Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Ilkeston and Heanor, with the villages of Breason, Draycott, Risley, Shipley, Sandiacre, West Hallam and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

ILKESTON is small, improving market-town, and watering place, of modern date, in the parish of its name and hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, about nine miles and a half N. E. from Derby, eight W. by N. from Nottingham, nearly 15 S. by W. from Mansfield, and ten S.E. from Belper. It stands on an elevated site near the river Erewash, commanding beautiful prospects in every direction, and its situation is considered remarkably healthy. Both the Erewash and the Nutbrook canals pass through the parish, affording a communication with the rivers Trent and Mersey. This place was anciently called Elchestane, and obtained a grant for a market and fair so early as 1251.

Its ancient importance may be inferred from a tradition that the assizes were formerly held here, having been removed from the town of Nottingham on account of the plague: in consequence of which, the inhabitants of Ilkeston were permitted to pay but a moiety of toll at fairs and markets, on condition of their keeping in repair a gallows for the execution of criminals, which stands at the southern extremity of the parish, on the borders of Nottinghamshire. From time immemorial the people of Ilkestone have claimed this privilege at the neighbouring fairs, but being unable to produce any charter in support of their claim they have been resisted on some occasions.

Courts-leet and baron are held under the Duke of Rutland. The parish abounds with various and extensive veins of coal and, iron-stone; and lead-ore has been procured here, but not in large quantities. The chief manufactures are those for stockings and lace; the former has much declined, but the latter branch flourishes, and is carried on by numerous respectable establishments. Malt is made here to some extent, and in the vicinity are several corn mills.

Considerable advantage is derived by the town from its mineral water, which is becoming highly estimated, both as applied externally and internally - Internally it is an alterative, diuretic and anti-acid: externally, as a warm-bath, it has proved efficacious in most chronic complaints; and especially in rheumatism, scorbutic eruptions, gout, scrofula, and in all diseases arising from obstructed perspiration. The spa is obtained from the depth of about fifty yards, by a steam-engine erected for that purpose.

The increasing success of the water has induced the proprietors, Messrs Potters', to erect a suitable building, containing hot, cold, swimming, slipper, and shower baths. The water has been analyzed by Dr. Fyfe, of Edinburgh, Dr. Calvert, of Derby, and Mr. Grieves, of Nottingham, who pronounce it to contain, besides other ingredients, an alkaline carbonate, the only impregnation of the kind yet discovered in this island, and resembling that of Seltzer, in, Germany.

The places of worship are, the parish church, and chapels for unitarians, general baptists, independents, and Wesleyan and primitive methodists. The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, is an ancient structure, with a lofty tower of modern date: it contains some interesting monuments, and a stone-screen of early workmanship. The living is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the crown, and incumbency of the Rev. Jervis Brown; his present curate is the Rev. H. Moxon. The market, which is of great benefit to the in inhabitants is held on Thursday: the fairs take place on the 6th March, Whit-Thursday, and the first Thursday after Christmas day, for horses, cattle, sheep & hogs; there is also a statute fair for hiring servants, held on the last Thursday in October.

The parish of Ilkeston (which has no dependent township) contained, in 1821, 3,681 inhabitants, and in 1831, 4,446.

HEANOR is a neat village and populous township, in the parish of its name, and in the same hundred as Ilkeston, about four miles N.N.W. from that town, eight and a half N.E. from Derby, and eight S. from Alfreton. This place, which was formerly a market-town, is pleasantly situate on an eminence, and the eastern boundary of the parish is watered by the Erewash river. Many of the inhabitants are employed in the neighbouring coal works, and others in the manufacture of lace.

The places of worship are, the parish church, dedicated to St. Michael, and chapels for independents and Wesleyan methodists. The living of Heanor is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the crown. The ruins of the ancient castle of Codnor, founded by Richard de Grey in the reign of Henry III, may here be traced over a considerable extent of ground, and some of the walls are still standing. The market market, formerly held on Wednesday, has long been discontinued; an attempt was made to revive it some few years ago, but without success.

The entire parish contained, in 1821, 4,981 inhabitants, and in 1831, 5,380, of which last number 2,672 were returned for the township.

BREASON is a village and township, in the parish of Sawley, nearly eight miles E.S.E. from Derby. The chapel here, under the establishment, is dedicated to St. Michael, and the living is a perpetual curacy, annexed to that of Risley, in the peculiar jurisdiction and patronage of the prebendary of Sawley, in the cathedral church of Lichfield. The township contained, at the last census, 642 inhabitants.

