Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Derby, with the villages of Darley Abbey, Mackworth and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

DERBY is a market, borough, and county town, possessing separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch: it is 126 miles N.W. from London, 56 S.E. from Manchester, 34 S.S.E. from Chapel-en-le-Frith, 33 S.S.E. from Buxton, 24 S. from Chesterfield, 16 W. by S. from Nottingham, 13 S.E. from Ashbourn, and 12 N. by E. from Burton-upon-Trent. Derby is a very ancient town, occupying a flat tract of land, on the banks of the river Derwent; and is situate peculiarly favourable for the process of manufactures requiring the aid of water: various mills have therefore been established in the town, or its immediate vicinity, for the manufacture of silk and Cotton; but the most celebrated works are those of porcelain, and ornaments of Derbyshire spar and marble.

The manufacture of silk is carried on to a considerable extent, and the number of men, women and children employed in it is very considerable; the articles produced from silk are various, embracing hose, handkerchiefs, shawls, ferrets, laces and sewing silk. The original mill erected by Mr. Crochett, called 'the Silk Mill,' by way of pre-eminence, being the first and largest of the kind ever erected in England, stands on an island in the river Derwent; its history is remarkable, and serves to shew the great influence which the enterprises of an individual have on the commerce of a country.

The manufacture of porcelain was originally established here about the year 1750, by the ingenious Mr. Duesbury; but the most considerable improvements have been effected since his decease, by the judicious method of preparing the paste and increasing the beauty of the decorations: the ware itself is not of equal fineness with the French and Saxon, but its workmanship and ornaments are far superior. The beautiful ornaments composed of the ware, called 'White Biscuit', are peculiar to Derby.

The manufacturing of spar, and polishing of marble, carried on here, is very curious. Various other branches of business besides the manufactures already mentioned, are also conducted on a considerable scale; and several works of magnitude have lately been established: a mill for the slitting and rolling of iron; a large furnace for smelling copper ore, with a machine for flattening and rolling the copper into sheets; a red lead, colour and varnish manufactories; a mill for making tinned plates; extensive malting concerns, corn mills, tanneries and soaperies; within these few years there have been introduced large establishments for printing books; and on Nun's-green, a bleaching-ground has been opened, in which the processes are performed by chymistry.

The town is governed by a mayor, nine aldermen, fourteen brethren, and fourteen capital burgesses, who elect their successors; the mayor, ex-mayor and four senior aldermen being always justices of the peace. The assizes for the county are held here, as are also the sessions, except those at midsummer, which are held at Chesterfield; the mayor holds a quarterly court of session, and a court-leet twice in the year, the corporation being lords of the manor; there is also a court of requests, for the recovery of small debts, held at the guildhall every second Tuesday. Derby returns two members to parliament; the present representatives are George H. Cavendish and Edward Strutt, Esqrs.; the mayor is the returning officer. The limits of the borough (as defined by the new Boundary Act, an appendage to the Reform Bill), comprise the old borough of Derby. Under the same act Derby is appointed the place of election for members to represent the southern division of the county.

Derby is divided into five parishes (each possessing a church), viz, All Saints', St. Werburgh's, St. Alkmund's, St. Peter's, and St. Michael's. All Saints' church, which, prior to the dissolution, was collegiate, is considered the principal architectural ornament to the town; the interior is particularly light and elegant: the beautiful screen of rich open iron-work is said to have cost £500. Several elegant monuments are in the church; that to the memory of William, Earl of Devonshire, who died in 1628, and a splendid one to the celebrated Countess of Shrewsbury, are specially worthy notice. The tower, which is one hundred and eighty feet high, was erected in the reign of Henry VII: the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the mayor and corporation. The original church of St. Werburgh, was built, it is supposed, prior to the Conquest; the present edifice is of modern date: the living of St. Werburgh's is a discharged vicarage; in the patronage of the crown.

St. Alkmund's is supposed to have been originally founded early in the ninth century: the living is a vicarage, not in charge, in the patronage of the mayor and corporation. The churches of St. Peter's and St. Michael's are very ancient and of uncertain dates: the living of the former is a discharged vicarge, in the patronage of the family of Wright, of Market Bosworth; and that of St. Michael, also a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the crown. The chapels of ease to St. Werburgh's and St. Peter's churches, are of recent erection, and very ornamental structures to the southern entrance of the town. The other places for divine worship comprise chapels for the several denominations of methodists, independents, particular and general baptists, unitarians, Roman catholics, society of friends, and a new Jerusalem temple.

The principal public buildings are, a very beautiful infirmary erected by subscription, replete with every convenience; the county hall, a town hall, a county gaol, an elegant assembly room, and a theatre. Among the modern improvements of the place are the lighting and paving of the streets, and removing those obstructions that prevented a free passage; the removal of several bridges that were built across the Mark Eaton brook, and erecting three new ones of stone, as well as an elegant bridge of three arches over the Derwent, which, together with the silk mills, the weirs, and the broad expanse of the river, forms a very pleasing prospect on entering the town from the Nottingham road. The vicinity furnishes a variety of agreeable walks, where the inhabitants may enjoy a salutary exercise, and a succession of prospects distinguished by the softer features that attend cultivation.

Numerous bequests for the relief of the poor have been made at different times by benevolent persons; the most considerable of these are, the 'Devonshire alms-house', for the support of poor men and women; Wilmot's hospital, for four poor men and women; & Large's hospital, for five clergymen's widows. National and Lancasterian schools, numerous Sunday schools, two infant schools, and a free-school, founded by Walter Durdant, bishop of Lichfield, and William de Barba Aprillis, in the reign of Henry II. are the other principal charities. Science and literature meet with encouragement; this may, in some degree, be ascribed to the philosophical society, established here about the year 1772. Several book societies have also been instituted; the works purchased for which are chiefly of a scientific purchased philosophical tendency. Here is a mechanics' institute, and a permanent library, established in 1811; a self-supporting dispensary, and a vagrant office, have likewise been just completed.

Few towns in England are in possession of so rich a treasure, as that of the splendid collection of paintings, sculptures, and objects of virtu, for which Derby is indebted to the affluence, the liberality, and the taste of Joseph Strutt, Esq.; this assemblage, comprises pictures from the pencils of renowned ancient and modern painters, statues, busts, and marbles, from the chisels of Canova, and other eminent sculptors, a singularly fine Egyptian mummy, &c. &c., which are admirably displayed in a superb suite of rooms and corridor, situate in St. Peter-street, and visiters are gratuitously admitted.

In the vicinity of the town are many elegant seats and mansions; the country around is exceedingly fertile, well wooded, and plentifully supplied with water. The surface of the country is flat to the south of the town, and only gently waved on the other sides. The market-day is Friday: the fairs are, January 25th, Friday in Easter week, third Friday after May 1st, Friday in Whitsun week, and July 25th, for horses, cattle, and sheep, - and March 21st, 22d, and 23d, and September 27th, 28th, and 29th, for cheese; a cheese market, or fair, is also held on the last Tuesday in August, markets for cattle every Friday in May, and for fat cattle every alternate Tuesday throughout the year. Races take place annually, on a fine course close to the banks of the Derwent. The population of Derby, including those parts of the parishes of St. Alkmund, St. Michael, and St. Peter, extending beyond the borough, amounted, in 1821, to 19,648 persons, - in 1831, the borough contained 23,607 inhabitants, and those parts without the borough 6,101, - total 29,708.

DARLEY ABBEY is a small village and township, in the parish of St. Alkmund, about one mile N. from Derby; seated on the river Derwent, upon which are a cotton-mill and a paper-mill, affording employment to two-thirds of the inhabitants. The church, which has been erected within these few years, on the summit of a hill, is a beautiful structure; and from this situation the prospect is extensive. A large school-room has been built, in which the boys are taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, and the girls sewing; this school is supported entirely by Walter Evans, Esq. to whose munificence the village is also indebted, for the election of the church. The township contained at the last census, 1,170 inhabitants.

MACKWORTH, a parish, with a small village, in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, is situate on the road from Derby to Ashbourn, two miles and a half from the former, and ten and a half from the latter town. Here is a neat church, dedicated to All Saints, and in the neighbourhood, are the vestiges of a castle; the south gate of the edifice, which is entire, forms the entrance to a farm-house. The castle was the ancient seat of the De Mackworths, and was probably demolished during the parliamentary war. The parish (including the township of Mark-Eaton), contained, in the last census, 621 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE:- Queen-street, DERBY, Thomas Parker Bambrigge, Esq. Post Master:- Letters from LONDON arrive every morning (Monday excepted) at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at half past four:- Letters from BIRMINGHAM arrive every forenoon at a quarter before eleven, and are despatched every forenoon at eleven:- Letters from MANCHESTER arrive every afternoon at a quarter past four, and are despatched every morning at half-past nine:- Letters from NOTTINGHAM arrive every morning at nine and afternoon at four, and are despatched every forenoon at a quarter past eleven and every evening at seven:- Letters from SHEFFIELD arrive every day at twelve, and are despatched every morning at twenty minutes past nine:- Letters from WIRKSWORTH and BAKEWELL arrive every morning at nine and are despatched every forenoon at a quarter past eleven.
*** Letters for the SOUTH are conveyed by the LONDON Mail:- those for the NORTH, and SCOTLAND and IRELAND, by the MANCHESTER Mail:- those for the West by the BIRMINGHAM Mail, :and for the EAST by the NOTTINGHAM Mail:- The Box closes an hour before the departure of the LONDON Mail, and half an hour prior to that of the others.

Abbot Mr. Chas. 2 Normanton terr
Ayrton Rev Samuel, 30 Osmaston st
Bacon Mrs -, 35 Friar gate
Bacon Mrs. Susannah, 7 Derwent ter
Bakewell Mrs. Harriet, 12 Iron gate
Barker Miss Harriet, 45 Friar gate
Barton Mrs.-, Chester road
Bassano Mrs. Mary, Ashbourn road
Bateman Mrs. Eliz. Castle, Fields hall
Bennett Miss Sarah, 57 Friar gate
Bennett Mrs. Sarah, 2 Parker st
Bent Miss Eliza, 68 Friar gate
Bingham John, esq. Rose cottages depot
Bingham Miss Mary Ann, 16 Ashbourn road
Bingham the Misses, St. Mary's gate
Birkfield Mr. John, 28 London road
Blackley Rev. Geo. 2 North parade
Bligh Rev. James, 4 Castle st
Bosworth Rev. William, 11 Full st
Bridgett Mrs. -, Grove house
Brown Mr. Richard, 1 St. Helens st
Buckston John, esq. 5 North parade
Burrows Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Bridge st
Buxton Mrs. Martha, 3 Castle st
Bysh Mr. John, 3 Parker st
Bytheway Rev. Wm. 10 Wilmot st
Cantrell Mrs. Sarah, Ford St
Carr Mrs.-, Ashbourn road
Carr Rev. Anthony Thomas, M.A. Ashbourn road
Chaloner Rev. John, 66 Bridge gate
Chell Mr. Thomas, 1 Brook st
Clark Mrs. Mary, Burton road
Clay Miss, 24 Market place
Cockayne Miss Ann, 45 Bridge gate
Cockayne Mr. Jesse, 45 Bridge gate
Cooper Mr. John, Tradick st
Cooper Mr. Thomas, 18 Brook side
Cope Miss Catharine, Osmaston rd
Corden Mr. John, 14 Osmaston st
Corden Mrs. Mary, 35 London road
Cox Mr. George, 5 Grove terrace
Cox Mr. Henry, Parkfield
Cox Mr. John, Burton road
Cox Mrs. John, 37 Bridge st
Cox Thomas, esq. 60 Friar gate
Cracroft Miss Sophia, 1 Parker st
Critchley Mrs. -, 3 Castle st
Crompton Mrs. -, Mill hill house
Crompton Mrs. E. 12 Full st
Dalby Captain John, Burton road
Davenport Thomas, esq. Elms
Dawson Miss Eliza, 40 Full st
Dean Rev. James, 4 Grove terrace
Dickenson Rev. John Horatio, Darley
Dixon Captain Francis, 2 Cherry st
Drury John, esq. 21 Ashbourn road
Emery Mrs. Alice, 5 Friar gate
Evans Samuel, esq. St. Mary's gate
Evans Mr. Thomas, Traffick st
Evans Walter, esq. Darley abbey
Eyre Sir George, bart. 89 Friar gate
Fallows Mrs. Florence Matilda, 88 Friar gate
Fisher Rev. William, 3 Grove terrace
Fletcher the Misses Elizabeth and Sarah, 24 Wilmot st
Flewker John, esq. Park pl, Buxton road
Forester Mr. Richard Forester, M. D. Green hill
Fritche Mr. George, 15 Brook side
Frost Miss Ann, 30 Osmaston st
Gawthorn Rev. J. Brook side
Gell Rev. Philip, 75 Friar gate
Gibson Miss Frances, 18 St. Mary's gate
Gregory Mr. William, 3 George st
Hall Miss, 15 Green lane
Hall Mrs. E. Elms
Handford Mr. Joseph, Osmaston st
Harrington the Right Hon the Earl of, Elvaston abbey
Harrison Mrs. Elizb. Little Chester
Harrison Mrs. Mary, 54 Friar gate
Harvey Miss Ann, Parkfield
Harvey Mr. Moses, Darley abbey
Hawkins Rev. William, Cherry st
Haworth Mr. George, Duffield road
Haywood Mr. William, Ashbourn rd
Henley Rev. John, King st
Hewitt Mr. Benjamin, 1 St. Helen's st
Hill Mr. John, St. Alkmund's Church yard
Hirst Mrs. Ann, 80 Devonshire st
Hope Rev. Chas. Stead, 58 Friar gate
Hope Mr. Robert, 29 London road
Hope Rev. Robt. Stead, Iron gate
Hope Rev. Samuel, King st
Horrocks Mr. John, 29 Friar gate
Horsley Mr. Nathan, 17 Queen st
Howard Rev. J. G. Lodge lane
Hubnall Mrs. -, 11 Grove terrace
Humpston Mr. Ths. 17 North parade
Jackson Mr. Francis, St. Peter's Church yard
James, Mr. Henry, 99 Friar gate
Jennings Mrs.-, 2 Derwent terr
Johnson Mr. Jos. 23 Osmaston st
Jones Rev. Noah, 2 George st
Lackington Mr. Jas. Osmaston road
Lencroft Captain Richard Becher, Walderslow hill
Leaper Richard, esq. 59 Friar gate
Lockett Wm. Jeffery, esq. Wardwick
Lott Mrs. Ann, 5 London terrace
Mainwaring the Misses, High field
Mather Mr. Jno. Rose cottages depot
Mellor Col. Thomas, 53 Friar gate
Meynell Miss Mary, 41 Friar gate
Middleton Mrs. Hanh. 32 London rd
Millett Rev. John, 14 Full st
Minshull Mr. Jno. 5 Normanton terr
Moffatt Mr. John, 5 Exeter place
Moore Mrs. Ann, 5 George st
Morley Mr. Edward, 23 Wilmot st
Morris Mr. Thos. Osmaston road
Newton Wm. esq. Kedleston road
Newton Wm. L. esq. the Leylands, Darley road
Oakden Mrs. Ann, 1 Beckett's well lane
Palmer Alice Elizabeth, 42 Friar gate
Pegg Mr. John, Ashbourn road
Pickering Rev. George, Mackworth
Pickford Rev. Joseph, 40 Friar gate
Pike Rev. John G. Parker st
Pimm Mr. James, 62 Friar gate
Poyser Mrs. -, Kedleston road
Redfern Mrs. -, 10 Grove terrace
Richardson Miss Catherine, 79 Friar gate
Salisbury Mrs. J. 38 Willow row
Sandars Mr. Joseph, 91 Friar gate
Sele Mr. Robert, Chapel st
Severne Mrs. -, Osmaston road
Simmonds Mr. James, 19 King st
Simons Mr. William S. 5 Wilmot st
Simpson Mrs. Cathrn. 92 Friar gate
Smith Miss Elizbth. Ashbourn road
Smith John, esq. 17 Ashbourn road
Smith Mrs. Margaret, 90 Friar gate
Staples Miss Elizabeth, 7 Wilmot st
Storer Captain -, Full st
Strutt Edward, esq. M.P. St. Helen's house
Strutt Joseph, esq. St. Peter st
Taylor Miss Ann, Duffield road
Taylor William, esq. Ashbourn road
Thurston Mrs. H. 24 St. Mary's gate
Toone Miss Elizb. 15 Ashbourn road
Turner Mrs. -, 23 London road
Turner Mrs. Jane, 2 Wilmot st
Twigg Mr. Wm. Normanton road
Udall Mrs. Mary Ann, 9 Agard st
Udall Mrs. Tacey, 36 Friar gate
Unwin Rev. Edwd. Kedleston road
Upton Mrs Sarah, 4 Full st
Warren Mr. Humphrey, Traffick st
Watts Mrs. Dorothy, 4 Parker st
Whitehead Mrs. -, 5 North parade
Wilcockson Miss, 54 Burton road
Wilkinson Mrs. Alice, Friar gate
Wilmot Mrs. Elizbth. 61 Friar gate
Wilmot Henry Sacheverel, esq. Chaddesden hall
Wilmot Mrs. Jane, 30 London road
Wilmot Rev. Richard, Chaddesden
Wilmot Sir Robert, Chaddesden hall
Winrow Mr. Gregory, St. Helen's st
Woodhouse Rev. Jervase Harvey, M.A. St. Alkmund's Church yard
Wright Miss Ann, 28 Friar gate
Wright Miss Sarah, 4 North parade

Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
Ashworth Saml. 22 Ashbourn road
Bailey John, Cavendish st
Ballington Catherine, Darley
Barnard the Misses, 4 Brook st
Bennett Joseph, Parker st
Birkin William, Full st
Cholerton Edward, Chaddesden
Cockayne Emma, 10 Green lane
Coulson -, St. Mary's gate
Edwards Martha, 4 Wilmot st
Foster John (gent.'s boarding) London road
Francis Mary (ladies' boarding) 13 St. Mary's gate
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, St. Peter's Church yard:- Rev. James Bligh,
  head master
Hadfield Samuel, 4 Court, St. Peter street
Hadfield Saml. jun. 35 Devonshire st
Hadfield William, Traffick st
Holland Mary, 17 Chapel st
Holmes Sarah, 27 River st
Hudson John (gent.'s boarding) 36 Full street
INFANTS SCHOOL, Mill st:- Hannah Whiting, mistress
Johnson John, Wright st
Johnston Thomas, Markeaton
Lallemand Aimee Ann & Caroline, 8 Exeter place
LANCASTERIAN SCHOOL, Orchard street:- John M'Swiney, master
Leeson William, Greenhill
Markes Charles, 18 Wilmot st
Mather John (brdng) 19 Osmaston st
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Traffick street:- William Hadfield, master;
Hannah Cartledge, mistress
Newton Richard, 25 Wilmot st
Oliver Elizb. (brding) 2 St. Helen's st
Russell Thomas, Mackworth
Sharp Maria, 14 Albion st
Slater Sarah, Darley
Smith Mrs. 20 Wilmot st
Swanwick Thos. 25 St. Mary's gate
Thatcher Eliza, Darley
Tipper Charlotte & Eliza, Full st
Wain John, Darley
Watts Alexander, Bag lane
Willoughby Richard, 30 Friar gate
Wilson John, Agard st
Wray Mary, 20 Agard st
Yates Elizbth. (brdng) 1 Wilmot st

Bromley John, 41 St. Mary's gate
Cross William, King st
Dean Thomas, 10 Eagle st

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents & also Land Agents and Surveyors)
Bancroft William (to Wilson Moore and Co.) 3 Devonshire street
Blood Thomas (to Smith and Co. corn factors) Exeter place
Brearey Rowland A. (house) 13 Corn market
Brocksopp John (to carriers) St. Peter st
Child Wm. (general) 9 George st
Cooper George (to the commissioners under the improvement act)
  22 London street
Cross William, King st
Gregory John (to Sutton and Co.) Cockpit hill
Hobson Edmd. (to Kenworthy & Co.) Cockpit wharf
Holmes Godfrey (to Wheatcroft & Sons) Cockpit hill
Holmes Nathaniel (cheese) Cockpit wharf
Humpston Joseph (to H. Jackson, Tutbury Glass works) 11 Cheapside
Marshman William (for roads) Traffick street
Peirce James (to Pickford & Co.) Siddall's lane
Pipe Thomas (to T. Best) Rivett st
Probett Stephen Thomas (British College of Health) 4 London road
Redfern John (to the Canal Company) Cockpit hill
Robotham John (to Soresby and Flack) Morledge
Smith William (loan) 22 and 23 St. Alkmund's Church yard
Taylor George (for J. Wright and Co.) Siddall's lane

Mason John, 1 London terrace
Price John, Corn market

Evans Horatio (portrait & miniature painter on china and in oil)
  5 Corn market
Moore Henry (and ornamenter of marble) Green hill
Oakley Octavius (portrait, &c. painter) 14 North parade
Webster Moses (painter) 6 Wilmot st

Balguy Bryan Thomas (and town clerk) Tenant street
Barber John, St. Michael's Church yard
Bigsby Robert (and notary) 17 London road
Birch Richard William, 20 Wardwick
Borough William, 97 Friar gate
Curzon John, 4 Full st
Dewe and Fox, Iron gate
Dunnicliff John, Wardwick
Flack Edward, 32 Full st
Flewker John, Tenant st
Gilbert Samuel, Corn market
Greaves Thomas Ley, 56 Friar gate
Green John, 4 Bold lane
Horrocks John, 69 Bridge gate
Jessopp Francis, Wardwick
Keetley Jonthn. Warren, Corn market
Massey John Spor, 13 Full st
Moss John, 48 St. Peter st
Mousley and Barker (and deputy clerks of the peace for the county)
  2 Full street
Mozley and Flack, 1 Brook side
Radford S. R. Wardwick
Sale Joseph, 53 St. Peter st
Simpson & Frear, St. Mary's gate
Smith and Spencer, 44 St. Peter st
Welch David, Corn market
Wheeldon William, 1 London road
Whiston and Son (and clerks to the county magistrates)
  34 St. Peter st
Whiston William, jun. (& coroner for the county) 34 St. Peter st
Williamson William, Corn market
Woodford John, 25 St. Mary's gate

Brearey Rowland A. 13 Corn market
Brearey Thomas, Summer hill
Cartlich Thomas, Sadler gate
Cross William, King st
Eyre Thomas and Son, 15 Full st
Rickard George, 14 Bridge st

Allsop Isaac, Burton road
Bates Henry, London road
Beer James, 49 Nun st
Beer Richard, 38 Bath st
Bland John, 41 Eagle st
Boden Francis, Leonard st
Broomhead William, 29 Queen st
Campion Thomas, 16 Eagle st
Cholerton Thomas, Chaddesden
Clarke Mary, 44 Bridge gate
Copestake Charles, 33 Morledge
Denston James, 10 Green lane
Denston Jane, 50 St. Peter st
Denston Joshua, Cheapside
Evans and Lovett, Full st
Fletcher William, 23 Willow row
Freckles John, Hill st
Greensmith Lawrence, Darley
Hall Thomas, 5 Charles st
Harrison Thomas, 87 Bridge st
Hill Samuel, 5 Brick st
Hodgkinson Richard Earl, 2 Lodge lane
Holmes William, London road and Osmaston street
Jerram Thomas, Leonard st
Johnson Thomas, 22 Friar gate
Lees Alfred, 37 Walker lane
Locker John, 1 Green lane
M'Corsie William, Bold lane
Moore Peter, 16 St. Alkmund's Church yard
Morledge William, 6 Siddall's lane
Page Henry, Burton road
Parker Richard, 58 St. Peter st
Parker William, 18 Market place
Parrott Francis, 7 Morledge
Parry George, Cheapside
Pattison Thomas, 52 Devonshire st
Pearson William, 21 Bridge st
Radford John, St. Peter's bridge
Remington George, 19 London road
Robotham George, 17 Corn market
Salt Sarah, 22 Burton road
Sison Michael, Bold lane
Smith Thomas, Darley
Sowter Charles, 34 Friar gate
Sowter George, 39 Queen st
Sowter Thomas, 45 Willow row
Steer Samuel, 4 Exeter st
Turner William, 55 Eagle st
Walters John, Darley
Walton John, 48 Bridge St
Watson Joseph, 13 Sadler gate
Watson Thomas, 22 Sadler gate
Wheeldon George, 2 Mansfield road
Whiteman Josiah, 58 Bag lane
Whyman William, 13 Bridge gate
Williams Thomas, 21 Brook st
Winfield John, 62 St. Peter st

Crompton, Newton and Co. Iron gate:- (draw on Lees, Brassey and Co.
  Ronald, manager:- (draw on Williams, Deacon and Co. London)
Evans Walter, William & Samuel, St. Mary's gate:- (draw on Jones,
  Lloyd and Co. London)
Smith Samuel & Co. Rotton row:- (draw on Smith, Payne & Smiths,
SAVINGS' BANK, Town hall:- (attendance on Monday from 10 to 12)

Brown William, Tenant St
Ford Thomas, 4 King st
Leedham Ann, 7 London road
Thompson Ann, 7 London st
Webster Jeremiah, Sadler gate

Harrison John, Bridge gate
Hartley James, 29 King st
Haslam William, St. Helens st

Cook John, Market place
Porter Thomas, 41 Brook st

(See Smiths.)

