily, or Chadkirk, is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the rector of Stockport. The number of inhabitants, in 1821, was 1,181, and in 1831, 1,290.

COMPSTALL BRIDGE, a thriving village, in the parish of Stockport, is five miles from that town, and two from Marple. The principal employment of the inhabitants is cotton spinning, calico printing and weaving. The situation of this place is delightful, and, being surrounded by hills, cold is rarely felt here in its severity. No court in any of the neighbouring towns has jurisdiction over this place; a county court writ from Chester, being the only process that can be employed. The Wesleyan and primitive methodists have each a chapel here, which are the only places of worship. Thirty years ago Compstall consisted of only a few straggling cottages, but since the establishment of the cotton manufacture, it has been gradually rising to its present thriving condition. The population is about 1,700.

POST OFFICE:- MARPLE, Mary Bullivant, Post Mistress:- Letters arrive from STOCKPORT every afternoon about four, and are despatched every morning at eight.
POST OFFICE:- COMPSTALL BRIDGE, Thomas Dyson, Post Master:- Letters arrive from STOCKPORT every afternoon at three, and are despatched every morning at seven. By this post letters are likewise conveyed to and from MELLOR.

Andrew George, esq. Green hill, Compstall Bridge
Barlow Mrs. Mary, Birch vale, Romily
Batley Rev. Joseph, Marple bridge
Bennett Rev. Thomas, Hatherlow
Bradley Mr. James, Green bank, Compstall Bridge
Bruckshaw Joshua, esq. Harryton
Clayton John, esq. Marple lodge
Freeman Rev. Matthew, Mellor
Hadfield Moses, esq. Mellor
Isherwood John, esq. Marple hall
Johnson Rev. William Wilbraham, Marple
Lees Thomas, esq. Townscliff, Mellor
Marriott Hyde, esq, Marple
Marriott Thomas, esq. Marple
Moult Mr. Emanuel, Marple
Mount Thomas, esq. Mellor hall
Orford Richard, esq. Marple
Orford Thomas, esq. Marple
Ratcliff Rev. Wm. Red brow, Romily
Rixson Jas. esq. Orange tree, Romily
Simpson Richard, esq. Mellor lodge
Swindells Mr. Peter, Marple
Tomlinson Mr. James, Cobden edge, Mellor
Walmsley Charles, esq. Marple
Wane Edw. esq. Rose hill, Marple
Wheeldon Henry, esq. Marple
Wright John, esq. Brabbin's hall
Wright William, esq. Marple

Goddard John (brde. & day) Marple
Hadfield John, Mellor
Hibbert Wm. Compstall Bridge
Hiles Benjamin, Compstall Bridge
Mason Richard, Marple
Matthewson Duncan, Compstall Bridge
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Marple:- Joshua Ernill, master
Warren James, Mellor

Eccles Aaron, Marple
Paulden David, Marple
Walmsley Charles, Hollins, Marple

Hartley Benjamin, Marple
Heywood Martha, Marple bridge
Ingham James, Marple
Mather John, Compstall Bridge
Seville Joseph, Mellor
Yarwood John, Marple bridge

Brocklehurst Thomas, Mellor
Hartwell John, Roworth

Hambleton Daniel, Mellor
Higinbottham John, Marple bridge
Stafford James, Mellor
Stafford William, Mellor

Arnfield Thomas, Mellor
Bagshaw George, Mellor
Barker William, Marple bridge
Beard James, Marple bridge
Clark Edward, Compstall Bridge
Fielding Henry, Marple
Gregory John, Marple bridge
Hallam Joseph, Marple bridge
Hulme Henry, Marple
Norbury Joseph, Marple
Pearson Eli, Compstall Bridge
Ryley James, Roworth
Styles Charles, Mellor
Swindells James, Marple
Walker George, Compstall Bridge

Boulton James, Marple bridge
Brindley Isaac, Compstall Bridge
Brindley Thomas, Marple
Greaves William, Compstall Bridge
Hand Thomas, Mellor
Howe Abraham, Marple bridge
Ratcliffe Wm. Compstall Bridge
Turner Thomas, Mellor

Addison & Siddall, Chadkirk
Andrew Edward & James, Compstall Bridge

Andrew George, Compstall Bridge
Clayton & Brooke, Norbury
Jowett James & Jonathan, Compstall Bridge
Jowett Jonathan, Mellor
Tomlinson James, Shay marsh, Mellor

Andrew, Bruckshaw & Co. (& manufctrs by power) Compstall Bdge
Brierley Jesse, Mellor
Clayton John & Co. Mellor
Froggatt George, Mellor
Ratcliffe Samuel, Mellor
Stanney John (and manufacturer by power) Mellor
Waller Thomas, Ralph & Samuel (& candle-wick makers) Mellor
Wild George, Roworth

Stanney William, Mellor
Tomlinson William, Mellor

(See Shopkeepers and Dealers in Groceries, &c.)

