Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Measham, Donisthorpe, Oakthorpe, Packington, Stretten-en-le-Fields, Willesley, Nether & Over Seal & neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

MEASHAM is a village and parish, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, county of Derby, though locally situate in the western division of the hundred of Goscote, county of Leicester, about three miles and a half S.S.W. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, the canal of which name passes through the village; and the parish is bounded on the west, north, and south, by the river Mease. There are potteries in the neighbourhood, which give employ employment to some of the inhabitants, but the majority are employed in agriculture, and many farmers and graziers of great respectability are resident in the parish.

The places of worship are the parish church, dedicated to St. Lawrence, and a chapel for Wesleyan methodists: the living of Measham is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the Marquess of Hastings; the present incumbent is the Rev. J. C. Moore. A school conducted upon the national plan is in the village. The parish (which has no dependant township), contained in 1821, 1,404 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,535.

DONISTHORPE and OAKTHORPE, are two hamlets adjacent to each other, about four miles from Ashby-de-la-Zouch; they are both partly in the parish of Church-Gresley, Donisthorpe extending into that of Nether Seal, county of Leicester; and Oakthorpe stretching into Measham parish, and also into that of Stretten-en-le-Fields. They contained together, in 1831, 757 inhabitants.

PACKINGTON is a parish, partly in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, and partly in the western division of the hundred of Goscote, county of Leicester. The village, which is about a mile and three quarters S. by E. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, contains the parish church, dedicated to the Holy Rood; the living of which is a vicarage, in the patronage of Sir Charles Abney Hastings, Bart. The parish contained, (including the hamlet of Snibstone), in the year 1831, 730 persons.

STRETTEN-EN-LE-FIELDS is an inconsiderable parish, both in extent and population, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, between four and five miles S.W. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch. The church, dedicated to St. Michael, contains some ancient tombs of ecclesiastics; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of Sir William B. Cave, Bart. The population of this parish has been retrogressive for the last thirty years - in 1801 it contained 212 inhabitants, and in 1831 only 109.

WILLESLEY is about 2 miles and a half from Ashby-de- la-Zouch, in the same hundred as Measham, part of the parish being cut off by the boundary line of Leicestershire. The Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal passes here; and a rail-road from Willesley basin to Ticknall, passing Ashby-de-la-Zouch, is a conveyance for coals and lime-stone, worked in this neighbourhood, as well as for the carriage of the Moira spa-water, obtained about two miles from Measham; this water is in considerable repute, its properties being as valuable as the springs at Harrogate. ‘Willesley Park’, the fine seat of Sir Charles Abney Hastings, is a great ornament to this parish. The population is very inconsiderable - thirty years ago it contained only 62 inhabitants, in 1821 exactly the same number was returned for the parish, and at the last census, 1831, the increase only amounted to one person.

NETHER and OVER SEAL form a parish, containing two hamlets so respectively named, in the western division of the hundred of Goscote, county of Leicester, which part is nearly surrounded by Derbyshire; about five miles and a half S.W. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch. The parish is in the honour of Tutbury, duchy of Lancaster, and within the jurisdiction of a court of pleas, held at Tutbury, every third Tuesday for the recovery of debts under 40s. The parish church is dedicated to St. Peter: the living is a rectory, in the patronage & incumbency of the Rev. W. N. Gresley. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,222 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE:- MEASHAM, Thomas Jewsbury, Post Master:- Letters arrive (by mail gig) from ATHERSTONE every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past three.
POST OFFICE:- OVER SEAL, William Simmons, Post Master:- Letters arrive every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every morning at seven.

Abney Mrs. Measham hall
Abney Wm. Wotton, esq. Measham hall
Brown Rev. Edward, Stretton
Brown Rev. John Cave, Stretton
Cave Sir William Brown, bart. Stretton hall
Clarke Joseph, esq. Packington
Cocks Mr. Robert, Stretton
Fernhead Mr. Peter (attorney) Over Seal
Gresley Rev. William Nigel, Nether Seal
Harris Mr. William, Over Seal
Harrison Mr. James, Stretton
Hassall Jos. Lester, esq. Packington
Hastings Sir Charles Abney, bart. Willesley hall
Kirkland Captain Nicholas Smith, Measham
Lambert Captain John, Measham
Lloyd Rev. Geo. Wood, D.D. Over Seal
Mammatt Edward, esq. Over Seal Cottages
Moore Rev.Joseph Christian, Measham
Mowbray Ths. esq. Grange Woodhse
Piddocke Rev. John, Willesley
Pratt Rev. Charles, Packington
Pycroft Miss, Over Seal
Rice Joseph, esq. Packington
Simmonds Joseph, esq. Measham
Tamworth Lady, Nether Seal
Thorpe Thomas, esq. Over Seal

