Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Belper, with the villages of Milford, Holbrook and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

BELPER is a market town and chapelry, in the parish of Duffield, and hundred of Appletree; 134 miles from London, 54 S.E. from Manchester, 16 S. from Chesterfield, 8 N. from Derby, and the like distance S.S.E. from Matlock. Beaurep'd and Beaureper, were modes of spelling, by which this town was designated in ancient documents; it was then an inconsiderable village, but has now become one of the most flourishing market towns in Derbyshire.

The prosperity of Belper has been mainly owing to the extensive cotton works of Messrs. Strutt; the manufactories for silk and cotton hosiery, and those for nails, all of which are conducted upon a large scale (especially the factories of Messrs. Brettle & Co. and B. B. Ward) and give employment to a considerable portion of the population, both male and female. The potteries, bleaching-grounds, and coal-works which also exist in the neighbourhood, contribute their share to the prosperity of the town. The Cromford canal passes within two miles of the town, and the High Peak railway within six. The town is situate in a valley through which the river Derwent flows, and the view of the town from the hills on the east and west sides of the river is singularly picturesque. At the northern end of the town, a stone bridge of three arches bestrides the Derwent, near which is a beautiful wear (sic) for working the mills of Messrs. Strutt. The cascade near the bridge, combined with the surrounding scenery, form a delightful picture, & the plantations around the mansions of Messrs. George & Jedediah Strutt, called 'Bridge Hill' and 'Green Hall' are highly ornamental to the site of Belper.

The principal inns are the 'Red Lion', and the 'George', both in Bridge-street, in each of which is found excellent accommodation for commercial travellers. Sir Richard Paul Jodrell, Bart. is lord of the manor, and holds courts-leet at Easter and Michaelmas, when the constable, head-borough and other public officers are elected and sworn. Belper is one of the stations named in the new Boundary Act, for taking votes at the election of knights of the shire, to represent the southern division of the county.

A new church, dedicated to St. Peter, has supplanted the old chapel, now used for secular purposes; the situation of this church is fine, and the edifice is a graceful object from the western hills, but the tower is rather too slender for just proportion. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the vicar of Duffield. The other places of worship comprise chapels for Wesleyan and primitive methodists, independents, baptists and unitarians. Here are also alms-houses, and Sunday and infant school rooms; the latter is a neat and commodious building, recently erected by public subscription, and is conducted on the principles of the celebrated Mr. Wilderspin; the management being by a committee, annually chosen. The market-place is situate on an elevated part of the town, at the top of King-street, and is surrounded by handsome shops - the market day is Saturday; and there are fairs for sheep, cattle, &c. on May 12th and October 31st. The population, in 1831, was 7,890, but it is now computed at little short of 9000.

MILFORD is a village, partly in the township of Belper and partly in the hamlet of Makeney, in the parish of Duffield; two miles S. of Belper, and 6 to the north of Derby. The river Derwent flows across the centre of the village, over which is a handsome stone bridge. The cotton works of Messrs. Strutt, which are conducted here upon a scale of great magnitude, employ the larger portion of the population. The mansions and grounds of the Hon. Capt. Gore, and of Anthony Strutt, Esq. are great embellishments to this busy little village. The population is returned with the parish.

HOLBROOK is a township, in the parish of Duffield, about 2 miles S.E. from Belper. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in silk stocking weaving. A pit has lately been sunk in the vicinity, the working of which promises a plentiful supply of coal. The chapel is of simple architecture, with a conical spire; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of Wm. Evans, Esq. the lord of the manor. The surrounding country is very picturesque, and fine prospects may be obtained from the adjacent hills. Population, in 1831, 703.

POST OFFICE:- Bridge street, Hannah Haslam, Post Mistress:- Letters from LONDON and DERBY arrive (by horse post) every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every morning at half-past seven:- Letters are despatched to WIRKSWORTH, MATLOCK and BAKEWELL every forenoon at half-past eleven.

Bradshaw Miss Harriet, Holbrook
Carr Rev. John, Holbrook
Gawthorne Rev. Thos. R. King st
Gore the Hon. Captain Edward, R. N. Milford
Harrison Abraham N. esq. Field house
Harrison Mrs. Elizbth. Bridge st
Jenour Rev. Henry, nr. the Derby rd
Melbourne Mr. Samuel, Fleet
Millward Rev. Thomas, Bridge st
Strutt Anthony, esq. Makeney
Strutt Geo. Benson, esq. Bridge hill
Strutt Jedediah, esq. Green hall
Tatham Rev. D. S. Belper
Tunstall Rev. Matthew, Church end
Walker Thomas, esq. Belper
Wallis William, Brook side

