Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Bakewell, with the villages of Ashford, Baslow, Edensor - with Chatsworth, Youlgrave and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

BAKEWELL, a market town and township, in the extensive parish of its name, and in the hundred of High Peak, of which district it is termed the metropolis; is 153 miles from London 36 S.E. from Manchester, 25 N.N.W. from Derby, 16 N. from Ashbourn, 12 W. from Chesterfield, 12 E. by S. from Buxton, 10 N.W. from Matlock, and 6 N. from Winster. Bakewell is an ancient town, situate at the foot of a hill, on the western bank of the river Wye, whose stream abounds with trout and other fish affording ample reward to the patience of the angler; while the rich and romantic scenery, enhanced in beauty by the noble appearance of wood-clad hills, present strong and almost not to be resisted inducements, to the visitors of Buxton and Matlock, to tarry a time in this vicinity.

The chalybeate baths, re-established by the Duke of Rutland, constitute one of the greatest attractions of this place. The principal bath is thirty-three feet long and sixteen wide: there are also shower baths and a private warm bath, and a newsroom has been added to the establishment; there is besides a good collection of minerals and fossils in the Bath-gardens, the property of Mr. White Watson, F.L.S. The manufactures of this place are not extensive: near the entrance to the town is a cotton-mill, erected by the late Sir Richard Arkwright; and in the immediate vicinity are extensive quarries of black & grey marble, and of chert - the latter is used in the manufacture of earthenware, in the Staffordshire potteries.

The town is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates, and a constable and other officers are appointed at the court-leet of the lord of the manor, the Duke of Rutland. A petty session for the hundred of High Peak, is held here on the first and third Friday in every month; and a mineral-court for the manor, according to the local customs of the lead mines within it, occasionally. The election of knights of the shire, to represent the northern division of the county, takes place in this town.

The places of worship are the parish church, and chapels for Wesleyan methodists and Calvinists. The church, which is dedicated to All-Saints, has within these few years been deprived of one of its greatest ornaments, the tower, from the summit of which most extensive rich and diversified views were commanded - the church is situate on an elevated site, and is of crucifix form, partly in the Norman and partly in the early style of English architecture; and the interior is enriched by many elegant tombs, and a handsome organ. The living is a discharged vicarage in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Lichfield: the present incumbent is the Rev. Francis Hodgson.

The principal charities are a free-school, founded in 1636; St. John's hospital (or alm's houses) for six aged men, founded and endowed in 1602; a dispensary, and a lying-in institution; there is besides one, of those provident establishments, a savings' bank. Some noble seats are in the vicinity of Bakewell; among which are, the seat of the Duke of Devonshire at 'Chatsworth'. 'Haddon Hall', the seat of the Duke of Rutland; 'Hassop', the seat of the Earl of Newburgh, &c. The weekly market is held on Friday, and there is a market for cattle every alternate Monday; the fairs are on Easter-Monday and Whit-Monday, and cheese fairs on the 26th of August, the first Monday after the 10th of October, and first Monday after the 11th of November. The parish of Bakewell is the most extensive in the county, being more than 20 miles in length from north-west to south-east, and upwards of eight in breadth, containing nine chapels of ease: its population, in 1821, amounted to 9,162, and in 1831, to 9,503 inhabitants, of which last number, 1,898 were returned for the township.

ASHFORD, or Ashford-in the-Water, from being seated on the Wye, is a small village, and chapelry to Bakewell, about one mile from that town, on the road to Buxton. There are many lead mines in the neighbourhood, several of which are now working; and at the entrance of the village from Buxton are the marble-mills and show-rooms of Messrs. Oldfield & Co. established near a century ago, where the sawing of marble, by improved machinery is carried on in all its various branches, for chimney-pieces, monuments, tables, &c., from quarries on the estate of the Duke of Devonshire.

