Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835

“Alfreton, with the hamlet of Swanwick, the chapelry of Riddings, Shirland with Higham and neighbourhoods”

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 1996

ALFRETON is a market town, and with Alfreton-outseats forms a parish in the hundred of Scarsdale; 141 miles from London, 51 S.E. from Manchester, 14 N. from Derby, 10 S. from Chesterfield, and 7 N. by E. from Belper. The town, which possesses no pretensions to uniformity in its arrangement, or beauty in its buildings, is seated upon a small eminence.

The manufacture of stockings is a branch of trade here of some importance, and in the immediate neighbourhood are iron foundries. At Pye Bridge, three miles east of Alfreton, are the Alfreton iron works, belonging to Messrs. James Oakes and Co., where have been constructed some of the largest iron bridges, and almost every other sort of castings of smaller dimensions; a considerable number of cannon and a large quantity of shot have also been produced here - these works are at the present time in full employment: there are also several productive coal mines in the neighbourhood; and the Erewash canal passes through the parish. Alfreton is one of the stations, appointed under the new Boundary Act, for receiving votes at the election of knights of the shire, to represent the northern division of the county.

The places of worship are the parish church, and a chapel for the Wesleyan methodists; the former, which is dedicated to St. Martin, is a rude structure, having an embattled tower with pinnacles, and appears to have been erected at different periods, probably some portion of it prior to the reign of Henry II. The living is a discharged rectory, in the patronage of the family of Morewood.

At SOUTH WINGFIELD, about two miles hence are the remains of an ancient manor house, once one of the most stately residences in Derbyshire; and even in its present ruinous state conveys some idea of its original magnificence. It was erected by Lord Treasurer Cromwell, in the reign of Henry VI., and in 1569 was the place of confinement of the unfortunate Mary Queen of Scots, under the Earl of Shrewsbury. There are three fairs held in the year at Alfreton, viz. on the 30th of July and 8th of October, for horses and cattle, and a statute fair on the 22nd of November. The market day, which is on Friday. is a considerable one for grain. The parish contained, in 1821, 4,689 inhabitants, and, in 1831 the number had increased to 5,691.

SWANWICK is a hamlet, in the parish of Alfreton, about a mile and a half S.W. from that town. There are places of worship for baptists and Wesleyan methodists, and a free-school, erected and endowed in 1740 by Mrs. Elizabeth Turner. Population returned with the parish.

RIDDINGS is a chapelry, in the parish of Alfreton, about 3 miles S. from that town. The new line of road from Manchester to Nottingham, and a branch of the Cromford canal, connected with Mansfield by a rail-road passes through this place. In the immediate neighbourhood are extensive iron-works, employing many of the inhabitants, of whom some are also employed in the adjacent mines, forges &c. at Codnor Park. These several establishments have been the means of greatly increasing the number of residents around here, for whose accommodation a new chapel under the establishment has been erected; the expense of which was defrayed partly by the church commissioners, and partly by subscriptions; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of W.P. Morewood, Esq. There are besides, places of worship for baptists, independents and Wesleyan methodists. The right to hold a market, has been granted to this chapelry within these few years. The population returns are made up with Alfreton parish.

SHIRLAND is a parish, in the hundred of Scarsdale, two miles S.W. from Alfreton, containing the hamlet of HIGHAM, which was formerly a market town, but discontinued as such about 1785. Higham is a place of considerable antiquity situate on the Iknield-street of the Romans. The parish church, dedicated to St. Leonard contains several ancient monuments of the De Greys. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,212 inhabitants, and Higham 595 of that number.

POST OFFICE:- ALFRETON, John Smedley, Postmaster:- Letters from LONDON and BIRMINGHAM arrive every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every morning at half past ten:- Letters from SHEFFIELD arrive every morning at half past ten, and are despatched at eleven.

