Bradwell: Ancient and Modern

A History of the Parish and of Incidents in the Hope Valley.

By Seth Evans (1912)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013

Chapter XXXII.


A Remarkable Chronology.

There will be found compiled below from various sources, in something like chronological order, tragic events that have occurred in towns and villages within a few miles of Bradwell. Though far from complete, the list will, so far as it goes, doubtless be interesting to the inhabitants of the places which they concern. It will be noticed that a large proportion of the fatalities during the last half century have been in the quarries and limeworks of Dove Holes, Peak Forest, and Millers Dale, and a considerable number of other casualties were during the construction of the Midland main line in the early sixties, and the Dore and Chinley line thirty years later.

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  1. Feb. 28th. Thomas Carnal, killed by falling from the Torrs, Eyam Dale.

  2. Sept. 12th. Samuel Ratcliffe, shot in Highlow Wood by Martin Robinson, of Offerton.

  3. Feb. 4th. Elizabeth Trout, starved to death in snow on Sir William.

  4. Feb. 18th. John White, found dead in Eyam Dale.

  5. Dec. Woman starved to death near Edale End.

  6. Dec. Old man at Hope crushed into the fire by a falling beam in his house and roasted to death.

  7. July 10. William Hibbert, killed by a cart at Eyam.

  8. . Man and woman starved to death in snowstorm on Ronksley Moor, Derwent.

  9. Jan. 26th. William Ainsworth, killed in Litton Dale.

  10. William Bradshaw, Castleton, drowned.

  11. Feb. 5th. Stephen Broomhead, starved to death in the snow on Eyam Moor.

  12. May 16th. Hannah Millward, killed by falling down Eyam Dale Rocks.

  13. Nicholas Dakin, drowned at Castleton.

  14. July 12th. Edward Mortin, drowned in a well on Eyam Edge.

  15. May. Lady and gentleman murdered in the Winnatts, Castleton.

  16. Rebecca Cock, drowned at Castleton.

  17. Joseph Flinders, run over by a cart and killed at Castleton.

  18. Samuel Blackwell, killed by fall down a rock in Eyam Dale.

  19. June 27th. Thomas Brettener, burnt to death in a lime kiln in Middleton Dale.

  20. James Blackwell, killed by a horse at Eyam.

  21. Ellen Hall, killed by fall from a horse at Castleton.

  22. Oct. 12th. Joseph Bradshaw, killed by a cart at Eyam.

  23. Aug. 21st. Sarah Mills, drowned herself at Eyam.
    Aug. 30th. Wm. Furness, drowned in a well at Eyam.
    Dec. 30th. John Hadfield, found dead in a field at Eyam.

  24. Joseph Staveley, killed by falling from a hay-loft at Castleton.

  25. June 16th. William Beeley, killed by a horse at Eyam.

  26. Oct. 14th. Joseph Archer drowned in Middleton Mill Dam.

  27. Jan. 26th. Joseph Vernon drowned in the Derwent near Hathersage.

  28. May 24th. Mary Hall, Bretton, killed by lightning.

  29. Thomas Dain, carrier, of Castleton, killed.

  30. Sept. 8th. George Froggatt, died in a ditch at Eyam.

  31. Oct. 30th. Kirk's Cotton Mill, Bamford, burnt down, damages £5,000.

  32. July 14th. James Ridgeway, cut his throat in Bretton Clough.
    Aug. 2nd. Thomas Bagshaw, a child, killed from some steps at Eyam.

  33. John Hall, Castleton, committed suicide.

  34. Dec. 1st. Edmund Cocker, died suddenly in Eyam Church.

  35. July. John Ridgway, killed at Eyam.
    Aug. 28th. Edward Dooley, musician, died suddenly on Eyam Edge.

  36. April 28th. Mary Brittlebank, Eyam. burnt to death.
    Joseph Marrison drowned at Castleton.

  37. Feb. 1st. George Sheldon (47), Tideswell prison keeper and tax collector, starved to death In a snowstorm on Tideswell Moors.

