History of the Village of Stoney Middleton

By Thomas E. Cowen (1910)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2003

History of the Village of Stoney MiddletonA STUDY OF SURNAMES


The Norman names in their conversion into surnames are largely altered by the addition of pet diminutions, as kin, cock, ot, et, as in Hancock, which is a contracted form of Johanncock (Johann, John), i.e., Little John).

Bennett (Little Ben).
Norman names still occur in
Robinson (Robert's or Robin's son).
Richardson (Richard's son).
Hodgkinson (Hodges's son).
Jackson (John's son).
Harrison (Harry's son).
Simpson (Sim's son or Simon's son).
Wilson (William's son).
Eidson (Eades' son).
Jones from John.

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Surnames are sometimes the result of occupation:

Goddard or Goded is derived from Goat-herd, one who tends goats.

Sharman or Shearman, one whose occupation was to shear cloth.

Mason, Slater, Barber, Carter.

Palfreyman (Fr. palefroi, a small horse fit for ladies), hence a groom.

Pinder (pounder), the Keeper of the village pound.

Bailey (Fr. bailli : a bailiff, an officer of justice, an officer of the sheriff, who serves writs and executes arrests; a land steward.

Wall may be derived from “wealhas” (Teutonic), foreigners or from Waller (one who could build a wall).

Millward, A.S. weardian, to fend off, repel, to guard. He was doubtless caretaker of the corn mill.

Moseley or Mosley means land, and for generations the family have been occupied in agriculture. Motto on Crest is “Mos Legem Regit” (Custom governs law).

Surnames are sometimes derived from a place-name, e.g.:

Furness came from Barrow-in-Furness. It is supposed that a branch came over with William the Conquerer, and settled in that part of Lancashire called Furness.

The coat-of-arms is as follows: Ar. A talbot sejant sa in chief three crescents gu. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet a lion's paw holding a lance ppr. Motto: Animo et Fide (By Courage and Faith).

Heginbotham or Heginbottom. They were all a Cheshire family, who lived at the bottom of a hill, The crest is a dexter and a sinisterarm shooting a bow all ppr. Motto: “By Aim and Effort”.

Hallam may be formed from Hallamshire.

Buxton (Buck's Town), Morton, Mellor, Bonsall, Froggatt, Beeley.

Names of Persons sometimes suggest some peculiarity, as Larkin (or Larkey), Swift, Sharp, Young.

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