The establishment likewise of Mr. William Milnes is well worthy the attention of the curious, where inlaid and all other descriptions of marble ornaments are manufactured, in every variety of which the material is so susceptible. The chapel is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the vicar of Bakewell, and the present incumbent is the Rev. John Brown; there are also chapels for Wesleyan methodists and unitarians. The chapelry contains 782 inhabitants.

BASLOW is a small neat village, and chapelry to Bakewell, 4 N. E. miles from that town, situate on the banks of the Derwent. The coaches passing through here infuse a degree of liveliness into it; but it possesses nothing otherwise interesting. The chapel, which is dedicated to St. James [Ed: other ancient sources may give St James, or St Anne; it is now quite definitely, St. Anne's] is a neat building, standing on the bank of the river; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Duke of Devonshire; the Rev. Anthony Auriol Barker is the present minister. Population of the chapelry, at the last census 863.

EDENSOR-WITH-CHATSWORTH and PILSLEY hamlet forming a parish, in the hundred of High Peak, is remarkable as containing one of the wonders of the Peak, viz. the splendid seat of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, which is situate about four miles N. E. of Bakewell. The house is built in the ionic order, with a flat roof, surrounded by a neat balustrade; its form is nearly a square, of about 190 feet surrounding a spacious quadrangular court, having a fountain in the centre, surmounted by a Statue of Orpheus. The principal entrance, on the west is by a noble flight of steps to a terrace, the whole length of the building; the fronts which form the quadrangle are decorated with rich sculptures, representing military trophies.

The stone of which this edifice is built is of an excellent description, veined like marble; it was hewn out of the neighbouring quarries. Costly embellishments and extensive improvements are constantly going on at this princely seat. Mary, Queen of Scots, passed thirteen years of her long and melancholy captivity in the old house of Chatsworth, under the care of the Earl of Shrewsbury; and suites of apartments supposed to correspond in situation with those inhabited by that unfortunate Princess, are still called by her name: it was during her constrained residence at this place that she wrote her second letter to Pope Pius, dated the 31st October, 1570.

Here is a handsome church dedicated to St. Peter, the living is a peculiar in the gift of the Duke of Devonshire, the incumbent being chaplain to his Grace. An excellent school here, is principally supported by the Duke of Devonshire; to which every parishioner is entitled to send two children, who are taught (so soon as they can read the New Testament) free of expense, until they arrive at the rule of three. The ‘Devonshire Arms’ Inn, near to the lodge, is a house well conducted by Mr. William Walters, where every attention is paid to parties visiting this grand and romantic neighbourhood; from the Inn is a pleasant road to Chatsworth House, from which it is about a mile distant. Edensor-with-Chatsworth, and Pilsley hamlet, contained, at the last census, 703 inhabitants.

YOULGRAVE is a village in the parish of its name, which is partly in the hundred of Wirksworth, and partly in that of High Peak; about 3 miles S. by W. from Bakewell. It contains the parish church, a good building, dedicated to All-Saints, and a place of worship each for the Wesleyan and primitive methodists. The living of Youlgrave is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Duke of Devonshire: the present incumbent is the Rev. Benjamin Pidcock. The parish contained, at tine last census, 3,081 inhabitants, and the township 951 of that number.

POST OFFICE:- Rutland Arms, Bakewell, William Greaves, Post Master:- Letters from all parts arrive every afternoon at three, and are despatched every morning at four:- Office closes every night at ten.