  38. June 11th. Jonathan Fullwood, dropped dead in Eyam Dale.

  39. Longsden, found dead in Magclough.

  40. Samuel Slack, Castleton, committed suicide. Not read over at graveside.

  41. William Shaw, killed by a bull at Eyam.

  42. James Hall, found dead in a field at Castleton.

  43. June 26th. John Wildgoose found dead at Green Lee Barn, Eyam.

  44. Anthony Lingard, Tideswell, executed for the murder of Hannah Oliver, at Wardlow Miers, and gibbetted at Wardlow.

  45. Hannah Bocking (16), executed for poisoning her cousin, Jane Grant, at Litton Lane End.

  46. Three workmen killed by collapse of Cock Bridge, Ashopton.

  47. July. William Wood, of Eyam, murdered near Whaley Bridge.

  48. Mary Unwin, Eyam, fell dead while dancing at a public house.
    July 20th. Wm. L.G. Bagshawe, Esq., Wormhill Hall, murdered by poachers in the river Wye.

  49. Alice Webster, Derwent, killed by horse taking fright when crossing the river Derwent and throwing her into the river.
    Joseph Wyatt, killed by falling out of his cart at Eyam.
    Sarah Handley, drowned in a well at Peak Forest.
    Mary Ann Howe, burnt to death at Tideswell.

  50. Mytham Bridge washed down by a great flood; present bridge built.

  51. William Colman, Castleton, died suddenly from apoplexy.
    Mary Needham, Litton, found dead in bed.
    John Drabble, Foolow, burnt to death.
    Samuel Priestley, Hathersage, found dead en the Moors.
    John Froggatt, Hope, whilst in drink and Quarrelling, got into a rage and fell dead.
    Ann Hadfield, Edale, bled to death.
    Thomas Gregory, Wardlow, fell dead.
    John Henry Morten, Dove Holes, killed by a cart.
    John Vernon, Sparrowpit, killed on the Peak Forest tramway.

  52. William Furness, of Hathersage, killed by an overdose of poison.
    John Dakin, Castleton, run over and killed by horse and cart.
    William Darwent, Thornhill, found dead in the road.
    Polycarpe King, Derwent, fell dead.
    Thomas Taylor, Wormhill, killed by a horse and cart.
    John Dakin, Castleton, run over and killed by a horse and cart.

  53. Wm. Howe, Bradwell, killed by a shot in New Line Quarry, Dove Holes.

  54. Thomas Fox, hung himself at Ashopton.
    Frances Hall, Hathersage, committed suicide by hanging to bedpost.
    Selina Skidmore, killed by a cart at Wormhill.

  55. William Farmer, Litton, killed on Midland Railway construction.
    Ann Wild, Tideswell, found dead in bed.
    Joseph Warhurst, Litton, hung himself in a plantation on Tideswell Moor.
    Richard Robinson, found drowned in the River Wye at Cressbrook.
    John Fox (62), killed in a quarry at Dove Holes.

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  1. Sarah Garlick, Grindleford Bridge burnt to death.
    Sarah Ellen Hudson, Tideswell, found dead in bed.
    Samuel Stone, Litton, killed in Dove Holes Tunnel making.
    John White, Eyam, drowned in a tub of water.
    William Dakin (42), Tideswell, ruptured blood vessel and died.
    Henry Knowles, Litton, killed on Midland Railway construction.
    William Sutton, Tideswell, killed on Midland Railway construction.
    Thomas Birchenough, killed by a shot in Warhurst's Quarry, Dove Holes
    June 26th. Sarah Beeson, Ann Beeson, John Beeson, and Ann Hampton, who lived in a hut formed in the lime ashes hillock in Dove Holes Dale, were killed by the hut falling in. Owing to the swelling of the hillock the sides closed together, the roof fell in and all four were buried alive and suffocated.

  2. Richard Turner (62), Wardlow Miers fell dead.
    George Wilson (66), Tideswell, died instantaneously.
    John Charles Robinson, Tideswell, accidentally suffocated.
    Jonathan Wall, killed in a stone quarry at Calver Sough.
    Thomas Hibbert, Litton, accidentally shot himself.
    Mary Blackwell, Eyam, found dead in bed.
    Thomas Hibbert, accidentally drowned in the Derwent at Calver Bridge
    Thomas Kirk (68), Hope, died through excessive drinking.
    Thomas Somerset (45), Wardlow Miers, killed by falling through the floor of his hay-loft.
    Jeremiah Brown (36), killed on the Midland Railway works at Dove Holes.
    James Jodrell (18), killed on the Midland Railway works by a wagon at Dove Holes.
    John Wildgoose (37), killed on the Midland Railway works at Dove Holes.
    John Daffin (19), killed on the Midland Railway works at Dove Holes.

