Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Melbourn, Repton-with-Bretby, Ticknall, Caulk, Chellaston, Foremark-with-Ingleby, Smisby, Stanton-by-Bridge, Swarkeston, Twyford, Willington and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

MELBOURN is a parish, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley. The village, which is a considerable one, and of some antiquity, is situate seven miles and a half S.S.E. from Derby, and about six N.N.E. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Camden notices this place as having a castle, wherein John Duke of Bourbon, of the blood royal of France, was incarcerated nine years, having been taken prisoner at the battle of Agincourt.

The only vestige now remaining of this edifice is a wall of considerable thickness and height, about twenty yards in length. Lord Melbourn, who derives his title from this place, has a seat here, the gardens of which are laid out with exquisite taste, and are accessible to the inhabitants and strangers: the tourist will derive ample gratification from visiting this delightful spot. The inhabitants, many of whom were formerly employed in combing and spinning wool and working upon the stocking-frame, are now principally engaged in the manufacture of blonde lace. Melbourn is one of the stations named in the new Boundary Act, for receiving votes at the election of knights of the shire to represent its southern division.

The places of worship are, the parish church, and chapels for presbyterians, methodists, calvinists and general baptists. The church, which is dedicated to St. Michael, is one of the oldest in the kingdom, as well as one of the finest specimens of Saxon architecture: it is said to have been founded by Ethelred, King of Mercia, who came to the throne A. D. 675. During the same year his Queen was murdered at which crime he was supposed to have connived; and, to atone for his guilt, began to found churches.

This church, one of the first which he erected, was built in the year 677. St. John's church, at Chester, is in the same style of architecture, and was completed by him in between the years 682 and 689. Upon the capital of one of the pillars may be recognised similar characters to those seen on the coins of Ethelred. The living of Mebourn is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Bishop of Carlisle. A school for infants, and one conducted upon the national plan, are in the village.

The parish (which has no dependent township) contained, at the census taken in 1821, 2,027 inhabitants, and by that for 1831, 2,301.

REPTON is a parish, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley: the village, which is seven miles S.S.E. from Derby and four and a half N.E. from Burton-upon-Trent, is situate upon the declivity of a hill. The habitations are, for the most part, detached, and extend about a mile in length, having a fine trout stream running by them, which flows into the Trent. This parish is celebrated by antiquaries, as the head of the Saxon kingdom of Mercia, and the burial-place of several of her sovereigns.

It is supposed to have been the Roman station Repandunum, and was anciently called Repington. This place is not distinguished by manufactures; there are several malting concerns of consequence, and a respectable brewery; but agriculture is the prevailing occupation of the inhabitants. The church, which is dedicated to St. Wyston, stands at the lower. part of the village, pleasantly elevated above the meadows; it is a large and handsome structure, principally of Norman architecture, with an elegant, lofty spire, forming a very beautiful and prominent object in the surrounding scenery. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of Sir George Crewe, Bart. In the area before the church is an old stone cross, terminating in a column; and a plain pointed arch or gateway, leading into the school yard. Near the church are the remains of a priory, now converted into a free-school, richly endowed by Sir John Porte, of Etwall.

This establishment is most ably conducted, and gives promise of rising into great consequence among the scholastic institutions of the country. There is also a Sunday-school for boys and girls, erected and patronised by Sir George Crewe. Anciently, a market and fair were held here, and there is still a statute meeting at Michaelmas for hiring servants; and an annual court-leet is held by the lord of the manor.

The parish contained, in 1831, (exclusive of the hamlet of Bretby, 325), 1,758 inhabitants.

TICKNALL is a parish and village, in the same hundred as Repton, the village being about 4 miles S.E. from Repton, and about 5½ N.N.W. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Within the parish are very extensive lime-works, wrought to great advantage, together with kilns for burning their produce. The lime is conveyed by rail-road to the Ashby canal, and from thence distributed to more remote parts of the country.