Smith Eiisha & Sons, Little Eaton

Bolton John, Friar gate
Bretnor William, 5 St. Peter st
Perfect John, 44 Nuns st
Pigott Walter, 9 Bridge gate
Smith James, 14 Agard st

Bemrose William, 14 Market place
Bretnor William (and circulating library) 5 St. Peter street
Chadfield Joseph, 1 Friar gate
Drewry John, 35 Iron gate
Horsley Wm. 3 Sadler gate bridge
Mozley H. and Son, Friar gate
Pike Walter & Wm. 12 Corn market
Porter James, 18 St. Helens st
Richardson Thomas (and wholesale stationer) Friar gate
Rowbottom William, 41 Queen st
Smith Jas. (periodicals) 14 Agard st
Stenson William (and music seller) Market place
Storer James, 5 Corn market
Ward Thomas, 38 Sadler gate
Wilkins and Son, 16 Queen st
Williamson John, 14 Corn market

Adcock George, 12 Searl st
Anthony George, 31 Duke st
Austin Thomas, Green hill
Bacon Thomas, 40 St. Peter st
Baker John, Willow row
Baker Thomas, Cheapside
Baker William, 19 Bag lane
Ball Thomas, 14 Orchard st
Barker John, Burton road
Bassendine George, Sadler gate
Baxter Joseph, 13 Bloom st
Beesting Thomas, 13 Eagle st
Belfield John, 20 Castle st
Biggs Benjamin, Grove st
Bland Wm. 5 Court, Friar gate
Blood William, 2 Osmaston st
Bloor John, Bradshaw st
Bostock & Son, 9 Sadler gate
Boulderstone Thomas, Goodwin st
Bratby William, Chaddesden
Bratby William, Nottingham road
Brown William, Exeter st
Burrows William, 43 Eagle st
Chaplin Jonathan, 65 St. Peter st
Cocker Christopher, Litchurch st
Cooper Jesse, Darley
Cooper Thomas, 6 Darley lane
Cope John, 4 Willow row
Cope Joseph, 71 Devonshire st
Copestick John, 62 Willow row
Corden Joseph, 20 Friar gate
Drew Isaac, 32 Devonshire st
Elsmore J. Bridge st
Endsor Thomas, 5 Siddal's lane
Evans George, 15 Bloom st
Eversley William, 19 Agard st
Fallows John, 4 Cockpit hill
Ford Thomas, 18 Bloom st
Ford Thomas, 21 Green st
Ford William, 6 Curzon st
Frost John, 15 Eagle st
Gadsby Enoch, 22 & 23 Wardwick
Gadsby Peter, 50 Brook st
Gillam William, 24 Iron gate
Gladwin Thomas, 13 Morledge
Gray John, Goodwin st
Gray Wm. 1 Court, Friar gate
Green James, Chaddesden
Green Joseph, Chaddesden
Hall James, 20 Bridge st
Handford Alexndr, 30 Corn market
Harlow John, Monday st
Heathcote Thomas, Hill st
Hemingway George, Tenant st
Holme Daniel, 6 Market end
Hood William, 20 Goodwin st
Hoon Isaac, Bloom st
Hope John, 36 Nuns st
Johnson John, City road
Johnson William, 5 King st
Kerry Joseph, 9 Cheapside
Knowles John, Upper Brook st
Lester John, 28 Wardwick
Litchfield John, 1 Bold lane
Lowe Barnabas, Mackworth
Lowe Thomas, Ashbourn road
Maddocks William, Mackworth
Maskrey William, Jury st
Meakin Wm. 5 River st & Exeter st
Neal Nathaniel, 32 Sadler gate
Newham William, 23 Walker lane
North George, 36 Burton road
Oakes Gilbert, 61 Bag lane
Osborne William, William st
Parr Joseph, 5 St. Alkmund's Church yard
Pipes Thomas, 11 St. Peter st
Poyser George, 8 Devonshire st
Poyser John, 7 Agard st
Prime John, Bloom st
Ratcliffe James, 34 Bridge gate
Ratcliffe Joseph, 8 Morledge
Roberts Edward, 2 Sadler gate
Rowbottom George, Iron gate
Sandars Joseph, 34 Sadler gate
Seacy George, 19 Goodwin st
Smith John, Darley
Stevenson Thomas, Bold lane
Storer Joseph, 7 Brick st
Taylor Joseph, Green st
Taylor William, Leonard st
Troth Charles, 26 Full st
Wall John, Chaddesden
Webster William, 51 Friar gate
Webster William, 5 Brook side
Woodward Frans. 11 Ashbourn road
Woodward John, Ford st
Woodward William, 31 Goodwin st
Yeomans Thomas, 5 Castle st

Hollins John, Cavendish street
Page Thomas, Morledge

Beesun William, 17 Iron gate
Benson John, 37 Willow row
Brodhurst George, 13 Brook side
Maskrey John, 15 Willow row
Parker John, 18 Sadler gate
Richardson John, 41 Bridge st
Rogers Stephen, Market place
Rogers William, 25 Willow row
Sanders & Heywood, 11 Market pl
Smith Samuel (and vapour bath manufacturer) Corn market
Smith Thomas, 61 St. Peter st
Wilson & Dunn, 16 King st

Bamford William, 2 Wardwick
Hunt William, 13 Friar gate

Hunt Henry, Nottingham road
Lowe Charles Matthew, Wardwick
Pike Washington, Parker st
Porter John, Ashbourn road
Watson John (ale and porter) Uttoxeter road

Harpur John, Talbot st
Harpur Joseph, Uttoxeter road

(See also Stone & Marble Masons.)
Millington John, Chaddesden
Moss Henry, 4 Albion st
Pegg Jacob, 80 Devonshire st
Ridlings Peter, 9 Albion st
Riley Samuel, 31 Goodwin st
Searl & Son, 24 Wardwick
Sedley Thomas, 5 Willow row
Turner William, Traffic st
Vickers Joseph, 8 Bag lane
Wood Richard, Full st

Ford George, 2 Ford st
Glover Thomas, 25 London st
Smith Charles, King street
Smith George, 15 Sadler gate
Wilson & Barton, 23 Bridge gate

Adin John, 19 Friar gate
Bridgart John & Geo. Ashbourn rd
Brown William, Friar gate
Buswell & Wood, Bridge gate
Cockain William, 11 Brook walk and Wright street
Cooper Joseph, 15 St. Mary's gate
Eaton John, 30 King st
Gascoyne Joseph, 24 St. Peter st
M'Connell Richard & Son, William street and King street
Orme William, Bridge st
Pool Wm. Friar gate & St. Mary's gt
Potter Samuel, 15 Friar gate
Smith Edward, 33 Queen st
Sowter William, Castle st
Swinnerton Stephen, St. Mary's bridge wharf, Mansfield road
Tate John, 65 Friar gate
Thompson Saml. 78 Devonshire st
Wade Robert, 44 Bridge street
Wood Richard, Full street

Archer Henry, London road
Bailey John, 15 Queen st
Bamford Robert, Market place
Beal Joseph, 10 Bridge st
Beardsley William, 9 Brick st
Bennett Paul, Friar gate
Boan John, Friar gate
Booth William, 10 Cheapside
Bowmer James, 28 Willow row
Bridges Richard, 7 Goodwin st
Bryer Benjamin, Old shambles
Clay John, Shambles
Clays Joseph, Leonard st
Collumbell Wm. 59 Devonshire st
Dunicliffe William, Old shambles
Dunnicliff Sampson, 62 Bag lane
Fluid Thomas, Old shambles
Goodwin Samuel, Chaddesden
Greatorex Joseph, 21 Friar gate
Greatorex William, Mansfield road
Hallam John, 39 Walker lane
Hodgkinson John, 38 St. Peter st
Holloway Thomas, 11 Brook side
Howkins Samuel, 26 Ford st
Hupton William Sadler gate
Longdon Henry jun. 6 Queen st
Maddocks Richard, 2 Osmaston st
Marples Matthew, 43 Osmaston st
Marriott Christopher, 6 Bridge gate
Mead William, 19 Brook st
Mellor John, 23 King st
Osborn Francis, Old shambles
Pegg George, 33 Bridge gate
Radford Francis, 3 Iron gate
Radford Henry, Old shambles
Radford John, 2 Iron gate
Radford Joseph, 45 London road
Ramsell William, 56 St. Peter st
Ratcliff John, 5 Burton road
Rice William, Iron gate
Simpson James, 17 Albion st
Sims William, Burton road
Smith Joseph, Old shambles
Smith Thomas, Morledge
Steel Thomas, 56 Willow row
Storer John, Old shambles
Storer William, 7 Queen st
Taylor Thomas, 7 Bag lane
Tomlinson William, Bold lane
Topham Thomas, Old shambles
Wainwright Alfred, 3 St. Alkmund's Church yard
Walters Joseph, King st
Warrington James, New shambles
Watson John, Osmaston st
Whildon Thomas, Bold lane
Woodroffe Richard, 25 Brook st
Yeamans Joseph, Old shambles
Yeamans Samuel, Old shambles
Yeamans Thomas, 42 Market place
Young James, 42 Sadler gate

Barnet George, 17 Market place
Bartholomew Jos. 14 St. Mary's gate
Botham Robert, 17 Friar gate
Brown Thomas, 27 King st
Cartlich Thomas, 43 Sadler gate
Cholerton Matthew, 2 Brook side
Cole William, 60 St. Peter st
Collumbell Thomas, 2 River st
Cunliffe Henry, Siddal's lane
Ford William, 1 Chapel street
Gamble & Bridges, 15 Iron gate
Harvey Samuel, 10 George st
Hughes John, 20 King st
Lander John, Rotton row
Newton Gabriel, 8 Brook side
Orme William, Bridge street
Pool William, Friar gate and St. Mary's gate
Smith Edward, 33 Queen st
Wood John, 3 Silk Mill lane
Woollatt Joseph, 9 Iron gate
Woolley Samuel, Curzon st

Bregazzi Samuel, Cheapside
Coleman John, 3 King st
Foster Edward, Market place
Moseley Robert, 36 Corn market
Natt Joseph, 10 Osmaston st

Baldwin David, 2 George st
Ford Thomas, 4 King st
Gorse Joseph, Ashbourn road
Potter David, Curzon st
Potts Benjamin, Nottingham road
Smith George, 1 Court, St. Peter st
Smith George jun. 31 London road

Arnold Henry, St. Alkmund's Church yard
Barber Samuel (and bacon) Queen st
Calladine Geo. (& bacon) Willow row
Cox William & Sons, Tenant st
Etches Charles, 16 Brook side
Etches William, 4 George st
Goodwin Thos. & Frans. Siddal's la
Holmes Nathaniel, 31 Osmaston st
Pick Abraham (& bacon) 20 Queen st
Richardson George, Morledge
Simpson Charles, Iron gate
Wright John, 19 Market place

Brindley & Son, Market place
Goodwin Thos. & Frans. Cockpit whf
Trusswell John, 31 Corn market

Bloor Robert, Nottingham road, and 34 Old Bond st, London

(See also Chymists - Manufacturing)
Bretnor Joseph, 27 Friar gate
Bryer Richard, 32 Corn market
Cattell Joseph, 4 Burton road
Flower Henry, 43 Queen st
Hall John, Rotton row
Hart Edward, 6 Sadler gate
Hollingworth James, 28 Queen st
Jones Richard, Iron gate
Sherwin Wm. Bakewell, 18 Queen street
Stevenson William, 7 Corn market
Walton Ths. W. St. Peter's bridge
Watson Samuel, 59 St. Peter st

Challinor Benjamin and Co. Mark Eaton lane
Dalton and Davenport, Goodwin st
Mooney, Pierce and Co. William st
Pegg Robert & Co. Uttoxeter road

Garret Ann, Full st
Hall & Goodwin, Piazza, Market pl
Hill Thomas, 18 Willow row
Hough James, 38 Bag lane
Mackenzie Henry, Market place
Taylor John, 26 Sadler gate

Dagley and Smith, London road
Holmes Charles, 27 London road
Jackson Thomas, King st
Moore Thomas, Curzon st

Burchall Minshull, Duke st
Henchley John, 36 Queen st
Hollis Robert, Bridge st
Johnson Samuel, 5 Cockpit hill
Johnson William, 11 Cockpit hill
Pegg John, William st
Potts William, 43 Bridge st
Rice Benjamin, 1 Cavendish st
Sanders Francis, 83 Friar gate
Slater John, 32 Eagle st
Slater Widow, Cockpit hill
Walters Henry, St. Mary's bridge
Yeomans John, Duke st wharf

Hickson Thomas, Denby wharf, Nottingham road
Holden Robert, esq. Little Eaton

(See also Oil Colourmen.)
Bland John, 41 Eagle st
Challinor Benjamin and Co. Mark Eaton lane
Challinor William, City road, Chester road
Cox, Brothers and Co. Morledge
Dalton and Davenport, Goodwin st
Eyre Beebe (and paint and varnish) 7 Island place
Mason Jos. (& varnish) 3 Derwent st
Mooney, Pierce and Co. William st
Newton and Fletcher, City road
Pegg Robert and Co. (and paint) Uttoxeter road
Walker Thomas William, King st

Ball Richard, Ford st
Brentnall Ann, 17 Corn market
Eggleston Mathias, 33 Iron gate
Johnson Thomas, 20 Iron gate
Lander Thomas 15 Ford st
Marrett John, Jury st
Potter William, Queen st
Winfield Elizabeth, 62 St. Peter st

Bannister Thomas, Sadler gate
Burton John (& vat builder) King st
Clarke Michael, 49 Willow row
Hill John, Brick st
Pywell Wm. Court, Corn market
Smith William, 11 Tenant st
Stanesby Richard, 25 Full st
Stanesby Thomas, 8 St. Peter st
Webster Jeremiah, 39 Sadler gate

Hodgkinson Joseph, 7 Iron gate
Osborn Joseph, 51 St. Peter st
Turner Samuel, Burton road
Wheeldon George, 2 Mansfield road
Wheeldon William, 22 Bridge gate

Boden Richard, 11 Corn market
Kirby William, Wardwick
Sandar Francis, 6 Corn market
Shaw William, 69 Friar gate
Smith Joseph and Co. Nottingham road:- Thomas Blood, agent

Baker John (thread and net) Willow row
Bridgett Thomas & Co. Morledge
Evans Walter & Co. Darley abbey
Strutt William, George and Joseph, Corn market

Barnes John, Corn market
Cantrill John, Corn market
Cock John Henry, Friar gate
Elliott James, Sadler gate
Hobson Daniel, 31 Queen st
Hood Thomas & John, King st
Kirkland Joseph, 10 & 11 Bridge gate
Oliver Thomas, 39 Full st
Richardson Wm. & Jno. 47 St. Peter st
Shepherd John, 59 Bag lane
Yeamans Charles, Sadler gate

Calladine Samuel, 50 Willow row
Haslum John, 36 Willow row

Murphy James B. London terrace, London road

Baxter Harvey, 13 Bloom st
Cope Henry, St. Michael's lane
Evans John, 40 Sadler gate
Evans Joseph, 3 St. Michael's st
Henchley Samuel, Derwent st
Mead Geo. 11 Wardwick, Brook side
Tunaley Thomas, Tenant st
Tunaley Thomas, jun. Derwent st
Unsworth William, Siddal's lane
Ward John (& silk) Full st