  3. John Wright (59), Thornhill Moor, died through excessive drinking.
    Richard Hartley (45), Dove Holes, killed by excessive drinking.
    Thomas Brough (59), Dove Holes, killed by a fall of stone on Midland Railway.

  4. Edith Barber (13), Castleton, thrown out of cart and killed.
    Henry Kay (18), Hathersage, killed by a fall from a horse.
    George Hall (60), Castleton, hung himself whilst insane.
    John Murphy (25), killed by a fall of stone on the Midland Railway works, Dove Holes.
    Elizabeth Barnes (1), Dove Holes, died from exposure and want.

  5. Abraham Frude (55), Hathersage, fell dead.
    George Fisher (22), killed in a stone quarry at Hathersage.
    William Ashmore (58), killed by falling out of a cart at Thornhill Moor.
    James Taylor (77), Eyam, found dead in bed.
    Catherine Hobson (66), Hathersage, died by the visitation of God.
    Hannah Dakin (3), Tideswell, found drowned.
    Luke Needham (69), Wormhill, fell dead through over-exertion

  6. Mary Robinson (44), Foolow, died by the visitation of God.
    Martha Vaines (12), killed on the railway at Peak Forest Station.
    Alfred Fletcher (16), killed in a quarry in Dove Holes Dale.
    George Garlick (24), killed in a stone quarry in Dove Holes Dale.

  7. John Slinn (62), Grindleford Bridge, died by the visitation of God.
    Peter Unwin (66), Eyam, found dead in bed.

  8. Thomas Holme (56), Bamford, hung himself whilst insane.
    John Garlick (12), Grindleford Bridge. (drowned when bathing).
    Dinah Marsden (6), Grindleford Bridge, burnt to death.
    Thomas Drabble (75), Hathersage, died in a fit of apoplexy.
    William Swindell (70), Windmill, died by the visitation of God.
    Francis Palfreyman (84), Litton, when returning home from prayer meeting at Wesleyan Chapel, fell into a quarry and was killed.
    Sarah Ann Schofield (38), Hathersage Booths, died instantaneously.
    Elizabeth Elliott (81), Hathersage, killed by falling downstairs.

  9. Francis Millward (30), killed by falling down rock at Millers Dale.
    George Broomhead (13), Foolow, killed by horse and cart.
    Ann Shakespeare, Hathersage, found dead in bed.
    George Hibbs (50), Little Hucklow. killed crossing railway at Peak Forest.

  10. Joseph Fox, killed in stone quarry at Dove Holes.
    John Frith, killed in a stone quarry at Dove Holes.

  11. August 7th, Henry Vines, fell down rock at Blackwell Mill Junction.
    Nov. 5th, James Garside, killed in a lime kiln at Potts and Jackson's, Dove Holes.

  12. March 31st, John Hayward, killed in a lead mine at Peaks Hill, Peak Forest.
    April 26th, John Storer, fell into a lime kiln at Potts and Jackson's, Dove Holes, and was burnt to ashes. Nothing was found but his knife blade, a few buttons, and one or two small bones, and these were interred in a cigar box in the Primitive Methodist burial ground. Dove Holes.
    June 7th. Edwin Taylor, killed in Chee Tor Tunnel, Wormhill.
    August 8th, Robert Potts fell dead in the street at Dove Holes.
    Nov. 24th, Sarah Fletcher died instantaneously at Peak Forest.

  13. January 22nd, Rachel Harrott died suddenly at Dove Holes.
    March 13th. Thomas Cartwright killed whilst shunting at Millers Dale.
    May 12th. Ellen Mullins, fell dead in Dove Holes Dale.
    Nov. 28th. an unknown man found drowned in Barmoor Clough.

  14. January 11th. Henry Lomas killed whilst shunting at Bibbington, Dove Holes.
    May 3rd, William Catlin cut his throat at Hargate Wall, Wormhil.
    June 12th, Dr. Alfred Cottrill fell dead in the road at Millers Dale.

  15. March 22nd, George Clayton, killed in Great Rocks Quarry, Peak Forest.
    March 27th, Samuel Barber killed by falling from a plank at Wainwright Works, Peak Forest.

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  1. June 6th, Moses Sheldon found drowned in Barmoor Clough.
    Nov. 8th, Joseph Heath, killed by the explosion of a pistol in Bibbington's Smithy, Dove Holes.