The church, which is dedicated to St. Thomas à Beckett, has within these few years been repaired and beautified: the living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of Sir George Crewe, Bart. The principal charities are, a free school, in which forty boys are instructed by means of land conveyed in 1774, by Dame Catherine Harpur, and now producing £25. per annum; and an hospital for seven decayed housekeepers, founded and endowed with £2,000. in 1771, by Charles Harpur, Esq. Here is a chapel for Wesleyan methodists. The parish (which has no dependent township) contained, in 1821, 1,274 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,278.

CAULK is a very small parish, in the same hundred as Melbourn, two miles therefrom. Caulk hall and park, the seat of Sir George Crewe, Bart. (before mentioned) [Ed: with REPTON] a gentleman of great benevolence, is about three quarters of a mile from the village. The church here was erected at his sole expense, and the living is in his gift. This parish for the last thirty years has been retrograding in its population. At the census taken in 1801 it contained 96 inhabitants, and in 1831 only 58.

CHELLASTON is an inconsiderable parish, in the same hundred as Melbourn, 3½ miles N. from that village, and 4½ S.E. by S. from Derby. The places of worship are, the parish church, dedicated to St. Peter, and a chapel for Wesleyan methodists. The living of Chellaston is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Bishop of Carlisle. Population, 352.

FOREMARK, three miles W. from Melbourn, is distinguished as having within its precincts the beautiful seat of Sir Francis Burdett, most judiciously and romantically placed, amidst scenery of a rich, bold and varied character, upon the southern banks of the Trent - the hanging hills being crowned by thriving plantations. The house is spacious, and its appearance imposing to a considerable degree; the pleasure-grounds are very tasteful, and lead down to a valley, through finely wooded avenues to the banks of the river. The church, here, which is dedicated to our Saviour, is a small, plain edifice: the living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of Sir Francis Burdett. The parish of Foremark (including INGLEBY township, 163) contained, in 1831, 221 inhabitants.

SMISBY, a small parish bounded on the east by the county of Leicester, is four miles S.S.W. from Melbourn. The church is a small building: the living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the Marquess of Hastings. Population of the parish 324.

STANTON-BY-BRIDGE, so named from an ancient bridge, which crosses the Trent here, and connects this parish with that of Swarkeston, is nearly 7 miles S.E. from Derby, and about two N.W. from Melbourn. The church, which is dedicated to St. Michael, is partly in the Norman and partly in the decorated style of architecture: the living is a rectory, in the patronage of Sir George Crewe. The population, at the census for 1831, was 215.

SWARKESTON, as before-mentioned, is an adjoining parish to Stanton, in the same hundred as Melbourn, about three miles from that village. Swarkeston bridge is supposed to be the longest in Europe, extending nearly a mile over the meadows and low grounds to Stanton; it was originally very narrow, but has been widened so as to allow carriages to pass each other. The Trent and Mersey canal runs through the parish, and is here joined by the Derby canal. The church is dedicated to St. James: the living is a rectory, in the same patronage as Stanton. Population, by the returns for 1831, 308.

TWYFORD is a village, and with STENSON, form a chapelry, in that part of the parish of Barrow which is in the hundred of Appletree, pleasantly situate on the banks of the Trent, five and a half miles S.S.W. from Derby. The chapel is dedicated to St. Andrew, and the living is connected with the vicarage of Barrow. The chapelry contained, In 1821, 235, and in 1831, 219 inhabitants.

WILLINGTON is a parish, in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, about five miles N.E. from Burton-upon-Trent, and about two N.W. from Repton. The river Trent and the Grand Trunk canal pass through the parish. The church is dedicated to St. Michael: the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the corporation of Etwall and Repton. Population of the parish, in 1821, 411, and in 1831, 402.

POST, MELBOURN:- Letters arrive from DERBY by William Statham's caravan every afternoon, and are despatched every morning.
POST, SWARKESTON. - Letters arrive from DERBY every afternoon about half-past two, and are despatched every morning at nine.