DRAYCOTT is a village, in the joint liberty of Draycott and Wilne, in the parish of Sawley, about seven miles S.E. front Derby. A manufactory for spinning cotton gives employment to many of the inhabitants, but the majority are employed in agriculture. The number of persons in the liberty, in the year 1831, was 1,074.

RISLEY is a small village and township, partly in the parish of Sawley, and partly in that of Sandiacre, in the same hundred as Ilkeston, about four miles, south, from that town, one and a half, north, from Breason, and about seven and a half, east, from Derby. This manor was formerly held by Sir Hugh Willoughby, the celebrated navigator, who sailed on the 10th of May, 1555, with three ships, in search of a north-east passage, and was frozen to death, with all his crew, in the January following, in the Frozen Ocean.

In Thomson's Seasons this melancholy event is thus most feelingly and emphatically described:

"     ------------ Miserable they!
Who here entangled in the gathering ice,
Take their last look of the descending sun!
While, full of Death, and fierce with tenfold frost,
The long, long night, incumbent o'er their head,
Falls horrible. Such was the Briton's fate;
As with first prow, &c."

The free-school here was erected by Mrs. Elizabeth Gray in 1718, but the principal endowment originated from Mrs. Catherine Wilson at all earlier date.

The township contained, in 1831, 252 inhabitants, being only an increase of twenty-seven persons in 30 years.

SHIPLEY is a township, in the parish of Heanor, about nine and a half miles N.E. by E. from Derby. The Nutbrook canal and several railways communicate with the coal mines about here. Population, at the last census, 632.

SANDIACRE is a village, in the small parish of its name, in the same hundred as Ilkeston, about four miles, south, from that town, & about nine, east, from Derby, situate close to the western boundary of the county of Nottingham. A market and fair was formerly held in the village, but at present little importance belongs to it as a place of trade.

The places of worship are, the parish church, and a chapel for Wesleyan methodists: the former, which is dedicated to St. Giles, is of considerable antiquity; the windows have some remains of stained glass, and in the chancel are three stone stalls. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the peculiar jurisdiction and patronage of the prebendary of Sandiacre, in the cathedral church of Lichfield.

Part of the township of Risley extends into this parish, which contained, in 1831, 758 inhabitants.

WEST HALLAM is a small parish (having no dependent township) in the same hundred as Ilkeston, two miles S.W. from that town. It contains the parish church, which is dedicated to St. Wilfrid, and a free school, originally endowed by the Rev. John Scargill, in 1662. The living of Hallam is a discharged rectory, in the patronage (some years since) of Francis Newdigate, Esq. The parish contained, in 1831, 710 inhabitants.

POST, ILKESTON:- There is no regular Post Office; letters are brought to and despatched from this place by carrier.

Barker Mr, Alexander Meller, Ilkeston
Beardsley Mr. William (colliery agent) Shipley
Bell Rev. Henry, Sandiacre
Cantrell Mr. John Blackwall, Draycott
Gregory Mr. William, Heanor
Hall Rev. John Hancock, Risley
Howit Mr. Thomas, Heanor
Kirkland Mrs. Mary, Heanor
Longdon Sherwin, esq. Bramcote
Moxon Rev. Henry, Ilkeston
Mundy Edwd. Miller, esq. Shipley hall
Pears Thomas, esq. Hopewell hall
Radford John, esq. Smalley
Ray John, esq. Heanor
Scott Captain -, Draycott
Sitwell Edward, esq. Stansby ball
Sitwell Mr. -, Kirk Hallam
Toplis Mr. Charles, Heanor
Wawn Rev. John Dale, Stanton
Winfield Rev. Richard, Heanor

Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
Dobson Thomas, Ilkeston
FREE SCHOOL, Ilkeston, Thomas Straw, master
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Risley - Rev. Henry Banks Hall, master
Harriman Joseph, Breason
James Jonathan, Draycote
Meykin Jesse, Heanor
Roscoe Thos. Seddon (brdg) Heanor
Wright Samuel, Risley

Barton David, Ilkeston
Butler Saml. (& confectioner) Ilkeston
Goddard Thomas, Ilkeston
Harrison Christopher, Ilkeston
Hives John, Ilkeston
Kiddey John, Sandiacre
Raynor George, Ilkeston
Sills Henry, Ilkeston
Smedley Joseph, Stanton
Smith William, Heanor
Tomlinson Henry, Ilkeston