  2. January 12th, George Pearson killed by a stone at Wainwright's Works, Peak Forest.
    April 1st, John Mosley shot himself in a railway carriage near Millers Dale.
    June 16th, Owen Evans hanged himself in a barn at Perry Foot, Peak Forest.
    July 27th. Thomas Derbyshire fell dead at work at Dove Holes.
    Sept. 10th, Benjamin Mycock, crushed to death by waggons on the tramway at Dove Holes.

  3. March 11th, John Brown killed by a train in Dove Holes Tunnel.
    Oct. 8th, George Mellor killed by a horse and cart in Barmoor Clough.

  4. June 6th, Francis Garlick killed by falling down cellar steps at Upper End.
    June 6th, James Lomas crushed to death by waggons at Beswick's, Peak Forest Station.
    August 4th, Thomas Hawley found dead in a lane at Upper End.
    Nov. 6th, Ada Dicken drowned in a reservoir at Upper End.

  5. In July, Robert Clayton (28), killed by falling down Wainwright's quarry, Peak Forest.
    August 16th, John Kenyon (56), Grindleford Bridge, fell dead in Marquis of Granby, Bamford.
    Sept. 8th, George Berrisford, run over by a waggon at Bibbington's Works, Dove Holes.
    Oct. 22nd. John Hall, of Bradwell, killed in M.S. and L. Quarries, Peak Forest Station.
    Nov. 23rd, James Dakin (57), Castleton, died from hydrophobia caused by a dog bite.
    Dec. 1st, Annie Wheeldon, died suddenly in bed at Higher Bibbington, Dove Holes.
    Dec. 12th. Mary Ball, found dead in bed at Dove Holes.

  6. Jan. 2nd, Martin Mullins (50), Dove Holes, killed by falling down Bibbington's Quarry, Dove Holes.
    May 24th. John Bower, found dead in bed at Laneside Farm, Peak Forest.
    June 23rd, John Brough, killed by a railway train at Dove Holes.
    Oct. 5th. Walter Gould, Spring House, Hope, killed by fall from his horse at Hathersage.

  7. Dec. 27th. George Platt, Bamford, found dead in a cowhouse.
    Dec. 27th, Samuel Austin (53), killed by falling down Bibbington's quarry, Dove Holes.

  8. Jan. 1st, Isaac Wilson (40), killed by falling over a wall at Hathersage Booths, when “letting the new year in”.
    Jan. 4th, Joseph Longden (30), killed by a fall of stone at Great Rocks quarries, Peak Forest.
    Jan. 5th, John Bagshawe (10), Wormhill, fell when crossing a bridge over the River Wye, and was drowned.
    Jan. 12th, John Lomas (16), killed by machinery in Beswick's blacksmith's shop, Peak Dale.
    Feb. 10th. John Bocking Darwent (74), Thornhill, a well-known Primitive Methodist local preacher, found dead on the sofa.
    Feb. 12th. James Goddard (36), killed by a fall of stone in the Great Central Quarries, Dove Holes.

  9. April 9th, Robert Howe (54), Litton, killed by a runaway horse at Millers Dale.
    May 26th, Thomas Fox (45), killed by falling down the rock in Furness's Quarry, Eyam Dale.
    June 12th, Allen Walker ((35), Tideswell, accidentally thrown down the shaft at Norwood Colliery and killed.

  10. Samuel Cock (40), found dead in bed at Castleton.
    July 26th, Hannah Longden, found dead in her chair at the Clown Inn, Dove Holes.
    Aug. 17th, Sissie Gaunt, Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Bamford, accidentally poisoned by sucking lucifer matches.
    Aug. 31st, William Boothby (14), Higher Bibbington, Dove Holes, killed by lightning whilst reading the Bible. Five other persons injured.
    December, Charles Hodkin (74), starved to death on Froggatt Edge Moors.

  11. Jan. 6th, William Hall (59), postmaster, Castleton, died suddenly.
    July 26th. Walter Hall Walker (17), Riding House Farm, Derwent, killed by an avalanche of snow falling upon him whilst shepherding.
    Oct. 15th. William Webb, Bamford, found dead in bed.
    Oct. 31st. John Hibbert (32), killed by a waggon at Heathcott's quarry, Dove Holes.
    Nov. 26th, Rev. Charles Smith (56), rector of Bamford, fell unconscious in the Post Ofifioe, and died in a few hours.
    Dec. 2nd, Hugh Isaac Cooper (7), died as a result of swallowing a halfpenny.