Cantrell Henry, 43 St. Peter st
Carson, John, 13 Brook side
Mathers Thomas, Sadler gate
Potter William, Queen st

Fox James (and manufacturer of slide lathes & planing machines)
  City road
Fox Joseph, Nottingham road
Harrison John, 47 Bridge gate
Mosedale Milliam (sic), 18 Nuns st

Moore Henry (and copper-plate printer) Green hill
Spencer William (and gold label printer) 42 Full street

Cooper & Son (& woolstaplers) 20 St. Mary's gate
James Thomas, Oliver's yard, Full street, and St. James' place

ATLAS, Robt. Bromley, 47 London rd
BRITISH, John Steer, Market head
COUNTY, Geo. Hood, 101 Friar gate
MANCHESTER, Thomas Eyre and Son, 11 Full street
PHOENIX (fire) and PELICAN (life) John Sanders, Market place
SUN, John Thomas Swanwick, 25 St. Mary's gate
WEST OF ENGLAND, R. Bennett, Iron gate
WESTMINSTER, John Steer, Market head

Bentley James, 6 Castle st
Radford Thomas, 17 Castle st

Milward William, Market place
Peach Joseph, 10 St. Peter st
Thompson Ann, 22 Castle st

Cope John, 4 Sadler gate
Mason Thomas, 4 Iron gate
Vessey Charles S. Corn market
Walker William (& dealer in game) 33 Sadler gate

Milward William, Market place
Stone John, Wardwick
Weatherhead, Walters and Co. 10 Iron gate

Borrey Samuel, 5 Osmaston st
Hirst John, Ashbourn road
Ross John, Normanton st

(See also Gardeners & Seedsmen.)
Ashford Elizabeth, 39 St. Peter st
Bullock Joseph, 15 Albion st
Chadwick William, 40 London road
Clark Elizabeth, Rotton row
Jordan Ann, Sadler gate
Palmer James, Iron gate
Purdey Thomas, 49 Bag lane
Radford Hannah, 1 Bag lane
Rose Thomas, 13 Albion st
Simpson Sarah, 32 Castle st
Tantum William (and orange merchant) Corn market
Turner James, 58 Eagle st

Bennett Benjamin, Thorn-tree lane
Pool Ralph, Bloom st

Brown Thomas, 27 King street
Cole William, 60 St. Peter
Newton Gabriel, 8 Brook side
Wright Edmund, Wardwick

Marked thus * are also Nurserymen.
Burnet John, 11 Friar gate
Cash Stephen, 1 Queen st
Cash Thomas, Morledge
Cash William, 6 Green lane
Chadwick William, 40 London road
Fearn Richard, 13 Ford st
Fletcher John, 52 Willow row
Foster William, Sadler gate
Gaunt Joseph, 17 Bridge st
Gaunt Joseph, St. Peter st
Hazzledine William, 29 Willow row
Holland John, Green lane
* Millington Joseph, Osmaston road
Moore William, 7 Siddall's lane
Palmer John, 28 Iron gate
* Shaw John, 9 King st
Stanley Thomas, 24 Friar gate
Tomlinson Thomas, Mackworth
Wild John, Leonard st
* Wilson Joshua, Cheapside
* Wilson Joshua, Normanton terrace

Clavey Philip, Sadler gate
Cockers George (and modeller) 4 Friar gate
Jackson Henry (agent to Tutbury glass works) Cheapside
Lovick Samuel, 1 St. Peter st
Smith Mary, 8 Iron gate
Whetton John (earthenware) 16 Willow row

(See also Jewellers - Working; and also Silversmiths & Jewellers.)
Roberts Wolston, Rotton row
Severn Francis, Osmaston st

(See also Shopkeepers &c.; & also Tea Dealers - Travelling.)
Bailey Thomas, Iron gate
Bakewell & Son, Rotton row
Barber John, 23 Queen st
Bates Samuel, Corn market
Blore John, 68 Bridge gate
Branton Thomas, 37 Queen st
Bretnor & Co. 10 Friar gate
Broomhead William, 29 Queen st
Brooks Philip, Cheapside
Bullock George, 45 Queen st
Collumbell John, 1 King st
Cowlishaw Richard, 6 Friar gate
Edge Thos. Harris, 4 St. Peter st
Gadsby William, 42 St. Peter st
Greatorex Jeremiah, 46 St. Peter st
Hatch Samuel (& provision dealer) 2 Ford street
Henchley John, 36 Queen st
Hodgkinson Thomas, 42 Queen st
Ironmonger Eli, Friar gate
Kirkland Thomas, Mansfield road
Lewis Joseph, 19 Iron gate
Marsden William, Market place
Mayer Charles, 24 Bridge gate
Peck Abraham, 20 Queen st
Pigott Walter, 9 Bridge gate
Rideway & Dakin, 13 Corn market
Sanders John, Market place
Smith John, 12 Goodwin st
Sproat John, 55 Willow row
Stone John, 9 Wardwick
Storer James, Corn market
Storey James Arnot, 26 Queen st
Waddams William, 6 Brook side
Watson John, Sadler gate
Watts Thos. Henry, 11 Sadler gate
Wheeldon George, 2 Mansfield place
Wheeldon William, 22 Bridge gate
Wild George, 10 Brook side and 24 Willow row
Willder Samuel, Iron gate
Wintle John, 50 Bridge gate
Yeamans Charles, 90 Bridge st

Allport John, 15 Kensington st
Holmes John, 32 Iron gate
Weatherhead, Walters and Co. Iron gate

Buckley Elizabeth, 49 St. Peter st
Hackett Thomas, Market place
Holmes Jonathan, 100 Friar gate
King Sarah (& hosier) 2 St. Peter st
Madely S. 13 Queen st
Merry Elizabeth, 35 Sadler gate
Mills James, 2 Friar gate
Ridyard Elizabeth, Rotton row
Sperrey Maria & Fanny, 4 Rotton row
Williamson William, 18 Friar gate

Abbott Henry, 3 Sadler gate
Barker Thomas, 33 Bridge st
Blundstone Samuel, 37 St. Peter st
Boden George, Corn market
Chetwin William, Bold lane
Clark Alfred, 14 St. Peter st
Cox John, 14 Derwent row
Dawson George, St. James's lane
Fox Sophia, Bold lane
Gouldin Thomas, 14 Bridge gate
Gouldin Thos. St. Peter's bridge
Hawkridge Thomas, 6 Iron gate
Hawksworth & Holbrook, Rotton row
Hewson John, Traffic st
Hodgkinson Joseph, Morledge
Jackson Thomas, 77 Bridge st
Knight James, 1 Bridge st
Morley William, 15 Bridge gate
Peach James, 24 St. Alkmund' Church yard
Pegg William, Friar gate
Peters Thomas, 2 Willow row
Randall George (& repository for fancy goods) Rotton row
Randall Henry, 20 St. Peter's st
Rewcastle David, 3 Queen st
Rewcastle Nathanl. 44 Willow row
Sadler Wm. Ford, 21 Iron gate
Smith Joseph, 1 Tenant st
Smith William, 17 River st
Smithard John, Morledge
Taylor John, Bold lane
Thorley John, Walker lane

Fearn George, 5 St. Helen st
Parkins Geo. Court, 9 Sadler gate
Potter & Son, Bold lane
Stanesby James, 2 Queen st
Thompson John, 13 Willow row

Baker Joseph (& shoe warehouse) 7 Market place
Eyre Thomas, 54 Sadler gate
Gribble Samuel, 14 Rotton row
Harpham Robert, 8 Market place
Madely S. 13 Queen st
Sale William, 14 Iron gate
Storer Thomas (& woollen draper) 4 Corn market

Bowmer Thomas, Willow row
Brown Richard, 21 Exeter st
Byng John, Corn market
Fox Samuel, jun. (silk and cotton) Wardwick
Gadsby William, Little Chester
Hancock John W. (silk and thread and gloves) 11 Parker st
Harrison John, Lodge lane
Jeffries Thos. (silk) 90 Bridge st
Longdon Robert, 12 Friar gate
Peet James and Charles Septimus (silk) 28 Bridge street
Wright Thomas, 16 Ford st

(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)
Bell Inn (commercial and posting), Sarah Wightman, Sadler gate
King's Arms and County Tavern, Joseph Dodgson, St. Mary's gate
King's Head Hotel, Joanna Hoare, Corn market
Nag's Head (commercial), Thomas Mason, St. Peter street
New Inn, Isaac Spencer, King st
Red Lion, Ralph Ordish, Corn market
Tiger (commercial), Thos. Taylor, Corn market
White Lion (commercial), George Price, Corn market

Falconer and Peach, City road
Gibson William (& range manufacturer) Derwent foundry
Haywood George (& brass) Court, 3 Willow row
Marshall, Barber & Wright, Britannia foundry, Duke street
Page Thomas, Morledge

Bingham, Humpston & Co. Morledge
Robinson Thos. (nail iron) Bridge at
Smallwood William, Exeter st

Holmes and Co. Rotton row
Holmes John, 32 Rotton row
Hunt Joseph, 9 St. Peter st
Sanders & Heywood, 12 Market pl
Smith Samuel, Corn market
Trafford Edwd. & Co. 9 Market pl
Weatherhead, Walters & Co. Iron gate

Hirst William, 30 Iron gate
Holme & Smithard, 27 Sadler gate
Leech Joseph, 5 Devonshire st
Moore James, 4 Devonshire st
Roberts Wolston, 56 Sadler gate
Severne Francis, Osmaston st
Smedley John, Corn market
Ward Robert, 40 Bridge st

Adin John, 19 Friar gate
Amatt George, 28 St. Peter st
Bannister Joseph, 4 Green st
Barker George, 6 Devonshire st
Bennett Charles, Curzon st
Bennett William, St. Helens st
Bowlar -, Bold lane
Bridgart Jno. & George, 5 Ashbourn road
Brown William, Friar gate
Buswell and Wood, Bridge gate
Chandler Thomas, Chaddesden
Cockain William, 11 Brook walk and Wright street
Collumbell Thomas, 2 River st
Eaton John, 30 King st
Ford William, 1 Chapel st
Freeman William, Walker lane
Gadsby Thomas, 20 Wardwick
Harvey Samuel, 10 George st
Heathcote William, Normanton st
Hunter Richard, Sacheverel st
Manuel Anthony, 46 Sadler gate
Mart Thomas, St. Michael's lane
Miers Robert, 26 Nuns st
Morley James, 34 Osmaston st
Mowcroft Thomas, 4 Eagle st
Orme William, Bridge st
Price John, 4 Wilmot st
Saint John, 26 King st
Slater Robert, 44 Friar gate
Sowter William, Castle st
Swain Thomas, Traffick st
Thorp George, 82 Devonshire st
Tipper Joseph, 27 Walker lane
Watthall Leonard, Morledge
Wickham Thos. 2 Court, Ford st
Winterton Henry, Summer hill
Woolley Samuel, Curzon st
Wright Edmund, Wardwick

Boden and Morley, Castle st
Dallison William, 75 Devonshire st
Evans John, Sadler gate bridge
Gregory Charles, Burrowash
Haslam Francis, 30 Exeter st
Hibbert Samuel & George, Burrowash
Hutchinson Wm. Ashbourn road
Johnson John, 22 Albion st
Rickard George, 14 Bridge st
Stevington John, Cavendish st
Trueman John, 21 Eagle st
Ward Robert, Full st
Wright John & Co. Siddal's lane

Baker John, Wright st
Towle John and Benjamin, Burrowash mills, and Draycott

Bunting Lydia, 1 St. Peter st
Evan John, Bold lane
Sims John, Burton road

Bromley John, 41 St. Mary's gate
Bromley Robert (and mineral) 47 London road
Lamb George, St. Peter's bridge
Price John, Corn market
Simpson Frederick, St. Mary's bridge, Bridge gate
Smith William (and share broker) 22 & 23 St. Alkmund's Church yd
Swanwick Thos. 25 St. Mary's gate

Wood Eli, 41 Willow row

Bingham, Humpston & Co. Morledge
Cox, Brothers & Co. (& shot manufacturers) Morledge
Holbrook Charles, Lead works, St. Peter street
Walker Joshua Parker and Co. Depot mills

(See also Tea Dealers and Drapers - Travelling.)
Beeland William, St. Mary's gate
Bennett Robt. 13 Iron gate
Briggs Thos. (whole-sale) St. Peter's bdge
Carson Robert, 11 Osmaston st
Draper Robert, Corn market
Foster John, Iron gate
German George, 30 Queen st
Green Lawrence, Mawleys
Hackett Thomas, 20 & 21 Market pl
Hall & Goodwin, Plazza, Market pl
Heathcoat Thomas, 36 Brook st
Hodgkinson George, 1 Iron gate
Hunter William and John (travelling) 19 King street
Lowe Samuel, St. Peter's bridge
Massey John & Elisha, Corn market
Robinson Francis, 20 Queen st
Robinson John and Robert, St. Peter's bridge
Sale William, 19 and 20 Corn market
Smith John George, 5 Iron gate
Sowter John, 47 Sadler gate
Stevenson George, 18 Iron gate
Turner and Shaw, 8 Corn market
Walker David, 20 Sadler gate
Winter Henry, 16 St. Peter st
Wollatt Samuel, 3 Rotton row

Briggs Joseph, Osmaston st
Broughton Thos. (& horse breaker) 1 Court, Cock pit hill
Denham William (& horse dealer) 26 London road
Harrison John, 18 Full st
Hoare John, King's Head, Market pl
Mountford John, Osmaston road
Spencer Isaac, New Inn, 14 King st
Spencer John, St. Peter st
Swindell Samuel, Wright st
Wootton Edward (and horse dealer) Traffick street

