Bradwell: Ancient and Modern

A History of the Parish and of Incidents in the Hope Valley.

By Seth Evans (1912)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2013

Chapter XXII.


Peaklanders are noted for their longevity, and none more so than those in this district. Here are those over fourscore during the last 100 years. These indicate the long-lived families:-

  1. John Barnsley, Netherwater, 101.

  2. Widow Hannah Wragg, New Wall Nook, 81; Widow Hannah Elliott, 95; Widow Ann Middleton, Hazlebadge, 87.

  3. Ann Bradshaw, 84; Widow May Burrows, 86; Martin Middleton, Hazlebadge, 9). [sic - maybe 90?]

  4. Widow Jane Evans, Smalldale, 82; Joseph Hibbs, 83.

  5. Thomas Middleton, 91.

  6. John Ellis, 84.

  7. George Barnsley, Netherwater, 82; Rebecca Hallam, 89; George Bramall, Smalldale, 90.

  8. Mary Morton, 84.

  9. Widow Hannah Ashmore, 83.

  10. Widow Ann Hill, 81.

  11. Daniel Stafford, Smalldale, 82.

  12. Nancy Hall, Cotes, 80.

  13. Christopher Jackson, Smalldale, 82; Sarah Sidebottom, Brough, 92.

  14. Mary Middleton, 81.

  15. Robert Middleton, 80.

  16. John Eyre, 81.

  17. Robert Bradbury, 83, died at Marple.

  18. Robert Middleton, 85; Elizabeth Elliott, Smalldale, 83.

  19. Robert Hawksworth, 84; Betty Jackson, Smalldale, 88.

  20. Maria Barber, 80; Ann Taylor, 87.

  21. Thomas Middleton, 92; Edward Middleton, Smalldale, 82.

  22. Ellen Cheetham, 89.

  23. Robert Middleton, 94; George Littlewood, 82; Thomas Hill, 83.

  24. Sarah Hallam, 80; Robert Maltby, 84.

  25. William Bramall, Smalldale, 83.

  26. William Kenyon, 81; Adam Morton, 88; Ann Palfreyman, 80.

  27. Ann Eyre, 84.

  28. Edward Hartle, 94.

  29. Jane Sidebottom, Brough, 86; Hannah Kenyon, 82; Joseph Elliott, 83.

  30. Durham Wragg, 83.

  31. Isaac Middleton, 84; Robert Hall, 87.

  32. George Goodwin, 88; Martha Elliott, 80.

  33. George Elliott, 82; William Bocking, 87.

  34. Charles Middleton, hatter, 83; Richard Middleton, 88.

  35. Betty Hall, 85; Mary Bennett, 80; William Stafford, Smalldale, 88.

  36. Mary Bradwell, 80; Charity Maltby, 83.

  37. George Fox. Hazlebadge Hall, 80; Martha Bocking, 81; Ellis Eyre, 88.

  38. Robert Middleton, hatter, 82.

  39. Betty Barber, 88.

  40. Fanny Somerset, 81; Mary Elliott, The Hills, 80.

  41. John Middleton, Town Bottom, 82; Olive Burrows, Smalldale, 85.

  42. Rev. Joseph Hibbs, 80.

  43. George Middleton (pinner), 83.

  44. Nancy Dakin, 83; Mary Maltby, 87; Robert Furness, 81: Joan Stafford, 85.

  45. Obadiah Stafford, 87; Charlotte Hallam, 81.

  46. John Hallam, farmer, 81; Jacob Hallam, 82; Ruth Bocking, 82.

  47. Joshua Jaffrey, 82; Barbara Middleton, 87.

  48. Joseph Bradwell, Town Gate, 83; Deborah Elliott, 100, died at New Mills; William Jeffery, Hill Head, 85; Wm. Longden, 80.