  12. Feb. 4th, Joseph Harrott (20), shot in Bibbington's quarry, Dove Holes.
    May 18th, Samuel Simpson (11), killed by a fall whilst bird nesting, at Dale Head Farm, Tideswell.
    May 14th, Eyre, of Great Hucklow, killed on new railway works at Dore.
    July 24th, Thomas Millward, Litton Mill, killed on the railway at Millers Dale.
    Aug. 12th, Benjamin Clayton, accidentally shot with his own gun in his house on Tideswell Moor.
    Nov. 5th, Richard Green, killed in Grindleford Tunnel.

  13. Jan. 31st. John Wm. Bradbury (13), Tideswell, killed by falling down the face of a quarry at Millers Dale.
    March 7th, John Thomas Cooper (3i), of Eyam, burnt to death.
    March 8th, John Marsden, killed by a fall of rock in a quarry at Peak Dale.
    March 19th, Abraham Cooper, killed by fall at a Peak Dale lime kiln.
    March 26th. Wm. Bland, Farnley Eyam, died suddenly.
    March, Jonathan R. Hall, killed on the L. and N.W. Railway, Dove Holes.
    May 28th, John Daniel Hodson (31), poisoned himself at the Snake Inn, Woodlands.
    June 18th, Sidney John Rosewell (28). killed in Edale railway cutting.
    July 8th, George Chappell (8), killed by falling down rocks at Peak Forest.
    Aug. 11th. William Slinn, killed by machinery on Dore and Chinley Railway works, Edale.
    Sept 5th. John Higginson, water bailiff, Mytham Bridge, fell dead on the banks of the Derwent.

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  1. Oct. 29th. Thomas Hartle (34), Dove Holes, killed on the railway at Manchester.

  2. Jan 10th, Walter Mosby (28), killed in Edale Tunnel on railway works.
    Jan 24th, Mary Pickford, Litton, died from exposure, consequential on a fall during a fit.
    Feb. 4th, Job Hodgkinson (67), run over and killed in Peak Forest Tunnel.
    February 22nd, Samuel Eyre, Great Hucklow, burnt to death.
    April 30th, John Marriner (32), cut his throat at Hathersage.
    Aug. 15th, James Storer fell into a lime kiln and was burnt to death at Dove Holes.
    Sept. 17th, Thomas Smith (26), killed by a shot in Great Rocks quarry. Peak Forest.
    Oct. 4th, Rev. A.B. Camm, Blackpool, fell from a train in Peak Forest Tunnel.
    Nov. 19th, Martha Dawson, Cressbrook, drowned herself.
    Dec. 1st, Albert Schofield, killed by a fall of clay from the side of the cutting on the Dore and Chinley Railway works at Padley Wood, Hathersage.
    Dec. 3rd, Herbert Twiner crushed to death between two waggons on railway works at Padley Wood.
    Dec. 8th, Ethelbert Swindell (23), Bamford, killed at Oughtibridge Kailway Station.

  3. January 13th, Joseph King, killed by a waggon at the railway works at Padley Wood.
    Feb. 24th, John Moulson, Peak Forest. killed by an explosion in Ashwood Dale Quarries.
    Walter Gilbert, Tideswell, killed at Edgeley Station, Stockport.
    April 11th, Roger Barber (37), found killed in Bibbington's Quarries, Dove Holes.
    April 22nd. Charles Ronksley (21), Hathersage, killed on Dore and Chinley Railway works.
    May 2lst. James Millward (60), Stoney Middleton, cut his throat.
    May 30th. Anthony Potter (27), Castleton, killed in Cowburn Tunnel, Edale.
    June 3rd. Bernard Robinson, Tideswell, fatally injured in Buxton Lime Firm's quarries at Millers Dale.
    June 16th. an unknown man, tatooed “E.J.P.” found drowned at Peak Forest.
    June 16th. Whitfield Watson (30), run over and killed by waggons on the new railway works, Edale.
    Nov. 8th. Isaac Watts, drowned whilst crossing over stones in River Derwent, Hathersage.
    Nov. 10th. Mary Ann Hunstone (64), Tideswell, committed suicide with a razor.
    Nov. 1st, James Fletcher, Peak Forest, burnt to death at Beswick's Lime Kilns.

