Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Duffield, with Little Eaton, Breadsall, Makeney, and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

DUFFIELD is a large and pleasant village, in the populous parish of its name, in the hundred of Appletree: the village is situate on a fine plain, over which the main road passes, leading from Derby to Belper, Matlock, and Sheffield; about four and a half miles north from Derby, and three and a half south from Belper. It has long been esteemed a favourite residence of persons enjoying a respectable competence, who prefer retirement and quiet to the bustle of larger towns.

In Domesday book it is called Dunelle, and was formerly celebrated for its castle, and formed part of the demesne of Henry de Ferars, who, in 1096, held the fortress, which stood on an eminence north-west of the village, on the site now called 'Castle-orchard'. In the reign of Elizabeth frequent mention is made of the extent and importance of the royal possessions at Duffield, and of the appointment of stewards, rangers, and other officers, together with great leets and courts held there, at which period it was a portion of the duchy of Lancaster, and so it continued till the reign of Charles I. The manufacture of lace is carried on to a limited extent; many of the working class are employed in frame-work knitting, and others in the collieries and stone quarries in the immediate neighbourhood.

The places of worship are, the parish church, and chapels for baptists, methodists, and unitarians. The church, which is dedicated to St. Alkmund, is a large and handsome edifice, with a spire, and contains some curious monuments, particularly one to the memory of Sir Roger Mynours, of Windley; the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. The principal charities are, the free grammar school, originally founded by William Gilbert, in the reign of Elizabeth; and an alms-house, erected by Anthony Bradshaw, who died in 1614. There are two annual fairs for cattle, - one on the Thursday following New Year's day, and the other on the 1st of March. The parish of Duffield contained, in 1821, 13,896 inhabitants, and in 1831, 14,683, of which last number 1,653 were returned for the township.

LITTLE EATON is a chapelry and village, in that part of the parish of St. Alkmund which is in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, rather more than one mile from Duffield. Here are many valuable collieries and productive stone quarries; bleaching grounds, belonging to Messrs. Smith & Sons, and machine-paper works of Messrs. Tempest & Son; there are, besides, malting concerns, and corn-mills on the Derwent river.

This place has water communication with Derby by canal, to which town, and others more remote, coals are conveyed in great quantities, being brought hither by railroads from the several collieries. The Royal Mail and the Quicksilver post coach passes through here on their route to and from Sheffield and Derby. Here is a small but handsome church, the living of which is a perpetual curacy.

The chapelry contained, in 1821, 547 inhabitants, and in 1831, 610.

BREADSALL is a parish (having no dependent township) in the hundred of Appletree, though locally situate in that of Morleston and Litchurch; about three miles N.N.E. from Derby, and the like distances. S.S.E. from Duffield. The church, which is dedicated to All Saints, is a large and handsome edifice, with a lofty needle spire, which forms a prominent object for a considerable distance around.

On the south side of the chancel is a monument to Erasmus Darwin, a physician, botanist, and celebrated poet, who died here in 1802. The living of Breadsall is a rectory, in the patronage of the Crewe family. A free school was endowed here in 1745, by the Rev. John Clay, and in 1788 the school-room was erected, chiefly at the expense of Sir Henry Harpur.

The ‘Old Hall’, supposed to have been built at least seven centuries ago, and formerly the residence of the Harpur family, is used as a public-house, and has been in the possession of the present occupier, Mr. Joseph Hollingworth, and his ancestors, for upwards of two centuries; here are preserved several articles of anqtiquity, among which is a brown earthenware ‘wassal cup’, with the figures 1715 on it, a delf plate, made in the reign of queen Anne, and a table (in the kitchen) originally used by the servants of the ‘Old Hall’.

The parish contained, by the census taken in 1821, 544 inhabitants, and in 1831, 565.

MAKENEY is an inconsiderable hamlet, about two miles north from Duffield, with which the population is returned.