Baggaley Mr. John, Milton
Beard Mr. Robert, Melbourn
Bland Rev. T. N. Melbourn
Burdett Sir Francis, bart. Fort mark hall
Cantrell Mr. Jos. (attorney) King's Newton
Chesterfield the Right Hon. the Earl of, Bretby castle
Collishaw Rev. George, Melbourn
Cope Mr. John, Ticknall
Crewe Charles, esq. Norbury Hayes, near Repton
Crewe Edmund, esq. Repton Park house
Crewe Sir George, bart. Caulk abbey
Dawes Mr. Benton, Smisby
Deans Rev. Joseph, Melbourn
Fowler Rev. H. Foremark
Gilbert Lady, Ridgeway house
Glover Mr. John, Potlock, Tindern
Greaves Miss, King's Newton
Greaves Mrs. -, King's Newton
Haimes Mr. William, Melbourn
Hare Rev. John, Repton
Hollins Rev. Richard, Twyford
Hoskins Abraham, esq. Newton park, Newton Solney
Jenney William, esq. King's Newton hall
Keall Rev. William Skinner, Repton
Lamb the Honble. Mrs. George, Melbourn hall
Lees Mr. John, Newton Solney
Macauley Rev. J. H. (head master of Repton school) Repton priory
Mason Rev. William, Melbourn
Melbourn the Right Hon. Viscount, Melbourn hall
Mundy Wm. esq. (magistrate) Willington
Newton Mr. George, Chellaston
Pattinson Rev. John, Repton
Pearson Thomas, esq. Foremark
Piddock Mr. Leonrd. King's Newton
Richdale John, esq. Ticknall
Robinson Samuel, esq. Shaw house, near Melbourn
Robinson Thos. esq. Shaw house
Roulston Mrs. Mary, Twyford
Smith -, esq. Swarkeston Lows
Smith Rev. John Tetley, Repton
Soar Mr. William, Chellaston
Somers Mr. Thomas, Milton
Spilsbury Rev. Fras. Ward, Willington
Thornewill Edward, esq. Newton Solney
Timms Mr. Thomas, Melbourn
Walton Mrs. Sarah, Repton
Wayte Mrs. -, Milton
Wayte Mr. Henry, Milton
Whittaker Rev. Thomas Wright, Stanton-by-Bridge
Wilders Mr. William, Newton Solney
Witt Rev. Matthew, Repton
Wootton Mr. George, Swarkestone
Wootton Mr. Geo. jun. Chellaston
Yates Rev. Thomas, Melbourn

Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
Abbott Richard, Bretby
Dicken Francis, Ticknall
FREE SCHOOL (boys:- patron, Sir George Crewe, bart) Ticknall:-
  George Briggs, master
FREE SCHOOL (girls:- patroness, Lady Crewe) Ticknall:- Charlotte
  and Ann Tomkins, mistresses
GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Repton:- Rev. J. H. Macauley, head master
INFANTS' SCHOOL, Melbourn:- Lucy Wheldon, mistress
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Melbourn:- Charles Welch, master
Owen William, Repton
SUNDAY SCHOOL, Repton:- Richard Goadsby, master
Tagg Joseph (boarding and day) Melbourn
Webster Harriet (boarding) Melbourn
Wilson Mrs. -, Bretby

Barber Thomas (to John Hind, lace manufacturer, Nottingham)
Crabtree William, esq. (to Sir Francis Burdett, bart.) Foremark
Cubley Joseph (for the Trent and Mersey Canal Co.) Swalkeston
Cubley Joseph, jun. (for the Derby Canal Co.) Swarkeston
Fox Henry, esq. (to Lord Melbourn) Melbourn
Smith Richard (to Sir Geo. Crewe, Bart.) Caulk, and at Dishley,
  near Loughborough

(See also Joiners and Carpenters.)
Marples Samuel (and stone quarry owner) Melbourn
Smith James, Repton
Stevenson Luke, Repton

Young William, Melbourn

Adcock John, Melbourn
Adcock Stephen, Melbourn
Bailey William, Smisby
Bowman Alfred, Melbourn
Cartwright William, Melbourn
Clemson William, Melbourn
Cope John, Willington
Dallman Hugh, Melbourn
Earp Joseph, Melbourn
Eyre Samuel, Willington
Forman Charles, Chellaston
Hollis Elizabeth, Ticknall
Holt John, King's Newton
Jackson John, Repton
Manfull Stephen, Chellaston
Nicklinson Richard, Ticknall
Parker Benjamin, King's Newton
Pegg William, Melbourn
Pywell James, Ticknall
Robinson Josiah, Repton
Rollings Ann, Ticknall
Rose Thomas Dudley (and farmer) Ticknall