  4. Jan. 18th. William Tym, Hope, killed by fall from a cart.
    Jan. 22nd. Henry Jones, Hathersage, killed by falling into a culvert at Padley Saw Mills.
    Jan. 22nd, John William Gerrard (14), killed by a fall of refuse from a lime kiln at Small Dale Lime Works, Peak Forest.
    May 18th. William Wainwright, killed by wagonette at Hathersage.
    May 27th. Harriett Townsend, drowned in the river Wye at Litton.

  5. June 16th. --- Edwards, killed by a runaway horse on railway works at Edale, at Dove Holes Station.
    July 1st, William Barker (70), fell dead.
    July 8th, Reuben Leech, Tideswell, killed by a train on the railway at Peak Forest.
    Sept. 9th. Benjamin Mansbridge, killed by a locomotive in Midland cutting near Peak Forest.
    Sept. 16th. Percival James Wallington, drowned at Hill Farm, Wormhill.
    Sept. 21st, Mary Alice Porter (2), scalded to death in a bucket of hot water at Great Rocks Farm, Wormhill.
    Sept. 26th, Gertrude Howe, Brook Bottom, Tideswell, burnt to death through dress catching fire at a candle.

  6. Jan. 22nd. Joseph Eley (48), Millers Dale, died suddenly.
    Feb. 6th. Reginald Broom, accidentally killed by a fall at Taddington.
    March 7th, Mary Ann Cooper (18), Peak Dale, drowned in Wye, Buxton.
    March 21st, Jonathan Howe (34), shot himself at Castleton.
    May 26th. Mary Walker, a native of Castleton, died very suddenly at Bakewell.
    June 14th. John Oag, [sic] killed on railway at Edale.
    July 5th. Henry Lawton (43), run over and killed at Hope.
    Oct. 24th, Martha Unwin, Stoney Middleton, accidentally suffocated.
    Dec. 20th. Dr. George Sibley Hicks, of Eyam, died from an overdose of laudanum.

  7. March 17th. George Hardy (56), Castleton, ruptured a blood vessel when fighting with another man and died.
    April 16th, John Cheetham (82), formerly chemist, found dead on his house floor at Hope.
    July 18th, Eliaabeth Roebuck, found killed in Dove Holes tunnel, having fallen from a train.
    July 25th. John Wilson (65), Thornhill, cut his throat whilst temporarily insane.
    Aug. 5th, William Tingle, found dead in Burbage Brook, Hathersage.
    Sept. 23rd. George Maltby (35), crushed to death by dray at Monsal Dale.
    Oct. 7th, Fredk. Slack (26), Tideswell. killed by jumping out of a trap when horse was running away.
    Nov. 18th. Mrs. Pearson, widow of Jos. Pearson, of Little Hucklow, fell dead at Upper End, Peak Dale.
    Nov. 25th, Ann Wain, Eyam, burnt to death.

  8. July 2nd, Elizabeth Cooper (23), a visitor from Manchester, killed by falling from Peveril Castle into Cave Dale, Castleton.
    July 3rd, John Power, found dead on the railway at Peak Forest.
    October 11th. Mary Ellen Johnson, drowned at Upper End, Peak Dale.
    October 12th. Charles Neath, killed on the L. & N.W. Railway at Dove Holes.
    Nov. 5th. John Woollen found drowned in the river Derwent near Hathersage.

  9. Jan. 16th. Robert James Hallam, Stoney Middleton, hung himself.
    Jan. 31st. John Fletcher (43), Ivy House Farm, Peak Forest, hung himself in a barn.
    Feb. 10th. James Bennett, Dove Holes, killed by a fall of stone in “Victory” Quarry.

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  1. March 9th. Thomas Wm. Ludlow (36). sigmalman, Peak Forest, when knocking twigs from telegraph wires, wall collapsed and he was killed.
    March 30th. James Shallcross (32), found drowned in Litton Mill dam.
    April 19th. John Ward West (66), Bamford, died from heart disease after a fall.
    July 29th. Herbert Gilman (17), Litton Mill, shot himself in Marple Hall Park.
    Aug. 27th, Harry Leech, Tideswell, killed by a fall of stone in Millers Dale quarry.
    Sept. 8th, Richard Brown Berry, a Bolton visitor to Castleton, died very suddenly.
    Oct. 27th, Samuel Hodgkinson (48), Tideswell, killed on the railway at Millers Dale.
    Nov. 19th. Abraham Yeomans, killed by falling downstairs at Stoney Middleton.