POST OFFICE:- DUFFIELD, William Turner, Post Master:- Letters arrive from DERBY every forenoon at a quarter before eleven, and are despatched every morning at eight.

Barber Rev. William, Duffield
Beighton Miss Ann, Duffield
Beighton Thos. esq. Hazlewood hall
Bromley Miss Ann, Duffield bridge
Cantrill Mr. William, Duffield
Carr the Misses, Duffield
Carr Mrs. John, Duffield
Colville Charles, esq. Duffield
Colville Lady, Duffield
Crewe Rev. Henry Robt, Breadsall
Crompton Miss Sarah, Duffield
Curzon Hon. Nathaniel, Farnah
Evans Mrs. -, Duffield
Evans W. esq. M. P. Allestrey hall
French Miss -, Duffield
Gillett Mr. Richard, Duffield
Gore Hon. Capt. Edwd. Milford hall
Hancock Mrs. -, Duffield
Harrison Mrs Eliz. Little Chester
Harrison Rev Thos. A. M. Duffield
Henn Mr. George, Duffield
Humpston Miss Grace, Duffield
Johnson Mrs. -, Coxbench hall
Jones Rev. Evan Owen, Duffield
Mellor Mrs. Martha, Little Eaton
Mold Mr. Charles, Makeney
Morley Mr. John, Breadsall
Orde Jas. Pickering, esq. Edge hill
Radford Mr. Alexander, Kirk hill
Radford Mrs. Martha, Little Eaton
Smith Captain -, Priory hall
Smith Mr. John, Duffield
Strutt Anthony, esq. Makeney
Taylor Mr. John, Duffield
Tudor Mrs. Elizabeth, Duffield
Turner Mr Henry, Windley
Ward Mr. Thomas, Duffield
Wingfield Mr. George, Breadsall

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Duffield:- John Harrison, master; John Bower,
FREE SCHOOL, Breadsall:- Robert Winup, master, Ann Whitworth,
Humpston the Misses (ladies' bdg.) Duffield
Johnson the Misses, Duffield
Whysall Henry, Little Eaton

Alldred John (to Derby Canal Co.)
Butler Timothy (to Kilburne Colliery Company)
Gregory Saml. (to Trent Stone Co.)
Holland Joseph (to Denby old Colliery)
Wilmot Wm. (to R. Holden) Canal head

Jewitt Arthur (and architectural draughtsman) Duffield
Jewitt Orlando (engraver on wood) Duffield

Clarke Henry, Breadsall
Knifton Thomas, Coxbench
Marriott William, Little Eaton
Orme Samuel, Coxbench
Sowter George, Duffield
Vickers John, Little Eaton

Johnson Joseph, jun (and patten ring maker) Duffield
Lovatt Samuel, Duffield
Poole William, Little Eaton
Sims William, Duffield
Walker John, Breadsall

Smith Elisha & Sons, Little Eaton

Allsop Ths. (& hairdresser) Duffield
Cocker Richard, Duffield
Dicken William, Duffield
Garton John, Little Eaton
Moreton Elijah, Duffield bridge
Morrill Samuel, Makeney
Parsons James, Duffield
Reynolds William, Duffield
Rowland John, Breadsall
Salt Lydia, Duffield
Slater Thomas, Little Eaton
Sowter James, Duffield
Spooner Jacob, Breadsall
Stafford John, Duffield
Steer John, Duffield
Tomlinson Samuel, Little Eaton

Cockin Thomas, Duffield
Haynes George, Duffield
Haynes Henry, Duffield
Knifton Thomas, Coxbench
Peat Joseph, jun. Duffield
Turner John, Duffield
Wildsmith Joseph, Little Eaton & Breadsall
Winson Thomas, Duffield

Denby Old Colliery Company
Derby Canal Company
Holden Robert, esq. Canal wharf
Kilburne Colliery Company