Oldham Samuel, Marple bridge
Oldham Thos. Mellor
Ryle John & Son, Holehouse fold, Romily

Bowden Josiah, Marple
Platt John, Marple bridge
Slack Thomas, Brookbottom
Torkington Thomas, Marple
Torkington Thomas, jun. Marple

Clayton John & Co. Marple

Bridge James, Marple
Cooper John, Compstall Bridge

Bowden Josiah, Marple
Haigh James, Roworth

Bennett John, Ludworth
Handford Joseph, Marple bridge

Bunting Elizabeth, Marple bridge
Clark Susannah, Compstall Bridge
Goddard Ann, Marple bridge
Torkington Margaret, Marple
Warhurst Hannah, Compstall Bridge
Wild Elizabeth, Mellor

Boden James, Mellor
Holden Samuel, Mellor

Gee Daniel, Marple bridge
Morris William, Marple

Alsop John, Marple
Baxter George, Marple bridge
Booth Henry, Romily
Booth Peter, Romily
Booth Sarah, Romily
Bridge James, Compstall Bridge
Bridge James, Marple
Brocklehurst Thomas, Compstall Bridge
Bullivant Mary, Marple
Chatterton John, Marple bridge
Cooper Joseph, Mellor
Cotterill James, Mellor
Froggatt Elizabeth, Mellor
Gee Joseph, Marple
Hadfield John, Roworth
Hambleton Joel, Mellor
Hawkyard Thos. Compstall Bridge
Heap John, Mellor
Jinks William, Marple
Kelsall Henry, Marple
Kirk John, Marple bridge
Marsland Robert, Marple
Norbury George, Marple
Oliver Samuel, Compstall Bridge
Pearson John, Mellor
Pickford Joseph, Mellor
Platt Anthony, Marple bridge
Platt Thomas, Compstall Bridge
Pollitt John, Romily
Ratcliffe Samuel, Mellor
Reece James, Roworth
Rowbottom James, Marple
Swindells James, Marple
Thompson William, Marple bridge
Waller Ralph, jun. Mellor
Warhurst James, Compstall Bridge
Woolley John, Compstall Bridge
Woolley Thomas, Romily
Woolley Thomas, Mellor
Woolley Thomas, jun. Mellor

Ollerenshaw John (& slater) Mellor
Stafford Simeon, Mellor

Hibbert James, Marple bridge
Hibbert Peter, Marple
Tomlinson James, Mellor
Tomlinson William, Chapman's fields, Ludworth

Allen Thomas, Marple bridge
Brailsford Samuel, Mellor
Dawson James, Marple
Dawson Joseph, Marple
Gibbens Isaac, Marple bridge
Howden Thomas, Mellor
Johnson John, Marple
Jackson Joseph, Marple
Longley William, Compstall Bridge
Mason William, Marple
Wood Joseph, Compstall Bridge

Board, John Bennett, Ludworth
Board, George Boden, Roworth
Board, Nanny Tomlinson, Brookbottom, Mellor
Bowling Green, Robert Boden, Marple
Bull & Heifer, Samuel Booth, Romily
Bull's Head, George Green, Marple
Bull's Head, George Taylor, Marple
Church Inn, Thomas Woolley, jun. Mellor
Craven Heifer, Thomas Bromiley, Romily
Devonshire Arms, George Froggatt, Mellor
Foresters' Arms, John Hough, Romily
Fox, John Howard, Brookbottom, Mellor
Greyhound, Samuel Swindells, Romily
Hare & Hounds, Chas. Addison, Marple
Hare & Hounds, Joseph Brierley, Mellor
Hare & Hounds, Nathl. Fox, Marple bridge
Hare & Hounds, John Shaw, Roworth
Hare & Hounds, Mary Woodruff, Chadkirk
Horse Shoe, Robert Bradbury, Marple
Horse Shoe, John Wright, Marple bridge
Jolly Sailor, Joseph Rowbottom, Marple
Junction Inn, Thomas Hyde, Roworth
King's Head Margaret Gee, Romily
Navigation, James Chatterton, Marple
Norfolk Arms, Jas. Boulton, Marple bridge
Odd Fellow's Arms, Abrm. Heap, Mellor
Railway, Samuel Oldham, Marple bridge
Royal Oak, William Shaw, Mellor
Shuttle, Thomas Shaw, Compstall Bridge
Sportsman's Arms, Geo. Hudson, Mellor
Wellington, Thomas Hand, Mellor

Retailers of Beer.
Archer Daniel, Marple bridge
Axon Thomas, Romily
Bates James, Mellor
Bennett Joseph, Marple
Booth Peter, Romiley
Bidges Ottiwell, Mellor
Bunting John, Mellor
Hambleton Joel, Mellor
Handforth Matthew, Mellor
Higginbottom Peter, Compstall Bridge
Holden Samuel, Mellor
Kinsey Lownds, Marple
Moore Thomas, Compstall Bridge
Ratcliffe James, Compstall Bridge
Reece James, Roworth
Shaw Samuel, Compstall Bridge
Stanney Robert, Marple bridge
Twist Mary, Compstall Bridge
Warhurst James, Compstall Bridge

Broadhurst Samuel, Marple
Longson James, Mellor
Morten John, Marple
Pott Joseph, Marple

Atkin Isaac, auctioneer, Marple bridge
Bates James, painter, Mellor
Bridges Ottiwell, tallow chandler, Marple
Chadwick Jermh. baker, Compstall Bridge
Frith William, boat builder, Marple
Hall John, cotton banding maker, Mellor
Howard Samuel, builder, Mellor
Hyde Thomas, gunsmith, Marple
Middleton Richard (executors of the late) plumber and glazier,
  Marple bridge
Mitchell Isaac, millwright, Marple bridge
Osbaldiston William, cow leech, Marple
Rowbottom Eli, overseer, Marple
Swindells William, currier, &c. Marple
Walker John, bookkeeper to the Peak Forest Canal Company, Marple
Washington Henry, bookkeeper to the Macclesfield Canal Company,
Watters Geo. clothes dlr, Compstall Bridge

To MANCHESTER, a Coach (from New Mills) calls at the Jolly Sailor,
Marple every Tuesday and Saturday morning:- goes through Stockport.
To STOCKPORT, a Coach (from New Mills) calls at the Jolly Sailor,
Marple, every Friday morning at nine.

*** Both these coaches return to New Mills (through Marple) the same evenings about six.

To MANCHESTER, James Platt, from Marple bridge, every Tuesday,
To STOCKPORT, John Handford, daily, and John Seville, every Friday,
both from Mellor.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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