Baker William, Repton
Meakin Charles, Repton
Meakin John (& sieve) Repton
Moll Edward, Repton
Rees Rees, Repton
Tonks Stringer, Repton
Ward Francis, Repton

Bamford Peter, Repton
Barker William, Willington
Bentley John, Swarkeston
Bircher John, King's Newton
Briggs John, Repton
Cartlidge John, Ticknall
Eaton John, Repton
Fielding William, Stanton
Goodwin William, Smisby
Husle William, Melbourn
Kinsey Thomas, Melbourn
Martin John, Ticknall
Meakin Henry, Chellaston
Minion Henry, Ticknall
Moon William, Bretby
Morris Henry, Willington
Shepherd Samuel, Melbourn
Smedley Elizabeth, Newton Solney
Soar Henry, Chellaston
Towle Edward, Twyford
Warren William, Melbourn
Whetton Thomas, Repton
Wright John Scaddows, Ticknall

Ashmore Thomas, Smisby
Astley Thomas, Smisby
Barber Thomas, Melbourn
Barton Godfrey, Repton
Bayley Thomas, Swarkeston
Bladon John, Repton
Brooks John, Ticknall
Brooks Thomas, Ticknall
Bull Samuel, Newton Solney

BOOT, &c. MAKERS - Continued.
Camp John, Chellaston
Cartlidge James, Ticknall
Chambers Thomas, Willington
Collyer James, Melbourn
Collyer John, King's Newton
Collyer Samuel, King's Newton
Collyer Thomas, Melbourn
Collyer William, King's Newton
Coxon James, Melbourn
Dallman Robert, Melbourn
Dunicliff Edward, Melbourn
Dunicliff Frank Mee, Melbourn
Eyre Samuel, Willington
Foster Samuel, Melbourn
Gee William, Ticknall
Green John, Melbourn
Hatton John, Melbourn
Hatton Thomas, Ticknall
Hazard Nathaniel, Newton Solney
Hicklin Thomas, Twyford
Kent William, Mill hill, Repton
Morley Robert, Repton
Pegg Samuel, Willington
Potts Samuel, Swarkeston
Ratcliffe Thomas, Ticknall
Ratcliffe William, Repton
Smith Francis, Ticknall
Smith George, Ticknall
Smithard John, Repton
Somers Mary, Repton
Thrutchley William, Chellaston
Ward George, Repton
Worlidge -, Willington
Wright Robert, Milton

Ward Samuel, Repton

Child Richard Beaumont (& farmer) Melbourn
Orgill Thomas, near Smisby
Warren William, Melbourn

Barton John, Melbourn
Barton William, Melbourn
Gaskin John, Willington
Peat John & James, Melbourn
Somers Joseph, Repton

Bailey William, Smisby
Barker William, Melbourn
Beasley John, Melbourn
Chinn Nathaniel, Newton Solney
Dallman Augustine, Melbourn
Dallman Richard, Melbourn
Dunicliff Charles, Melbourn
Ferbans Christopher, Ticknall
Hawksworth George, Melbourn
Haynes Thomas, Willington
Horobin William, Willington
Marples Matthew, Repton
Meakin George, Repton
Mee Gilbert, Ticknall
Parker Joseph, Repton
Peat Henry, Smisby
Richdale William, Ticknall
Sale William, Ticknall
Shaw John, Ticknall
Stein Edward, Melbourn
Sutton Thomas, Melbourn
Taylor George, Melbourn
Thorp Thomas, Repton
Thorp Thomas (& farmer) Repton
Thorpe William, Chellaston
Yearl George, Melbourn

Adcock Stephen, Melbourn
Jackson John, Repton
Mugliston Mary, Melbourn

Knighton William, Repton
Morris Francis, Melbourn
Whieldon Jabez, Repton
Whitehead George, Melbourn