Garner Mrs. -, Packington
Grimley Misses C. and J. (ladies' boarding) Measham
Hill William, Packington
Marshall & Proctor (ladies boarding) Packington house
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Measham - Joseph Pickard, master
Small Joseph, Nether Seal
Turner Sophia, Measham
Wall Susan, Packington

Brittain Thomas, Over Seal
Dumilow William, Measham
Fernyhough Thomas, Measham
Harris Thomas, Nether Seal
Mead Elijah, Oakthorpe
Newbold John, Over Seal
Pegg William, Nether Seal
Sharpe William, Oakthorpe
Simpkin Thomas, Nether Seal
Simpson Thomas, Nether Seal
Tagg James, Measham

Boss William, Measham
Chapman Robert, Packington
Litherland Edward, Measham
Litherland Thomas, Packington
Litherland Thomas, Donisthorpe
Patrick Jas. Stretton & Nether Seal
Rowland Joseph, Oakthorpe

Baghurst Edward, Nether Seal
Bates Joseph, Over Seal
Blastock Robert, Packington
Farmer Nicholas, Measham
Freeman William, Over Seal
Heath John, Packington
Hutchinson Daniel, Oakthorpe
Hutchinson William, Measham
Miles Joseph, Over Seal
Mosely John, Measham
Parker William, Over Seal
Plumer Solomon, Oakthorpe
Ryley John, Donisthorpe
Shakespeare Samuel, Nether Seal
Smith John, Nether Seal
Wainwright Thomas, Over Seal
Wileman Henry, Measham
Wright Benjamin, Measham

Musgrave Samuel (& quarry owner) Nether Seal
Shipley John, Measham

Cooper John, Donisthorpe
Latham Joseph, Measham
Smith Samuel, Packington

Lilley Joseph & George, Measham
Newbold William, Over Seal
Wileman William, Measham

Booth Thomas, Oakthorpe
Dennis Henry, Measham
Garner Henry Salt, Packington
Hair John, Over Seal
Holmes Abraham, Nether Seal
Ison Henry (and farmer) Measham
Ison Thomas, Over Seal
Morris Thomas, Donisthorpe
Oakey Thomas, Packington
Tunnadine Henry, Nether Seal
Turner William, Donisthorpe

Bird Richard, Packington
Lilley Joseph & George, Measham
Middleton John, Packington
Orton William, Measham
Pipes George, Oakthorpe
Storer Benjamin, Packington
Storer Thomas, Packington

Stevenson Thomas (and farmer) Measham

Kettle George, Over Seal
Thomas William, Over Seal

Fernhead Peter, Over Seal
Ironmonger John (and salt, slate and tile) Measham

Dobson Isaac, Measham
Parker Philip, Measham

Baker Charles (and nurseryman)
Heap John, Nether Seal
Walker James (and nurseryman) Packington
Walker Thomas (and nurseryman) Packington

Bird Richard, Packington
Brittain Thomas, Over Seal
Burton William, Donisthorpe
Dent John, Measham
Granger Thomas, Packington
Heath James, Packington
Jewsbury Thomas, Measham
Jones John, Packington
Newbold John, Over Seal
Orton Francis, Measham
Patrick Mary, Over Seal
Proudman Mary, Measham
Roaton Thomas, Oakthorpe
Rowland Joseph, Oakthorpe
Shepherd Ann, Over Seal
Shipley John, Measham
Simpkin Thomas, Nether Seal
Sturgess Henry, Over Seal
Ward Wm. and Son, Nether Seal
Yeomans Samuel, Donisthorpe

Bricklayers' Arms, John Cooper, Donisthorpe
Bull's Head, Thos. Gilbert, Donisthorpe
Bull's Head and Lion, Richard Grundy, Packington
Cricket Inn, Helen Hutchinson, Stretton-in-le-Fields
Engine, Joseph Hough, Donisthorpe
Gate, Thomas Careless, Oakthorpe
Holly Bush, John Asher, Packington
Holly Bush, Samuel Musgrave, Nether Seal
Malt Shovel, Geo. Simlet, Donisthorpe
Nag's Head, Ths. Brittain, Over Seal
Queen's Head, Sml. Cooper, Measham
Robin Hood, Hannah Capenhurst, Over Seal
Shoulder of Mutton, George Pipes, Oakthorpe
Swan, Mary Dennis, Measham
Union, Thos. Proudman, Measham
White Hart, Henry Proudman, Measham
William IV, John Wakefield, Measham

