Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Ashbourn, with the villages of Clifton, Mappleton and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

ASHBOURN is a market town in the parish of its name, which is partly in the hundred of Appletree, and partly in that of Wirksworth; 139 miles N.N.W. from London, 46 S.E. from Manchester, 13 N.W. from Derby, and 9 S.W. from Wirksworth. The town is situate in an interesting part of the country, rather hilly, and well wooded - interspersed with rich valleys, productive meadows, and clear streams - amongst the latter is Compton brook, famous for its trout, and as having contributed to the sport of the poetical anglers, Walton and Cotton.

At an early period this town was called Asseburn, or Esseburne and it has been spelt in later times various other ways, until it has ultimately settled into 'Ashbourn'. The lord of the manor is Sir William Boothby, Baronet, who holds a court feet and baron in the town annually, at which the constables and headboroughs are severally chosen. Ashbourn is one of the stations named in the new Boundary Act for receiving votes at the election of knights of the shire, to represent the southern division of the county. About one mile west is the river Dore, upon which are cotton and corn mills; upon Bentley brook is a cotton mill, and in the town, are respectable malting concerns, and tobacco and snuff manufacturers.

The church, which was dedicated to St. Oswald by Hugh de Patisholl, Bishop of Coventry, in 1241, is in the form of a cross, with a large square tower, terminated by a lofty octagonal spire. It contains many monuments; but one in particular, finely executed by Banks, to the memory of a daughter of Sir Brook Boothby, Bart. fixes the attention: the figure of this lamented girl is in white marble, lying on her side, with inscriptions round the tomb in four different languages. The living of Ashbourn is united with the perpetual curacy of Mappleton; the Dean of Lincoln is the patron, and the Rev. Samuel Shipley the present incumbent. The Calvinists, Wesleyan methodists and general baptists have their several chapels; and the trustees of the late Countess of Huntingdon's college Cheshunt, Herts, have also a chapel here, which was erected and endowed in 1800 by John Cooper, gent., of London, a native of this town; he likewise erected the chapel-house and six alms-houses, - the former he endowed with 40 guineas, and the latter with 60 guineas per annum; the Rev Alexander Start is the present minister.

The free grammar-school here was founded (under a charter granted by Queen Elizabeth) by Sir T. Cockain and William Bradburn, Esq. The head-master, who must have taken the degree of master of arts, has a house and garden, for his use, adjoining the school; and the pupils eligible to the establishment, must be of the town or its immediate neighbourhood. There are besides, two Sunday-schools, one upon the national plan, and another for a limited number of girls under twelve years of age. The other principal charities consist of alms-houses, besides those before mentioned, for widows of protestant clergymen, and others for decayed tradesmen or their widows. A well conducted reading & news-room, & two circulating libraries are respectably supported.

The romantic glen of Dovedale is situate about 3 miles and a half from the town; & about two miles from Ashbourn is Mudge meadow, where is a chalybeate spring, highly impregnated with sulphur. A well supplied market is held on Saturday: the fairs of first Tuesday in January, February 13th, April 3rd, May 21st, July 5th, August 16th, October 20th, and November 29th; some of these may be more properly designated large markets, for horses, horned cattle, sheep, pigs, &c.

The whole parish of Ashbourn contained, in 1821, 4,708 inhabitants, and in 1831, 4,884, of which last number 2,246 were retained as resident in the township.

CLIFTON is a hamlet in the township of Clifton and Compton, and parish of Ashbourn, about a mile and a half from that town. Formerly a chapel belonging to the establishment was here, but the only place of worship, at present, is a neat meeting-house belonging to the Calvinists. The township contained, at the last census, 839 inhabitants.

MAPPLETON is a pleasant village in the parish of its name, in the hundred of Wirksworth, about a mile and three quarters N.W. from Ashbourn; situate in a valley on the banks of the Dove, which is here crossed by a stone bridge, having a remarkably flat arch. The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, is a small edifice of stone with a low square tower, surmounted by a dome: it is the mother church to that of Ashbourn, and the living is united to that parish, as before mentioned. Here are neat alms-houses for three clergymen's widows, founded, in 1727, by Rowland Okeover Esq. The parish (which has no dependent township) contained, at the last census, 180 inhabitants, being an increase in 30 years, of only eighteen persons.