Carr Rev. John, Holbrook
FREE SCHOOL (for the children of Messrs. Strutt's workpeople and
  others) Belper
Houghton Mary (boarding & day) Chapel st
Perkins Henry (boarding and day) Chapel st
Walker Joseph, Butts
White Hannah, Chapel st

Carr Lawrence, Market st lane
Ingle Thomas, King street
Swettenham James Oldham (and steward of the manors of Belper,
  Duffield, Makeney, Southwood, Hazlewood, Windley, Turnditch,
  Iderichay, Upper & Nether Biggin, Hulland and Nueggenton,
  commissioner in fiats of bankruptcy, &c.) Park house

Hopkins George Henry (and land surveyor) King street
Weston Joseph, King street

Brassington George, Milford
Harrison John, Bridge st
Herrod Thomas, Bridge st
Malin Samuel, Market place
Marriott Mary, Milford
Morrell Daniel, Common side
Richardson Thomas, King st
Robinson Michael, Bridge st
Walker Richard, Bridge st
Walters Enoch, Common side
Webster Matthew, High st

DERBY and DERBYSHIRE Banking Co. (branch of) King st:- John
  Bromley, agent (draw on Williams, Deacons & Co. London.

Akers George (& edge-tool maker), Openwood gate
Bates Samuel, Milford
Harrison Abraham, Gutter
Harrison Thomas, Queen st
Powle Joseph, Holbrook
Sims William, Bridge street
Sinkinson John, Holbrook
Swift Thomas, King street

Jackson George (and stamp office), High street
Lowe Edward (binder & stationer), Market street lane
Mason Samuel, Queen st
Rosewarne John (and wholesale publisher of children's books and
  pictures) Bridge street
Vickers James (& dealer in smallwares and toys) Bridge st

Allsop Thomas, Milford
Annable John, Holbrook
Ball Thomas, Belper lane
Coates Leonard, Church st
Coates Samuel, Long row
Garrett John, Bridge street
Jackson Richard, Market place
Leam Joseph, Bridge st
Palmer Joseph, King street
Ratcliff Abraham, Fleet st
Read William, Bridge foot
Rice John, Brook side
Sanders Thomas, High pavement
Shepherd Thomas, Commonside
Stear John (warehouse) King street
Street Charles, Milford
Turner Thomas, Milford
Wilmot William, Holbrook
Winson Humphrey, Bridge st

Bower John, Market place
Burgin Matthew, Bridge st
Street William, Field head

Bamford Thomas, Bridge st
Bates William, Long row
Beresford James, High pavement
Butler William, Bridge st
Fearn Sarah, Market place
Fletcher Thomas, Common side
Garratt Robert, Milford
Gregory George, Church st
Hall John, Milford
Hunt William, Belper lane
Jackson Benjamin, Bridge st
Sheldon James, Holbrook
Shepherd Matthew, Belper lane
Smith Jacob, Bridge st
Street Henry, Bridge street
Walker John, Bridge street
Walker William, Holbrook
Watson Samuel, Market place
Wildsmith George, Butts
Willis Thomas, Milford

(See also Joiners & Cabinet   Makers)
Pym Joseph, Bridge st
Weston Joseph, King st

Coates Thomas, Bridge st
Harrison John (wholesale) King st
Heapey Isaac (wholesale) Bridge st
Sims James, Butts

Berrey Sarah, Market place
Day William, Church st
Robinson Michael, Bridge st

Strutt William, George & Joseph, Belper and Milford

Beardmore Sampson, White moor
Gaunt James, Field head

Palmer Joseph, Bridge st
Palmer William, Market place
Walker James, Market place

Bridges Thomas, Bridge st
Kiddy Samuel, Market place
Parker William, Market place
Taylor John Chas. (& snuff & cigar dealer) corner of King st,
  Bridge st

Annable S. Field head
Arthur Mary, Mount pleasant
Oldfield John, Smith's row
Riley Joseph, Church st

NORWICH UNION, John Smith, Bridge street
PHOENIX, Joseph Pym, Bridge st

Barlow James, Long row
Bennett Isaac, Bridge st
Bentley John, Butts
Brassington George, Milford
Brooks Samuel, Field row
Clay Jonathan, Cow end
Coates Thomas, Bridge st
Collinson Edward, King st
England William, Milford
Gration Joseph, Long row
Harrison George, Bridge st
Harrison William, Market place
Harvey John, Milford
Harvey Samuel, Milford
Haslam John, Mount pleasant
Haworth Joseph, Swinwell lane
Hodgkinson William, Milford
Houghton Benjamin, Bridge st
Jessop John, Mount pleasant
Johnson Joseph, King st
Longden John, High pavement
Mason John, Swinwell lane
Morrell Daniel, Chapel hollow
Neaum John, Bridge st
Parker William, Bridge st
Rowland James, Market place
Shaw William, Market place
Sheldon Robert, Holbrook
Smith Mary, Field head
Smith Thomas, Belper lane
Smith Thomas, Bridge st
Street Mary, Bridge st
Taylor John Chas. corner of Kings st
Turton Samuel Hopkinson (& flour dealer) Market place
Watson M. Belkin's court
Webster William, Queen st
Whittaker Robert, Bridge st
Wild Elizabeth, Short row
Winsley Samuel, Milford
Yates William, Milford