Fox James (planing machines) City road
Harrison John, Bridge gate
Hornshaw John, 21 Bridge gate
Limbert William, Sacheverel st
Tooth John, Cavendish street and Bridge street

Barton William, Full st
Blood Martha, 22 Agard st
Clarke Mary, Nottingham road
Denston James, Bold lane
Denston Joshua, 97 Friar gate
Hunt Henry, Nottingham road
Kinsey James, Bold lane
Kinsey James, 10 Friar gate
Kinsey James, Sadler gate
Kirkland Joseph, Bridge gate
Lakin Horatio, Green lane
Longdon Henry, 6 Queen street and St. Michael's lane
Lowe Charles Matthew, Wardwick
Mansfield George, 22 Ashbourn road
Mansfield George, King st
Moorley Joseph, St. Michael's lane
Moorley Joseph, 14 Queen st
Osborn Joseph, 51 St. Peter st
Parker William, 18 Market place
Reeves John, Brookside
Russell John, 57 St. Peter st
Sanders Francis, Siddal's lane
Sowter Charles, Short st
Sowtor William, 100 Friar gate
Storer James, Green lane
Symons William Mydhope, 12 St. James's lane
Tomlinson Thos. 3 Ashbourn road
Wallis George, Siddal's lane

Barker William, Chaddesden
Barton William, Full st
Lancashire John, Burrowash
Robinson -, St. Mary's gate hill
Shaw William & Francis, Duke st
Symons William Mydhope, St. Michael's lane
Walters and Greensmith, Darley
Whyman William, 13 Bridge gate
Wibberley O'Bryan, Nun's mill

Allkin Sarah, Bradshaw st
Bancroft Harriet, Ford st
Beeland M, 54 Queen st
Bennett Eliza, Thorn-tree lane
Brewer Elizabeth, St. Mary's gate
Brocksop Mary, Bold lane
Buckley Elizabeth, 39 Friar gate
Bunting Lydia, 1 St. Peter st
Burton Ann, Cheapside
Cluer Mary, 15 Market place
Clulow E. Litchurch st
Collumbell Elizabeth, 2 River st
Cox Harriet, Tenant st
Dallison Miss, Sadler sate
Dicken Elizabeth, 26 St. Helen st
Dudley Charlotte, 8 Osmaston st
Eaton Sophia, 33 Queen st
Ellis Caroline, 26 Osmaston st
Evans Sarah, 45 Full st
Eyre Miss, Bold lane
Fletcher Ann, Ford st
Frearson Mary, Goodwin st
Frost Lydia, Sadler gate
Gadsby Mary, 1 Market head
Garrett Mary, Full st
Gilman Juliet, 18 Darley lane
Harrison Catherine, Amen alley
Hatter Mary, Tenant st
Hawkesworth Mary, 20 Rivett st
Healey Catherine, 75 Eagle st
Hewitt Mary, 10 Nuns st
Hicking Sarah, 41 Erasmus st
Hinkley Elizabeth, 40 Full st
Hollins Mary Ann, 7 George st
Horrocks Elizabeth, Osmaston st
Horrocks Mary, 16 Iron gate
James Elizabeth, 34 Devonshire st
James Mary, 97 Friar gate
Jordan Mary, King st
Keeling Mary, 28 Bath st
Kirby Jane, Wardwick
Lakin Sarah, 58 Devonshire st
Lassells Sarah, 22 Bold lane
Mart Mary Ann, 28 St. Helens st
Massie Ann Sarah, St. Mary's st
Matthews Ann, 62 Bridge st
Moorcroft Elizabeth, Jury st
Moreton Sophia, 45 Nuns st
Morledge Ann, 18 Darley lane
Moss Matilda, Silk mill lane
Nuttall Ann, Cheapside
Ordish Elizabh. Ann, 27 Goodwin st
Peak Sarah, Amen alley
Pedley Mary, 24 Goodwin st
Pike Emma, 15 Parker st
Pipes Ellen, Cockpit hill
Pratt Ann, 13 Osmaston st
Redfern Elizabeth, 44 Sadler gate
Roberts E. Bold lane
Rouse Sarah, Bridge st
Salt Elizabeth, Brook st
Salt Lucy, 73 Bridge st
Sedgwick Hepsibah, Ford st
Sheppard Sarah, 43 Osmaston st
Slater Elizabeth, 6 Charles st
Slater Elizabeth, 20 St. Helen's st

MILLINERS, &c. - Continued.
Sperrey Maria Frans. Rotton row
Starbrook Ann, 19 Orchard st
Stevenson Jane, 29 Exeter st
Stone Emma, 23 Bridge gate
Swinddall & Redgate, 3 Osmaston st
Upton Catherine, 37 Bath st
Villers Ann, 6 George st
Ward Ann, Traffic st
Wheldale Sarah, 24 Osmaston st
Yeomans Mary, 2 Corn market

Anderson Richard, 5 Eagle st
Frost William, City road
Mosedale William, 18 Nuns st
Topham Snowdon, 2 St. Alkmund's Church yard

Blackham Isaac, Thorn-tree lane
Gibson William, 26 Bridge st
Ottwell Thomas, Nottingham road
Ride Thomas, 29 Green lane
Robinson Thomas, Bridge st

Church John, 34 Parker st
Cockayne John, 17 Brook st
Kirk Wm. 2 Court, Bridge gate
Taft John, 1 Bridge gate
Wood George, 5 Bath st

DERBY AND CHESTERFIELD REPORTER (Thursday):- Walter and William
  Pike, Corn market
DERBY COURIER (Saturday):- Wm. Bemrose, 14 Market place
DERBY MERCURY (Wednesday):- John Drewry & Son, 35 Iron gate

(See also Colour Manufacturers.)
Bridgart William, Sadler gate
Challinor William, City road
Eyre Beebe, Island place
Trafford Thomas, Market place

Davis John (& mathematical instrument maker) 14 Iron gate
Steer John, Rotton row

(See Colour Manufacturers.)

Allkin Robert, 25 Osmaston st
Brewer Henry, Cavendish st
Bullock and Co. Upper Brook st
Bullock James, Friar gate
Buxton James, Derwent st
Buxton Thomas, Nottingham road
Fields Thomas, 44 London road
Gamble and Cubley, 34 Queen st
Gladwin Thomas, Traffick st
Hemingway Benj. 19 St. Peter st
Kirkland Edward, 10 King st
Moseley Wm. Weddle, 18 Friar gate
Pitman Richard, Walker lane
Robinson Luke, Court 1, Bridge st
Simpson Samuel, 8 Siddal's lane
Smith Christopher (and ginger beer maker) 26 River street
Thompson Henry, 2 Ford st
Welch William, 10 Friar gate

Chadwick Robert, Queen st
Evans Samuel and Co. Darley
Humpston Joseph John, 17 North parade
Spencer William, Green lane
Tempest and Son, Little Eaton

Page Edward, 38 Walker lane
Page Henry, 54 Willow row
Pipes Thomas, 11 St. Peter st
Thorpe Joseph, Sadler gate

Page Edward, 38 Walker lane
Page Henry, 54 Willow row
Poyser William, 53 Sadler gate
Thorpe Joseph, 52 Sadler gate

Fitchett Robert, 4 Brook side
Gresham James (and salesman) 40 Queen street
Hall and Goodwin, Plazza, Market place
Lomax William, 35 Corn market

Baker Wm. St. Alkmund's Church yd
Bent Thomas, Friar gate
Ferguson George, 2 London road
Forester Richd. Forester, Green hill
Fox Francis, St. Peter st
Peach Thomas, 5 Full st

Brookhouse John (Roman cement) St. Mary's gate
Brookhouse Robert, Morledge
Searl and Son, 10 Wardwick
Searl William, Nottingham road

Pike Isaac, 15 Parker st
Riley Samuel, 31 Goodwin st
Simpson Benjamin, Albion st
Simpson Samuel, 8 Siddal's lane
Simpson Thomas, 41 Devonshire s

Blewer Henry, Cavendish St
Broomhead Edward and George, Cherry st and St. Helens st
Bulmer James, Corn market
Chatterton John, 1 Amen alley
Cooper William, Thorn-tree lane
Denston John, Goodwin st
Forman Elijah, Wardwick
Hodgkinson George, Bold lane
Holmes William, Court, Sadler gate
Hood George, 10 Friar gate
Horsley William, Queen st
Lord Jos. Owen's yard, Iron gate
Rice Benjamin, 91 Friar gate
Sidebottom Joseph, Derwent st
Slater Samuel, 39 Bag lane
Thompson Henry, 2 Ford st
Tomlinson Edwd. 16 St. Mary's gate

Cox and Haden, Market place
Mellor James, King st
Sales Charles, Iron gate

Bemrose William, Market place
Bretnor William (and lithographic and copper-plate) 5 St. Peter st
Chadfield Joseph, 1 Friar gate
Drewry John, Iron gate
Horsley Wm. Sadler gate bridge
Jewitt George (and lithographic) 4 Curzon street
Mozley Henry and Son (and publishers) 94 Friar gate
Pike Walter & Wm. 12 Corn market
Probett S. T. Sadler gate
Richardson Thomas (& publisher) Friar gate
Rowbottom William, 41 Queen st
Spencer William, 42 Full st
Storer James, Rotton row
Ward Thomas, Sadler gate
Wilkins and Son, 16 Queen st
Williamson John, Corn market

Blake Daniel (music) Uttoxeter rd
Evans Horatio (general teacher of drawing) 5 Corn market
Fritche Frude (music) North parade
Fritche George (music) Rose Cottages, Depot
James Henry William (French and music) Bridge gate
Jay Caroline (French) Burton terrace
Kendrick Samuel (music) 4 St. Helens street
Mahon John (of languages) 16 Parker st
Norton Josiah (music) 27 Friar gate
Spencer William George (teacher) 8 Wilmot street
Trenalley Thomas (dancing) Full st

Challinor Wm. (bone) City road
Eyre Beebe (bone) Island place
Gordon Elizabeth, 33 Walker lane
Pepper Thomas, 11 Cheapside

Hawksworth & Holbrook, Rotton row
Lowe George, London road
Williamson Jane, 22 King St

Milward William, Market place
Newton John, Jury st
Rome John, Dunkirk
Thompson Ann, 22 Castle st
Weatherhead, Walters & Mitchell, Ashbourn road
Woodhouse John & Co. 53 Willow row and St. Mary's gate
Woodhouse Richard, 26 Goodwin st

Calladine Mary, St. Peter st
Chambers William, Elvaston
Evans Daniel, Sadler gate
Garner Robert, 7 Brook side
Gilbert George, 42 Bridge gate
Hancock John, 6 St. Peter st
Hind Joseph, Mickleover
Maclaier George, 11 Queen st
Manfull Hiram, Corn market
Needham Edwd. 6 Court, Bridge gate
Nicklinson Henry, Rotton row
Phillips William B. 10 Wardwick
Salisbury Joseph, 13 King st
Stevens John, 27 Bridge gate
Taylor Henry, Green hill
Walkden William, 15 St. Peter st
Williamson Richard, Rotton row