POST OFFICE:- Market-place, ASHBOURN, John Howell, Post Master:- Letters from LONDON arrive every morning at ten and are despatched every afternoon at half-past two:- Letters from MANCHESTER arrive every afternoon at half-past two, and are despatched every morning at ten.

Bainbrigge Mrs. Philip, St. John st
Bamford Mrs. A. Dig st
Beaumont Hon. Mrs. St. John st
Belcher Rev. Paul, A. M. Church st
Beresford Miss Judith, Compton st
Birch Rev. Charles, Clifton
Boothby Hon. Mrs. Church st
Boothby Sir William, Ashbourn hall
Bradley Mrs. -, St. John st
Brandon Mr. David, Derby road
Brown Rev. Gervas, Church st
Buckston Miss Frances, Church st
Buckston Mrs. -, Church st
Buxton Mrs. Martha, Rose terrace
Cooper Miss -, Compton
Dade Mrs. Mary, Church st
Dalby Miss -, Dig st
Dale Mrs. Robert, St. John st
Dale Robert, esq. Church st
Dale Major Thurston, Back lane
Dawson Mr. John, Church st
Downes Mrs. Ann, Dig st
Fawcett Mrs. Hannah, Church st
Firth Rev Benjamin, Compton st
Gibbs Rev. Thomas, Church st
Goodwin Francis, esq. Mappleton
Grover Mrs. -, Church st
Harling Mrs. Dinah, Church st
Harrison John, esq. Snelstone hall
Hawthorne Mrs. -, Church st
Hawthorne Mrs. Sarah, Church st
Hogg Mr. Robert, Clifton
Hollis Mrs. -, Clifton
Leason Mrs. -, Back lane
Lees Mr. Thomas, Mappleton
Parker Miss Mary, St. John st
Parkinson Mrs. -, Church st
Shaw Mrs. Elizabeth, Clifton
Shaw Mr. John, Compton st
Shipley Rev. Samuel, Vicarage
Silvester John Trelford, esq. Grove
Simms Mr. Edward, Compton
Smith Mr. William, Clifton
Start Rev. Alexander, Derby road
Tomlinson Mr. Joseph, Compton
Walker Edward, esq. Church st
Walker Miss Frances, Church st
Waring Miss -, Dig st
Webster William, esq. Church st

Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
Ford Ann, Clifton
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Church st:- Rev. Paul Belcher, head master;
  Rev. Thos. Gibbs second master

ACADEMIES, &c... Continued.
Grover Eliza & Mary Ann (ladies and gent's boarding) Church st.
Horne Mary Anne (boarding) Ashbourne hall
Jones Thomas (boarding) Compton st.
Leonnard Thomas, Back lane
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Church bank:- James B. Carte, master;
  Adala Charles, mistress
Pidcock Mary & Harriet (boarding) St. John street
Saunders William, Mappleton
Tarr Hannah, Clifton
Tomlinson Jonathan, Compton st
Tomlinson Sarah, Compton st

Bell Edward, St. John street
Brittlebank John, Market place
Fox John, Market place
Johnson and Wise, Church st
Tomlinson William, Church st
Welch Charles Hewit, Pig market

Goodwin George, Hanging bridge
Hobson John, Market place
Miers John, Compton st
Sellers Joseph, Church st

Bass John (& corn dealr.) St. John st
Brown Thomas, Compton st
Hall Charles, Market place
Leason Joseph, Market place
Malbon David, Compton
Mather John, Market place
Mellor Samuel, Compton
Oakden Edward, Church st
Tomlinson William, Church st

Arkwright Richard & Co. Church st:- (draw on Smith, Payne
  and Smith, London)
SAVINGS BANK, Compton street:- Thomas Jones, actuary (open every
  Saturday morning from 10 to 11 o'clock)