Allwood Mrs. Maria, Youlgrave
Ashby Wm. Ashby, esq. Ashford
Barker Rev. Anth. Auriol, Baslow
Barker Mr. George, Mill lane
Barker Miss Jane, Cottage
Barker John Henry, esq. Eastlodge
Barker Mrs. Sarah, East lodge
Bateman Thomas, esq. Middleton near Youlgrave
Bateman Wm. esq. Middleton near Youlgrave
Bayley Mrs. -, Ashford
Birds Mr. William, Water lane
Bowman Miss Hannah, Youlgrave
Brown Rev. John, Mill st
Carlile Major William, Longstone
Coates Rev. James, Church st
Coke D'Ewes, esq. Castle hill
Devonshire his Grace the Duke of, Chatsworth
Drinkwater Mrs Sarah, Ashford
Heathcote Mrs. Elizabth. Church st
Hodgson Rev. Francis, Vicarage
Jones Mrs. Hannah, Youlgrave
Keymer Mr. Richard, Matlock st
Longsdon Mr. William, Longstone
Mills Rev. -, Longstone
Newburgh Earl of, Hassop hall
Pidcock Rev. Benj. Youlgrave
Robinson Mr. John, Aldern house
Rowland Mr. Alexander, Church st
Rowland Mr. Michael, Church st
Smedley Mr. Joseph, Youlgrave
Smith Rev. Richard, Edensor
Smithers Mr. Sydney, Ashford
Sterndale Mrs. Mary, Ashford
Walker Miss Mary, Youlgrave
Walthall Mr. Richard, Church st
Walthall Mr. Thomas, King st
Webster Miss Charlotte, Bridge st

Brown Rev. John, King st
Coates Thomas, Youlgrave
Furniss Jane, Baslow
GRAMMAR School, Ashford:- John Lotherington, master
Hartley William, Baslow
Lowe William, Mill street
Milward William, Edensor
Shenton Robert, Ashford
Wagstaffe Dorothea, Bridge place

Heyward John, Ashford
Wager William, Longstone

Atkinson Michael, Matlock st
Barker John, Burre house
Macqueen James, Mill street
Mander Thomas (& coroner for the High and Low Peak hundreds),
  King street

Hallows Job, Church alley
Marsden Joseph, Baslow

Anthony Paul, Bath street
Brushfield Richard, Baslow
Dunn Richard, Ashford
Frost George, Vicarage lane
Furness Samuel, Ashford
Goodwin Anthony, Matlock st
Hage John, Ashford
Marple John, Baslow
Strutt John, Edensor
Turner John, Mill street
Watson William, Youlgrave

Bestwick Thomas, Edensor
Bradbury Martha, Church st
Bradbury Samuel, Mill street
Bradbury Thomas, Water lane
Brightmore John & Jonthn. Baslow
Daniels William, Baslow
Hancock Thomas, Church st
Housley George, Matlock st
Milnes William jun. Ashford
Oldfield James, Ashford
Owen William, Church st
Pleasance James, Edensor
Ratcliffe Thomas, King street
Swindells John, Youlgrave
Taylor Joseph, Pilsley
Turton John, Edensor

Barton John, King street
Briddon John, Mill street
Gregory John, Longstone
Haddock Thomas, Bath st
Holmes Peter, Ashford
Naylor Daniel, Bridge st
Stanley John, Youlgrave
Sybray Robert, Bridge st
Tomlinson William, Baslow
White John, Baslow

Leedham John, Market place
Tarrand Elizabeth, Bridge st

Howard George, Bridge st
Leedham Mary Ann, Matlock st

Coates John Cooper, Youlgrave
Knowles Samuel, Matlock st

Brightmore William, Bear lane
Taylor William, Baslow

Carrington John Alex. Matlock st
Mills Thomas, King street
Teasdale William, Youlgrave

Tarrand Elizabeth, Bridge st
Thompson Joseph, Mill st

Baxter Sarah & Ann, Ashford
Bradbury Joseph, Church st
Brookes George, Baslow
Brushfield Ann, Ashford
Cain Thomas, Pilsley
Coates John Cooper, Youlgrave
Frost George, Ashford
Frost James, Matlock st
Glossop Gilderoy, Bridge st
Harrison William, Water lane
Holden Catherine, Mill st
Hutchinson John, Bridge st
Leedham John, Market place
Marples Calton, Baslow
Teasdale William, Youlgrave
White Joseph, Baslow
Wildgoose Hannah, Bridge st

Castle, Richard Anthony, Bridge st
Devonshire Arms, Fanny Frost, Ashford
Devonshire Arms, William Walters, Chatsworth park
Rutland Arms, Ann and William Greaves, Market place

