Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Dronfield, with the villages of Beauchieff, Norton, Holmesfield, Dore, Totley, Unstone and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

DRONFIELD, once a market-town, in the parish of its name, in the hundred of Scarsdale, is 156 miles from London, 38 S.E. from Manchester, 23 E. by N. from Buxton. 6 N. from Chesterfield, and the like distances from Sheffield. The town is pleasantly situate in a valley, and remarkable for its salubrity, which has occasioned it to become a place of residence for many respectable inhabitants. Edge-tools, scythes, sickles, and other agricultural implements, together with nails, are manufactured here and in the neighbourhood, to a very considerable extent; there are also iron and chymical works, and several corn mills in the vicinity.

The places of worship are the parish church, and chapels for independents, Wesleyan methodists, and the society of friends. The church, which is dedicated to John the Baptist, is a handsome building, having a tower at the west end, terminated by a spire. Opposite the west end of the church was formerly a chantry, now the Dragon public-house. The living of Dronfield is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the crown. A well endowed free grammar school, founded in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by Henry Fanshawe, Esq. and another free school, are the principal charities. The market, which was formerly held on Thursday, has been discontinued; the proximity of Sheffield and Chesterfield markets having long caused it to decline. A fair is still held on the 25th April, principally for cattle and cheese.

The entire parish of Dronfield contained, in 1821, 3,680 inhabitants, and in 1831, 3,974, of which last number 1,653 were returned for the town.

BEAUCHIEFF ABBEY, a village extra parochial, in the same hundred as Dronfield, is situate in a beautiful vale, about three miles and a half from that town. The abbey was founded between the years 1172 and 1176, for regular canons of the Premonstratensian order, by Robert Fitz-Ranulph, lord of Alfreton, in expiation for having conspired with the other knights who slew Thomas-a-Becket.

Only a small part of the chapel is now remaining, in which service is performed by the Rev. William Pashley, of Holmesfield; it is a donative, in the gift of the lord of the manor, Peter Pegge Burnell, Esq. The manor house, Beauchieff-hall, was erected in 1671, and is the residence of Broughton Steade, Esq. the nephew of the proprietor.

The population of this place has been on the decrease for the last thirty years; in 1801 it contained 102 inhabitants, and at the last census (1831), the number amounted only to 88.

NORTON is an agricultural parish, containing a village of the same name, about two miles and a half from Dronfield and four from Sheffield. About one mile south-east is Hazelhurst and Oaks, the seats of William John Bagshaw, Esq. magistrate. The church, among which is an altar tomb, to the memory of the parents of John Blythe, Bishop of Salisbury, and Geffrey Blythe, Bishop of Lichfield, both of whom were born here: a place of worship for unitarians, and a grammar school, of ancient foundation are in the parish - which contained, in 1831, 1,747 inhabitants.

HOLMESFIELD township and village, in the parish of Dronfield, is very pleasantly situate, about one mile from that town, and between seven and eight miles north-west from Chesterfield: it cannot be marked as a place of trade, but the neighbourhood is highly respectable, and contains several very genteel habitations. The population of the township in 1831 was 499, being the exact number of inhabitants as returned at the preceding census.

DORE is a hamlet, also in the parish of Dronfield, about a mile and a half therefrom, and nine miles north-west from Chesterfield; it is a place of no consideration in the way of trade. The number of inhabitants, in 1831, was 527.

TOTLEY is another hamlet, in the parish of Dronfield, about three miles north-west from that town, containing 351 inhabitants.

UNSTONE is a township, in the parish of Dronfield, about two miles south therefrom, containing 586 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE:- DRONFIELD, John Fowler, Post Master:- Letters arrive from SHEFFIELD, &c. every morning at seven, and are despatched every afternoon at two.