Gregory William, Dig st
Shaw William, Butcher row

Frost George, Clifton
Hollis Henry, Clifton lane
Robinson Edward, Compton st
Sowter Charles, King st
Spencer Francis, Pig market
Wibberley Samuel, Dig st
Woodhouse John, Clifton
Woodward Nathan, Mappleton

Hoon William (and copper-plate printer & news & reading room)
  opposite the Green Man Inn
Parkes Ellen, St. John st

Abraham William, Compton st
Ault Henry, Hanging bridge
Bagnald William, Dig street
Bate Robert, St. John st
Cheadle Joseph (& patten) Compton
Cheadle Thomas, Derby road
Devonport John, Compton
Harrison Joseph, Sturston lane
Hollis Robert, Compton st
Johnson Samuel, Dig st
Noble James, Butcher row
Potter Charles, Market place
Potter George, Hanging bridge
Stear Thomas, Pig market
Stubbs John, Clifton lane
Tarr William, Dig st
Walters William, Church st
Wigley John, Market place

Frith Richard, Market Place
Harlow Benjamin Wyatt, St. John st

Allen Joseph, Market place
Howard George, Back lane
Howard Jarvis, St. John st

Evans William, Clifton
Sellers John, Sandy brook
Tunstall William, Ashbourn green

Brown Jonas, Compton
Brown Thomas, Compton st.
Brown William, Compton st.
Elleby William, Clifton
Elleby William, jun. Clifton
Goodwin William, Collocraft
Sellers John, Sandy brook

Brinsley Charles, Butcher row
Bullock William, Hanging bridge
Etches Edward, Butcher row
Howarth Samuel, Butcher row
Marple John, Butcher row
Miers William, Compton
Needham William, Butcher row
Potter John, Butcher row
Smith John, Pig market
Spencer John, Butcher row
Tomlinson John, Butcher row
Warner William, Market place

Adin Elizabeth, Market place
Parkes Ellen, St. John st

Baker Harriet, St. John st
Moorcroft John, St. John st
Whitham John, St. John st

Elleby John, Dig St
Frith Richard, Market place
Harlow Benjamin Wyatt, St. John st

Haycock John & Thomas (& clock work forgers) Compton st

Alley Thomas, Butcher row
Howard Samuel, Butcher row
Needham Sybell, Butcher row

Bass John, St. John st
Bradbury Dorothy, Church st
Leason Joseph, Market place
Porter James, Butcher row
Ward John, St. John st

Eyre George, Church st
Kent Charles, Market place
Needham Robert, Market place
Smith Charles, Pig market
Williams Thomas, Market place

Smith John, St. John st
Smith William, Pig market

Cooper John Douglas, New Mills and Woodeaves

Boam Jonathan, King st
Hobson John, Market place
Spencer John, Market place
Warner Robert, Dig st

Cope William, Pig market
Oakes David, Compton
Slater John, Pig market

Dawson Samuel & Philip, Compton
Johnson Samuel, Dig st

ATLAS, J. T. Mountfort, Market pl
BRITISH, Saml. Swindell, Market pl
COUNTY (fire) & PROVIDENT (life) Thomas Jones, Compton
GUARDIAN (fire and life, Edward Bell, St. John street
MANCHESTER, Jno Hobson, Market pl
NORWICH UNION, B. W. Harlow, St. John street
PHOENIX (fire) and PELICAN (life) Philip Dawson, Walton bank
SUN, William Sutton, Market place
WESTMINSTER (life) Robert Blore, Market place
YORKSHIRE (fire and life) William Smith, Top of Dig street

Ellam William, Ashley mills

GROCERS & TEA DEALERS. (See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Barnes Ann, Market place
Barnes Thomas, Market place
Bradley Septimus, Market place
Clark Chas. (& druggist) Market pl
Cowlishaw & Hall, Market place
Heaton William, Market place
Holder Ann (& Italian warehouse), St. John street
Hooworth James, St. John st
Lucas John, Market place
Mountfort John Thos. Market pl
Smith William, Top of Dig st
Tomlinson John, Market place
Walker Samuel, St. John st

Barton Saml. (manfr.) Top of Dig st
Brindley Thomas, Market place
Conway Dennis (and furrier) St. John street
Hooworth James, St. John st
Howard William, Compton st
Morris James, St. John st.