Retailers of Beer.
Burton William, Donisthorpe
Dennis John, Measham
Hatton William, Packington
Heap John, Nether Seal
Holt Joseph, Measham
Mead Elijah, Oakthorpe
Readfern Joseph, Over Seal
Rotherham Joseph, Measham
Wall John, Packington
Yeomans Thomas, Nether Seal

Fernyhough Thomas, Measham
Harris Thomas, Nether Seal
Simlet George, Donisthorpe
Yeomans Samuel, Donisthorpe

Fernyhough Thomas, Measham
Harris Thomas, Nether Seal
Mead Elijah, Oakthorpe
Pegg William, Nether Seal
Stevenson Thomas, Stretton

Birkin Dorothy (dress) Nether Seal
Booth Mary Ann, Oakthorpe
Buckley Martha, Measham
Fairweather Mary, Measham
Fletcher Mary, Nether Seal
Heath Elizabeth, Packington
Orgill Ellen, Measham
Simpkin Ann, Nether Seal
Ward Mary, Oakthorpe

Cashmore John, Oakthorpe
Simmonds William, Over Seal

Conway Thomas, Nether Seal
Fisher Samuel, Measham
Orton Frances, Measham

Harding John, Measham
Kirkby William, Nether Seal

Pearce William Wall, Measham
Small John, Nether Seal

Betteridge Thomas, Nether Seal
Bott John (and farmer) Packington
Cater John, Measham
Collier Edward, Oakthorpe
Dennis Francis, Measham
Granger Thomas, Packington
Hastelow Ths. (& draper) Measham
Heath James, Packington
Massey Robert, Donisthorpe
Massey Wm. (& draper) Oakthorpe
Newbold Joseph, Nether Seal
Peace William, Over Seal

Newbold William, Over Seal
Smith John, Measham

Ironmonger John, Measham
Wileman William, Measham

Draper John, Oakthorpe
Whitworth John, Measham
Wood Thomas, Over Seal
Wood William, Nether Seal

Adams Wm. farmer & grazier, Over Seal
Allcock Jos. farmer & grazier, Oakthorpe
Bailey Edward, farmer, Nether Seal
Bailey Jas. farmer & grazier, Over Seal
Bakewell John, farmer & grazier, Over Seal
Birkin David, parish clerk, Nether Seal
Cape Thomas, draper, Measham
Fox William Thos. farmer, Nether Seal
Goode Thos. farmer & grazier, Stretton
Harris Samuel, farmer, Over Seal
Haynes Christopher, mason, Over Seal
Jewesbury Richard, farmer and grazier, Measham
Meeson Edwd. smallware manfr. Measham
Merriman William and Thomas, farmers, &c. Oakthorpe
Orgill Elizabeth, straw hat maker, Measham
Pickering John, farmer, &c. Oakthorpe
Pratt James, farmer & grazier, Oakthorpe
Proudman Thos. gun maker, Measham
Roberts John, steward to Sir Charles Hastings, Willesley
Rowley James, farmer Pasture, Over Seal
Seal Geo. farmer & grazier, Donisthorpe
Thomas Evan, excise officer, Measham
Timms George, farmer, &c. Oakthorpe
Tomlinson Richard, hairdresser, Measham
Turner Samuel, land surveyor, Measham
Wagstaff Catherine, farmer, Nether Seal
Ward Wm. jun. feltmonger, Nether Seal
Webster Thomas, druggist, Packington
Webster William, constable, Packington
Whitworth John, flour dealer, Measham
Willfindale Thomas, earthenware dealer, Oakthorpe


To BIRMINGHAM, the Defiance from Sheffield) every afternoon at a
quarter before four goes through Tamworth, Sutton-Coldfield, &c:-
and the Royal Dart (from Nottingham) every day (Sunday excepted);
goes through Tamworth, &c.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Royal Dart (from Birmingham) every day (Sunday
excepted) at half-past twelve; goes through Ashby-de-la-Zouch,
Castle-Donington and Sawley.
To SHEFFIELD, the Defiance (from Birmingham) every forenoon at a
quarter before eleven; goes through Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Ticknall,
Swarkeston, Derby, &c.

From MEASHAM when not otherwise expressed.
To ATHERSTONE, Thos. Hutchinson, from Over Seal, every Tuesday.
To BIRMINGHAM, J. and C. Pettifor, every Monday, Thursday and
Saturday morning:- Deacon & Co. every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday:- and - Cox, every Sunday night.
To BURTON-UPON-TRENT, Thomas Hutchinson, from Over Seal, every
To LEEDS, a Carrier, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
To NOTTINGHAM, a Carrier, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday
To TAMWORTH, Thos. Hutchinson, from Over Seal, every Saturday.

To LONDON, Thomas Bache, every Wednesday and Saturday.
WOLDS POTTERY, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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