Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Eckington, Barlborough, Mosborough, Renishaw, Ridgeway and Troway”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

ECKINGTON is a populous village and township, in the parish of its name, and hundred of Scarsdale; the village is situate seven miles N.E. from Chesterfield, the like distance S.E. from Sheffield, and three N. from Staveley. The lands of this parish are chiefly appropriated to agriculture; in some of the townships scythes and sickles are manufactured in considerable quantities, and nails, in the village, but not so extensively.

The places of worship are, the parish church, and chapels for Wesleyan methodists and Roman catholics. The living of Eckington is a rectory, (with Killamarsh, at which place there is a chapel of ease), in the patronage of the crown, and incumbency of the Rev. Frederick Ricketts, whose curate is the Rev. A. C. Bromehead. The parish contained, in 1821, 3,598 inhabitants, and in 1831, 3,948; at the latter period there were not separate returns made for the township, but, at the preceding census, its population amounted to 1,013 persons.

BARLBOROUGH is a parish (having no dependent township) in the same hundred as Eckington, about three miles S.S.E. therefrom, nearly eight N.E. from Chesterfield, and about three W. from the village of Whitwell. In the neighbourhood are extensive collieries and mines of iron-stone; and the turnpike roads from Chesterfield to Worksop, and from Sheffield to Mansfield, cross, near the Village, at right angles.

‘Barlborough Hall’, situate about a mile hence, is a spacious and interesting edifice, erected about the time of Elizabeth. The church is dedicated to St. James; the living is a rectory, in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. C. H. R. Rodes, who is joint lord of the manor with S. C. Pole, Esq. The charities comprise a school for the instruction of twenty poor children, towards the support of which the Rev. C. H. R. Rodes contributes £30. annually; and an hospital, founded, in 1732, by Margaret and Mary Pole, of Park Hall, for six poor women, who are allowed three shillings and sixpence per week, besides coals

The parish contained, in 1821, 675 in inhabitants, and in 1831. 713.

MOSBOROUGH is a township and straggling village, in the parish of Eckington, about a mile N. therefrom. The manufacture of scythes and sickles prevails extensively in this township, and forms the chief employment of the inhabitants. The township contained, in 1821, 818 inhabitants; at the last census (1831) the population returns were made up with Eckington parish.

RENISHAW is a township in the parish of Eckington, about seven miles and a half N.E. from Chesterfield. Here are extensive iron works, belonging to Messrs. Appleby, Walker & Co., from which a considerable number of the inhabitants derive employment. The Chesterfield canal passes through this township. Population. in 1821, 551.

RIDGEWAY is a hamlet, in the parish of Eckington, about two miles and a half N.N.W. therefrom. It partakes, with Mosborough, in the manufacture of scythes and sickles. Population included with the parish of Eckington.

TROWAY is a township, in the parish of Eckington, about two miles and a half west therefrom. The only articles manufactured here are of the same kind as those produced at Mosborough and Ridgeway. The population, in 1821, was 1,216.

POST:- Letters for all the above places arrive from and are despatched to Chesterfield daily, except Sunday.

Boden John Bruno, esq. Southgate house
Bromehead Rev. Alex. Crawford, Eckington
Chambers Mr. John B. Barlborough
Chester Mrs. Mary, Barlborough
Cowley Mr. John, Mosborough
Davis Rev. Charles Lewis, Eckington
Ellis Mr. Mark, Ridgeway
Hutton Mr. Joseph, Ridgeway
Hutton Mr. Thomas, Ridgeway
Pole Mrs. -, Park hall, Barlborough
Rodes Rev. Cornelius, Heathcote Reaston, Barlborough hall
Scott Mr. Joseph, Barlborough
Sitwell Sir Geo. bart. Renishaw hall
Smith Mr. Joseph, Mosborough
Tristram Rev. M. Spink hill
Turner John, esq. Troway
Yates Rev. Samuel Wildman, Barlboro'

FREE SCHOOL. Barlborough:- Thos. Whitworth Green, master
Harrison Robert, Eckington
Jackson Mary, Barlborough
Mellor William, Eckington

Clarke Samuel, Barlborough
Hinde William, Eckington
Stevenson William, Barlborough

Adams William, Eckington
Gundy John, South gate
Hattersley Thomas, Ridgeway
Littlewood Jeremiah, Eckington
Rose Thomas, Mosborough
Storey Stephen, Barlborough
Whitworth William, Barlborough

Fletcher George, Eckington
Heald John, Eckington
Heald William, Eckington
Hinde Frances, Barlborough
Kirk John, Mosborough
Turner William, Barlborough
Turner William jun. Barlborough

Barber William, Eckington
Fields William, Eckington
Oxspring William, Eckington
Salvin William, Barlborough

Appleby, Walker & Co. Renishaw
Forrest John Philip, Barlborough
Webster William, Barlborough
Wells George, Eckington
Worral Luke, Mosborough