Bradbury William, Butcher row
Tunnicliff John, St. John st

Blue Bell, John Hooper, St. John st
Green Man, John Brooks, St. John st
Wheat Sheaf, John Miers, Church st

Birch Charles, Tutbury road
Brinsley Thomas, St. John st
Bull Richard, Back lane
Bunn Robert, Sandybrook
Carrington John, Sandybrook
Child William, Sandybrook
Coxon Charles, Church st
Fearn Thomas, Clifton
Miers John, Compton st
Miers Thomas, Church st
Milward Edward, Compton
Phillips William, Compton st
Rose Thomas, Clifton
Sellers John, Sandybrook
Thornley Samuel, Church st

Frith Frances, Market place
Wilkinson Mary, Dig street

Fearn Peter, Market place
Hollis Humphrey, Market place
Lister John, St. John st
Maysmoor Thos. (& mercer), St. John st
Mellor William, St. John st
Morris James, St. John st
Redfern David (silk mercer), Market pl
Sutton William, Market place
Whiting Henry, Market place

Dawson Saml. & Philip, Compton st
Eaton Joseph, Clifton lane
Etches William, Market place
Hartshorne Robert, Church st
Hemsworth Mary Ann, St. John st
Mather John, Market place
Wilder William, Church st

Plant John, Hanging bridge
Tabberer Francis, Clifton
Yates John, Mappleton

Berisford Ann, Dig street
Brailsford Hannah, Clifton
Cheadle Mary, Compton st
Dumolo Blanch, St. John st
Fearn Mary, Compton st
Ford Ann, Clifton
Froggatt Elizabeth, Back lane
Harlow Amelia, St. John st
Leeson Charlotte, Clifton
Oakden Ann, Dig st
Redfern Elizabeth, Market place
Sellers Mary Anne, Church st
Thacker Ann, Market place
Tunnicliff Ellen, St. John st
White Mary, Church st
Whittington Mary, Compton st
Wilkinson Mary, Dig st
Woodhouse Sarah, Clifton
Yendley Mary, Dig street

Chawner William, Back lane
Dunnicliff John, Clifton
Ford John, Clifton
Godwin William, Colleycraft
Sandys John, Hanging bridge
Smith William, Clifton
Ward Ellen, Dig street

PAINTERS - HOUSE, &c. (See also Plumbers, &c.)
Marked thus * are also Letter Cutters on Gravestones.
* Anderson Charles, Pig market
Hurd William, St. John st
* Ravensdale Thomas, Compton st
* Slater William, Compton st

Oakden Ralph, Dig street
Shipley William, St. John st
Wilson William, St. John st

Hollis John, Church st
Lamb Joseph, St. John st
Pidcock Sarah & Son, St. John st
Potter Henry, Market place
Roose Joseph, Dig street
Roose Sarah, Dig street
Turner George, Church st
Wynne Robert, Dig st

Robin Jos.
Lewis (French), Church st
Simms George Frederick (music), Compton street
Wheatley John (music) Church st

Lucas John, Market place
Mountford John Thos. Market pl

Hall William, Compton
Johnson Samuel, St. John st
Massey Richard, Dig st
Pearson John, King street
Washington Joseph, St. John st
Whiston Robert, Market place