  49. Mary Hallam, Smithy Hill, 88; Benjamin Giles, 81.

  50. Rev. Robert Shenton, 83; Isaac Eyre, 87; Hannah Palfreyman, 86; Betty Hall, 83; William Hill, 82.

  51. Daniel Bocking, 80.

  52. Rebecca Hall, 84; Hannah Middleton, 83.

  53. William Jeffrey, 82: Abraham Ashmore, Smalldale, 88.

  54. Ann Eyre, 80; Hannah Cheetham, 83.

  55. Hannah Howe, Overgate, 81.

  56. Hannah Pearson, died in Sheffield, 91; Susan Cockerton, 81.

  57. Joseph Bradwell, 80.

  58. Joab Hallam, 82; Thomas Walker, Hills, 87.

  59. Job Middleton, 85; Nancy Morton, 87; Abram Wilson, 90.

  60. Hannah Andrew, 85.

  61. Elizabeth Humphrey, 82; Elizabeth Eyre, 80; Samuel Bradbury, blacksmith, 61.

  62. Isaac Cooper, 82.

  63. Harriett Middleton, Smalldale, 84.

  64. Harriett Sarah Oldfield, 84; Harriott Middleton, 80.

  65. Robert Bradwell, 91; William Barber, 81.

  66. Thomas Ford, The Hills, 90; Mary Ford, his wife, 88; John Cheetham, Smalldale, 80; Mary Middleton, Gervase, 87.

  67. Rachel Hallam, Within Housie, 80; Ellen Cooper, 81.

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  1. Robert Middleton, Town Gate, 85; Caroline Brookes, 85; George Needham, Windmill, 88; Samuel Longden, 83.

  2. Mrs. Charlotte Hill, Sheffield, 81; Joseph Bradwell, died at Longstone, 83; Charity Middleton, Smalldale, 82.

Some Tragic Deaths.

Below will he found, in something like chronological order, some deaths of a tragic character during the last century:-

  1. (about) Wharton, found killed in a field near Eccles; supposed to have been murdered.

  2. Thomas Bagshaw, Hazlebadge, hanged himself in a barn.
    Rev. John Wright, Wesleyan minister, Bradwell, died suddenly whilst preaching at Peak Forest.

  3. August 9th, Joseph Wright (70), killed by a horse on his farm in Smalldale.

  4. Robert Middleton (freehold), a prominent Wesleyan, died through excitement after result of general election.

  5. November 8th, Edwin Fox, thrown out of his cart and killed near New Wall Nook.

  6. Mary Ann Bocking, Shoulder of Mutton Inn, died under tragic circumstances through loss of blood.

  7. Sept. 9th, Richard Walker (62), blacksmith, cut his throat in a barn.

  8. Martin Middleton Bland, Abney, killed and disembowelled in a horrible manner in a hayfield.

  9. William Howe, Bradwell, both legs blown off and killed when blasting at Peak Forest.

  10. William Hallam, Brough, drowned in River Noe.

  11. Sarah Maltby (51), died suddenly from paralysis of the heart.
    Sept. 19th, Joshua Hallam, killed by being thrown from a load of coal in Cave Dale, Bradwell. Cart overturned and killed the horse and driver.

  12. John Kirkby (49), ruptured blood vessel and died immediately.

  13. Dec. 2nd, William Bennett (56), miner, fell dead in Thomas Bradwell's grocer's shop. Town Gate.

  14. Martha Middleton (73), died suddenly from fatty heart.

  15. Oct. 10th, Charles Pearson (79), of Brough House, fell dead in the Newburgh Arms Inn, when attending a property sale.

  16. October. Samuel Howe (63), miner, died suddenly in his chair after returning from work.

  17. Thomas Middleton, farmer, Abney Grange, killed by lightning.

  18. May 18th. Edward Middleton (62). Hugh Lane, died suddenly after attending a miners' meeting at the “Bull's Head”.

  19. Mary Hallam, Hill Head, died suddenly from heart disease.

  20. May 11th. Elkanah Morton (65), Hungry Lane, died suddenly in his chair.

  21. May. Mrs. Margaret Fox (56), Hazlebadge Hall, found dead in bed.

  22. Sept 7th. John Andrew (67) Hollow Gate, killed by falling from a load of hay.

  23. ct 20th, John Hall (42). killed in a stone quarry at Dove Holes.

  24. March 19th Francis Palfreyman (6), died suddenly on his father's knee. March 31st, Robert, Middleton (75), hatter, The Hills, died instantaneously.

  25. May 29th. Matthew James Buttery (47), Smalldale, hung himself in his house when the police were searching for the body of his wife. Mrs. Buttery was never found, and what became of her still remains a mystery.
    Dec. 27th, Elizabeth Middleton (4), daughter of Samuel Middleton, Hollow Gate, burnt to death.