Cooper George, Duffield
Wilson John, Duffield

Ayres Thomas & John, Duffield
Bates Wm. (seedsman) Duffield

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Bakewell Wm (& druggist) Duffield
Greatorex Robert, Little Eaton
Parker William (& draper) Duffield

Anchor, Isaac Mason, Little Eaton
Bull's Head, Henry Haynes, Duffield
Hare & Hounds, Thomas Walker, Coxbench
Holly Bush, Thomas Taylor, Makeney
King's Head, George Millward, Little Eaton
New Inn, John Bennett, Little Eaton
Noah's Ark, Wm. Toplis, Duffield
Old Hall, Joseph Hollingworth, Breadsall
Puss in Boots, George Abbott, Farnah
White Hart, Wm. Haynes, Duffield
Windmill, Thos. Walker, Breadsall

Retailers of Beer.
Bryan Thomas, Duffield
Hunt John, Little Eaton
Longdon Samuel, Duffield
Morley Mary, Duffield
Selby John, Coxbench
Sims Samuel, Duffield
Taylor Mary, Duffield

Ash William & Joseph, Duffield
Cash Joseph, Duffield
Cash Richard, Duffield
Crackell George, Duffield
Cross William, Little Eaton
Hatter Samuel, Duffield
Hollingworth Elijah, Breadsall

Addison Samuel, Duffield
Ward Thomas, Duffield

Frost George, Duffield
Tatham John, Little Eaton
Turner John, Duffield
Winrow Joseph, Duffield

Bowmer John, Coxbench
Eley John, Duffield
Stanesby William, Duffield
Tempest Thomas, Little Eaton
Webster James, Duffield
Wood George, Breadsall

Abell Sarah (dress) Duffield
Cooper Hanh. (dress) Duffield bdge
Hickling Elizabeth, Duffield
Mart Elizabeth (dress) Duffield
Sims Eliza, Duffield
Slater Harriet (dress) Little Eaton

Reader Samuel, Duffield
Tempest Thos. & Son, Little Eaton

Holloway William, Duffield
Moore Horatio, Duffield

Allsop Charles, Duffield
Bonsall Matthew, Duffield

Brown Charles, Duffield bridge
Holland Joseph, Duffield
Jennels Samuel, Duffield
Kirk Sampson, Duffield
Knifton Ann, Coxbench
Mather George, Breadsall
Meakin John, Duffield
Orme Samuel, Coxbench
Pegg Samuel, Little Eaton
Perks Thomas, Duffield
Ride Ann, Duffield
Sowter George, Duffield
Towle John, Breadsall

Johnson Joseph, Morley moor
Ratcliffe Thomas, Shaw lane
Siddons Thomas, Duffield bank
Swinnerton Stephen, Boro' quarry
TRENT STONE CO. Little Eaton

Aldred Mary, Duffield
Briand Sarah, Duffield

Evans David, Duffield
Thornbury Horatio Nelson, Duffield

Bonam John, Little Eaton
Brown Samuel, Duffield
Davenport William, Breadsall
Harlow William, Breadsall
Moreton Joseph, Duffield
Moreton Thomas, Duffield
Mottram William, Duffield
Wall Ralph, Little Eaton
Ward John, Duffield

Bowmer George, Coxbench
Roberts Joseph, Little Eaton

Morley Charles, Duffield
Walker Francis, Breadsall
Walker William, Little Eaton

Abell William, whitesmith, locksmith, &c.
Annable George, cattle dealer
Ayres Thomas, landscape gardener
Frost Robert, cheese factor
Hickling John, Stone mason
Mills Thos. woolcomber & worsted manufr
Rennox John, clog and patten maker
Sowter Peter, parish clerk
Stanesby William, cooper
Tatham Thos. brick maker, Little Eaton

DERBY & SHEFFIELD pass through Duffield daily.
To and from BIRMINGHAM & SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail and Quicksilver
Post Coach, pass through Little Eaton daily.

To DERBY, John Webster, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday:-
William Watson, daily:- and Mrs. Brinsey, every Tuesday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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