Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Brailsford, Langley, Longford, Shirley and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

BRAILSFORD is rather a considerable village, in the parish of its name, and hundred of Appletree; situate on the main road between Derby and Ashbourn, equidistant from each place. Coaches to different parts of the kingdom are continually passing through here, and the support of the village is chiefly derived from that circumstance - there being no manufactures, nor any extensive trade existing here. The places of worship are the parish church, and a chapel for Wesleyan methodists; the former, which is situate, about half a mile from the village, is dedicated to All-Saints, and the living is a rectory, in the patronage of Earl Ferrers. The parish (which has no dependent township) contained, in 1821, 724 inhabitants, & in 1831, 780.

LANGLEY, or Kirk-Langley, with MEYNELL LANGLEY form a parish, in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, about 2 miles S.E. from Brailsford, on the road to Derby. The little trade it enjoys is maintained, like Brailsford, by the passing through of travellers. The church, which is dedicated to St. Michael, was nearly destroyed by a violent tempest which happened in 1545. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of Godfrey Meynell, Esq. A free-school for twelve children, originally founded in 1750, and a Sunday-school, under the patronage of the rector, are in the parish - which contained, at the last census (1831) 553 persons, being one more inhabitant than was returned for it in 1821.

LONGFORD is a village and township, in the same hundred as Brailsford, four miles S.W. from that village, 6 S. by E. from Ashbourn, and 11 W. from Derby. The country around here presents many agreeable prospects, and the ancient and spacious mansion of 'Longford Hall', with its pleasant grounds, the seat of Edward Cooke, Esq. are ornaments to the scenery. The church, which is dedicated to St. Chad, is of good dimensions, and of considerable antiquity: its architecture exhibits some portion of the Norman style, and in the chancel are three stone stalls. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,233 inhabitants, being less, by 31 persons, than were returned at the preceding census: the township of Longford contained, in 1821, 573, and in 1831, 536 inhabitants.

SHIRLEY, with the townships of STYDD and YEAVELEY, forming a parish, in the same hundred as Brailsford, is about 3 miles W. from that village, 9 N.W. from Derby, and 5 S. by E. from Ashbourn. The habitations are so scattered over the parish, that the features of a village are not to be recognised. The church, dedicated to St. Michael, is a small building, with a tower of wood. Shirley park, in this parish, occupies up wards of two hundred acres, and at one time was a noted cover for foxes. Part of the old manor house of the Shirleys, who settled here in the reign of Henry II, still exists attached to a farm house. The parish contained, at the last census, 602 inhabitants.

POST, BRAILSFORD:- Receiving House, at the White Hart, at which place letters are left and called for by the DERBY and ASHBOURN mails.
POST, LONGFORD:- Letters are forwarded to and arrive from BRAILSFORD by foot post.
POST, SHIRLEY:- Letters arrive from and are forwarded to ASHBOURN.

Boden John, esq. Ednaston hall
Bowyer Mr. Henry, Brailsford
Bowyer Mr. Jno. (surgeon) Brailsfrd
Cooke Edward, esq. Longford hall
Copestick Mr. Thomas Goodwin, Langley
Cox Mr. Edward, Brailsford
Cox Miss Mary, Brailsford
Lake Rev. William, Brailsford
Shirley Rev. Walter Augustus, Shirley
Staples Mr. Robert, Shirley
Thomas Rev. Thomas, Longford
Yeomans Mr. Samuel, Shirley

Blake William, Shirley
Dowdeswell Hannah, Brailsford
Hague Robert, Longford
Hague Sarah, Longford
Knowles Ann (ladies' brdg.) Longford
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Brailsford:- Wm. Manning, master;
  Deborah Manning, mistress

Crawford William, Brailsford
Hawker Edward, Langley
Hutchinson John, Langley
Wood Thomas, Brailsford

Bentley John, Brailsford
Gadsby William, Shirley
Kent Joseph, Brailsford
Ridgard George, Langley
Shaw Edward, Longford
Titterton Charles, Shirley
Toplis Samuel, Langley
Wright Edward, Longford

Allport Edwin, Shirley
Bull Thomas, Langley
Hoult William, Langley
Smith Samuel, Shirley
Taylor William, Brailsford
Wakefield John, Longford
Winson John, Brailsford

Greatorex William, Shipley
Rowston Scipio, Longford

Hawker John, Brailsford
Humpston Joseph, Brailsford
Leedham William, Shirley
Poyser John, Langley

Houghton James, Brailsford
Maskery William, Shirley
Robinson William, Longford

Bloor John, Longford
Knighton William, Brailsford

Blake William, Shirley
Crawford William, Brailsford
Fox Daniel, Longford
Frith Mark, Langley
Hodgkinson William, Shirley
Holme Charles, Shirley
Hudson Robert, Longford
Hutchinson John Langley
Matthews Sarah
Matthews Sarah, Longford
Milward Moses, Longford
Redshaw Wm. (& brick mkr) Brailsford

Black Bull, Saml. Orme, Brailsford
Nag's Head, Francis Starbuck, Langley
Ostrich, Christopher Smith, Longford
Rose & Crown, Geo. White, Brailsfrd
Royal Oak, Thos. Hilton, Langley
Saracen's Head, Mary Dowdeswell, Brailsford
Saracen's Head, Robert Goodall, Shirley

Morley Samuel, Brailsford
Wilder Richard, Brailsford

Jarratt Joseph, Brailsford
Salt Thomas, Shirley
Skevington Joseph, Shirley

Brownson James, Brailsford
Hancock Joseph, Brailsford

Dale William, Shirley
Gregson William, Brailsford
Stewardson James, Brailsford

Barnes Joseph (dish) Brailsford
Wibberley William, Longford

Kent Charles, Brailsford
Pickering William, Langley
Ride George, Brailsford
Tatlow Jeremiah, Longford
Wilson Samuel, Brailsford

Bembridge Wm. retailer of beer, Brailsford
Gunning Wm. tin-plate worker, Langley
Hulland Jonathn. parish clerk, Brailsford
Morley Samuel, retailer of beer, Shirley
Morley Wm. retailer of beer, Shirley
Potter Sarah, milliner, Brailsford
Smith Thomas, retailer of beer, Longford
Toon Joseph, parish clerk, Longford
Tunnicliff Jos. scuttle maker, Brailsford
Woolley John, plumber, painter, &c. Brailsford

To and from DERBY, ASHBOURN, &c. pass through Brailsford and
Langley, every morning and afternoon.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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