Atkin George, Compton st
Barton Samuel, Compton st
Bradbury Benjamin, Dig st
Bridden John, Sturton lane
Brown Robert, Compton st
Brown Thomas, Compton st
Cheadle John, Sturston lane
Coles William, Church st
Cooper Edward, King st
Devonport John, Compton
Frith Catherine, Market place
Heywood Thomas, Clifton
Hooworth James, St. John st
Kennedy Edward, Compton st
Malkin John, Compton st
Millward Samuel, Back lane
Peach Thomas, Mappleton
Rose Thomas, Clifton
Smith James, Church st
Wilkinson Ann, Mappleton
Wilkinson Mary, Dig st

Attkin John, St. John st
Berisford Ann, Dig st
Statham William, St. John st

Collins James, Compton st
Gettliffe Henrietta, Compton
Harlow Amelia, St. John st
Miers Elizabeth, Church st
Peach James & John, Dig st
Rutland Harriet, Church st
Smith Arabella, Pig market
Wilder Julia, Church St

Goodwin Robert, Market place
Harland Charles, Church st
Harland Christopher, Church st
Shaw John, Hanging bridge
Nicholson John, Church st
Riddlesdon James, Compton st
Skevington John, Compton st
Toogood Rupert, Market place
Tyson William, Church st

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
Austen John, Market place
Austin John, Mappleton
Belfield William, Pig market
* Brindley Thomas, Market place
Collier Joseph, Compton st
Gettliffe George, Compton st
Gettliffe John, Compton st
Hargreaves Joseph, Sturston lane
* Harlow John, Butcher row
Heywood Thomas, Clifton
Heywood William, Clifton
* Hurt Roger, Compton st
Mousley William, Compton st
Needham Edward, St. John St
Peach Benjamin, Dig st
Peach James & John, Dig st
Smith James, Church st
Thacker Henry, Pig market
* Ward John, St. John st
Whittingham, Samuel, Compton St
Wibberley Thomas, Pig St
Williamson William, Back lane

Dawson Saml. & Philip, Compton st
Morley Joseph (& leather dresser) Church street

Barley Mow, Daniel Gadsby, Market pl
Cock, John Fearn, Dig street
Cock, Sarah Johnson, Clifton
Crown, John Cotton, St. John st
Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson, St. John street
Durham Ox, Thomas Whiting, Dig st
Gale, Thomas Peach, Mappleton
George, George Frost, Clifton
George & Dragon, Mary Stubbs, Market place
Green Dragon, Mary Bentley, St. John st
Griffin, Samuel Uttin, Mappleton
Horns, Wm. Webster. Butcher row
Horse & Jockey, Ann Kynnersley, St.John
Joiners' Arms, Thomas Fearn, Clifton
King's Head, Edward Cooper, King st
Lion, Wm Noble, Market pl
Marquis of Granby, Ann Hemsworth, St. John st
Old Bear, George Eyre, Church st
Ostrich, Thomas Mansfield, Back lane
Plough, Francis Bridden, Compton
Red Lion, Elizabeth Russell, Market pl
Roe Buck, Robert Jowett, Compton st
Royal Oak, Jno. Milward, Hanging bridge
Royal Oak, Joseph Spencer, Pig market
Star & Garter, Jerh. Haywood, St. John st
Swan, John Lomas, Market place
Tailor's Arms, Wm. Williamson, Back la
Tiger, Ann Webster, Butcher row
Wheel, John Elleby, Compton
White Hart, Robert Briggs, Church st
White Horse, Moses Kay, Pig market
White Lion, Thomas Stear, Pig market

Retailers of Beer.
Buxton John, Pig market
Coxon Charles, Church st
Harpur Joseph, Spittle hill
Harrison Joseph, Sturston lane
Haycock Thomas, Church st
Jenkinson John, Ashbourn green
Mellor Samuel, Compton st
Phillips William, Compton st
Potter George, Hanging bridge
Tomlinson John, Hanging bridge
Thompson John, Compton st
Whiston Robert, Market place
Williamson Joseph, Ashbourn green

Bridden John, Sturston lane
Brooks Joseph, Mappleton
Plant John, Hanging bridge
Sellers John, Sandybrook

Bradley Septimus, Market place
Ellam William, Ashley mills
Smith Jane, Market place