Brushfield Ann, Ashford
Goodwin Anthony, Matlock st

Brightmore John, Bear lane
Cooper John, Baslow
Fowler Francis & Wm. Ashford
Frost Robert, Water lane
Machin John, Bridge place
Milnes George, Ashford
Sherwin Thomas, Bath st

Hadfield Isaac, Youlgrave
Johnson and Taylor, King st
Lees William, Market place
Stroyan John, Baslow
Teasdale William, Youlgrave

Hattersley William, Baslow
Hodgkinson Wigley, Baslow

Lomas John, Grammar croft
Milne, William (& manufacturer of inlaid mosaic & tessalate marble
  tables, chimney pieces, &c.) Ashford
Oldfield George & Co. (& chimney piece makers, & marble workers,
  by improved machinery) Ashford

Blore Thomas, Youlgrave
Cooper Thomas, Ashford
Hodgkinson John, Baslow
Marsden Robert, Baslow
Ridgard John, Church alley
Strutt Francis, Edensor

Anthony Mary, Bridge street
Greaves Elizabeth, Matlock st
Price Jane, King street
Tarrand Elizabeth, Mill st

Marples Thomas, Bubnell
Oddy Caleb (English and French), Bubnell

Brookes James, Youlgrave
Marples John, Baslow
Page Richard, Youlgrave

Roberts William, Bridge place
Scott Adam, Horse fair

Frost James, Water lane
Hall Joseph, Mill street
Woodruffe William, Ashford

Alcard John, Mill street
Hill Joseph, Church street

Bettney Cornelius, Church st
Broomhead Edwin, Matlock st

Furniss Mark, Baslow
Marples Matthew, Baslow
Smith John, Matlock st
Thornhill George, Bridge st

Sellors George, Church row
Sellors Richard, Ashford

Critchlow John, Mill street
Critchlow Robert, Bridge place
Smith Joseph, Ashford

Farnsworth Edward, Church st
Goodman George, Ashford
Reid Daniel, M. D. Church lane
Spencer Edmund, Youlgrave
Walters James, Bridge place

Gauntley William, Matlock st
Harrison John, King st
Snibson Richard (of taxes) Beast market
Stayly Benjamin, Youlgrave

Bampton Jarvis, Edensor
Bampton John, Edensor
Beresford Robert, King st
Brocklehurst James, Bridge st
Carson Thos. & Humph. Youlgrave
Clark Thomas, Church st
Cocker John, Baslow
Hadfield John, Matlock st
Marsden Joseph, Baslow
Mosley Thomas, Edensor
Parker John, Church st
Shewell Isaac, Youlgrave
Smith George, Bear lane
Smith William, Ashford

Cawton Joshua, Baslow
Holmes George, Matlock st

Barrel, Eleanor Browning, Baslow
Bull's Head, Peter Holmes, Ashford
Bull's Head, Ann Shimwell, Youlgrave
Commercial, Edward Rogers, Mill st
Crown & Anchor, Jos. Wilson, Bath sq
Green Man, Benjamin Ashton, Baslow
Peacock, Nicholas Broomhead, Baslow
Peacock, Francis Machin, Cattle market
Pig of Lead, Jacob Rowland, Youlgrave
Red Lion, Richard Heyward, Bridge st
Royal Oak, Francis Glossop, Matlock st
Square & Compasses, Saml. Mather, Pilsley
Thorn Tree, Elias Skidmore, Ashford
Wheat Sheaf, John Hutchinson, Bridge st
Wheat Sheaf, Ninian Ingleby, Baslow
William IV., Geo. Woodward, Youlgrave

Retailers Of Beer.
Barton John, King street
Bolsover John, Ashford
Cain Thomas, Pilsley
Haddock Thomas, Bath street
Hallows Mary, Church alley
Jackson George, Ashford
Lindsay William, Ashford
Lowe William, Mill street
Morton Margaret, Pilsley
Skidmore Francis, Ashford
Tivey Edward, Baslow
Wright Benjamin, Pilsley