Allen Richard, Hill st
Allsop James, Litchurch st
Ashmore Samuel, 23 Ashbourn road
Ault Charles, Chaddesden
Avery - (& library) 6 King st
Bagshaw Thomas, 21 Agard st
Bainbridge Elizabeth, City road
Barker Elijah, Waterloo st
Barker John, Waterloo st
Barnett Joseph, 21 Walker lane
Beal Joseph, 10 Bridge st
Beeton Alice, 57 Willow row
Berry Francis, 18 Osmaston st
Blood Thomas, Nottingham road
Blundstone William, 35 Osmaston st
Bond Joseph, Traffick st
Bretnall Ellen, Ashbourn road
Briggs William, Leonard st
Brown Exuperius, 54 Bag lane
Brown Maria, 55 Bag lane
Bullock Ann, Chaddesden
Calladine Robert, 30 Eagle st
Calladine Samuel, 50 Willow row
Camp Thomas, 3 Erasmus st
Cholerton Thomas, Chaddesden
Clark Ann, Rotton row
Clark Edward, St. Mary's gate
Cockayne Charles, London road
Copestake Charles, Morledge
Copestake William, 5 Nuns st
Dakin Mary, 33 Eagle st
Dunnicliff William, 5 Bag lane
Easom Joshua, Kensington st
Eaton Francis, 49 Friar gate
Egley William, Osmaston st
Eglinton Elizabeth, 12 Nuns st
Endsor Thomas, 5 Siddall's lane
England George, 27 Bridge st
Evans John, Sadler gate bridge
Fields Thomas, 44 London road
Fisher Catherine, Kensington st
Fletcher Samuel, 23 Erasmus st
Fletcher William Viccars, 61 Bridge st
Foster George, Bridge st
Garner William, 9 Ashbourn road
Genney Mary, 29 Bridge st
Gibson William, 18 Eagle st
Gilbert Edward, 3 Ford st
Glazebrook Paul, 35 Bag lane
Goodwin William, 37 Friar gate
Gordon Ann, Sadler gate
Gordon Elizabeth, 33 Walker lane
Gough John, Cockpit hill
Greatorex Dorothy, Little Over
Green Bernard, 11 Chapel st
Green Edward, Upper Brook st
Green Lawrence (and flour and provision warehouse)
  13 Goodwin street
Greensmith Lawrence, Darley
Griffiths Humphrey, Ashbourn road
Hanson Joseph, 28 Sadler gate
Harding Joseph, Elvaston
Harding Samuel, Elvaston
Harper William, Parker st
Harrison Mary, Agard st
Hart James, 28 Castle st
Hastings Ann, 30 Rivett st
Hastings Charlotte, Litchurch st
Haynes Thomas, 23 Devonshire st
Hazzeldine Thomas, Leonard st
Healey Mary, 75 Eagle st
Hill Samuel, 5 Brick st
Hind Mary, Mickleover
Hollingworth Benjamin, 22 Bridge st
Ingman John, 64 Bridge st
Ironmonger Mary, 20 Orchard st
Jackson Charles, Darley lane
Johnson Sarah, Mackworth
Johnson Thomas, 3 Morledge
Jones Dorothy, 32 Walker lane
Kirkland Ann, 12 Green st
Lander Thomas, 15 Ford st
Leech Joseph, 53 Bag lane
Lees Alfred, 37 Walker lane
Leslie William, Exeter st
Lilley George, 46 London road
Linnett Sarah, Full st
Mackenny Mary, 77 Devonshire st
Mansfield Thomas, Bold lane
Marler Susan, St. James's lane
Marrett John, Jury st
Marriott William, Tenant st
Marsden Joseph, 24 London road
Marshall John, 17 St. Helens st
Mayer William, Normanton road
Moore John, 7 Siddal's lane
Moore John, 44 Walker lane
Morley Thomas, Sadler gate
Mottram James, Burton road
Neall Elizabeth, Burton road
Nickles John, 6 Morledge
Orme Susannah, St. Mary's gate
Osbiston William, 23 Wardwick
Osborne John, 25 Eagle st
Osborne Joseph, 51 St. Peter st
Parker Richard, 51 St. Peter st
Parratt Francis, Morledge
Parry Grace, Sadler gate
Peach Christopher, 12 Walker lane
Pearson William, 21 Bridge st
Pegg William, Nottingham road
Piggin Esther, 25 Bridge st
Pigott Walter, 9 Bridge gate
Popple John, Ashbourn road
Porter Ann, 75 Bridge st
Pryor Stephen, 7 Upper Brook st
Radford William, Normanton st
Richards William, 7 Morledge
Riding Peter, 9 Albion st
Rimington Richard, 23 Ashbourn road
Robertson Elizabeth (& shoe warehouse) St. Alkmund's Church yard
Robinson William, Ashbourn road
Ross John, 2 Burton road
Sandars Jane, Devonshire st
Smith Charles, Talbot st
Smith Robert, Mickleover
Smith Thomas, Darley
Steel Catherine, Leonard st
Stone John, Grove st
Taylor Benjamin, 21 Parker st
Timperley Elizabeth, 38 London road
Tombs Elizabeth, 28 King st
Toplis William, Ashbourn road
Turner William, 55 Eagle st
Tyrrell Mary, Darley lane
Upton William, Haarlem st
Vincent Ann, 35 Parker st
Wain Samuel, 10 Albion st
Wakefield John, 5 Lodge lane
Walker George, Brook st
Wallis James, 51 Willow row
Walters John, Darley
Walton John, 48 Bridge st
Walton Thomas, Ford st
Watson John, Sadler gate
Webb Thomas, Traffick st
Wheeldon Samuel, 7 Albion st
Wheeldon Thomas, 28 Eagle st
Wheldal John, Devonshire st
White George, Burton road
Widdowson Joseph, River st
Williams German, 10 Brick st
Winfield Elizabeth, 62 St. Peter st
Wood Hannah, Nottingham road
Woodward Joseph, Sadler gate
Wragg William, Sadler gate
Young John, 33 Bag lane

Bridgett Thomas & Co. 68 Bridge st
Brown Mark (laces, cords, &c.) 9 George st
Frost & Stevenson, Queen street:- Mill in the City road
Mellor John (laces, sewing silks, cords, &c.) 5 Green street
Peet James & Charles S. Sadler gate
Robinson Jno & Ths. Sacheverell st
Taylor William (silk mills) Silk Mill lane
Unsworth William (laces, sewing silks, cords, &c.) Siddal's lane
Ward Robert, 5 Full st
Wilson, Moore & Co. 2 Devonshire st

Beeland William, 1 St. Mary's gate
M'Parlin Peter, Traffick st

Adcock William, 17 Full st
Bridgett Joseph, Wardwick
Brown Mark, 9 George st
Foster Thomas, Ford st
Moore Ambrose & Co. Depot Mills
Rawlings John, 37 Nuns st
Short Thos. Wilkin, 46 Bridge gate
Taylor William, Silk Mill lane
Wright & Baker, 27 Agard st
Wright Samuel Job, Agard st

(See also Jewellers - Working.)
Moseley Robert, Corn market
Roberts Wolston, Sadler gate
Steer John, Market head
Stevens James, 55 Sadler gate
Tunnicliff George, 12 Wardwick

Bentley John, Thorn-tree lane
Birkin James, Bridge gate
Onion T. Court, 9 Bridge gate

Challinor William, City road
Eyre Beebe, Island place

Coulson Nathaniel (& stone engraver) Nottingham road
Shenton Edward, 34 Agard st
Shenton William, Siddal's lane
Walkerdine David, Nuns st

Bagley & Co. Haarlem Tape works, Haarlem st
Hackett John, 27 Talbot street
Riley Robert & Co. 28 Talbot st

(See also Haberdashers.)
Buckley Sarah, 49 St. Peter st
King Sarah, 2 St. Peter st
Pepper Thomas, 11 Cheapside

Marked thus * are Whitesmiths only.
* Allen John, St. Peter's Church yd
Bamford Alfred, Cavendish st
Bentley James, Corn market
Bentley William, Court, Sadler gate
Busher William, Court, Sadler gate
Clifford Charles, Mackworth
Coxon Jacob, Osmaston st
* Eyre James, Full st
Fletcher -, Nottingham road
Flixon Luke, Chaddesden
Freckleton John, 45 Bridge st
Harrison John, Bridge gate
* Hartley James, 29 King st
* Haslam William, St. Helens st
* Haynes John, Court, Sadler gate
* Hunt John, 37 Goodwin st
Hunt Joseph, 9 St. Peter st
Maw Thomas, Wright st
* Newbold Wm. (& lock) Bold lane
* Parkes Marmaduke, 95 Friar gate
Priest John, Bag lane
Smith Samuel, 16 Corn market
* Tooth John, Cavendish street and Bridge street
Warren William, 40 London road

Fletcher Wm. Viccars, St. Michael's la
Sandars John, 36 Bridge st


Blore Joseph, 68 Bridge gate
Bolsover Samuel, Osmaston st
Bull James, 20 Eagle st
Green Edward, Upper Brook st
Hall Joseph, King st
Holmes James, 30 Eagle st
Martin Joseph, Monday st
Orme Benjamin, 55 Bridge st
Spinks Thos. (& bead) 4 Queen st

Berisford Charlotte, 49 Bridge st
Gadsby Hannah, Market head
Hawksworth Mary, Rivitt st
Lloyd Misses, 31 Friar gate
Noble James, 26 Bloom st
Torr Lydia, Bold lane

Blore Joseph (and sculptor) 68 Bridge gate
Cooper Thomas, Brook st
Cowlishaw John, Bag lane
Freer William, Ashbourn road
Gascoyne Joseph, St. Peter st
Hall Jos. (late Brown) St. Helens st
Marshall John, 17 St. Helens st
M'Connell Richard & Son, King st
Redfern John, St. Helens street
Simms William, Osmaston st
Swinnerton Stephen (and quarry owner) St. Mary's Bridge wharf
Tate John (and statuary) 3 St. Helens street
Thompson Saml. 78 Devonshire st
Wood John (and statuary) 3 St. Helens street

Bailey Jane, 25 King st
Barber Mary Ann, 39 London road
Baxter Jane, 13 Bloom st
Berisford Charlotte, 49 Bridge st
Bonam Eliz. St. Peter's Church yard
Ciner Mary, 15 Market place
Cooper Elizabeth, 33 Bridge st
Dallison Ann, Cheapside
Eccleshare Joseph, 40 Willow row
Hanson & Spencer, 49 Bridge gate
Hanson Mary, 38 Bridge gate
Harrison Hannah, 42 Osmaston st
Holmes Sarah, 17 Devonshire st
Jordan William, King st
Lakin Sarah, 58 Devonshire st
Lewis E. & M. 16 Brook side
Peake Samuel, Green hill
Peters & Barnet, 16 Friar gate
Pritchard Jane, Bold lane
Smith Mary, Saddler gate
Wallis Mary, 58 Willow row
Warn Elizabeth, 14 Goodwin st
Whatling Ann, 34 Goodwin st
Winter Ann, 16 St. Peter st

Bennett William, 12 Friar gate
Borough Charles, 67 St. Peter st
Fisher Thomas, Lunatic asylum, Green hill
Fox Archibald, 7 Wardwick
Fox Douglas, 7 Wardwick
Gisborne Hen. Frans. St. Mary's gate
Goodwin & Johnson, St. Mary's gate
Haden Thomas, St. Michael's Church yard
Harwood Thomas, 54 St. Peter st
Hill John, jun. St. Alkmund's Church yard
Hoare William, 3 London road
Huggins Francis, 27 Queen st
Johnson John, Full st
Johnson John, 5 Queen st
Jones John, 25 Friar gate
Lindley John, 9 St. Peter st
Webster John, Tenant st
Wooler William Moore, Friar gate
Wright John, 9 Friar gate

(See Land Agents and Surveyors.)

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
Adcock William, Full st
Adcock William, Queen st
Alexander Thomas, Goodwin street
Allen William, 22 Willow row
Ault Joseph, 28 Parker st
Bacon -, Queen st
Bacon John, 41 Bridge gate
Barker Charles, 51 Bridge st
Bennett John, 10 Bradshaw st
Bonam Wm. St. Peter's Church yard
* Brindley William, Tenant st
Brown John, 17 Agard st
Bullock & Sons, 3 Wardwick
Calladine George M. 8 Agard st
Collumbell David, Darley lane
* Collumbell William, St. Mary's gate
Darby Thos. & Sons, Market place
Denston James, 11 King street
* Edwards Thomas, 12 Queen st
Fearn Henry, Friar gate
Fletcher Thomas, 28 St. Peter st
Ford John, Friar gate
* Glover John, 6 St. Peter st
Gregory James, 53 London road
Griffin Jno. St.Alkmund's Church yd
Harris George, 3 Curzon st
Harris Joseph, Friar gate
Hawkridge Henry, 2 Bridge st
Hawkridge Thomas, 8 Willow row
Henchliffe William, Leonard st
Hind Joseph, 27 Eagle st
Hogg John, 50 Bag lane
Howley John, Darley
Huss Samuel, 12 Bridge st
Johnson Thomas, Mackworth
Joynes William, 36 Goodwin st
Litton John, 36 London road
Lovegrove John, Chaddesden
Lovegrove William, Chaddesden
Moorcroft & Son, Jury st
Norton John, Tenant st
Norton John, 29 Osmaston st
Norton William, 12 Osmaston st
Oakden Charles, 66 Eagle st
Oakes Walter, 11 Searl street
Owen William, Iron gate
* Parkins Thomas, Sadler gate
Peach John, Grove st
Penton John, 12 St. Helens st
Potter Joseph, 25 Nuns st
Poyser Edwin, 6 Brook st
Poyser John, Tenant st
Prince Godfrey, 7 Cheapside
Redfearn Philip, St. James's lane
Redfern Benjamin, 22 Osmaston st
Shaw William, 3 Cockpit hill
Slack Joseph, Leonard st
Smith David, Morledge
Smith James, 2 Bridge gate
* Smitherd Joseph, Cheapside
Spencer Henry, 38 Friar gate
Storey Robert, Osmaston st
Suddall William, Sadler gate
Thompston Charles, 29 St. Peter st
Tipper Thomas, 22 Ashbourn road
Towle Thomas, 9 Willow row
Wallis Thomas, 58 Willow row
Wallis William, 27 Wardwick
Ward James, City road
Webster Isaac, 84 Friar gate
Webster William, 1 Osmaston st
Wells John, Thorn-tree lane
Wood Thomas, 29 Cockpit hill
Yeomans Robt. Court, 2 Brook side
Yeomans Thos. 3 Court, St. Peter st

Fletcher Wm. V. St. Michael's lane
Sandars John, 36 Bridge st
Storer James, 2 Corn market
Trafford Thomas, Market place

Cooper & Sons (& leather dressers & glue boilers)
  20 St. Mary's gate
Eaton Charles, 38 Bridge st
Goodale John and William, Friar gate and St. Mary's gate
Oliver Thomas, 39 Full st
Yeamans Edward, Green st