Bonsall Mr. George, Alfreton
Butterfield Rev. Thomas, Shirland
Coke D. Ewes, esq. Brook Hill hall
Hall John C. esq. Swanwick Grange
Halton Rev. Emnl. South Wingfield
Holland Mrs. Mary, Ford
Holmes Mr. John, Alfreton
Morewood William Palmer, esq. Alfreton hall
Oakes James, esq. Riddings hall
Oakes William, esq. Shirland
Pepper Rev. John, Alfreton
Turbutt Rev. Richard, Morton
Walters Mr. Edward, Pye Bridge
Wilkinson Stephen, esq. Hilcot hall
Wood Rev. John, Swanwick
Wood Robert, esq. Ripley

Bacon Mrs. -, Alfreton
Dent William (boardg & day) Alfreton
Nuttall Elizabeth, Alfreton
Simpson Elizabeth, Alfreton
Stanley Thomas, Clay Cross

AGENTS. (See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)
Fletcher Edward (to James Oakes & Co.) Summercoates
Haslewood William (to Palmer Morewood, esq.)
Wilson William (to Wylde and Bolgar, Southwell) Market place

Askew George, Alfreton
Hall Gervase Cressey, Alfreton
Rickards Benjamin, Alfreton
Wilson Joseph, Alfreton, and Carnfield hall
Wood John, Alfreton

Clark Samuel, Alfreton
Towndrow William, Alfreton
Wooding George, Alfreton
Woodward William, Alfreton

Askew Thomas, Higham
Cartledge John, Summercoates
Gilbert William, Alfreton
Hill William, Higham
Riley William, Shirland
Turner Robert, Swanwick
Vardey Philip, Stretton
Warton Joseph, Clay Cross
Wilson Benjamin, Alfreton
Wragg Samuel, Alfreton

Beresford James, Swanwick
Bosworth John, Riddings
Bowler Samuel, Summercoates
Bryan George, Riddings
Bryant John, Swanwick
Cockayne Thomas, Alfreton
Ellicott John, Swanwick
Farnsworth George, Alfreton
Fryer John, Swanwick
Fryer Joseph, Swanwick
Green Henry, Alfreton
Hall Joseph, Alfreton
Haslam William, Higham
Hollingworth William, Riddings
Mather George, Swanwick
May John, Clay Cross
Pearson George, Alfreton
Radford George, Alfreton
Robinson James, Swanwick
Slack James, Summercoates
Smith Charles, Summercoates
Steel Thomas, Alfreton
Tomlinson James, Alfreton
Topham Benjamin, Swanwick
Waterfield James, Pye Bridge
Willgoose William, Riddings

Bacon Samuel, Alfreton
Rolley Joseph, Alfreton
Walters Joseph, Alfreton

Hardy William, Shirland
Hool George, Swanwick
Lomas William, Pentrich
Nix Thomas, Riddings
Parsons Richard, Riddings
Radford Samuel, Alfreton
Ror Bregeza, Alfreton
Storland John, Summercoates
Tagg John, Higham
Taylor Abraham, Riddings
Taylor Charles, Alfreton
Taylor William, Alfreton
Webster John, Alfreton
Weston Anthony, Swanwick
Wragg William, Alfreton

Melland Elizabeth, Alfreton
Walters Henry, Alfreton

Brittain Gabriel, Greenhill lane
Coupland and Goodwin, Birchwood
Haslam Brothers, Swanwick
Morewood William Palmer, esq, Swanwick colliery
Oakes James & Co. Riddings
Woolley Samuel, Birchwood colliery

Clark Samuel, Alfreton
Hill Martha, Alfreton

Green Thomas, Alfreton
Millins James, Alfreton

Dobbs Lucy, Alfreton
Robinson Ruth, Summercoates
Simpson Mary, Alfreton
Wass Elizabeth, Pye Bridge
Wass Rebecca, Summercoates

Topham John, Alfreton
Wragg John, Alfreton

BRITISH, William Wilson, Alfreton
PHOENIX, Benj. Rickards, Alfreton

Carey and Stemson, Alfreton
Carey William, Alfreton
Ellis Thomas, Alfreton
Freer and Parsons, Alfreton
Williamson Thomas, Alfreton