Allen William, Heanor
Bell William, Ilkeston
Burgin Robert, Ilkeston
Cloulerton & Newton, Draycott
Davis John (& engineer) Heanor
Grundy John, Stanton
Heaton Francis, Risley
Hood William, Breason
Lomax Joseph, Heanor
Towle Thomas, Sandiacre
Wilmot Giles, Breason
Winfield George, Stanton

Astley Samuel, Draycott
Attenborough Thomas, Ilkeston
Bell Robert, Risley
Boot Edward, Heanor
Chadwick James, Ilkeston
Dyer William, Sandiacre
Eley Thomas, Heanor
Foster Samuel, Sandiacre
Gillott John, Heanor
Hardy William, Risley
Hawley William, Ilkeston
Low -, Ilkeston
Mayor Thomas, Stanton
Mayor William, Ilkeston
Mitchell Abraham, Ilkeston
Pearson George, Ilkeston
Saxton Samuel, Draycott
Skeventon William, Ilkeston
Smedley Robert, Stanton
Smith John, Ilkeston
Spendlove Anthony, Heanor
Walker Paul, Ilkeston
Walker Samuel, Heanor

Evans George, Ilkeston
Horridge Wm. Ilkeston & Heanor
Lee John, Ilkeston
Potter Samuel & Thomas, Ilkeston
Wade Benjamin, Ilkeston
Wilson Isaac, Ilkeston

Allen Robert, Heanor
Aspinshaw John, Stapleford
Attenborough Isaac, Ilkeston
Bailey Gilbert, Ilkeston
Barker Alexander, Ilkeston
Barton David, Ilkeston
Bretnall Charles, Ilkeston
Chadwick Charles, jun. Ilkeston
Critchley Thomas, Ilkeston
Else George, Heanor
England Michael, Ilkeston
Evans John, Heanor
Fritchley William, Ilkeston
Gill John, Draycott
Hawley John, Ilkeston
Holland Thomas, Heanor
Hudson John, Ilkeston
Hudson William, Ilkeston
Jowett Edward, Draycott
Lane Thomas, Ilkeston
Pares Frederick, Ilkeston
Salt Richard, Sandiacre
Smith Joseph, Heanor
Stayton William, Stapleford
Tomlinson John, Stapleford
Turton Phoebe, Heanor

Potter Samuel and Thomas (and proprietors of Ilkeston warm and
  cold baths) Ilkeston

Bennington & Rowley, Draycott

Abbott Mary & Lydia, Heanor
Barker Elizabeth, Ilkeston
Hawley Mary, Ilkeston
Horsley Ann, Ilkeston
Longden Hannah, Draycott
Marshall Mary, Ilkeston
Scattergood Elizabeth, Ilkeston
Warner Hannah, Ilkeston

Harrison Thomas, Ilkeston
Straw Joseph, Ilkeston
Sudbury Joseph, Ilkeston
Whitehead Samuel, Ilkeston

Allen Thomas, Heanor
Booth Robin, Heanor
Cheetham Thomas (and machine builder) Ilkeston
Martin George, Ilkeston
Soar William, Heanor

Saunders William, Ilkeston
Severn Joseph, Ilkeston
Sison Thomas, Ilkeston
Small George, Ilkeston

(See also Linen & Woollen Drapers;
and also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Carrier Henry, Ilkeston
Flint Samuel, Heanor
Hardy Thomas, Heanor
Harrison Thomas, Ilkeston
Hobson Matthew, Ilkeston
Marshall Thomas (& spirit dealer) Ilkeston
Marshall Woolstan, Heanor
Rowland George, Heanor
Smith Joseph, Heanor
West Hannah, Ilkeston
Winfield William, Ilkeston
Woodhead Thomas, Heanor

Abel Luke, Heanor
Bancroft William, Draycott
Birch Richard, Kirk Hallam
Birch Samuel, Ilkeston
Booth George, Ilkeston
Holland Wm. (& turner) Ilkeston
Lee Edward (and builder) Ilkeston
Lowe Christopher, Ilkeston
Theobald Richard, Draycott
Warner Thomas, Ilkeston

Bailey Samuel, Ilkeston
Baily Joseph, Ilkeston
Ball Francis, Ilkeston
Bestwick John, Heanor
Booth Ruben, Heanor
Bowers Susan, Ilkeston
Carrier Henry, Ilkeston
Eley George, Heanor
Elles Elijah, Ilkeston
Fletcher Samuel, Ilkeston
Frearson Henry, Heanor
Greasley Thomas, Sandiacre
Green Samuel, Ilkeston
Harrison Samuel, Heanor
Johnson Elijah, Ilkeston
Palmer and Barker, Sandiacre
Riley Thomas, Ilkeston
Scattergood John (blonde) Ilkestone
Street John and Son, Stapleford
Tear John, Ilkeston
Watley Samuel, Ilkeston
Whitehead Samuel, Ilkeston
Wilson James, Ilkeston
Wood Matthew, Heanor

