Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Doveridge, Somersall, Sudbury and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

DOVERIDGE is a small village and parish, in the, hundred of Appletree, 17 miles. W. from Derby, and about 2 S. E. from Uttoxeter (Stafrordshire), which is the nearest post town. Doveridge Hall, the seat of Lord Waterpark, is a modern and handsome building, pleasantly situate on an eminence, commanding a view of the town of Uttoxeter, the river Dove, and of the hills which terminate the prospect of the valley. The church, which is dedicated to St. Cuthbert, is a small edifice, chiefly in the early style of English architecture: the living is a vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Henry Stokes. The parish contaned, in 1821, 843 inhabitants, and in 1831, 792, being fewer by eight than was returned at the census taken in 1811.

SOMERSALL is a small village, in the parish of Somersall- Herbert, in the same hundred as Doveridge, and adjoining thereto. It contains a small ancient church, dedicated to St. Peter: the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Earl of Chesterfield. The inhabitants of this parish and that of Doveridge, are chiefly employed in agriculture, the number in Somersall-Herbert in 1831, was 117, being an increase, in thirty years, of twenty-nine persons.

SUDBURY is a parish, containing a small and neat village, in the same hundred as the preceeding parishes; the village being situate 13 miles W. by S. from Derby, and 4 E. by S. from Doveridge. To the north-east of the village is Sudbury hall and park, the fine seat of Lord Vernon. The church, which is very old, stands in the garden near the hall, and being covered with ivy, presents a picturesque ornament in the scenery around it.

In this humble fabric, the ancestors of the Vernons, for more than two centuries, have been interred, and several monuments to their memory impart no slight degree of interest to its interior - one especially, to the memory of Catherine, daughter of the late Lord Vernon, will claim attention, from the beautiful and truly poetical lines inscribed upon it. The living of Sudbury is a rectory, in the gift of Lord Vernon, who is a munificent patron of the parish, and has rebuilt a school-house, in which twenty-four poor boys are educated and clothed, besides receiving instruction in the trade of a tailor or shoemaker, at his lordship's sole expense. Lady Vernon has also erected a commodious and handsome school-house for the instruction of girls in the common branches of female education, and in the art of plaiting straw for making bonnets; the children are likewise clothed chiefly at the expense of her ladyship and Mrs. Anson; several other benevolent ladies taking an active part in the superintendence of the establishment.

The parish contained, at the last census, 642 inhabitants.

POST:- Letters arrive from and are despatched to UTTOXETER (by foot post) every afternoon.

Anson Rev. Frederick, Sudbury
Archer Rev. Wm. Henry, Doveridge
Bull Mr. George, Doveridge
Bull Mr. John, Doveridge
Chawner Mr. Henry, Sudbury
Hunt Mr. Edwin, Doveridge
Jackson the Misses, Somersall
Jerrom Mr. Charles, Sudbury
Rowbotham Thomas, esq. Lee hill
Salt Mr. William, Doveridge
Sherratt Mr. William, Doveridge
Slater Mrs. Mary, Doveridge
Smith Mr. George, Doveridge
Stokes Rev. Henry, Doveridge
Stretton Rev. John, Somersall
Vernon Hon. Captain George John, Sudbury
Vernon Right Hon. Lord, Sudbury park
Walker Mr. John, Doveridge
Waterpark Right Honorable Lord, Doveridge hall

Archer Maria, Doveridge
FREE SCHOOL (boys') Sudbury:- Solomon Meakin, master
FREE SCHOOL (girls') Sudbury:- Eliz. Chawmer, head governess;
  Dorothy Beverley, Mary Yarnold and Harriet Haycock, teachers
Rice George, Doveridge
Walker Hannah, Doveridge

Holmes William Henry (teacher of music & organist) Sudbury
Williams John (surgeon) Sudbury

Anchor and White Horse, Joseph Salt, Doveridge
Vernon's Arms, Richard Hollis, Sudbury

In DOVERIDGE when not otherwise mentioned.
Adams Saml. shopkeeper & joiner
Adams Wm. baker and shopkeeper
Alkins David, butcher
Allen William, tailor, Sudbury
Batthew Francis, butcher, Sudbury
Beardmore Thomas, blacksmith, Sudbury
Chadfield Joseph, joiner
Cope Richard, miller & shopkeeper
Cope Thomas, miller
Copestick John, retailer of beer
Coxon Daniel, joiner, Sudbury
Critchlow Jas. & Son, wheelwrights
Deville John, boot, &c. maker
Edwards William, miller
Falconer Jno. wheelwright, Somersall
Goodwin Thos. hoot & shoemaker
Hall William, tailor
Hetherington Samuel, plumber, Sudbury
Holbrook Thomas, maltster
Hunt Thomas, glover, &c.
Lane Hen. boot, &c. maker, Sudbury
Mould John, shopkeeper, Sudbury
Mountney Richard, butcher
Palmer Samuel, tailor
Roleston Daniel, retailer of beer
Salisbury Jno. blacksmith, Somersall
Shepherd Samuel, blacksmith
Slater Robert, baker & shopkeeper
Sowter Joseph, plumber & glazier
Statham William, shopkeeper
Thorley Jno. shopkeeper, Somersall
Tunstall William, tailor
Wall Job, tailor
Wall Samuel, boot & shoemaker
Woolley John, bricklayer
Woolley William, bricklayer

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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