Brown Charles, Barlborough
Morton George, Eckington

Marsden John, Eckington

Bark William, Barlborough
Bell William, Eckington
Chamberlain George, Eckington
Chapman Joshua, Eckington
Cupid Elizabeth, Mosborough
Hutton Sarah, Mosborough
Marples John, Eckington
Mullins Sarah, Mosborough
Rowbotham Joseph, Eckington
Slagg Edward, Eckington
Unwin Samuel, Barlborough
Wheelhouse George, Eckington
Wheelhouse John, Eckington
Whitaker John, Ridgeway
Worrall Luke, Mosborough

Appleby, Walker & Co. Renishaw

Cousins John, Eckington
Hibbard George, Barlborough
Turner Robert, Ridgeway

Gosling Ellen, Barlborough
Milner William, Barlborough
Stones Rowland, Barlborough

Bell William, Eckington
Hibbard Mary, Barlborough
M'Burnie Robert, Barlborough
Wheelhouse John, Eckington

Cadman George, Mosborough
Camm Jonathan, Barlborough
Hardy Thomas, Eckington
Slagg Harvey, Mosborough
Slagg William, Mosborough

Clarke Robert, Renishaw mill
Wilson George, Eckington
Worstenholme Thomas, Eckington

Billam Ephraim, Eckington
Harrison Wm. (& strickle) Eckington

Gascoigne Joseph, Eckington
Goodwin Joseph, Eckington

Broomhead William, Ridgeway
Burrows Thomas, Ridgeway
Cadman George, Mosborough
Hudson George, Mosborough
Hutton Thomas, Mosborough
Hutton William, Mosborough
Kerton John, Mosborough
Renshaw William, Troway
Rotherham Thomas, Troway
Staniforth John, Ridgeway
Staniforth Mark, Ridgeway
Staniforth Naboth, Mosborough
Staton Nathan, Mosborough
Turner George, Mosborough
Webster George, Mosborough
Webster Mark, Ridgeway

Askham William & Son, Eckington
Hardman William, Eckington

Bark William, Barlborough
Chamberlain George, Eckington
Chapman Joshua, Eckington
Lenthall Thomas, Barlborough
Milner John, Barlborough
Peat James, Mosborough
Whitehead William, Eckington

Angel, Mary Wheeler, Eckington
Apollo John Pattinson, Barlborough
Bear, John Hallsworth, Eckington
Black-Moor's Head, John Boot, Troway
Coach & Horses, Jno. Robinson, Eckington
Duke of York, William Lund, Eckington
Duke William, George Fox, Mosborough
Fox & Hounds, Luke White, Marsh lane
George & Dragon, John Parr, Mosborough
Golden Ball, George Hall, Renishaw
New Inn, Thomas Lee, Mosborough
Pebley Inn, Thos. Roberts, Pebley lane
Rodes' Arms, James Brown, Barlborough
Rose & Crown, John Goodwin, Eckington
Rose & Crown, Rbt. Pattinson, Barlborough
Three Tuns, John Rowbotham, Mosborough
Wheel, Wm. Whitworth, Barlborough
White Hart, George Brook, Eckington
White Swan, Wm. T. Tudsbury, Ridgeway

Retailers of Beer.
Broome Christopher, Barlborough
Cutting James, Eckington
Haigh Mary, Barlborough
Hinde William, Eckington
Pearson Ann, Mosborough
Peat James, Mosborough
Robinson John, Eckington
Rotherham William, Eckington
Turner Joseph, Eckington
Wheelhouse George, Eckington
Woodhead Samuel, Barlborough

Caylor John, Barlborough
Mullins William, Eckington
Rose John, Mosborough
Shepherd James, Eckington
Stevenson John, Eckington

Antcliffe William, millwright, Eckington
Booth Joseph, wood tnrner, Eckington
Camm William, farrier, Barlborough
Carr Bennett, druggist, Eckington
Clough Francis, saddler, Eckington
Hardy Robert, currier and leather seller, Eckington
Holmes John, tin-plate worker, Eckington
Pattinson Jos. stone mason, Barlborough
Shacklock Peter, hatter, Eckington
Webster Joseph, steel manufr, Killamarsh
Wright John, land valuer, Romily
Wright Peter Wolfe, brush maker, Mosborough

To SHEFFIELD, the Champion, from the Rodes' Arms, Barlborough,
every Tuesday and Saturday morning at half-past seven.

To CHESTERFIELD, Joseph Salvin, from Barlborough, every Tues.
Thurs. and Saturday:- Henry White (postman) from Barlborough, every
day:- William Mallender, from Clown, Samuel Hibbs, from Eckington,
and John Milner, from Barlborough, every Thursday & Sat.
To MANSFIELD, William Reddish, from Barlborough, and Charles
Pepper, from Clown, every Thursday.
To SHEFFIELD, William Reddish, from Barlborough, and Charles
Pepper, from Clown, every Tuesday and Saturday:- and John Goodwin,
from Eckington, every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.
To WORKSOP, Joseph Salvin, John Milner, and William Mallender, from
Barlborough, every Wednesday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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