Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Church Gresley, Swadlincote, Croxall, Edingale, Catton, Hartshorn and Wooden Box, Lullington, Coton-in-the-Elms, Rosliston, Stapenhill, Stanton & Newhall, and Walton-on-Trent”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

CHURCH GRESLEY is a parish, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, 13 miles S. from Derby, 6 W. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and 5½ S.E. from Burton-upon-Trent - the last-named being the nearest post town. The coal works and potteries of this parish and neighbourhood are rapidly rising im importance, and from discoveries recently made in the mines hereabout, highly beneficial results are anticipated. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of Sir Roger Gresley, Bart. whose remote ancestor founded a priory of canons of the order of St. Augustine, in the reign of Henry I, and dedicated it to St. Mary and St. George. The parish contained, at the last census, 2,543 inhabitants, and the township 671 of that number.

SWADLINCOTE is a hamlet, in the parish of Church Gresley, about half a mile therefrom, and partakes with that place in the pros prosperity derived from the pottery works and mining operations, which, together, afford employment to many hands. A new rail-road has been laid down, from the colliery of C. Granville, Esq., to join the Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal, at Moira; and a bill has been laid before parliament, for its sanction to a new road from hence, to communicate with the bridge now erecting at Walton-upon-Trent, which, when effected, will materially shorten the distance between this improving manufacturing district and those in Staffordshire. The Wesleyan methodists have a chapel here. The population of the hamlet, in 1831, was 645.

CROXALL is a parish, partly in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, county of Derby, and partly in the hundred of Offlow, county of Stafford, 8 miles S.W. by S. from Burton-upon-Trent. The river Meuse flows through the parish, and the Tame touches upon its boundary. The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist: the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the crown. Population of the parish, with Catton township and part of Edingale, 263.

EDINGALE, or Edinghall, is a parish, partly in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, and partly in the hundred of Offlow, county of Stafford, about 7 miles N.W. from Tamworth, and about the like distance S. by W. from Church Gresley. The church here is dedicated to the Holy Trinity: the living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the crown. The number of inhabitants in that part of the parish which is in Staffordshire, in 1831, was 177.

CATTON is a small township, in the parish of Croxall, about 2 miles therefrom, containing, at the last census, 75 inhabitants.

HARTSHORN is a parish (having no dependent township), in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, 4 miles N.W. from Ashby-de-la- Zouch. There are mines of coal and iron-stone in the parish; the manufacture of wood screws is carried on to a great extent by Messrs. Wood, Smith and Port, and there is a respectable brewery belonging to Messrs. Brunt and Co. The church, which is dedicated to St. Peter, is in the early style of English architecture: the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Earl of Chesterfield. the Rev. H. W. Buckley is the present incumbent. Population of the parish, at the last census, 1,204. About a mile S.E. from Hartshorn is the prosperous hamlet of WOODEN BOX, where are many pottery works, the inhabitants are almost exclusively employed.

LULLINGTON is a parish, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, 7 miles S. from Burton-upon-Trent. It is a place of considerable antiquity, and noticed in Domesday Book by the name of Lullitune, and at the time of the Norman survey had a priest, a church and a mill. The present church is dedicated to All Saints; and the living is in the patronage of the crown. Population of the parish 548, and of the township 284 of that number.

COTON-IN-THE-ELMS is a township, in the parish of Lullington, about a mile from that village, containing 264 inhabitants.

ROSLISTON is a parish (having no dependent town-ship), in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, 4 miles and a half S.W. from Burton-upon-Trent. The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, was rebuilt by subscription in 1827; the living is a curacy, subordinate to the rectory of Walton-upon-Trent. The parish contained, in 1831, 360 persons, being one more inhabitant than it contained, at the census taken in 1821.

STAPENHILL is a parish, in the hundred of Repton and Gresley; the village being about 2 miles S.W. from Burton-upon-Trent. The parish, in which are coal mines, is bounded on the west by the river Trent. The church is dedicated to St. Peter: the living is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the Marquess of Anglesey; the incumbent is the Rev. Henry Des Voeux, and his curate the Rev. Joseph Clay. A charity school has been erected by the last-named rev. gentleman, and is supported by his munificence, and that of the Miss Clays'. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,926 inhabitants, & the township 572 of that number.