Barnes John, Market place
Heapey Isaac (& perfumer) Bridge st
Robinson Amelia, Market place
Swindell Jervis, Bridge st

Alexander Isaac (manfr.) Bridge st
Bishop Charles & Co. (& hosiers) Market place
Bottom Francis (manufactr.) Queen st
Brown Abraham (& hosier) King st

Brettle George & Co. (late Ward, Brettle & Ward) Belper, and at
  119 Wood street, London
Brown Abraham, King st
Brown Henry, Bargate
Harvey William, Bridge st
Ward B. B. South end of the Town

George (commercial), John Turner, Bridge street
Red Lion (commercial), Joseph Deaville, Bridge street

Jackson George, High st
Mawkes Thomas, King st
Street Thomas (and smith & gunsmith) Bridge street

JOINERS & CABINET MAKERS. (See also Cabinet Makers, &c.)
Harrison James, Bridge st
Harrison John, Bridge st
Holmes James, Bridge st
Ride Thomas, Belper lane
Summers Thomas, Bridge st
Watson William, High st

Stansby Thomas, Chapel st
Woodward John, Chapel st

Bishop Charles & Co. Market place
Harrison Wm. & Sons (& mercers), Market place
Houghton Benjamin (and mercer), Bridge st
Jackson William W. Market place
Topham John Cowper, Market pl

Frost John, King street
Webster James, Bridge st
Whysall John, Gutter

Melbourne John, Mill lane
Webster Jas. (& flourdealer) Bridge st

Boden Ann, Bridge street
Bower Elizabeth, Market place
Evans Mrs. -, Market place
Harrison Ann, Chapel st
Holmes H. Butts
Manners Eliza, Long row
Parker Mary, Long row
Radford Hannah, Bridge st
Robinson Elizabeth, High st
Street Mary, North terrace
Turton & Parkinson, Church st
Walker Mary, Bridge st

Blackhan Edward, High st
Carr & Bridges, Queen st
Harrison John & Sons, Lawn hill
Hunt Abraham, Common side
Hunt Samuel, Market place
Jones William, Chapel hollow
Mason John, Field head
Mason Thomas, Chapel hollow
Melbourne John, Gutter
Melbourne Samuel George, Fleet
Melbourne William, Fleet
Mold Henry, King st
Spencer Joseph, Fleet
Walker Joseph, Common side
Walker Samuel, Chapel hollow
Watson & Webster, Queen st
Watson John, Market place
Webster Edward, Market place
Webster Wm. & John, Queen st

Brown Thomas, Church st
Hemingway Benjamin, King st
Holland William, King st
Shaw Andrew, Market place
Stevenson William, King st

Edmonds Elias, Queen st
Smith George, King street
Smith George & Wm. Belper lane

Mason George, Queen st
Rosewarne John, Bridge st

Mellor Henry, King street
Pounder Henry, Market place
Smith William, High st

Gratton Joseph, Long row
Heath John (& gardener) Milford
Heath Thos. (& gardener) Milford
Hunt Charles, Common side
Taylor John Chas. corner of King st
Taylor Joseph, Common side

Birkin Thomas, Queen st
Stoddard William, Brook side
Stretton James, Chapel st

Beresford James, High pavement
Coates Thomas, Bridge st
Daniels John, Belper lane
Harvey John, Long row
Ratcliffe Thomas, Butts
Robinson Edward, Market place

Hall Mary, Market place
Heapey Mary Ann, Chapel st
Weston Mary, Market place
Weston Sarah, King st

Evans David, Market-street lane
Lomas Thomas & Henry, Bridge st

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
Barnes Samuel, Church st
* Bishop Charles & Co. Market place
Bridges John, Long row
Buxton William, Bridge st
Herrod Samuel, Cluster buildings
* Hill Charles, Bridge st
Kiddy Joseph, Bridge st
* Kiddy Samuel, Bridge st
Lovegrove Henry, Holbrook
Peal William, Cluster buildings
* Rowland James, Market place
Satchwell William, Market place
Sheward George, King st
* Sims James, Bridge st
Thornhill John, Smith's row
Tipper Joseph, Bridge st
Waterfeild (sic) John, Swinwell lane
White Thomas, Chapel st