Cluer William (leather dresser and glover) Melbourn
Holbrooke Francis, Repton

Cluer William, Melbourn

Hollinsworth James, Melbourn
Hulse Joseph, Melbourn
Sylvester William, Melbourn

Buck John, Melbourn
Buck William, Melbourn
Earp John, Melbourn
Earp William, Melbourn
Groves Edmund, Bretby
Jackson Joseph, Melbourn
Pass William, Melbourn
Spencer William, Ticknall

(See also Linen and woollen Drapers: and also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Bott Samuel (& druggist) Ticknall
Cope John, Melbourn
Dunicliff Frank Mee, Melbourn
Dunnicliff William (& ironmonger) Melbourn
Earp John (& druggist & ironmongr) Melbourn
Hardy William, Repton
Harrison William, Swarkeston
Hatton Elizabeth, Melbourn
Hatton George Turner, Melbourn
Hollingsworth Richard, Melbourn
Hollis Mrs. Elizabeth, Ticknall
Nicklinson Richard, Ticknall
Ordish Daniel, Repton
Sheffield Henry, Ticknall
Snow Richard, Melbourn
Ward John (& druggist) Melbourn
Warren Joseph, Melbourn

Aucott James, Melbourn
Bailey William, Melbourn

Bull's Head (commercial) Matthew Marples, Repton
Crewe & Harpur's Arms, Thomas Cubley, Swarkeston
Mitre (commercial) Joseph Bradbury, Repton
New Inn (commercial) Ann Warren, Melbourn
Royal Oak, John Hardy, Ticknall

Astle John (and cabinet maker) Melbourn
Fletcher Thomas (& builder) Repton
Mason George, Melbourn
Radford Valentine, Melbourn
Roe Thomas, Milton
Snape John, Melbourn
Snow Joseph, Swarkeston
Stevenson Luke (& builder) Repton
Towle Joseph (and cabinet maker) Ticknall
Widowson John & Thos. Melbourn

Elliott John, Melbourn
Heap John, Melbourn
Hemsley James, Melbourn
Hollingworth James, Melbourn
Sylvester William, Melbourn
Timms Thomas, Melbourn

(See Surveyors.)

Cope Thomas, Ticknall
Hutchinson & Ordish, Ticknall

Bott Samuel, Ticknall
Carr Alice, Melbourn
Gutteridge John, Melbourn
Hollingworth Richard, Melbourn
Nicklinson Richard, Ticknall
Ordish Daniel, Repton
Scott Matthias, Melbourn
Sheffield Henry, Ticknall
Smith Thomas, Repton

Briggs John, King's Newton
Briggs John, Melbourn
Cope Thomas, Ticknall
Earp John, Melbourn
Hardy John (& farmer) Ticknall
Massey Sampson (and seedsman) Swarkeston
Nicklinson William, King's Newton
Nicklinson William, Melbourn
Smith Henry, Willington
Somers Joseph, Repton
Ward John Clark, Repton
Ward Samuel, Repton
Warren William, Melbourn

Bailey Mrs. Martha, Smisby
Bradford John, Bretby mill
Foster George, Swarkeston
Henson Francis, Melbourn common
Jackson Thomas, Repton
Manfull William, Chellaston
Orton Sarah, Melbourn
Peat William, Melbourn
Pegg William, Melbourn
Somers Richard, Milton

Allan Mary, Melbourn
Carr Alice, Melbourn
Cooper Elizabeth, Ticknall
Duckers Catherine, Bretby
Foster Catherine, Ticknall
Hickinbotham Elizabeth, Ticknall
Peat Mary, Melbourn
Plant Ann, Melbourn
Robinson Ann, Ticknall
Twells Sarah, Melbourn
Wilson Amelia, Bretby
Wood Lydia, Ticknall
Young Sarah, Melbourn

Cope John, Melbourn
Crookes Joseph, Melbourn

Bates John (& gilder) Melbourn
Young William (and stainer and gilder) Melbourn

Brown John & Son, Repton
Brown William (& tie) Melbourn

Holingworth Richard, Melbourn
Mugliston George, Repton
Mugliston Mary (& painter) Repton
Mugliston Thos. Watson, Melbourn