  2. March 18th. James Ashmore, Tideswell, killed by a fall of clay at Great Rocks quarries, Peak Forest.
    April 23rd, John Henry Mosley, killed by being thrown from a cart at Millers Dale.
    July 5th, William Hoyle, Peak Forest, died in Holding's quarry, Dove Holes.
    July 5th. Edmund Bennett (29), shot in Great Rocks quarry, Peak Forest.
    Nov. 5th. Mary Hannah Vernon (39). killed by falling downstairs at Dove Holes.

  3. April 14th. Elizabeth Grace Broome, suffocated in bed with her parents, at Poynton Cross Farm, Hucklow.
    April 15th. George William Goodwin, killed by fall of stone in a quarry at Dove Holes.
    June 15th, Mrs. James Carrington, Edale, found dead in bed.
    Aug. 25th. Mrs. Lily Middleton (25), Bamford, found dead in bed.
    Sept. 30th. Chas. Wm. Bowden, drowned in Litton Mill dam.
    Oct. 20th, James Lewis (62), fell dead at Great Rocks kiln, Peak Forest.
    Dec. 29th, William E.D. Palmer, killed by an engine at Millers Dale.
    Nov. 8th, Hugh Stafford (32), killed by an explosion in Holderness quarry. Dove Holes.

  4. March 18th, funeral at Stocksbridge, both on one day, of Charlotte Evans and Wilfred Evans, mother and son, formerly of Bradwell.
    Mar. 26th, Esther Ellen Lee (3), scalded to death in a bucket of hot water at Dove Holes.
    Sept. 6th. Esther Mycock, burnt to death at Taddington.
    Oct 15th. Martha Green, killed by a fall at Wormhill.
    Dec. 23rd. Gladys Broome (1½), crushed to death by a cow at Hucklow.

  5. Jan. 9th. George Jackson, Peak Dale, found hanged.
    Mar. 15th. Samuel Booth, Hathersage. found hanged.
    May 12th. Samuel Gibson, Litton, found hanged.
    May 22nd. George Jackson, Tideswell, drowned himself at Peak Forest.
    Aug. 13th, George Hodkin (58), fell dead in a quarry at Peak Forest.
    Oct. 12th. Emily Sellars, and her daughter, Emily, found drowned on the Hall Farm, Litton.

  6. Jan. 10th. Joseph Walton (60), Tideswell, fell back in his chair and died.
    Jan. 13th. John Jackson, John Flint and Henry Swindells, of Tideswell, knocked down and killed by an engine when walking on the railway at Millers Dale.
    Jan. 13th, John Samuel Berrisford (18), killed by a wagon at Bibbington's Works, Dove Holes.
    Mar. 12th, Isaac Hadfield, killed by an engine at Great Central Railway Co.'s quarry, Peak Dale.
    May 12th. Annie Gertrude Hepworth, Tideswell, strangled herself.
    July 17th, Charles Smith Herrington, killed by a fall at Eyam.
    Aug. 20th, William Greenhalgh, killed by a pole falling on his head at Tideswell Gas Works.

  7. Feb. 12th, William Brewster, killed by a wagon running down an incline at Bole Hill Quarries, Hathersage.
    April 23rd, A child, named Robinson, suffocated in bed with its parents at Stoney Middleton.
    May 1st. George Furness, drowned in the Delph, at Eyam.
    May 4th. John Webster, killed by a train, at Peak Forest Station.
    Aug. 31st. John Marsh Robinson (45), thrown from his horse and killed at Bamford.
    Sept. 6th. John Hill, killed by a fall in New Lime quarry, Peak Forest.
    Oct. 14th. Henry Watson (47), killed by fall from a hay-loft at Castleton.

  8. May 17th. John Robinson Gregory hung himself at Hathersage.
    May 20th, Matilda Rawles (26), found dead on the house floor at Hope.
    June 25th, John Evans killed by a fall at Derwent Valley Water Board's quarry, Hathersage.
    July 4th. Charles Henry Bullard, killed by a crane balance weight falling upon him at the quarries, Hathersage.
    July 13th. William Allen Guthrie, found drowned in the river Derwent at Hathersage.
    July 8th, Frederick Garlick, killed by an explosion of cheddite in Bibbington's quarry, Dove Holes.
    Oct. 19th, Sarah Dean, Tideswell, died suddenly during an operation under chloroform.
    Nov. 22nd, John Brown (55), found starved to death at Bamford.