STANTON and NEWHALL is a joint township, in the parish of Stapenhill, between 2 and 3 miles from Burton-upon-Trent. In that part of the township called Newhall, has been elected a handsome church and parsonage house, at the sole expense of the Rev. Joseph Clay, of Stapenhill; this munificent act, which has been effected at the cost of £7,000. has been the means of producing a reformation in the habits and morals of many of the inhabitants, which must be eminently gratifying to the benevolent pastor. The joint township contained at the last census, 1,182 inhabitants, but it is estimated the number since that period has much augmented, from the increasing importance of the potteries and collieries in this part of the parish.

WALTON-UPON-TRENT is a parish (having no dependent township), in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, about 4 miles S.W. from Burton. It was here that Edward II. forded the Trent in pursuit of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, and the disaffected barons. A new bridge is in progress of erection here, which, in connexion with the new road before-mentioned in the account of Swadlincote, will reciprocally benefit the parts adjacent to it.

The church, which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, has been within these few years repaired by subscription; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Marquess of Townsend; the present incumbent is the Rev. Edward Blick. A school, supported partly by all endowment, and partly by subscriptions, is open to all the poor children of the parish, who are taught upon the national system.

The parish contained, in 1831, 408 inhabitants, being the same number as was returned in 1811, and less by eight than it contained in 1821.

POST OFFICE:- WOODEN BOX, Thomas Harrison, Post Master:- Letters from ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, LEICESTER, &c. arrive every morning at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past three:- Letters from BURTON-ON-TRENT, &c. arrive every afternoon at half-past three, and are despatched every morning at half-past nine.

Blick Rev. Edwd. Walton-on-Trent
Brown John, esq. Gresley hall, Church Gresley
Buckley Rev. Henry William, Hartshorn
Clay Mr. John, Stapenhill
Clay Rev Joseph, Stapenhill
Clay Miss Sarah, Stapenhill
Collins Rev. Chas. Edwd. Lullington
Cooper Mr. Frederick Leigh, Walton-upon-Trent
Daniel Mr. -, Coton part, Coton
Des Voeux Rev. Henry, Stapenhill
Ensor Mrs. -, Stapenhill
Evans Rev. John, Edingale
Gisborne Matthew, esq. Walton hall, Walton-on-Trent
Halworthy Rev. Henry, Croxall
Hassall Thomas, esq. Hartshorn
Higginson Mrs. -, Stapenhill
Hill Mr. William, Walton-on-Trent
Hodson Mr. Charles, Stapenhill
Jones Dr. William, Stapenhill
Kershaw Edmund Newman, esq. Caton park
Lloyd Miss Jane, Stapenhill
Lloyd Miss Margaret, Stapenhill

GENTRY & CLERGY - Continued.
Moran Rev. John Henry, Newhall
Nadin Mr. Joseph, Stapenhill
Nadin Mr. Nathaniel, Stapenhill
Pym Mr. John, Lullington
Worthington Thos. esq. Hartshorn

FREE SCHOOL, Walton:- Daniel Hawksford, master
GIRLS' SCHOOL, Hartshorn
Hall Thomas, Hartshorn
Pearson George, Coton
Rowley -, Edingale
Sharpe Maria, Midway
Turner William, Church Gresley
Whitaker John, Newhall

Cooper Henry (to Sir Roger Gresley, bart.) Lullington
Hassall Thomas (to the Earl of Chesterfield) Hartshorn

Stevens Henry Isaac, Hartshorn

Archer Joseph, Hartshorn
Austin John, Coton
Dolman Thomas, Lullington
Duckers Charles, Newall
Holt James, Swadlincote
Mansfield Nathaniel, Hartshorn
Mansfield Thomas, Hartshorn
Orgill Thomas, Swadlincote
Roberts John, Walton
Thornewill Thomas, Newhall
Thorpe James, Lullington
Warren Joseph, Stapenhill