Brooks Joseph, Melbourn
Charlesworth William, Ticknall
Peat George, Melbourn
Smithard William, Repton

Abbott Richard, Bretby
Barnett Mary, Smisby
Bradford Thomas, Milton
Brown John, Repton
Camp Elizabeth, Chellaston
Chambers Mary, Willington
Clay William, Willington
Cope John, Willington
Dickin John, Newton Solney
Eyre Samuel, Willington
Green John, Melbourn
Hardy William, Milton
Haldy William, Repton
Harlow John, Repton
Hold John, King's Newton
Jefferson Joseph (& hardware, rag and toy dealer) Melbourn
Manfull Stephen, Chellaston
Ordish Daniel, Repton
Ordish Eliza, Swarkeston
Pass Thomas (and chymist & druggist) Melbourn
Pipes Mary (& dealer in hats) Repton
Potts George, Melbourn
Pym Luke (& farmer) Chellaston
Pywell James, Ticknall
Richdale Mary, Ticknall
Robinson Martha, Repton
Roulston Joseph, Stanton
Salsbury Joseph, Melbourn
Simms Mary, Repton
Tafft Dorothy, King's Newton
Topliss James (& stationary, &c.) Ticknall
Weldon John (& dyer) Melbourn
Wilson Thomas, Newton Solney
Wright Robert, Milton

Allan Mary, Melbourn
Peat Mary, Melbourn
Plant Ann, Melbourn
Rose Mary, Repton
Twells Sarah, Melbourn
Young Sarah, Melbourn

Child Richd. Beaumont, Melbourn
Dawson John, Repton
Dolman James, Melbourn
Greaves Henry, Repton
Hutchinson George, Repton
Sheffield George, Ticknall
Tabberer Osmond, Repton

Dunicliff Chas. (& engravr) Melbourn
Martin William, Bretby
Smith James, Repton
Stevenson Luke, Repton

Adams George, Melbourn
Brooks John, Ticknall
Camp Thomas (& draper) Willington
Cooper Moses, Smisby
Cope William, Willington
Earp John, Melbourn
Grice Edward, Melbourn
Hickinbotham John (and draper) Ticknall
Measham Thomas, Repton
Peach Charles, Ticknall
Salsbury George (and stay maker) Melbourn
Sarson John, Repton
Sheffield Henry, Ticknall
Smedley John, Melbourn
Smith Francis (& draper) Melbourn
Snow John, Stanton
Turner William, Repton
Turner William, jun. Repton

Dunnicliff William, Melbourn
Hemsley William, Melbourn
Mason Thomas, Melbourn
Warren Joseph, Melbourn

Holbrooke Francis, Repton

Bell, Elizabeth Gibson, Twyford
Boot Inn, William Somers, Repton
Bull's Head, Maria Briers, Melbourn
Chequers Inn, Thos. Dudley Rose, Ticknall
Dog & Duck, Robert Ward, Stanton
Elm Tree, William Palmer, Caulk
Gate, Ann Holden, Swarkeston
Green Dragon, John Hinkley, Willington
Green Man, William Scott, Willington
King's Head, Charles Best, Melbourn
Lamb, Charles Dunicliff, Melbourn
Lion, Samuel Farrow, Chellaston
Malt Shovel, Thomas Orgill, near Smisby
Melbourn Arms, George Codd, Melbourn
Nelson, Lydia Hopkins, Smisby
Pack Horse, Wm. Parsons, King's Newton
Rising Sun, Samuel Bull, Willington
Roebuck, Joseph Brooks, Melbourn
Rose & Crown, Henry Soar, Chellaston
Shakspeare, John Brown, jun. Repton
Sir Francis Burdett, Thos. Buck, Melbourn
Star, Peter Meakin, Repton
Swan, Charles Baldry, Melbourn
Three Tuns, Gregory Brown, Melbourn
Three Tuns, Joseph Walker Cockram (and farmer) Smisby
Unicorn, William Eaton, Newton Solney
Wheel, James Broadgate, Ticknall
White Lion, John Buck, Melbourn
White Swan, John Curzon Gamble, Milton

