Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Butterley, Codnor Park, Denby, Heage, Horsley, Horsley Woodhouse, Kilburne and Ripley”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

BUTTERLEY is a hamlet, in the parish of Pentrich, and hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, 3 miles from Alfreton, and about 2 from Ripley; it contains but few houses, and derives its importance from being the site of the extensive iron-works of the Butterley Company, where, and at Codnor Park, the manufacture of iron is conducted upon a scale of immense magnitude: all the heavier articles in cast iron a produced at these works, including bridges, steam engines, various kinds of machinery, and water and gas pipes.

The entire process of constructing these, from the raising of the ore, to the completing of the article required, is carried on here. The neighbouring collieries of Langley and Portland, are also worked by the same proprietors. The artificial lake in front of the iron-works, gives a picturesque aspect to the place. The Cromford canal affords a medium for the immense conveyance of goods, by water, to Cromford, where the Cromford and High Peak railway commences. Population returned with Pentrich parish.

CODNOR PARK liberty, with CODNOR CASTLE, form an extra-parochial district, in the same hundred as Butterley, two miles therefrom. The inhabitants obtain their chief support from the employment of the Butterley Company. There is also a considerable pottery in the vicinity, of which Mr. Joseph Bourne is the proprietor. Here was an ancient castle belonging to the noble family of Grey, of Codnor, the last of whom, Henry, a philosopher and alchymist, obtained from the credulous Edward IV, a license to practice the transmutation of metals. Population, at the last census, 637.

DENBY is a parish (having no dependent township) in the same hundred as Butterley, between two and three miles S. from Ripley, and about 8 N.E. from Derby. Coal and iron-works, and a pottery are in the parish. The habitations are thinly scattered to a considerable distance around the church, which is an ancient building, dedicated to St. Mary. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Earl of Chesterfield. The parish contained, at the last census (1831) 1,272 inhabitants.

HEAGE is a township and village, in the parish of Duffield, and hundred of Appletree, 15 Miles N. from Duffield, about the like distance S.S.E. from Alfreton, and 3 N.E. from Belper. There is a mineral spring in the neighbourhood, efficacious in ulcerous complaints and for stopping inward bleeding. A chapel under the establishment, and several others for dissenters of various denominations are in the parish. The living of Heage is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the vicar of Duffield. The township contained, according to the returns, made in 1831, 1,845 inhabitants.

HORSLEY is a township and village, in the parish of its name, in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, about 6 miles and a half N.N.E. from Derby, and between two & three from Duffield. The church, which is dedicated to St. Clement, though of considerable antiquity, is spacious and handsome, and is surmounted by a spire of curious workmanship. The living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Earl of Chesterfield, and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Millward. A national-school was erected in 1828, and is supported by voluntary contributions. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,948 inhabitants, and the township 649 of that number.

HORSLEY-WOODHOUSE is a village, in the parish of Horsley, and contiguous to that township. Nail making prevails here to some extent. The township contains 709 inhabitants.

KILBURNE is a township and village, in the parish of Horsley, from which it is distant about one mile. There are several collieries in this vicinity, the working of which give employment to many of the labouring class. William Hunter Hunter, Esq. is lord of the manor. The township contained, at the last census, 590 inhabitants.

RIPLEY is a township, in the parish of Pentrich, nearly 8 miles S.S.E. from Wirksworth, 5 N.E. from Belper, and nearly 4 S. by W. from Alfreton. Ripley was formerly a market town of some consequence, chartered about the reign of Henry III. The principal buildings of the place form a large quadrangle, consisting of several good shops and well built houses. The iron and coal works in the neighbourhood give employment to a considerable portion of the inhabitants.

A commodious chapel, under the establishment, was erected here in 1820, and consecrated in 1821. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the Duke of Devonshire, who contributed liberally towards the erection of the chapel. Here are besides, places of worship for Wesleyan methodists and unitarians, and a free-school (built in 1819) supported by voluntary contributions. There is still a small market held on Saturday; and two annual fairs, one on the Wednesday in Easter-week, the other on the 23d of October, for horses, cattle and miscellaneous commodities.

The township contained, in 1821, 1,635 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,997.

POST OFFICE:- Red Lion Inn, RIPLEY, Thomas Moore, Post Master:- Letters to BIRMINGHAM and the South and East are despatched every forenoon at half-past eleven, and to SHEFFIELD and parts North and West every morning at ten.

Frizell Rev. Wm. Howard, Horsley
Hunter Charles Vickers, esq. Kilburne hall
Hunter Wm. Hunter, esq. Kilburne hall
Jessop Henry, esq. Butterley hall
Jessop Major -, Butterley hall
Jessop William, esq. Butterley hall
Sitwell Edward, esq. Stainsby hall
Wheatcroft Mr. German, Buckland hollow
Wood Miss -, Ripley
Wood Rev. John, Ripley
Wood Robert, esq. Ripley
Woolley Mr. John, Horsley
Woolley Mr. Jonathan, Ripley

Davenport Thirza (ladies' boarding) Ripley
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Horsley, Jos. Cresswell, master
Righton William, Ripley

Bown Peter (to Butterley Compy.), Codnor Park
Goodwin George (to Butterley Iron Company), Butterley

Booth Stephen, Ripley
Pearson Ann, Horsley-Woodhouse

Cook Isaac, Ripley
Harvey Matthew, Heage
Holmes Thomas, Kilburne
Ilsley William, Ripley
Prichley William, Heage
Turner Isaac, Heage