Atkins William, Coton
Bridge Benjamin, Newhall
Bridge Richard, Newhall
Bridge Robert, Newhall
Cole John and Robert, Newhall
Evans James, Hartshorn
Gadsby John, Edingale
Gadsby Thomas, Edingale
Heath Rupert, Walton
Hudson Thomas, Wooden box
Ison James, Coton
Lowe Humphrey, Church Gresley
Lowe Humphrey, jun. Chrch Gresley
Radford William, Lullington
Rodgers William, Newhall
Sabine Thomas, Swadlincote
Walters George, Stapenhill
White George, Stapenhill

Atkin William, Wooden box
Birch William, Edingale
Dewsbury Edward, Edingale
Draper John, Walton
Durant Francis, Rosliston
Durose William, Coton
Etherington Frederick, Newhall
Hood Ralph, Church Gresley
Neal John, Newhall
Peace Valentine, Church Gresley
Plummer John, Newhall
Robinson Samuel, Hartshorn
Sevil Stephen, Newhall
Shaw William, Hartshorn
Small Samuel, Church Gresley
Spencer David, Newhall
Talbot Henry, Swadlincote
Taylor William, Coton
Turner Joseph, Church Gresley
Wallick John, Hartshorn
Watson Thomas, Lullington
White Thomas, Stapenhill

Brant & Co. Hartshorn brewery

BRICK AND TILE MAKERS. (See also Fire Brick Manufacturers.)
Chapman John, Church Gresley
Chapman Robert, Church Gresley
Granvill Court, Swadlincote
Hall Thomas, Ashby wolds
Hough William, Wooden box
Hunt John, Church Gresley and Swadlincote
Lunn Isaac, Newhall
Wilson John, Stapenhill

Brunt Charles (& builder & dealer in plaster), Midway
Brunt William, Newhall
Cox John, Walton
Mansfield William, Hartshorn
Smith William, Church Gresley

Bailey William, Hartshorn
Betteridge John, Wooden box
Betteridge William, Hartshorn
Brealey Elias, Newhall
Brealey William, Newhall
Bucknall Thomas, Swadlincote
Dakin Samuel, Hartshorn
Farmer John, Walton
Holmes Robert, Walton
Hurd Samuel, Wooden box
Morris William, Church Gresley
Smedley John, Newhall
Ward Richard, Coton
Warren Charles, Stapenhill
Wilson William, Church Gresley

Brearley William, Newhall
Brown Joseph, Church Gresley
Brunt Charles (& builder), Midway
Cole John and Robert, Newhall
Durant Charles, Rosliston
Durant John, Walton
Durant Thomas, Rosliston
Hargreave Thomas, Stapenhill
Lee John, Lullington
Nadin James, Wooden box
Sale Henry, Church Gresley
Woolley John, Swadlincote
Yardley Thomas, Hartshorn

Bourne Joseph Walker, Church Gresley
Granville Court, Swadlincote
Nadin & Coy, Springwood colliery, Newhall
Shakespeare & Wilkinson, Swadlincote
Thompson Joseph, Wooden box
Watson & Fearnhead, Church Gresley

Jebbs John, Church Gresley
Mansfield George, Church Gresley
Mansfield John, Church Gresley
Mansfield Thomas, Church Gresley

Wain James, Newhall
Woodhouse John, Swadlincote

Bourne Joseph Walker, Church Gresley
Granville Court, Swadlincote
Hough William, Wooden box
Hunt John, Church Gresley and Swadlincote

Bailey Nathan, Wooden box
Cliff William, Stapenhill
Harvey Isaac, Hartshorn

GROCERS AND DRUGGISTS. (See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Archer Joseph, Hartshorn
Brunt William, Wooden box
Kendrick Ths. (druggist) Hartshorn
Kinnersley and Son, Newhall
Palmer Ann, Swadlincote
Read George Simpson, Wooden box
Smith William, Newall

Court John, Stapenhill

Bourne Joseph Walker, Church Gresley
Brunt William & Thomas, Wooden box
Cooper John, Church Gresley
Eardley John, Church Gresley, Swadlincote and Wooden box
Floyd, Till & Wildin, Newhall
Hall and Davenport, Old Midway, Swadlincote and Wooden box
Hallam George, Church Gresley
Harrison and Cash, Wooden box
Jones Edward, Church Gresley
Read George Simpson, Wooden box
Sharpe Thomas, Swadlincote
Simpson William, Church Gresley
Thompson Joseph, Wooden box and Hartshorn
Watts and Standley, Swadlincote
Winfield Stephen, Church Gresley