Angel, Henry Taylor, Green hill
Angel, Thomas Ward, Corn market
Barley Mow, John Russell, 56 St. Peter st
Bell & Castle, Wm. Bradbury, Burton road
Bird, Robert Johnson, Jury st
Bird-in-Hand, William Tarr, Morledge
Bishop Blaize, Joseph Berry, Morledge
Black Horse, Samuel Smith, Parker st
Black Swan, Wm. Stevenson, Siddal's la
Boat, John Dawson, Morledge
Brick & Tile, John Hill, Brick st
Britannia, Joseph Bloor, River st
Brown Bear, Hen. Moreton, 3 Lodge lane
Buck-in-the-Park, William Chadfield, 1 Curzon street
Bull's Head, Sampson King, 7 Queen st
Butchers' Arms, Wm. Booth, 10 Cheapside
Canal Tavern, Jos. Heath, 6 Cockpit hill
Castle & Falcon, Jos. Glue, Cockpit hill
Castle Fields Inn, Samuel Smedley, 9 Siddal's lane
Chequers, Jane Rickards, Willow row
China Punch Bowl, John Robinson, Nottingham road
City of London Arms, George Croft, 17 Osmaston st
Coach & Horses, John Bradbury, Sadler gt
Coach & Horses, Wm. Ling, Little Chester
Coach & Horses, Jos. Nash, St.James's la
Cross Keys, Wm. Harrison, Market place
Crown, David Harrison, Morledge
Crown & Anchor, John Cockayne, 63 St. Peter st
Devonshire Arms, Thomas Gregory, 10 Queen st
Devonshire Arms, George Simpson, 11 Devonshire st
Dog and Duck, Elizabeth Williamson, Haarlem st
Dog & Partridge, John North, Tenant st
Dolphin Inn, Henry Longdon, 6 Queen st
Duke of Clarence, Samuel Ottewell, Mansfield road
Duke of Devonshire, Hugh Pool, Goodwin st
Duke of York, Thos. Keeton, 56 Burton rd
Durham Ox, John Rushton, 57 St. Peter st
Dusty Miller, Thomas Mansfield, Cockpit hill
Eagle and Child, William Bailey, St. Alkmund's Church yard
Exeter Arms, James Ault, Exeter st
Flying Horse, Thos. Robinson, Bold lane
Fountain, John Bates, Osmaston st
Fox & Owl, Ann Leech, 43 Bridge gate
Freemason's Arms, Peter Riding, 9 Albion st
George and Dragon, William Harrison, Walker lane
George IV, Henry Ingham, Leonard st
Golden Eagle, Frederick Hall, Agard st
Grapes, Mundy Spencer, Green lane
Green Dragon, John Page, 35 St. Peter st
Green Man, John Jones, Kensington st
Green Man, Thos. Norris, 17 St. Peter st
Greyhound, John Ball, Rotton row
Greyhound, Edmund Smith, Friar gate
Half Moon, Jas. Brassington, Sadler gate
Hare & Greyhounds, Thomas Birchall, 23 Erasmus st
Hen and Chickens, Richard Pitman, Walker lane
Holly Bush, Wm. Simpson, 84 Bridge st
Horse & Groom, John Clayson, Willow row
Horse & Jockey, Geo. Mayor, Sadler gate
Horse & Trumpet, Wm. Jervis, Full st
Jolly Boatman, Robert Scattergood, 32 Bag lane
Lord Hill, Elizabeth Ward, 2 Short st
Lord Nelson, John Moore, 10 Wardwick
Marquis of Anglesea, Mary Slater, 41 St. Peter's st
Milton's Head, William Wallis, Hill st
Mundy's Arms, Lydia Cockeram, Mackworth
New Flower Pot, Richd. Hitchcock, King st
Noah's Ark, James Bull, Morledge
Nottingham Arms, John Hornshaw, 21 Bridge st
Nottingham Castle, Francis Kinsey, Queen st
Old Flower Pot, Joseph Low, King st
Old Neptune, Thos Davis, Osmaston st
Old Seven Stars, Thomas Tatlow, 21 Mansfield road
Old Spot, Thos. Dimmock, St. Helens st
Old Three Crowns, Jos Slater, Bridge gate
Old Tiger, William Longdon, Queen st
Old White Horse, John Taylor, 86 Friar gt
Old White Lion, Jas. Musgrove, Friar gate
Peacock, John Chadwick, Nottingham rd
Pheasant, Samuel Gaskell, 70 Bridge st
Plasterer' Arms, Saml. Simpson, Siddal's la
Plough, Elizabeth Allsop, 1 Osmaston st
Plough, Henry Francis Smith, London rd
Queen's Head, Thos Gilman, Brook side
Ram, William Lowe, 59 Bridge st
Rising Sun, Chas. Jankinson, Friar gate
Robin Hood, William Hurd, Iron gate
Rodney, Thos Summerfield, St. Peter's bdg
Roe Buck, Joseph Redfearn, 35 Bridge gate
Rose & Crown, Thos. Woodcock, Market pl
Royal Oak, John Lillie, Market place
Saracen's Head, Hen. Cantrill, St. James's la
Seven Stars, Roger Longdon, King st
Seven Stars, Thos. Tatlow, Nottingham rd
Shakspeare, Michael Sizon, Bold lane
Shakespeare, Joseph Smith, Bridge gate
Ship, Benjamin Strong, 8 Ford st
Spread Eagle, Jas. Gregory, 53 London rd
Stag, Timothy Wheeldon, 6 Green lane
Star & Garter, Thos. Beeson, Bold lane
Swan-with-two-necks, Joseph Smith, St. James's lane
Talbot, William Strong, Iron gate
Tap House, Thomas Bailey, Chaddesden
Tap House, William Jolley, Rotton row
Telegraph, John Prince, Morledge
Thorn Tree, Joseph Wilson, St. Peter st
Three Horse Shoes, Wm. Pywell, Brook st
Three Jolly Butchers, Wm. Davis, Traffic st
Three Nuns, John Merry, Nuns st
Three Tuns, John Stimson, Sadler gate
Tiger, Francis Woodward, Grove st
Vine, Timothy Pimm, Ford st
Wheat Sheaf, Ann Slater, Walker lane
Wheel, Francis Swindell, Friar gate
White Hart, Ann Barber, 12 Queen st
White Swan, Wm Brown, 52 St. Peter st
Wilmot Arms, John Millington, Chaddesden
Windmill, Charles Smith, Willow row

Retailers of Beer.
Allsop Isaac, Park lane
Anthony Joseph, Leonard st
Ashmole Charles, 58 Bridge st
Ashworth Samuel, Ashbourn road
Bagnall George, 27 Castle st
Blackwall James, 13 Agard st
Bradbury Edward, Green hill
Brocklesby Joseph, 4 Wright st
Brooks Francis, Kensington st
Cave Thomas, 14 Friar gate
Cholerton Sarah, 43 London road
Cockayne Matilda, Walker lane
Dilks William, 5 Chapel st
Elley Samuel, 36 Bridge gate
Endsor Thomas, 5 Siddal's lane
Evens Horatio, Bridge st
Fletcher Hugh, Darley
Garton Thomas, Osmaston st
Griffin John, St. Alkmund's Church yard
Griffiths Mary, 48 Friar gate
Hand Joseph, Nottingham road
Harrison William, 51 Brook st
Hodgkinson George, Bold lane
Hope William, 17 Bridge gate
Kelley John, 63 Bag lane
Kirkland Edward, 10 King street
Langton Thomas, Park lane
Newton William, City road
Payne James, Ashbourn road
Pegg John, William st
Potter Thomas, Leonard st
Poyser Edwin, 6 Brook st
Roberts Joseph, Bradshaw st
Salisbury Joseph, 13 King street
Simpson George, 27 Bag lane
Smith John (and dairyman) Bath st
Wallis Edward, Bradshaw st
Warren William, Mill st
Wheldal John, 84 Devonshire st
Whiting Joseph, 1 Willow row
Woodward George, Amen alley
Wyatt James, Litchurch st

Beck Joseph, Burton road
Caldwell James, Osmaston st
Carson John, Brook side
Carson Robert, Osmaston st
Leslie William, Exeter st
Lorimer George, 12 King st
M'Clelland William, Devonshire st
Sproat David, 55 Willow row
Sproat John, Willow row
Sproat Robert, 55 Willow row
Wales Hugh, 1 Devonshire st
Yeamans William, 36 Brook st

Ault Frederick, Normanton road
Ault John, London road
Bowler Joseph, Ford st
Dyche James & Robert (and dealers in Holland rushes,
  Newcastle tiles and fire bricks) Cockpit hill
Keeling John & Co. Cockpit hill
Smallwood William, Exeter st
Wait Francis, Mansfield road

Humpston Samuel, Cross lane
Smith Joseph, 13 St. Peter st

Cleever William, Willow row
Salisbury Jno. & Son, 17 Willow row
Strong Thos. Court, 7 Willow row

Fley Richard (and dealer in Meerschaum pipes) Rotton row
Forman Robert, 10 Corn market

Bewley Richard (importer, & Birmingham & Sheffield warehouse)
  13 Corn market
Gouldin Thomas, 14 Bridge gate
Holbrook & Hawksworth, Market hd
Steer John, 4 Market head
Stevens James, 55 Sadler gate

Simms Robert, St. Mary's gate
Thorley John, Walker lane

Dudley Charles, 4 Willow row
Dudley William, 47 Willow row
Mosedale William, Nun st
Potter David, Curzon st
Potts Benjamin, Nottingham road
Rhodes John, 25 London road
Robinson James, Wright st

Rewcastle Nathaniel, 44 Willow row
Steer John, Rotton row

Atherstone Hugh, Sadler gate
Brentnall Charles, 45 St. Peter st
Statham William, 6 Derwent st
Waterall George (and Cow leech) Little Chester

Bancroft and Woodward (manufacturers) 40 Bridge gate
Brookhouse Joseph, 5 St. Peter st
Brownsword Peter, Bourne st
Edwards William, Rotton row
Holme & Smithard, 27 Sadler gate
Johnson Thomas, 12 Devonshire st
Roberts William, 14 Willow row
Roberts Wolston, Iron gate
Shipley James, Bold lane
Steer John, 4 Market head
Tunnicliff George, 12 Wardwick
Whitehurst and Son, 22 Iron gate
Whitehurst Wm. St. Michael's lane

Crowley, Hicklin & Co. Cockpit hill
Keeling John and Co. Cockpit hill
Kenworthy John and Co. Cockpit hill
Pickford & Co. Cockpit hill
Richardson George, Morledge
Soresby and Flack, Morledge:- John Robotham, agent
Sutton and Co. Cockpit hill
Wheatcroft G. & Son, Cockpit hill

Burton Thomas, Tenant st
Goodall Samuel, Mackworth
Hodgkinson George, Friar lane
Pimm Timothy, Ford st
Taylor John, Mansfield road
Wail James, Chaddesden
Warren William, 40 London road
Wheeldon Samuel, 4 Chapel st

Cox, Brothers & Co. Morledge
Goodale John and William (and Dutch lead) Depot factory
Holbrook Charles, St. Peter St
Walker Joshua Parker and Co. Depot factory

(See Smiths.)

Marked thus * are also Retail Dealers.
Baxter Robert, Iron gate
Chell John, 9 Parker st and Full st
* Cox and Haden, 16 Market place
Cox William, Corn market
Edwards John, 11 Iron gate
* Hardy Ann, Rotton row
* Heppell Thomas, Corn market
Price George, 23 Corn market
Sandars and Clark, Market place
Senson John, Sadler gate

Steer Samuel, 3 Court, St. Peter St
Torr James, Bold lane

Abbott William, trimmer of hosiery, &c. Friar gate
Arnold Henry, hop and seed merchant, St. Alkmund's Church yard
Bennett Edwd. police officer, Orchard st
Birkin -, calenderer, Mansfield road
Birkin John, job horse keeper and carrier, Mansfield road
Boam Thos. pavier & well sinker, Traffick street
Bull George, collector for the improvement act commissioners,
  35 Bridge street
  Nathaniel Holmes, agent, Osmaston street
Child William, law stationer, 9 George st
Cholerton Thomas, gig shaft maker, 26 Osmaston street
Clarke William, police officer, 38 Goodwin street
Clifford Jno. blackingmaker, Thorn-tree la
Cubley Ann, fancy repository, 34 Queen st
Cubley Edward, parish clerk, Amen alley
Dawson Gregory, coach proprietr, Chapel st
Dawson Thomas, parish clerk, St. Peter's Church yard
Evans William, lamp manufacturer, 24 Bold lane
Finnigan Hugh, brace maker, Goodwin st
Forman Robt. hop merchant, 19 Corn market
Gallimore John, resident apothecary, Dispensary, Bridge gate
Glover Stephen, publisher, Litchurch terrace
Gover Wm. piano-forte tuner, Derwent st
Gribble Sml. riding school, Banington lane
Hancox John, glass stainer, Traffick st
Harvey John, parish clerk, 10 George st
Henderson Caroline, lodging house keeper, 30 St. Mary's gate
Jepson Eliza, lodging house keeper, Amen alley
Jolley William, licensed to let post horses, Rotton row
King Chas. serjeant at mace, 2 St. Peter st
Lakin Charles, corn inspector and town chamberlain, Market place
Linnett Sarah, yarn manufacturer, 19 Full st
Longdon Martha, lodging house keeper, 17 Orchard street
Moody John, parish clerk, 23 Agard st
Newton Henry, police officer, 1 Castle st
Robinson Wm. tea dealer, Ashbourn road
Royle George, bookbinders' tool cutter, Burton terrace
Schweppe and Co. soda water makers, 98 Friar gate
Smith Henry, glover, 2 St. Michael's lane
Staniforth James, mounter of spar ornaments, Court 3, Full st
Street Alexander, boat builder, Exeter st
Swindell Samuel, licensed to let post horses, &c Wright street
Swinnerton Stephen, scythe, sickle, &c. maker, St. Mary's
  Bridge wharf
Tipper Benjamin, traveller, 6 Exeter st
Tomlinson Jas. police officer, Cavendish st
Vernon Cathrn. cork cutter, St. Peter's bdge
Walley John, boiler maker, Chester road
Wallis William Wallis, mail contractor, 6 Normanton terrace
Ward William, hosier, 7 Ford st
Woolhouse John and Co. manufacturers of imperial waterproof coach,
  van, cart, and waggon covers, horse clothes, &c. rick cloths,
  tarpaulings, mill sails, sack, bags, &c. &c. St. Mary's gate