(See also Grocers and Drapers.)
Hardy Thomas, Heanor
Smith and Hardy, Heanor

Attenborough Mark, Ilkeston
Burgan James, Ilkeston
Howitt Francis T. Heanor
Low John, Ilkeston
Whysall George, Heanor

Abbott Samuel, Heanor
Allcock John & Charles, Sandiacre
Elliot Robert, Risley
Hobson Matthew, Ilkeston

Fox John, Ilkeston
Marsh William, Ilkeston
Smallwood John, Heanor
Tatham Benjamin, Ilkeston
Trueman Thomas, Ilkeston

Kirkby Samuel, jun. Shipley
Lee John, Ilkeston
Meaking Thomas, Ilkeston
Shaw Joshua, Heanor

Jowett E. B. Ilkeston
Shaw Mary, Ilkeston
Smith George, Sandiacre
Robinson Henry, Ilkeston

Allen Joseph, Heanor
Astley George, Draycott
Bailey Sarah, Ilkeston
Beardsley John, Ilkeston
Bestwick Jeremiah, Heanor
Boot Edward, Heanor
Burgin Diana, Ilkeston
Burrows Christopher, Ilkeston
Burrows Robt. (& draper) Ilkeston
Burrows William, Ilkeston
Buxton James, Loscow
Coxson Thomas, Draycott
Dodd Thomas, Ilkeston
Domilow Thomas, Draycott
Eyre George, Heanor
Fletcher William, Heanor
Flint Samuel, Heanor
Goddard Thomas, Ilkeston
Gothard Samuel, Marpool
Greasley John, Stapleford
Gregory Joseph, Heanor
Hailsworth Joseph, Ilkeston
Hardy Thomas, Heanor
Harrison Christopher, Ilkeston
Herald Wm. (& druggist) Heanor
Hogg Thomas, Loscow
Jowett Edward, Draycott
Longdon Hannah, Draycott
Mather Joshua, Heanor
Millward Henry, Loscow
Newton John, Draycott
Pollard Thomas, Ilkeston
Porter Thomas, Ilkeston
Raynor George, Ilkeston
Riley Thomas, Ilkeston
Shepard Thomas, Stapleford
Sisson Robert, Ilkeston
Skeavington Bakewell, Ilkeston
Small Lambert, Ilkeston
Smith Mary, Ilkeston
Straw Joseph, Ilkeston
Trowell Thomas, Draycott
Trueman John, Ilkeston
Turner William, Heanor
Ward Ann, Loscow
West Hannah, Ilkeston
Wilfin Sarah, Draycott
Winfield Thomas, Stanton
Woodhead Thomas, Loscow

Aldred Aaron, Ilkeston
Gamble Thomas, Ilkeston
Gibbons John, Ilkeston
Soars Benjamin, Heanor

Briggs Martha, Ilkeston
Jackson S. A. Ilkeston
Shardlow Ann, Ilkeston
Simpson Sarah, Ilkeston
Walster Sarah, Ilkeston

Norman George Blake, Ilkeston
Parkinson William, Ilkeston

Bailey James, Heanor
Bailey Samuel, Ilkeston
Campbell & Son, Ilkeston
Corkwell George, Heanor
Domilow William, Stanton
Emmerson John, Ilkeston
Flint John, Ilkeston
Mather Thomas, Ilkeston
Rogers William, Ilkeston
Shardlow Francis, Ilkeston
Stanhope William, Heanor
Turnor Joseph, Sandiacre
Turton John, Ilkeston
Whightman Thomas, Heanor
Wilfin Sarah, Draycott

Barker John, Ilkeston
Flint Samuel, Heanor
Mason Moses, Ilkeston
Millward Henry, Loscow
Sills Henry, Ilkeston

Blue Ball, Henry Briggs, Ripley
Boat, Robert Noon, Shipley
Boatswain, Elizabeth Burgin, Richardson, Ilkeston
Bull's Head, Thomas Bower, Little Hallam
Chequers, Isaac Freestone, Breason
Cleaver, George Bennett, Draycott
Coach & Horses, Saml. Sims, Sandiacre
Crown, Richard Hanks, Heanor
Gate, John Cresswell, Loscow
Golden Ball, Ann Ward, Loscow
Harrow, Thomas Bennett, Ilkeston
Horse & Jockey, Edward Severn, Ilkeston
Jolly Colliers, Thomas Howit, Heanor
King of Prussia, Thomas Heath, Heanor
King's Head, John Bates, Ilkeston
Munden's Arms, John Hortshorn, Heanor
Nag's Head, Anthony Bamford, Heanor
Navigation Inn, John Vessey, Breason