Arcber Joseph, Hartshorn
Douglas George, Swadlincote

Bach John, Coton
Brunt and Bucknall, Wooden box
Granger Nathan, Stapenhill
Insley James, Rosliston
Mansfield James, Hartshorn
Mansfield Thomas, Hartshorn
Reasin Samuel, Little Rosliston
Salt Thomas and Co. Stapenhill
Smedley John (& farmer) Newhall
Walters George, Stapenhill
Wilson John, Stapenhill

Bealey John, Newhall
Glover William, Hartshorn
Kinnersley William & Son, Newhall

Copestake Hannah, Church Gresley
Croxall Phoebe, Church Gresley
Mansfield Hannah, Church Gresley
Mason Mary, Newhall
Mason Matilda, Newhall
Staley Martha, Newhall
Staley Sarah, Newhall
Taylors Mrs. -, Newhall

Bailey George Willis, Midway
Banks Samuel, M. D. Stapenhill

Dumilow Henry, Newhall
Turner James, Swadlincote

Killingly John, Walton
Maliber John, Coton

Allcock John, Castle Gresley
Beck William, Rosliston
Bell Ann, Swadlincote
Bodell Samuel, Swadlincote
Britton Samuel, Stapenhill
Brunt Thos. Midway, Swadlincote
Campion John, Rosliston
Cooper Thomas, Church Gresley
Croxall Richard, Church Gresley
Dawson Sarah, Hartshorn
Dewsbury Edward, Edingale
Dolman Thomas, Lullington
Duckers Charles, Newhall
Harrison Thomas, Wooden box
Hibbert John, Walton
Hinds Sarah, Lullington
Lakin Thomas, Stapenhill
Mansfield Nathaniel, Hartshorn
Massey Thomas, Church Gresley
Orgill Richard, Newhall
Reasin Mary, Rosliston
Redfearn Thomas, Coton
Smith Mary, Hartshorn
Staley Thomas, Newhall
Thornewill Ann, Stanton
Thornewill Thomas, Newhall
Thorpe James, Lullington
Wain John, Newhall
Wallis John, Hartshorn
Watson William, Stapenhill
Wood Charles, Stapenhill
Woodward Samuel, Swadlincote

Albrighton John (of roads) Midway, Swadlincote
Stevens Henry Isaac, Hartshorn

Archer Jos. (& draper) Hartshorn
Biddulph Sampson (& upholsterer) Stapenhill
Birch Joseph, Newhall
Birch William, Newhall
Brown William, Stapenhill
Croxall Richard, Church Gresley
Fricklebank Thomas, Edingale
Gratton William, Church Gresley
Holden Thomas, Lullington
Maliber William, Coton
Marratt William, Newhall
Mee William, Newhall
Nichols Joseph, Hartshorn
Satchwell James, Church Gresley
Shotton William, Walton

Barley Mow, Wm. Brooke, Stapenhill
Black Horse, John Gadsby, Edingale
Black Horse, John Smith, Coton
Boot, Thomas Cooper, Church Gresley
Bull's Head, Nathan Mansfield, Hartshorn
Bull's Head, Joseph Shaw, Rosliston
Chesterfield Arms, William Mansfield, Hartshorn
Chesterfield Arms, John Smedley, Newhall
Engine, Thomas Backnall, Swadlincote
Gate, John Morris, Stanton
George, William Brunt, Newhall
Granville Arms, Saml. Bodell, Swadlincote
Gresley Arms, Wm. Blunt, Lullington
Gresley Arms, Jas. Read, Church Gresley
Holly Bush, Richard Moore, Edingale
Holly Bush, Francis Orgill, Newhall
Horse & Jockey, Elias Brealey, Newhall
Jolly Colliers, John Slater, Newhall
Jolly Potter, John Simpson, Church Gresley
King William the Fourth, Joseph Brown, Church Gresley
Mason's Arms, Charles Brunt, Midway
Nag's Head, James Turner, Swadlincote
Nelson, Thomas Brunt, Wooden Box
New Inn, Daniel Brealey, Newhall
New Inn, John Cooper, Church Gresley
New Inn, Geo Simpson Reed, Wooden box
Plough, Abraham Darant, Rosliston
Potter's Arms, Jn. Simpson, Church Gresley
Punch Bowl, Nathan Granger, Stapenhill
Queen Adelaide, Nathan Bailey, Wooden box
Queen's Head, David Fern, Coton
Red Cow, Thomas Insley, Hartshorn
Red Lion, Thomas Thornewill, Newhall
Rodney, William Evans, Hartshorn
Shoulder of Mutton, Frans. Leedham, Coton
Shoulder of Mutton, Wm. Roberts, Walton
Stanhope Arms, Elizabeth Etherington, Stapenhill
Swan, John Shotton, Walton
Waterloo Inn, Robt Robinson, Swadlincote
Wheel, John Cole, Newhall
White Horse, Anthony Orgill, Stanton
White Lion, Thos. Wilson, Castle Gresley