Angel, John Alldread, Market place
Black Swan, Saml Ward, Market place
Brewer & Maltster, John Whysall, Gutter
Bull's Head, Henry Blount, Belper lane
Cross Keys, Richard Coates, Market pl
Nag's Head, Gervase Watson, High pavement
New Inn, John Shorthose, Market place
New Inn, William Slater, Milford
Old Greyhound, Wm. Walker, Holbrook
Old King's Hd. Martha Marshall, Brook side
Rose & Crown, Wm. Alldread, King st
Royal Oak, Samuel Windley, Milford
Talbot, John Frost, Bridge end
Tiger, John Milward, King st
White Hart, Ellen Radford, Bar gate
White Swan, John Watson, Market place

Retailers of Beer.
Alldread Samuel, Market place
Barker Edward, King st
Beardsley William, King st
Beresford John, High street
Bostock Thomas, Market-street lane
Burgoyne Sarah, High street
Butler William, Bridge st
Clark William, Butts
Gould Dennis, Field head
Gregory George, Church street
Neaum John, Bridge street
Noble Edward, Short row
Robinson Michael, Bridge street
Sims Henry, Milford
Slater Sarah, King street
Smith Elizabeth, Field head
Smith Thomas, Bridge street
Timperley William, King street
Walker Joseph, Chapel hollow
White William, Mount pleasant

Allsop John, Bridge street
Osbiston German, Field head
Slater Anthony, King st

Turner John, Field row

Ault Jos. watch & clock maker, Bridge st
Barnes Samuel, Shortland's weighing machine, Church street
Bennett Isaac. ale & porter dealer, Bridge street
Froggat Ann, silk weaver, Mount pleasnt
Gratian Joseph, organ builder, Chapel st
Hitchcock Ruth, fishmonger, Bridge st
Hunt Saml. broker & appraiser, Market pl
Jessop William, file smith, Bridge foot
Kirkland Wm. rope, &c. maker, Long row
Malin Samuel, dealer in British wines, Market place
Martin Edward, frame-smith, Chapel hollow
Oakden, Thomas, turner & chair maker, High street
Pym Joseph, clerk to the magistrates, Bridge st
Reeves Thos. flour dealer, North terrace
Robinson Edward, builder, High st
Simpkinson Chas. patten maker, Bridge st
Swift Thos. spade & shovel maker, King st
Thornley Jno. tallow chandler, Market pl
Topham George, cooper, King st
Turton Matthew, spirit dealer, King st
Wigley George, brick maker, Bar gate

To LONDON, the Royal Bruce, and the Peveril of the Peak (from
Manchester) call at the George & Red Lion, Bridge street, every
evening at six; both go thro' Derby, Loughbro', Leicester, &c.
To BIRMINGHAM, the Defiance (from Sheffield) calls at the Red Lion,
Bridge street, & the Tiger, King-street, every day at twelve:- &
the Telegraph calls at the Red Lion, every afternoon at half-past
two; both go through Derby and Tamworth.
To DERBY; a Car, from the Red Lion, every Friday morning at eight.
To MANCHESTER, the Lord Nelson & the Lady Nelson (from Nottingham)
call at the Red Lion, & George, every morning at half-past eight:-
the Royal Bruce and the Peveril of the Peak (from London) call at
the same Inns, every morning at half-past ten; all go through
Matlock, Bakewell and Buxton.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Lord Nelson & the Lady Nelson (from Manchester)
call at the George, & Red Lion, every afternoon at four; both go
through Derby:- and a Car, from the Red Lion, every Wednesday
morning at a quarter before five, and Saturday morning a quarter
before six; goes through Ripley and Eastwood.
To SHEFFIELD & LEEDS, the Telegraph (from Birmingham) calls at the
Red Lion, every day at twelve; goes through Chesterfield:- and the
Defiance (from Birmingham) calls at the Tiger, & the Red Lion,
every afternoon at half-past two:- goes through Matlock and

To BIRMINGHAM, BRISTOL, and BATH, Wheatcroft & Sons, from their
warehouse, Buckland hollow, daily.
To DERBY, John Webster, from the New Inn, every Monday, Wednesday &
Friday:- William Watson, every day (Sunday excepted), & Gawthorn's
Car, from the Red Lion, every Friday.
To NOTTINGHAM, - Gawthorne's Car, from the Red Lion, every
Wednesday and Saturday:- goes through Ripley and Eastwood.
To SHEFFIELD, Wheatcroft & Sons, daily.
To WIRKSWORTH, a Mail Cart, from the POST OFFICE, every morn. at
1/2 past 11.
*** Besides the above, there are Market Carts to most of the surrounding villages, every Saturday.

To LONDON, Wheatcroft & Son's Boats, from Buckland hollow, three
days a week.
(by Railway and Canal) Wheatcroft & Sons, daily.
To NOTTINGHAM, and all parts of the kingdom (by Railway or Canal)
from Wheatcroft & Son's wharf, daily.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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