  9. Jan. 2nd, An unknown man found starved to death on Hathersage Moors.
    Jan. 24th, Jane Ann Blackwell, killed by a fall at Tideswell.
    June 23rd, Herbert Lomas, Litton, drowned himself.
    July 4th. James Sheldon, hang himself at Hathersage.
    Aug. 26th. Mary Elizabeth Jones (21). drowned herself at Bamford.
    Dec. 9th. an unknown man hung himself at Bamford.

  10. June 12th. Thomas Barker (37), drowned himself at Bamford.
    Sept. 10th. Andrew Henry Dungworth, poisoned himself at Hathersage.
    Dec. 4th. James Allcock (3), burnt to death at Dove Holes.

  11. Jan. 2nd. William Wilson, hung himself at Peak Dale.
    Mar. 6th. Edward Kirk, killed by being thrown from a cart at Dove Holes.
    Aug. 12th. Joseph Vernon (54), Sparrowpit, killed by an explosion in the quarry at Peak Forest.
    Sent 4th. John Thomas Heath and William Fletcher, blown to pieces by

[Page 120]

an explosion of gunpowder whilst blasting in Great Rocks quarries, Peak Dale.

  1. Nov. 4th, Thomas Gibson, killed by a fall of stone in Great Rocks quarry. Peak Dale.
    Nov. 12th, Joseph Martin, killed by a train on the railway at Peak Forest.

  2. March 11th. Reggie Walker (2), burnt to death at Tideswell.
    April 21st, Robert How (81), barmaster, of Castleton, died from an accidental fall.
    July 20th, Thomas Gould, drowned whilst fishing in the river Derwent at Hathersage.
    Aug. 7th. an unknown man jumped in front of a train at Thornhill and was cut to pieces.
    Aug. 27th. Kathleen Mary Revill (3), drowned in the Hay Brook, Hathersage.
    Nov. 26th. Arthur Bingham (2), burnt to death at Peak Dale.

  3. Jan. 1st. Samuel Blackwell, died from concussion of the brain at Eyam.
    Jan. 5th. Tom Peel, was felling a tree at Hathersage, when a branch fell upon him and he was killed.
    Jan. 18th. M. Strickland accidentally suffocated at Hathersage.
    Feb. 12th. John Iredale, killed by falling downstairs at Tideswell.
    March 13th. Isaac Makinson strangled himself at Hathersage.
    April 7th. Edith Annie Rowbotham (3), drowned at Bamford.
    April 20th. Hannah Bramwell, death accelerated by a fall at Tideswell.
    Aug. 12th. Archibald Jerram drowned whilst bathing in the river Derwent at Froggatt.
    Aug. 9th. John Wells, killed in a collision of a bogey and engine at Bole Hill quarry, Hathersage.

  4. Mar. 11th. Teresa Biggin (11), killed by a fall at Hathersage.
    April 21st. William Garlick, killed by a fall of stone in the Buxton Lime quarries, Peak Dale.
    April 27th. Fred Vernon, shot in an explosion whilst blasting at Dove Holes.
    June 11th. Annie Furness, strangled herself whilst not responsible for her actions at Tideswell.
    Sept. 29th. Robert Bingham, Peak Dale, died from blood poisoning from an injury to his fingers whilst quarrying.
    Oct. 22nd. Robert Cotterill (58), fell dead from his chair at Bamford.
    Dec. 23rd. Mary Jackson cut her throat at Eyam.

  5. Feb. 20th. Thomas Beverley, Castleton, cut his throat in a stable during temporary insanity.
    May 1st. Hamlet Tattersall, electrocuted at Great Rocks Siding, Peak Dale.
    June 23rd. Blanche Wilkin cut her throat during insanity at Hathersage.
    In June. William Hulley (60), killed by a waggon at Holdernesa lime works. Dove Holes.
    June 14th. William Hawley Mycock, killed at Calton Hill quarry, Taddington.
    Aug. 25th. Herbert Brooks killed by a waggon at Perseverance Lime Works, Peak Dale, Dove Holes.
    Oct. 16th. Andrew John Roche (63), steward for the Duke of Norfolk, fell into the River Derwent and died from exposure.
    Dec. Mrs. Amelia Seaman (83), Tideswell, died from shock after accidental burns.

OCR/transcript by Rosemary Lockie in February 2013.

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