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
ASYLUM FOR THE INSANE, Green hill house:- Thomas Fisher,
COUNTY COURT, St. Mary's gate
COUNTY GAOL, South street:- Richard Eaton, governor
DISPENSARY, Bridge gate:- John Gallimore, resident apothecary
EXCISE OFFICE, 5 Curzon st:- George Woodhead, supervisor
GAS COMPANY'S OFFICES, Cavendish st:- Thomas Crump, manager
INFIRMARY, London road
MECHANICS' INSTITUTION, Wardwick:- William W Wilson, secretary
NEWS and BILLIARD Rooms, Silk mill lane
STAMP OFFICE, 20 Wardwick:- Richard Leaper, esq. distributor
TAX OFFICE, 20 Market place
THEATRE, Bold lane
TOWN HALL, Market place
TOWN PRISON, Friar gate:- Rev. J. G. Howard, chaplain;
  Thomas Haden, surgeon; John Roberts, governor
WATER WORKS COMPANY. St. Michael's lane:- David Yates, manager
St. Mary's bridge, Isaac Brentnall, agent; St. Mary's Bridge,
  Bridge gate, Henry Walters, agent; James Shipley, Bold lane.
WORKHOUSE (All-Saints) Walker lane

To LONDON, the Royal Mail from Manchester) calls at the Mail
Office, King st, every afternoon at a quarter past four, goes
through Loughborough, Leicester, Northampton, Dunstable and St.
Albans:- the Defiance, calls at the Tiger, and King's Head, Corn
Market, even morning at a quarter past two:- the Telegraph (from
Manchester) calls at the Bell, Sadler gate, and Nag's Head, St.
Peter street, every morning at a quarter before eleven:- and the
Times, from the King's Head, and Tiger, every morning at half-past
seven; all go the same route as the Mail.
To LONDON, the Bruce (from Manchester) calls at the King's Head,
and Tiger, every evening at a quarter before seven:- & the Peveril
of the Peak, calls at the White Lion, Corn market, every evening at
a quarter past seven: both go through Leicester, Market Harborough,
Bedford and Luton.
To BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) calls at the Mail
Office, King street, every day at noon:- the Standard, from the
King's Head, and Tiger, every morning at seven:- the Rapid, from
the White Lion, and new Inn, King street, every morning (Sunday
excepted) at a quarter before seven (this coach goes to Walsall).
To BIRMINGHAM, the Quicksilver (from Sheffield) calls at the White
Lion, and Nag's Head, every forenoon at half-past eleven:- the
Defiance calls at the Tiger, and King's Head, every afternoon at a
quarter past one:- and the Telegraph (from London) calls at the
Bell, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at half-past three; all go
through Buxton and Lichfield.
To LEEDS, the Telegraph (from Birmingham) calls at the Bell, Sadler
gate, every forenoon (Sunday excepted) at half-past eleven; goes
through Alfreton, Chesterfield, Sheffield and Barnsley.
To MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Mail
Office, King street, every morning at nine; goes through Ashbourn,
Leek, Macclesfield and Stockport.
To MANCHESTER, the Lord Nelson (from Nottingham) calls at the Tiger
and the King's Head, every morning at quarter before eight:- the
Lady Nelson (from Nottingham) calls at the Bell, a the same time:-
the Defiance (from London) calls at the Tiger, & King's Head every
morning at a quarter before nine and the Telegraph calls at the
Nag's Head, every afternoon at five; all go the same route as the
Mail:- the Royal Bruce (from London) calls at the Tiger and King's
Head, every morning at half-past nine:- and the Peveril of the Peak
calls at the White Lion, every morning at a quarter before ten,
both go through Matlock, Buxton & Bakewell.
To NEWCASTLE UNDER-LYME, the Hero, from the New Inn, every Monday,
Wednesday & Friday morning at eleven.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Times, from the Tiger, & King's Head, every
morning at quarter before seven:- the Defiance, from the Bell,
every morning at ten:- the Champion, from the Bell, Nag's Head,
King's Head, and the Tiger, every morning at a quarter past ten:-
the Union, from the White Lion, & New Inn, every afternoon at
three:- the Sovereign, from the New Inn and Stenson's coach office,
Corn market, every afternoon at four:- the Lord Nelson (from
Manchester) calls at Stenson's coach office, every afternoon at
five:- and the Lady Nelson calls at the Bell, at the same hour.
To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) calls at the Mail
Office King street, every morning at twenty-minutes part nine:- and
the Quicksilver calls at the White Lion, Stenson's office, and
Nag's Head, every afternoon at a quarter past one:- both go through
Alfreton, Ripley, Chesterfield & Dronfield.

To LONDON, Pickford and Co. from Cockpit hill, every morning at
five:- and Smith & Pettifor, from St. Peter st, every Monday, Wed &
Friday evening.
To BRISTOL, G. Wheatcroft and Sons, from Cockpit hill, every Tues,
Thurs and Saturday; go through Burton, Walsall, Birmingham,
Worcester & Gloster.
To BURROWASH, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, every Tues, Thurs & Sat.
To CHADDESDEN, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, every Tues, Thurs &
To LEEDS, G. Wheatcroft & Sons, every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday; go thro' Sheffield, Barnsley & Wakefield.
To LEICESTER, Pickford & Co. daily.
Cockpit hill, daily.
To NOTTINGHAM, RISLEY & STAPLEFORD, - Barnes, from the Red Lion,
Corn market, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To LONDON, see Pickford & Co.'s, and Smith and Pettifor's Vans.
To ALFRETON, - Kemp, from the Angel, Corn market, every Monday and
Friday:- and - Bond, from the Rose & Crown, Corn market, every
To ALVASTON, - Greaves, from the Angel, every Tuesday and Friday.
To ASHBOURN, - Thompson, from the White Lion, every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
To ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, - Orchard, from the Red Lion, every Friday.
To ASTON, - Young, from the Saracen's Head, Corn market, every
To BARROW, - Bancroft, from the Rose and Crown, every Friday.
To BATH and BRISTOL, - Shackle, from Siddal's lane, every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. See also Vans.
To BEESTON, - Greaves, from the Angel, every Tuesday and Friday.
To BELPER, - Webster & - Rodney, from the Saracen's Head, every day
(Sunday's excepted) and - Brindsley, from the Nag's Head, St. Peter
street, every Friday.
To BIRMINGHAM, - Shackle, from Siddal's lane, every Mon, Wed. &
To BOLSOVER, - Spencer, from the Saracen's Head, St. Peter street,
every Wednesday and Friday.
To BRAILSFORD, - Thompson, from the White Lion, every Wed. &
To BREESTON, - Hadfield, from the Dolphin, Queen street, every
To BURROWASH, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, every Wednesday and
Sat:- - Stevenson, from the Dog & Partridge, Tenant st, every
Friday:- & a Mail Cart, from the Mail Office, King street, every
morning at half-past 9. See also Vans.
To BURTON, - Chambers, from the Rose & Crown, every Mon. Wed. and
Friday:- - Briscoe, from the Royal Oak, Market place, every Wed. &
Fri:- and - Wheatcroft, from Cockpit hill, every Tuesday, Thursday
& Saturday.
To CASTLE-DONINGTON, - Frake, from the White Lion:- and - Greaves,
from the Angel, every Tuesday & Friday.
To CHADDESDEN, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, every Wed & Sat:- and -
Holden, from the Dolphin, every Monday & Thursday. See also Vans.
To CHELLASTON, - Bailey from his warehouse, St. Peter st, every
day:- & - Cox, from the Angel, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To COXBENCH, - Kemp, from the Angel, every Monday and Friday.
To CRICH, - Leam, from the Rose and Crown, every Friday.
To CROMFORD, - Brindsley, from the Nag's Head, every Friday.
To DENBY, - Fisher, from the Fox & Owl, Bridge gate, every Friday.
To DRAYCOTT, - Astle, from the Rodney, every Friday.
To DUFFIELD, - Brindsley, from the Nag's Head, every Friday:- & -
Barton, from the Dolphin, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To EASTWOOD, - Holden, from the Dolphin, every Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday:- and - Baldwin, from the Rodney, every Friday.
To EGGINTON, - Dickin, from the Red Lion, every Friday.
To ETWALL, - Spencer, from the Saracen's Head, every Wed. & Friday.
To FOSTON, - Cotton, from the Rose and Crown, every Mon. Wed. &
Fri:- - Wilson, from the Red Lion, every Wed. and Sat:- and - Rose,
from the Thorn Tree, St. Peter st, every Friday.
To HEAGE, - Webster, from the Rodney, daily.
To HEANOR, - Turner, from the Bull's Head, Queen st, every Friday:-
and - Holden, from the Dolphin, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
To HILTON, - Hunt, from the Rose and Crown, every Monday and
Friday:- and - Yeoman, from the Dolphin every Monday, Wednesday and
To ILKESTON, - Holmes, and - Burrowes, from the Dolphin, every
To KNIGHTON, - Pegg, from the Dog and Partridge, every Friday.
To LANGLEY MILL, - Holden, from the Dolphin, every Tues, Fri. and
To LEEDS, Sarah Lister, from her warehouse, Siddal's lane, every
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. See also Vans.
To LEICESTER, Pickford & Co. daily:- Smith and Pettifor, every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday:- and - Potter, every Tues. and Fri.
See also Vans.
To LITTLE OVER, - Greaves, from the Red Lion, every Mon. Wed. &
To LONGFORD, - Bull, from the Robin Hood, and - Millward from the
Royal Oak every Friday.
To LOUGHBOROUGH, Pickford and Co. daily:- and William Potter and
William Widdowson, from the Red Lion, every Tuesday and Friday.
To MANCHESTER, Gamble and Co. from St. Peter st daily. See also
To MATLOCK, - Brindsley, from the Nag's Head, every Friday.
To MELBOURN, - Bailey, from his warehouse, St. Peter street, every
day (Sunday excepted.)
To NOTTINGHAM, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, Corn market, every
Wednesday and Saturday:- and a Mail Cart from the Mail Office, King
street every morning at half-past nine and evening at seven. See
also Vans.
To OCKBROOK, - Stratford, from the White Lion:- - Hinch, from the
Talbot Iron gate:- and - Cope, from the Dog and Partridge, Tenant
st, every Friday.
To QUARNDON, - Clifford, from the Robin Hood, every day (Sunday
To REPTON, - Greaves, from the Red Lion, every Monday, Wednesday &
To RISLEY, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, every Wednesday and
Saturday. See also Vans.
To RODESLEY, - Tatlow, from the Robin Hood, every Friday.
To SHARDLOW, - Smith, from the Thorn Tree, every Friday:- and -
Greaves, from the Angel, every Tuesday and Friday.
To SHEFFIELD, Sarah Lister, from her warehouse, Siddal's lane,
every Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. See also
To SMALLEY, - Booth, from the Dolphin, every day:- & - Holden, from
the Dolphin, every Tues, Fri and Sat.
To SPONDON, - Wright, from the Royal Oak, Market place, every Fri.
To STANTON, - Bailey, from his warehouse, St. Peter street, daily.
To STAPLEFORD, - Barnes, from the Red Lion, every Wednesday and
Saturday. See also Vans.
To SWARKESTON, - Smith, from the Saracen's Head, every Mon, Wed &
To TICKNALL, - Cox, from the Angel, every Monday, Wednesday and
To TUTBURY, - Coates, from the Red Lion, every Tuesday and Friday.
and Petifor, from St. Peter street, every Tuesday, Thursday and
To UTTOXETER, - Wilson, from the Red Lion, every Wednesday and
Sat:- - Bryant, from the Rose and Crown, Thursday & Saturday:- and
- Coxon, from the Nag's Head, every Tues & Sat.
from St. Peter street:- & Sarah Lister, from Siddal's lane, every
To WEST HALLAM, - Hunt, from the Fox and Owl, every Friday:- and -
Holden, from the Dolphin, every Monday and Thursday.
To WILLINGTON, - Greaves, from the Red Lion, every Mon, Wed &
Friday:- and - Pegg, from the Dog & Partridge, every Friday.
To WIRKSWORTH, - Weston, from the Talbot, Iron gate:- and -
Pickford, from the Rose & Crown, every Monday, Wednesday and
To WIRKSWORTH, MATLOCK and BAKEWELL, a Mail Cart, from the
Mail Office, King street, every morning at a quarter before ten.
To YORK, Sarah Lister, from Siddal's lane, every Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

To LONDON, Pickford & Co. and Kenworthy & Co. from their wharfs,
Cockpit hill, every Tuesday, Thurs. & Sat.
To BIRMINGHAM, DUDLEY, STOURBRIDGE, &c. Wheatcroft and Sons, every
Tuesday, Thurs & Sat:- George Moorcroft, & Sutton & Co. every Fri:-
and Soresby & Flack, every Wednesday & Saturday, from their
respective warehouses, Cockpit hill.
To BRISTOL, GLOUCESTER, WORCESTER, &c. Sutton and Co. every
Thursday:- Soresby & Flack, every Wednesday & Saturday:- and Ames
and Co. every Monday and Thursday.
To CROMFORD, G. Wheatcroft & Sons, every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday:- (from Cromford goods are forwarded by them to MANCHESTER,
by the High Peak Railway.)
To GAINSBOROUGH, direct, - Richardson, from his wharf, Morledge,
twice a week.
To MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL, &c. Pickford & Co. every Wed. & Sat:-
Sutton & Co. every Tues, Thurs & Sat:- Kenworthy & Co. every Mon
and Thursday:- Wheatcroft & Co. (by Cromford Railway,) every
Monday, Wed and Friday:- and Moorcroft and Co. every Friday.
To SHARDLOW, LOUGHBOROUGH, LEICESTER, &c. Pickford and Co. daily:-
and Soresby & Flack, & Sutton and Co. every Wednesday and Saturday.
To the STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERIES, Pickford & Co. Kenworthy and Co.
and Morecroft & Co. every Monday and Thursday.
parts of WALES and the WEST of ENGLAND, Ames and Co. from their
warehouse, Cockpit hill.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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