Austin John, Mappleton
Collier Joseph, Compton st
Heywood Thomas, Clifton
Wain William, Dig st
Whiting Henry, Market place

Bell Edward (and silversmith), Butcher row
Elleby John, Dig street
Smith Thomas, Market place

Bridden John & Francis, Compton
Ward Thomas, Pig Market

Hollis Henry, Compton
Mansfield Thomas, Back lane
Robinson Edward, Compton st
White William, Church st
Yeomans Thomas, Back lane

Ash John (& porter), St. John st.
Blore Sarah (& porter), St. John st.
Hollis Humphrey, Market place
Swindell Samuel, Market place

Bradbury William, Market place
Dunnicliff John, Clifton
Tunnicliff John, St. John st.

Allen Joseph, ironmonger and bar iron warehouse, Market place
Bassett James, Ironfounder, Compton
Bowler Jas. patten maker, Sturston lane
Bradley Henry, cotton winder, Compton
Furness Ann, dyer, Church st
Hall George, coach maker, Sturston lane
Haynes Joseph, dairyman, Compton
Hemsworth Mary Ann, lodging-house keeper, St. John st.
Howell Jno. toy dealer & shoe warehouse, Market pl.
Jones Joseph, fishmonger, Dig st.
Jones Thos. land surveyor, Compton st.
Langford John, clerk to magistrates, Church st.
Mansfield Jno. umbrella maker, Pig market
Mellor Wm. game and fishing net maker, Sturston lane
Mills Ellis, dealer in lace, St. John st.
Robinson Edwd. gun, &c. smith, Compton
Rose William, excise officer, Derby road
Salt -, fishmonger, Dig st.
Shipley William, umbrella and fishing tackle maker, St. John st.
STAMP OFFICE, St. John st:- Thomas Dale, distributer
Vickers -, lace manufacturer, King st.
Walters Wm. silverer & engravr, Church st.
WEIGHING MACHINE, Sturston lane:- Joseph Bowler, keeper
WEIGHING MACHINE, King street:- Edward Cooper, keeper
Williamson -, chair maker, Ashbourn grn
Wood William Hurd, mail contractor, & coach proprietor, St. John st
WORKHOUSE, Dig st, - Pidcock, mistress

All call at the Green Man, St. John st. To LONDON, the
Royal Mail (from Manchester) every afternoon at a quarter before
three:- the Telegraph, every morning at twenty minutes past nine:-
and the Defiance, every night at quarter before one; all go through
Derby, Loughborough, Leicester, Market Harbro', Northampton,
Dunstable, Woburn, St. Albans and Barnet.
To MANCHESTER the Royal Mail (from London), and the Defiance, every
morning at ten:- & the Telegraph, every evening at half-past six,
all go through Leek and Macclesfield.

To LONDON, Pickford and Co. (from Manchester) call at J. Bass',
confectioner, St. John st, every morning at three; goes through
Derby, Loughbro', Leicester, Northampton, &c.
To DERBY, John Thompson, (for goods and passengers) from his house.
Compton-street every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, at
To MANCHESTER, Pickford and Co. (from London) call at J. Bass's,
confectioner, St. John st, every night at nine; go through Leek and

To DERBY, J. Thompson, from his house, Compton, every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday:- John Johnson, from Hanging bridge, every
Monday & Friday:- and Francis Bridden & Joseph Charles, from
Compton, two or three times a week.
To LEEK, J. Thompson & J. Johnson from their own houses, every Wed.
To MACCLESFIELD, J. Plant, from Hanging bridge, every Tues. &
To ROCESTER WHARF, John Plant, from Hanging bridge, every Monday
Wednesday, and Friday. Goods are forwarded from thence to all parts
of the kingdom.
To SHEFFIELD, John Hardy, from the Star and Garter, every Saturday.
To UTTOXETER, John Greenhough, from the Lion, Market place, every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
To WIRKSWORTH, Joseph Frost, from the Lion, and Edward Moss, from
the Star & Garter, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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