Rowland Isaac, Mill street
Rowland James, Youlgrave
Rowland Thomas, Youlgrave

Page Thomas, Bridge st
Walters William, Chatsworth park

Cooper John, Baslow
Fowler Francis and William, Ashford
Frost William, Vicarage lane
Hibbert George, Baslow
Holmes John, Edensor
Kenworthy James, Youlgrave
Milnes George, Ashford
Sherwin Thomas, Bath st

Hutchinson Geo. Cowley, Edensor
Punchaby Robert & Wm. Bath st

Barker John, lead merchant, Hill top
Blount Jane, board and lodging house, Bridge house
Brushfield Joseph, tallow chandler, Ashford
Carver Thomas & Son, hosiers, Ashford
DISPENSARY, Mill st:- open every Tuesday and Friday, from 10 to 12.
Foulks Francis, watch and clock maker, Bridge st
Foulkes John, fishing tackle maker Matlock st
Goodwin John, bookseller, &c. Bridge st
Harrison John, clog, &c. maker, Bath st
HIGH PEAK SAVINGS' BANK, Mill st:- open every Monday from 10 to 12
noon:- John Barker, treasurer; Ths. Masters, actuary
Kenworthy Frank, paper maker, Youlgrave
Knowles Samuel, cooper, Matlock st
Lancaster George, overseer, Matlock st
Lindsay William, auctioneer, Ashford
Mason Horace, cotton spinnr, Lumford mill
Mather Job, rope maker, Matlock st
Senea William, upholsterer, New st
Smith James, hatter, Mill street
STAMP OFFICE, King st:- Johnson and Taylor, distributors
Taylor Henry, cattle dealer, Pilsley
Tetlow & Fletcher, tape manufacturers, Middleton by Youlgrave
Travis Hugh, timber merchant, Edensor
Watson White, F.L.S. mineralogist, &c, Bath gardens
Wyatt Joseph, hair dresser, Bridge st

All call at the Rutland Arms, when not otherwise expressed.
To LONDON, the Royal Bruce (from Manchester) every afternoon at
quarter past four; goes through Matlock Bath, Leicester,
Northampton, &c.:- and the Peveril of the Peak, at the same hour;
goes through the same route to Leicester, and thence through
Kettering, Bedford, &c.
To BIRMINGHAM, the Defiance (from Sheffield), every morning at ten;
goes through Matlock Bath, Belper, Derby, Ashby de-la-Zouch, &c.
To BUXTON, the Peak Guide (from Matlock Bath) every morning at ten
during the season.
To MANCHESTER, the Royal Bruce, and the Peveril of the Peak (from
London) every day at half-past twelve:- the Lord Nelson and the
Lady Nelson (from Nottingham) every forenoon at eleven; all go
through Buxton, Stockport, &c:- and the Champion (from Nottingham)
calls at the Wheat Sheaf, every day at twelve; goes through Stoney
Middleton, &c.
To MATLOCK BATH, the Peak Guide, (from BUXTON) every afternoon at
four, during the season.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Lord Nelson, & the Lady Nelson (from Manchester)
every day at half-past two; both go through Matlock Bath, Belper,
and Derby:- & the Champion calls at the Wheat Sheaf, every
afternoon at two; goes through Chesterfield, Mansfield, &c.
To SHEFFIELD, the Defiance (from Birmingham) every afternoon at
four; goes through Baslow, &c.

To CHESTERFIELD, Peter Redfern, from Water-lane, and Isaac
Gillmore, from Church-street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday:- Richard Noton, from Mill-street, every Tuesday &
Saturday:- and Joseph Redfern, from Water-lane, every Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday
To CROMFORD George Redfern, from Church-st, every Tuesday & Friday
To LEEK and LONGNOR, Isaac Gillmore, from Church-st, every Tuesday
To MANCHESTER, William Birds, from the Royal Oak, every Tuesday.
To SHEFFIELD, John Foulstone, from Matlock-st every Monday &
Friday, & Isaac Gillmore, from Church-st every Friday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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