Retailers of Beer.
Brooks John, Ticknall
Bull Samuel, Newton Solney
Cartlidge John, Ticknall
Charlesworth William, Ticknall
Cope John, Willington
Dunicliff John, Melbourn
Houghton John, Melbourn
Hull John, Melbourn
Hutchinson Gilbert, Ticknall
Ince Mary Ann, King's Newton
Parker William, Repton
Pegg Samuel, Willington
Pegg William, Chellaston
Pountain William, Mill hill, Repton
Radford Valentine, Melbourn
Taylor Thomas, Melbourn
Thratchley Thomas, Shelton
Wragg John, Ticknall

Brown John & Son, Repton
Dexter William, Melbourn
Pegg John, Melbourn

Draper Thomas, Stanton
Robinson Edward, King's Newton
Sheffield Thomas, Ticknall

Bradbury William, Melbourn
Newstead William, Repton

Bentley Robert, Swarkeston
Bull Richard, Repton
Dicken John, Ticknall
Dunicliff John, Melbourn
Eyre James, Newton Solney
Hull John, Melbourn
Kirkland John, Willington
Moorcroft James, Bretby
Peach Thomas, Repton
Platts Joseph, Chellaston
Tafft Thomas, King's Newton
Wragg John, Ticknall

Beale Abraham Harding, Willington
Earp John, Melbourn
Mills Samuel (and manufacturer of hosiery) Melbourn

Adams George, parish clerk, Melbourn
Ault William, stone mason & engraver on stone, Ticknall
Baldwin Robert, agent and bailiff, Melbourn
Bowman Joseph, gardener & gamekeeper to Lord Melbourn
Brooks Thos. spar manufactr. Chellaston
Brown Wm. scythe stick manfr. Melbourn
Bull Richard, farmer & grazier, Repton
Carr Alice, wine and spirit merchant, Melbourn
Chambers Wm. scythe stone manufacturer, Melbourn
Cheatle John, worsted manufctr. Ticknall
Cheshire William, excise officer, Repton
Coxon James, bookseller, hardwareman and circulating library,
Croxall George
Croxall George, park keeper, Bretby
Dunicliff Chs. engravr on stone, Melbourn
Fisher John, at Foremark hall
Foster William, parish clerk, Swarkeston
Gilbert Thomas, farmer & grazier
Goodall John, farmer, Repton
Gregory George, writing master, Repton
Hanson Samuel, parish clerk, Repton
Hyde Ann, manufacturer of coarse earthenware, Ticknall
Marbrow Richard, farmer & grazier
Measham Robert, farmer, Repton
Morley Thomas, farmer, Repton
Ordish Edward, farmer & grazier, In[?]
Parker Benj. brazier & tinman, Repton
Phillips William, coal merchant & agent, Willington
Richdale James, glover & breeches maker
Rose Samuel, plaster manufr. Chellaston
Salisbury Joseph, musical instrument
Smedley Gervase, agriculturist & assistant overseer, Repton
Smith & Son, plaster manfrs. Swarkeston
Smith John, coal dealer, Melbourn
Smith John, farmer & grazier
Somers Joseph, builder, &c. Repton
Sylvister Joseph, gunsmith, Melbourn
Ward John, farmer, Repton
Ward Samuel, farmer, Repton
Ward Thomas, parish clerk, Stanton
Watson Geo. hosiery manuftr. Melbourn
Wilson Thomas, parish clerk, Bretby
Woodward Francis, farmer, and clerk to Sir George Crewe, Smisby
Wootton George, spar and plaster mine owner, Chellaston

TAMWORTH, &c. pass through Ticknall and Swarkestone daily.

To BURTON-UPON-TRENT, John Marshall, from Repton, every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
To DERBY, William Statham, from Melbourn, daily:- Joseph Earp,
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday:- and Thos. Greaves, from
Repton, same days.
To LEICESTER, Thomas Pass, from Melbourn, every alternate
To LOUGHBOROUGH, Thomas Pass, from Melbourn, every Thursday
To NOTTINGHAM, Thomas Pass, from Melbourn, every Saturday:- and Wm.
Statham and Francis Dallman, every Wednesday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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