TAVERNS, &c. - Continued.
Newdigate Arms, Isaac Attenborough, West Hallam
[Ed: Corrected from 'Navigation Arms', 14 Feb 2001]
Old Charles, William Brown, Stapleford
Peacock, Ralph Buckland, Ilkeston
Plough, John Dodsley, Stapleford
Plough, Samuel Twelves, Sandiacre
Queen's Head, Benjamin Wade, Ilkeston
Red Lion, Joseph Heath, Heanor
Red Lion, Joseph Placket, Breason
Red Lion, Charles Young, Sandiacre
Rose & Crown, - Aldred, Ilkeston
Rose & Crown, John Trowel, Draycott
Rutland Arms, Thomas Hives, Ilkeston
Sir John Warren (commercial) Mark Attenborough, Ilkeston
Sir John Warren's Arms, John Barton, Stapleford
Stanhope Arms, John Scattergood, Stapleford
Three Horse Shoes, William Rowliston, Ilkeston
White Lion, James Wilson, Ilkeston

Retailers of Beer.
Aldred John, Ilkeston
Allen Robert, Heanor
Allen Thomas, Heanor
Allton John, Heanor
Barker John, Ilkeston
Beardall Thomas, Heanor
Bostock John, Ilkeston
Bower Jarvis, Ilkeston
Bradley Henry, Shipley
Buxton Joseph, Loscow
Chadwick Charles, Ilkeston
Curtis Ann, Ilkeston
Ellies Elijah, Ilkeston
Henshaw Thomas, Ilkeston
Hollingsworth Joseph, Ilkeston
Knighton John, Ilkeston
Knighton Samuel, Ilkeston
Millward Thomas, Loscow
Millwood Henry, Heanor
Murray Richard, Heanor
Turton Joseph, Heanor

Bennett Thomas, Ilkeston
Bloor Robert, Ilkeston
Copestick James, Draycott
Gregory James, Breason
Lakin James, Sandiacre
Shaw Michael, Ilkeston
Shorthouse John, Ilkeston
Smith Thomas, Stanton
Watson Joseph, Heanor
Woodhead Thomas, Heanor

Astley Thomas, dyer, Draycott
Ball Samuel, hair cutter, Heanor
Bell William, machine builder, Ilkeston
Eley Henry, dealer in coals, Heanor
Fisher John, nail maker, Ilkeston
Fletcher Samuel, machine maker, Ilkeston
Gammon -, excise officer, Ilkeston
Glossop John, currier, Ilkeston
Goddard John, machine finisher, Ilkeston
Gregory Joseph, cooper, Ilkeston
Kemp William, farrier, Sandiacre
Kiddey John, stone mason, Sandiacre
Mason John, glass & china dealer, Ilkeston
Moore John, brazier & tin-man, Ilkeston
Oldershaw Samuel, bricklayer, Ilkeston
Potter Thomas, spirit merchant, Ilkeston
Shardlow Francis, hair-dresser, Ilkeston
Sharples Joseph, bookseller & stationer, Ilkeston
Smedley John, professor of music, Ilkeston
Smith Joseph, stocking manufr. Heanor
Storer Michael, rope maker, Ilkeston
Whightman Thomas, stay maker, Heanor
Wilcoxon Robert, weaver, Ilkeston

To DERBY, the Lady Nelson (from Nottingham) passes through Heanor,
every Tuesday and Friday.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Speculator, from the Rutland Arms & King's Head
Inns, Ilkeston, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings at
nine, during the summer, and Wednesday and Saturday, during winter
- and the Lady Nelson (from Derby) passes through Heanor, every
Wednesday and Saturday.

To DERBY, Joseph Holmes' Waggon, from his house, Ilkeston, Robert
Burrows' Van, from Ilkeston, - Hunt, from West Hallam, and -
Grammer, from Heanor, all on Friday, and return the same day.
To NOTTINGHAM, Joseph Holmes, from his house, Ilkeston, and -
Chadwick, every Wednesday & Saturday:- - Curtis' Cart, - Burrow's
Van, and - Grammer, from Heanor, all on Wednesday and Saturday, and
return the same day.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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