Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Etwall, Hilton and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

ETWALL is a pleasant village, in the township of Etwall and Bearward-Cote, in the parish of Etwall, and hundred of Appletree, 6 miles W.S.W. from Derby, situate on the road leading from that town to Uttoxeter, in Staffordshire. This village is the residence of several genteel families, but is destitute of manufactures, and its local trade is very unimportant.

The church, which is dedicated to St. Helen, is a small stone edifice of considerable antiquity. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Rev. Mr. Cockburne; here is an alms-house, originally endowed in 1566, by Sir John Port, Knight, who also founded and endowed a grammar school at Repton. In the nineteenth year of James I. a charter was granted which incorporated this establishment, and appointed special governors: the income of the estate, some years ago, amounted to £2.700, when there were fifteen persons in the almshouse.

The parish of Etwall, (including the hamlet of Burnaston), contained, at the last census, 605 inhabitants, of which number 471, were returned for the township of Etwall and Bearward-Cote.

HILTON is a small village and township, in the parish of Marston-upon-Dove, in the same hundred as Etwall, about 2 miles W. from that village. A school-house was erected here about 1655, by Arthur and Thomas. Harrison, and in 1781 the commissioners of enclosures allotted land for the support of a schoolmaster, for teaching the poor children of the parish. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in agriculture: by the returns for 1831, the number in the parish amounted to 985, of which 651 were returned for the township.

POST:- Letters arrive from and are despatched to DERBY (by foot- post) every Monday, Wed. & Friday.

Chamberlain Mrs. Hannah, Etwall
Chapman Mr. Henry, Etwall
Cotton Colonel Edward Rowland, Etwall hall
Eaton Mr. William, Etwall
Every Frederick, esq. Etwall
Heacock Mr. John, Etwall
Moseley A. N. esq. Etwall
Osbourn the Misses, Etwall
Shaw Mrs. -, Etwall
Simpson Wm. esq. Hilton cottage
Sleath Dr. Wm. Boltby, D. D. Etwall

Hallam Michl. (schoolmaster) Hilton
Harpur Rowland (surgeon) Etwall
Winfield Jno. (schoolmaster) Etwall

Hawk and Buckle, William Slater, Etwall
King's Head, Samuel Gill, Hilton
Spread Eagle, Saml. Harpur, Etwall
Talbot, William Rose, Hilton

Astle Joseph, tailor, Hilton
Bailey Joseph, boot & shoe maker, Etwall
Barton Robert, bricklayer, Hilton
Blood George, shopkeeper, Hilton
Blood Samuel, shoe maker, Hilton
Blowe Jas. boot, &c. maker, Etwall
Brooks Francis, boot, &c. maker, Hilton
Brown John, shopkeeper & baker, Hilton
Bryan James, maltster, Hilton
Bryan Philip, maltster, Etwall
Bull James, tailor, Hilton
Cook Ralph, butcher, Hilton
Cowper Thos. shopkeeper, Etwall
Dawson Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Hilton
Denston Abraham, retailer of beer, Etwall
Elley William, farrier, Hilton
Froggatt James, saddler & harness maker, Hilton
Hallam Wm. retailer of beer, Hilton
Herrick James, joiner, Hilton
Holmes Henry, butcher, Etwall
Hoult George, wheelwright, Hilton
Hoult Samuel, shopkeeper, Hilton
Hudson Jos. miller & baker, Hilton
Lomas Robert, blacksmith, Hilton
Matchett & Fern, wheelwrights and carpenters, Hilton
Moor James, boot & shoe maker, Hilton
Mounterney George, butcher, Hilton
Myring Daniel, plumber, Hilton
Newbold William, tailor, Etwall
Pegg George, shopkeeper, Etwall
Platts John, wheelwright, Etwall
Platts Joseph, baker, Etwall
Platts Robert, joiner, Etwall
Reeves Saml. boot, &c. makr, Hilton
Roberts Wm. parish clerk, Etwall
Sessions Samuel, blacksmith, Etwall
Sharratt Thomas, blacksmith, Hilton
Spencer John, blacksmith, Etwall
Stoneystreet John, tailor, Hilton
Vaughan Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Hilton
Wood William, tailor, Etwall
Young Joseph, shopkeeper, Etwall

To DERBY, the Hero (from Newcastle) calls at the King's Head,
Hilton, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoon, at a quarter
past one.
To NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME, the Hero (from Derby) calls at the Talbot,
Hilton, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at a quarter past

To DERBY, Thomas Samuel Hunt and Thomas Yeomans, from their houses,
Hilton, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:- and Joseph Rose, from
Hilton, every Friday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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