  26. May 3rd, George Barnsley (23), Netherwater Farm, found dead in his house.

  27. November 25th, Ann Walker (70), wife of Thos. Walker. The Hills, fell dead on the floor.

  28. October 7th. Elizabeth Cooper (40), wife of George Henry Cooper, died from fright.

  29. Dec. 3rd. Joseph Bland (30), killed at Abney. by his horse and cart.

  30. Ellen Wilson (64), found dead in bed. May 27th. John Broadbent, blacksmith, and his wife Louie, both died and were buried on the same day.

  31. March 17th, Abraham Cooper, 36, Church Street, killed by falling from a plank into a deep cutting at Peak Forest.

  32. February 17th. Roger Hall (54), Little Hucklow. killed by a shot on Dore and Chinley Railway.
    June 27th, Elizabeth Bennett (69), killed by horse and trap at Town End.
    August 29th, Thomas Harrison (69), Smalldale, killed by a cart at Peak Forest.
    Oct. 10th. Miss Harriett Middleton (64). killed by falling down cellar steps at Sheffield.
    Nov. 15th. Mary Middleton (70), Farther Hill, found dead in bed.

  33. Dec. 20th. Joseph Hall (61). blacksmith Nether Side, and Esther, his wife (63). both buried on one day.

  34. April 7th, Mary Walker (45), wife of George Walker, The Hills, left her bed in the night and fell down Bradwell Dale rocks.
    August 16th, Theresa Marsh (43), Little Hucklow, died from intemperate habits, probably accelerated by drinking laudanum.

  35. February 28th, Mary Ann Cooper (18), found drowned in the River Wye, at Buxton.
    April 4th. William Henry Draycott, late master of Bradwell Church School, and organist at church, died from alcoholic poisoning and exposure on Clifton Downs.

  36. January 7th, Thomas Middleton (26), a native of Bradwell, fell dead when on his way to work at Peak Forest.
    Dec. 25th, Benjamin Middleton (50), miner, found dead in his house in Hugh Lane

  37. June 12th, Hannah Bocking (63), fell dead in the kitchen whilst at work.
    June 17th, George Walker (47), miner, fell dead whilst at work in his garden.
    June 25th, Joseph Noble Dixon (67), Woodcroft, retired Inspector of Lighthouses, found dead in his chair with a newspaper in his hand.
    John Bradwell (39), Church Street, fell dead from the seat of his wagonette in the railway station yard.

  38. Sept. 11th. William Hayward (70), farmer, Coplowdale, run over by his horse and cart in Bradwell Dale and killed.
    February 11th. George B. Hawksworth (39), Dialstone Villas, died after breaking his leg coming from Outland Head.

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Aug. 28th. Isaac Daniel Hill (62), Station Road, killed by falling out of a trap.
Sept. 25th, Emma Alice Ashton (47), Little Hucklow,, died from heart disease.
Nov. 25th, Harriett Bradwell (75), Yard Head, died very suddenly in bed.

  1. July 13th, John Christopher Hancock (18), son of the Rev. John Hancock, Primitive Methodist, lost at sea.
    Nov. 9th, Sarah Cramond (77), wife of James A. Cramond, tailor, killed by falling downstairs.

  2. August 23rd, George Bancroft (65), stone mason, killed by falling from a new house in Stretfield.
    May 12th, Robert Morton Palfreyman (12), run over by a traction engine and killed.
    November 5th, Abraham Furness (75), killed by a fall of stone in Pindale Quarry.

  3. February 23rd, Frederic Cyril Truelove (20), died suddenly.

  4. Samuel Howe (58), killed in Bradwell Dale quarry.

  5. February 25th, Ruth Hallam (four months), Little Hucklow, accidentally suffocated in bed.
    November 4th, William H. Hallam, killed by a locomotive at Barnsley.
    July 11th, Amariah Cooper (59), Little Hucklow, hung himself.

  6. August 7th, Maria Burrows (49), died suddenly.

  7. January 27th, Caroline Bradwell (one year), scalded to death.
    February 21st, Oswald John Hill (48), “Hill Stile”, died suddenly in his sleep.
    June 5th, George Edward Johnson (28), butcher, hung himself.
    Aaron Hallam, engine driver, killed in railway accident.

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