Bagshaw William John, esq. (magistrate) The Oakes
Bargh Mrs Mary, Dronfield
Blacklock Mrs. Mary, Dore
Bland Mr. George, Horsley gate
Broadhurst the Misses, Dronfield
Broadhurst Mrs. Mary, Dronfield
Cecill Mr. Samuel, Dronfield
Clarke Rev. David, Dronfield
Cockayne Mr. Samuel, Dronfield
Colley Mrs. Henry, Norton
Lowe Mr. John, Holmesfield
Milnes T. M. Smith, esq. Dronfield
Mower Mr. George, Barlow
Ogden Mr. Robert, Dronfield
Pashley Rev. William, Holmesfield
Pearson Rev. Henry, Norton
Penniston Mr. George, Horsley gate
Piper Rev. Henry Hunt, Norton
Shore Samuel, esq. Norton
Smith Mr. Albert (attorney) Dore
Spencer Rev. William, Dronfield
Stead Broughton, esq. Beauchief hall
Turner Mr. William, Coal Aston
Wolley Mr. Jonathan, Dronfield

Butterman William (gent.'s boarding and day) Dronfield
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Dronfield:- William Pidcock, head master;
Peter Holmes, second master
FREE SCHOOL, Holmesfield:- Isaac Tomlinson, master
Furness Richard (day) Dore
Lawton John (gent.'s boarding and day) Dronfield
Pashley Mary and Ann (ladies boarding) Holmesfield
Reaves Miss (ladies') Dronfield

Bargh William (& farrier) Dronfield
Barton Stephen, Coal Aston
Ford Samuel, Dore
Kirkam Francis, Unstone
Marriott George, Holmesfield
Reaney John, Green hill
Reaney John, Dronfield
Thorp Samuel, Dronfield
Turner George, Dronfield
Wolstenholme John, Totley

Barton John, Holmesfield
Bowker Joseph, Green hill
Fowler John, Dronfield
Frith John, Dronfield
Hardwick John, Green hill
Hattersley George, Holmesfield
Hattersley Thomas, Dronfield
Hendrie George, Dronfield
Hendrie James, Dronfield
Hibbard James & William, Unstone
Machon Joseph, Dronfield
Marsden Thomas, Dronfield
Pinder Peter, Holmesfield
Swift Samuel, Dore
Ward George, Dronfield
Ward Samuel, Dronfield

Bailey Joseph, Unstone
Bower John, Dronfield
Levick John, Dronfield
Outram Edward, Dronfield
Wilson John, Dronfield

Bacon, Butterman and Haslehurst, Unstone
Bennett Thomas, Dronfield
Lucas Samuel, Dronfield

Booth William, Dronfield
Harrison John, Dronfield
Harrison John, jun. Dronfield
Havenhand John, Dronfield
Holmes John, Dronfield
Jackson Paul, Dronfield
Rotheram Christopher, Dronfield

Lucas Edward and Sons, Dronfield
Marshall Joseph, Totley
Pashley John, Coal Aston

Cole Thomas (& chandler) Dronfield
Dalton Francis, Coal Aston
Davison George, Dronfield
Davison Robert, Dronfield
Dobb Thomas, Dronfield
Garfitt Ann, Coal Aston
Hollingworth Samuel, Dronfield
Horner Elizabeth, Dronfield
Mellor Samuel, Coal Aston
Outram Edward (& tallow chandler) Dronfield
Stephenson Thomas, Coal Aston
Whittles William, Dronfield

Jenkinson Luke, Dronfield
Jenkinson Thomas, Dronfield
Mower Thomas, Dronfield

Angel, James Pearson, Holmesfield
Bay Childers, Jos. Nelson, Unstone
Blue Posts, Wm. Siddall, Dronfield
Chequers, William Tomlinson, Coal Aston
Coach and Horses, Edward Smith, Dronfield
Cross Scythes, Samuel Hopkinson, Totley
Green Dragon, Thomas Jenkinson, Dronfield
Fleur-de-Lis, John Green, Totley
Fleur-de-Lis, Stephen Terry, Unstone
Freemasons' Arms, Joseph Seddon, Woodseats
George and Dragon, John Hydes, Holmesfield
Green Oak, Samuel Biggin, Totley
Greyhound, Peter Bennett, Dronfield
Horse & Groom, Jos. Nelson, Unstone
Horse and Jockey, Joseph Carnally, Unstone
Horse and Jockey, John Frith, Dronfield
Peacock, Wm. Hattersley, Holmesfield
Red Lion, Jno. Earnshaw, Dronfield
Robin Hood, Jno. Barton, Holmesfield
Sheepbridge Inn, John Baggaley, Unstone
Swan, George Makinson, Green hill
Swan Inn (& posting) John Wright, Dronfield
White Hart, Joseph Booth, Green hill

Retailers of Beer.
Barton Anthony, Coal Aston
Baxby Henry, Totley
Bennett Samuel, Dronfield
Hattersley Robert, Holmesfield
Hattersley William, Dronfield
Horner Elizabeth, Dronfield
Hurst William, Dronfield
Joel J. Dronfield
Reaney John, Dronfield