GROCERS & TEA DEALERS. (See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Green Thomas, Alfreton
Haslam Brothers, Swanwick
Hollingworth & Silverwood, Pye Bridge
Parkes Alexander, Alfreton
Piggin John, Alfreton
Roberts Edward, Alfreton
Smedley Jno. Alfreton
Topham George (& tallow chandler) Alfreton
Wragg William, Alfreton
Wriglesworth George, Alfreton

Tomlinson George, Alfreton
Williamson William, Alfreton

Coning Henry, Alfreton
Eyre -, Alfreton

Angel (commercial) John Webster, Alfreton
George & Dragon (commercial and posting) William Burn, Alfreton

Oakes James & Co. Alfreton Iron works

Haynes Joseph, Alfreton
Wain William (& watch and clock maker) Alfreton
Wass Matthew, Alfreton

Bacon Samuel, Alfreton
Cheetham James, Higham
Gregory Henry, Riddings
Jubb Thomas, Pye Bridge
Lesson & Taylor (& builders), Alfreton
Topham William and John (and builders) Alfreton

Topham John and William (and silk mercers) Alfreton
Walters Joseph, Alfreton
Wilson Wm. & George, Alfreton

Alsop George, Higham
Jepson John, Alfreton
Roberts Samuel, Alfreton
Shelton Mrs. -, Alfreton
Stanley Mrs. -, Alfreton
Towndrow William, Alfreton

Argile Thomas, Alfreton
Haslam Brothers, Swanwick
Ludlam Charles, Pye Bridge
Millward Robert, Park Mill

Bennett William, Summercoates
Wigley George, Alfreton

Clay William, Higham
Clee William, Alfreton
Garrett James, Alfreton
Garrett Rowland, Alfreton

England Joseph, Alfreton
Thirkill Charles (& harness maker), Alfreton

Atkins Hannah, Summercoates
Briffit John, Higham
Burgoyne Henry, Riddings
Davy David, Alfreton
Elliott John, Swanwick
Evans Henry, Greenhill lane
Garratt John, Alfreton
Gregory Henry, Riddings
Haslam Geo. Swanwick
Hollingworth & Green, Summercoates
Lilley William, Alfreton
Machin William, Alfreton
Nicklinson George, Alfreton
Platts Martha Argyl, Summercoates
Robinson John, Swanwick
Robinson Thomas, Summercoates
Swindell Thomas, Alfreton
Tagg James, Greenhill lane
Tagg John, Greenhill lane
Taylor Abraham, Riddings
Wass Rebecca, Summercoates
White Thomas, Higham
Wilbraham Paul, Clay Cross
Wriglesworth George, Alfreton

Bacon Thomas, Alfreton
Beeley John, Clay Cross
Elliott Jonathan, Alfreton
Fletcher Samuel, Alfreton
Parker Hannah, Alfreton
Williams William, Alfreton

Carrington William, Greenhill lane
Peech Richard, Alfreton
Sutcliff John, Alfreton

Bingley Elizabeth, Swanwick
Coning Henry, Alfreton
Parker Elizabeth, Alfreton
Radford Elizabeth, Alfreton
Simpson Mary, Alfreton

Lomas William, Alfreton
Rickards Henry, Alfreton
Spencer Griffin, Alfreton
Wheeler James, Alfreton

Ashmore Thomas, Swanwick
Boot William, Alfreton
Burgoyne Henry, Riddings
Cordon James, Summercoates
Durham Edward, Alfreton
Eaton John, Greenhill lane
Inchbold Emmanuel, Alfreton
Land William, Pye Bridge
Rolley Joseph (& draper) Alfreton
Simpson James, Alfreton
Simpson William, Alfreton
Smith George, Alfreton
Wain George, Clay Cross
Wray William, Alfreton

