Tales and Traditions of the High Peak

By William Wood (1862)

Transcription by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2009


IN bringing out the Second Edition of this work a few words will be well, as explanatory. “Tales and Traditions of the Peak” was the last work of William Wood, of Eyam, who, as a writer, became so well known by his former work, “History of Eyam”. At that time his ardent spirit as an Author was losing its vitality, and for the want of more business push the work appeared to become a loss, but as it became better known the demand soon exhausted the supply, which caused the work to be sold at a premium, as much as 10/6d. having been offered per copy. The Author, soon after the publication, succumbed to the relentless hand of death, and the widow, although provided for, was unable to renew the publication; hence the work became almost lost.

The present Publisher, having a copy at his disposal, has at last succumbed in purchasing the copyright, with a sketch of the Author's life, by Peter Furness, of Eyam, a contemporary author, which he is now publishing. Some portions of the work, through later revelations, may at the present time lead the reader to think it would have been better under revision, but it is his wish to have the same as correct a reprint as possible.

Hoping this work will give a stimulus to the inhabitants of the district, and also a greater interest to the visitor in realizing the life and customs of the people and district which in the bye-gone ages abounded with tradition and romance.


Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in January 2009.

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