Retailers of Beer.
Archer Thomas, Church Gresley
Bridge Richard, Newhall
Cross Archibald, Church Gresley
Harvey James, Newhall
Johnson Thomas, near Wooden box
Massey William, Newhall
Massey William, Swadlincote
Mear John, Stapenhill
Mumford William, Swadlincote
Nadin James, Wooden box
Payne Peter, Church Gresley
Pickering William, Swadlincote
Sharratt Edward, Wooden box
Simnet Edward, Stapenhill
Simnet Mrs. Stapenhill
Smith William, Newhall
Staley Thomas, Church Gresley
Standley Thomas, Wooden box
Taylor Thomas, Church Gresley

Atkins William, Coton
Cole John and Robert, Newhall
Hastle James, Walton
Orme James, Hartshorn
Riley Robert, Edingale
Riley William, Edingale
Sauders Thomas, Stapenhill
Stretton Thomas, Stanton
Turner William, Walton
Whatton Samuel, Swadlincote

Brown John, farmer and grazier, Gresley hall, Church Gresley
Bucknall Samuel, farmer, Swadlincote
Carver Jas. farmer & grazier, Hartshorn
Cliffe James, china dealer, Swadlincote
Collingwood Joseph, earthenware dealer, Edingale
Cooper Thos. parish clerk, Church Gresley
Eyley Thomas, manager of Gresley colliery, Church Gresley
Gotheridge Thomas, coal dealer, Hartshorn
Higott Samuel, farmer, Newhall park, Newhall
Mansfield Thos. parish clerk, Hartshorn
Moore Thomas, farmer and grazier, Blackfordby
Ordish Edward, farmer, Ingleby
Parker John, farmer & grazier, Hartshorn
Payne Wm. vety. surgeon, Church Gresley
Riley Robert, parish clerk, Coton
Roberts John, painter and grave-stone cutter, Rosliston
Sharpe William, farmer & grazier, Midway
Shaw Joseph, cooper & timber merchant, Rosliston
Smith Saml. watch & clock maker, Walton
Souter Ralph, manager of C. Granville's works, Swadlincote
Toon Joseph, linen & cotton manufactr. Hartshorn
Watts James, farmer & grazier, Hartshorn
Wood, Smith & Port, wood-screw manufacturers, Hartshorn
Wright Thomas, parish clerk, Stapenhill

To LONDON, the Red Rover (from Liverpool) every night about eight:-
goes through Burton, Leicester, Northhampton, Newport Pagnell,
Woburn, Dunstable and St. Albans.
To ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, the Royal Mail (from Burton-upon-Trent) every
afternoon at half-past three.
To BURTON-UPON-TRENT, the Royal Mail (from Ashby-de-la-Zouch) every
morning at half-past nine.
To LIVERPOOL, the Red Rover (from London) every morning at half-
past eight:- goes through Burton, Uttoxeter, Lane End, Sandbacb,
Middlewich, Northwich and Warrington.

To ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, Robert Orchard, from Wooden box every Monday
and Thursday.
To BURTON-UPON-TRENT, Robert Orchard, from Wooden box, every Monday
and Thursday:- and Richd. Redfern, from Walton, every Thursday.
To LEICESTER, a Carrier from Wooden box, twice a week.
To LICHFIELD, Richard Redfern, from Walton, every Friday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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