Angel, George May, Clay Cross
Barley Mow, - Webster, Higham
Black Bull, Grace Clayton, Higham
Black Horse, Sl. Thornhill, Summercoates
Blue Bell, William Radford, Alfreton
Boot and Slipper, Ralph Hollingsworth, Riddings
Buck, George Pendleton, Clay Cross
Castle Inn, Thomas Cupit, Alfreton
Cross Keys, Isaac Tattersall, Swanwick
Dog & Doublet, John Taylor, Pye Bridge
Greyhound, James Widdowson, Higham
Horns, Mary Warton, Higham
Miners Arms, - Hatfield, Swanwick
New Inn, John Maltby, Riddings
Plough, - Bower, Alfreton
Plough, Samuel Cheetham, Higham
Queen's Head, John Peech, Shirland
Red Lion, Abrbm. Briddon, Green hill la
Red Lion, Mrs. Kemp, Alfreton
Rose and Crown, Wm. Castlied, Summercoates
Royal Oak, Robert Smithurst, Alfreton
Seven Stars, Wm. Lomas, Riddings
Shoulder of Mutton, Geo. Mather, Hatfield gate
Three Horse Shoes, Jos. Radford, Alfreton
Three Horse Shoes, Philip Vardey, Stretton
Waggon & Horses, Mrs. Stanley, Alfreton
Wellington, Henry Riley, Shirland
White Bear, Wm. Wainwright, Stretton

Beresford Job, Swanwick
Bingley Elizabeth, Swanwick
Buxton Joseph, Swanwick
Cartlidge John, Summercoates
Clarke James, Summercoates
Green John, Alfreton
Kemp John, Alfreton
Nicklinson George, Alfreton
Robason Thomas, Summercoates
Roe Joseph, Summercoates
Shaw Robert, Alfreton
Stirland John, Summercoates
Turner Robert, Swanwick
Warton Benjamin, Summercoates
Weston Anthony, Swanwick
Wigley George, Alfreton

Cheetham Samuel, Higham
Evans Henry, Greenhill lane
Hill William, Alfreton
Wilson John, Alfreton

Bottom Jas. gardener & seedsman, Alfreton
Coates George, bookseller, stationer, and printer, Alfreton
Durham Martin, coal dealer, Alfreton
Eaton Joseph, basket maker, Alfreton
Everingham William, cooper, Alfreton
Fell Samuel, rope maker, Alfreton
Garrett James, gardener and seedsman, Alfreton
Gibson William, brazier and tinman, Alfreton
Green Thomas, woolcomber and spinner, Alfreton
Hill William, surveyor of roads, &c., Alfreton
Hopkinson William, auctioneer and appraiser, Alfreton
Nicholson George, dealer in smallwares, Alfreton
Radford & Co. candle wick mkrs. Higham
Robert John Shaw, tanner, Shirland
Rollings John, corn factor, Alfreton
Shepherd John, needle maker and dealer in clothes, Alfreton
Slack John, turner and chair maker, Alfreton
Steer Thomas, herb doctor, Alfreton
Sutcliffe John, trunk maker, Alfreton
Thompson Wm. plumber, &c. Alfreton
Willbraham Jno. clock mkr., Summercoates

To BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) calls at the George
Inn, every morning at half-past ten:- and the Quicksilver calls at
the Angel Inn, every morning at ten; both go through Ripley, Derby,
Burton & Lichfield.
To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) calls at the George
Inn, every forenoon at 11:- & the Quicksilver, calls at the Angel,
every afternoon at three; both go through Chesterfield & Dronfield.

To BELPER, Joseph Bond, from his house, every Saturday morning.
To CHESTERFIELD, William Durham and John Kemp, every Tuesday and
Saturday morning
To DERBY, William Walters and John Kemp every Monday & Friday
To NOTTINGHAM, Thomas Topham, every Friday night, and Samuel
Thornley, from Summercoates, and William Wheatley, every Wed. &
Sat. morning.
To WIRKSWORTH, Thos. Topham, every Monday.

To LONDON, & most parts of England from Messrs. Wheatcroft and
Son's, Buckland Hollow, daily.

Description(s) from Pigot and Co's Commercial Directory for Derbyshire, 1835.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in May 1996.

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