Ashton George, Ripley
Bardell John, Horsley-Woodhouse
Bostock Samuel, Heage
Crosby John, Kilburne
Fletcher John, Horsley-Woodhouse
Gamble Charles, Heage
Kerry Henry, Kilburne
Kerry William, Kilburne
Parkin Joseph, Kilburne
Weston Richd. Horsley-Woodhouse
Wood James, Kilburne

Bourne Joseph, Codnor Park and Denby

Caparn John, Codnor Park & Ripley
Fletcher William Henry, Greenwich brewery, Ripley

Eley John, Horsley-Woodhouse
Knifeton Thomas, Horsley
Potter Isaac, Kilburne
Potter Joseph, Horsley-Woodhouse
Smith John, Kilburne
Welch Robert, Horsley
Whysall Robert, Ripley

Brittain Gabriel (and boat owner), Butterley park
BUTTERLEY COMPANY, Langley and Portland collieries
Hunter Charles Vickers, Kilburne
Jellitt Richard, Kilburne & Duffield
Woolley Saml. Ripley & Birchwood

Glynn James, Butterley
Glynn Joseph, Butterley

GROCERS & TEA DEALERS. (See also Shopkeepers, &c)
Moss Robert, Ripley
Smith John (& druggist), Ripley
Turton Matthew, Ripley
Ward Thomas (and druggist and chandler), Ripley
Wilbraham William, Codnor Park

Bird-in-Hand, John Swift, Heage
Black Box, James Bowler, Heage
Black Horse, Wm. Hawkins, Heage
Coach and Horses, John Riley, Horsley
Green Man, J. Moore, Heage
Jolly Colliers, Wm. Weston, Horsley-Woodhouse
Navigation Inn, Richard Elnor, Codnor Park
New Inn, Edw. Brace, Codnor Park
New Inn, John Pearson, Horsley-Woodhouse
New Inn, Matthew Wainwright, Heage
Red Lion (commercial & posting, Thomas Moore, Ripley
Ship, James Parker, Horsley
Swan, George Moore, Horsley-Woodhouse
Thorn Tree, John Staley, Ripley
White Hart, Wm. Alldread, Kilburne
White Hart, Joseph Alton, Heage
White Horse, John Parkin, Heage
White Lion, Jos. Alldread, Kilburne
White Lion, Thos. Wildsmith, Ripley

BUTTERLEY COMPANY (& manufacturers of pig, bar, plate, hoop and
rod iron, and steam engines), Butterley Park & Codnor Park

Elliott George, Ripley
Seal Thomas, Horsley

Nuttall Joseph Wilson (& hatter), Ripley
Strafford Maria, Ripley
Turton Matthew, Ripley

Lynam James, Heage
Turton Joseph, Ripley
Whysall Robert, Ripley

Smith Joseph, Kilburne
Thorp James, Kilburne

Crooks Jacob, Horsley-Woodhouse
Holding Heny. Horsley-Woodhouse
Holding Thos. Horsley-Woodhouse
Ottewell John, Horsley-Woodhouse
Ottewell Saml. Horsley-Woodhouse
Rogers George, Heage
Weston Wm. Horsley-Woodhouse

Clee James, Ripley
Rawson William, Ripley

Ault Henry, Ripley
Webster Ralph, Ripley

Abell Luke, Denby
Clark John, Heage
Collins Elizabeth, Butterley
Flint Samuel, Ripley
Hawkins William, Heage
Lynam William, Heage
Orton Thomas, Heage
Parker John, Butterley
Redgate Wm, Horsley-Woodhouse
Shaw John, Ripley
Webster James, Heage
Weston Francis, Kilburne
Weston Stephen, Horsley-Woodhouse
Woodhouse Isaac, Horsley-Woodhouse

Allanby John, Ripley
Fletcher William Henry, Greenwich, near Ripley

Beastall Samuel, Ripley
Burgoyne Wm. Horsley-Woodhouse

Bingham William, Ripley
Knifeton John (& joiner) Kilburne
Peach Job, Horsley-Woodhouse

Anthony James, retailer of beer, Ripley
Bown Anthony, bookkeeper to Butterley Company, Butterley
Cook Wm. retailer of beer, Codnor Park
Cooper Samuel, cooper, Ripley
Eley Jno. ret. of beer, Horsley-Woodhouse
Hawley Thomas, parish clerk, Horsley-Woodhouse
Hodgkinson J. retailer of beer, Heage
Outram George, bookkeeper to Butterley Company, Butterley
Parker Benj. frame smith, Kilburne
Richardson Henry, tanner, Horsley-Woodhouse
Saxton William, needle maker, Horsley-Woodhouse
Staley George. bookkeeper to Butterley Company, Butterley
Stone John, retailer of beer, Heage
Taylor Joseph, gardener, Kilburne
Topham Thomas, cotton manufr. Ripley
Turton Jas. ret. of beer, Horsley Woodhse
Weston Anthony, frame-smith, Horsley
Wheatcroft German and Sons, carriers, Buckland hollow
Whysall Dorothy, retailer of beer, Ripley

To BELPER, a Car (from Nottingham) every Wednesday afternoon at
six, and Saturday afternoon at half-past five.
To BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) every morning at
eleven, and the Quicksilver, every morning at half-past ten.
To NOTTINGHAM, a Car (from Belper) every Wednesday morning at six,
and Saturday morning at half-past five; goes through Eastwood.
To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) every morning, at
half-past ten, and the Quicksilver, every afternoon at three.

To BELPER and DERBY, John Webster, from his house, Heage, every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To LONDON and most parts, of the kingdom, from Wheatcroft and Sons'
wharf, Buckland hollow, three days a week.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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