Barkes Hugh, Dronfield
Hobson Joseph, Dronfield
Stephenson Abraham, Coal Aston
Wilson John, Dore

Habberjam John, Unstone
Parker Thomas, Dronfield
Walker Thomas, Unstone

Baggaley John, Unstone
Goodlad George, Holmesfield
Haberjam T. and T. Unstone
Hodgkinson Joshua (& millwright) Totley
Outram Jonathan, Dronfield
Walker John, Unstone

Crooke Elias, Holmesfield
Horner William, Dronfield
Shepherd William, Unstone
Ward John, Lidgate
Ward Samuel, Holmesfield
Ward William, Holmesfield

Fentem Charles, Dronfield
Fentem James, Dronfield
Fentem Joseph, Dronfield
Whittle Samuel, Dronfield

Hancock Benjamin, Coal Aston
Pearson Peter, Dronfield
Shaw John, Dronfield

Biggin George, Dronfield
Biggin Isaac and Samuel, Dronfield Woodhouse
Biggin Mary, Holmesfield
Biggin Samuel, Holmesfield
Biggin Thomas, Bradway
Biggin Wm. Dronfield Woodhouse
Bishop John, Dore
Bishop Thomas, Dore
Fernihough Joseph, Dore
Gregory Thomas, Holmesfield
Hall John, Bradway
Hall Samuel, Dronfield
Hopkinson Samuel, Totley
Linley Peter, Bole hill
Siddall Ann, Dronfield
Siddall F. Dronfield
Siddall William, Dronfield
Vickers John, Dronfield
Wolstenholme Jonathan, Woodseats

Booth Jonathan, jun. Woodseats
Holmes J. Dronfield
Newton William, Dronfield
Rotherham Christopher, Dronfield
Turner George, Dronfield

Lucas Edward and Sons (and iron masters) Dronfield
Ward, Camm & Siddall, Dronfield

Davison George, Dronfield
Elliott Abraham, Totley
Elliott Henry, Dore
Platts George, Dronfield
Shore Ann, Coal Aston
Wright John, Dronfield

Wright and Nicholson, Dronfield

Barton William, Dronfield
Cooper Robert, Green hill
Croft Joseph, Green hill
Goodlad George, Dronfield
Hawksworth Benjamin, Unstone
Hollingworth Samuel (and draper) Dronfield

Hattersley William, Holmesfield
Shaw Abraham, Dronfield

Harrison Thomas, Dronfield
Stephenson George, Coal Aston

Elliott William, Holmesfield
Gill Joseph, Unstone
Siddall Thomas, Green hill

Allen Joseph, Dronfield
Bennett William, Dronfield
Damms Stephen, Holmesfield
Holliday Stephen, Dronfield
Jackson George, Dronfield
Marples Thomas, Dronfield

Birney John, merchant, Dronfield
Damm George, seedsman, Dronfield
Gainsford Robert, silver plater, Totley
Joell Matthew, cooper, Dronfield
Lancaster Joseph, saddler, Dronfield
Mosley Joshua, clock maker, Dronfield
Outram Godfrey, brazier, Dronfield
Ward Robert, manufacturing chymist, Dronfield
Wragg John, basket maker, Dronfield

To LONDON, the Royal Mail (from Leeds) calls at the Swan, every
morning about two:- the Courier, every evening at half past seven:-
the Hope (from Halifax) every day at noon:- and the Express (from
Leeds) calls at the Greyhound every afternoon at three; all go
through Chesterfield.

To BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) calls at the Swan,
every morning at a quarter before nine:- the Quicksilver every
morning at eight:- and the Telegraph at twelve at noon;
all go through Chesterfield.

To HALIFAX, the Hope (from London calls at the Swan, every day
about half-past twelve; goes through Sheffield, Huddersfield,
Elland, &c.

To LEEDS, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Swan, every day
at half-past twelve:- the Express, every forenoon at eleven:- and
the Courier every afternoon at one, all go through Sheffield,
Barnsley and Wakefield

To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) calls at the Swan,
every day at half past twelve:- the Quicksilver at half past four
in the afternoon:- and the Traveller (from Chesterfield) every
morning at nine

To CHESTERFIELD, John Cox, from Dronfield, daily

To SHEFFIELD, Peter Pindor, from Dore, every Tuesday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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